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Last Updated February 19th  2024

The ambush was an attempt by the fascist underground democrats to de moralize American tradition via the Republican Party by targeting the next generation of off spring. blind fold and shoot the traitors,  freedom rules.  What one needs to consider is the focus on war criminals from WWII  "Hitler" (War Puppet, actually a better termwould be a War Patsy) and his accomplishes.  Low and behold it is the oldest trick in the book...look here while the Mussolini's, Stalin's and the rest can set up camp in the US of A...the Trojan House.

Shelby issues an extension to hiring previous US government employees not only banning FBI but all US government employees due to the lack of security of their clearance structure.  Shelby states that the United States Government Security Clearance System is compromised and corrupt.  In her findings she made an additional note that US Government credentials are substandard.

Huntington Joke:  The light is not on upstairs at the whathouse and the the union want's a trillion dollars to change it.

ST:  Politicians willingly to bankrupt and jeopardize the government are  the new and up coming suicide attacks on America... financial warfare. i.e. via the current war patsy.  And to put across fast and straight something Trump did not want to be part of.

Shelby's assessment of the US security system is dead on...that is why I pulled away from US contracts years ago.  The money is good but the integrity is bad for business e.g. "Third World"  Shelby backs rock "Solid" clients which we are very grateful for.  In layman's terms the US political system has undergone a discreditably along with the targeted disgrace of the Education System.  Penel wife quotes "The Educational Erosion of Life" is a new form of Genocide!

It's Okay,  Cut the dead wood in the Republican Party and you will have forever freedom as God would have intended for earth.  KISS  Keep it Simple

Why is ther always more evil that good through out earth's history?


Spit :  Shelby's husband...the lazy youth contributes the most to the deterioration of progress.

Shelby and Spit still reside in Canada and have children

that understand core survival and educational values that exceed every country.

Russo:  The US is an unbeaten rug that needs still has life.

The Republican Party "Do Nothings" hard at work destroying tax payers dollars while the Democrats steal the people blind.  The two party system of crooks, mafia and low life's that suck the blood out of hard working citizens.  It's time for a changes!

There will be one more round of warnings, then pretty much earth will go back to it's prehistoric state...this will be a final conclusion that evil has no place in God's creation. 

Museum Exhibition

Be prepared for the  Humpty Dumpty...

What the people are not getting when it comes to political corruption is regards to the primary characteristic of a out of control country headed towards destruction.  All  the failed countries in the past were ran by control freaks!  Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao and Tojo...

Militant tunnel network used in attacks against Israel  are similar to Cartel tunnels used to provide criminal access to the US.

Not the first time New York has gone socialist control crazy while pushing it on the rest of the US.

Spies, moles and corrupt government employees invasion of the job market comes with a agenda...hiding behind credentials.

Cartel lab contamination in the US jeopardizes future land and water use.

The Globalist are God's number one enemy on earth.

Time is like currency their is infinite and their is scaled versions.  You have GOD almighty "infinite" and scaled planetary versions. Shelby:

In my experience in travel the scaled planetary versions are very much like teaching the young.  So, once a planetary is in troubled an "angle" goes for a rescue op.  e.g. to battle over whom has the most control over currency is a infinite time line toward destruction.  money is the devils distraction...When GOD put Eve on earth to pro create with you think that was a financial arrangement?  Just walk tall like the FBI was a joke and the CIA was put there to pick up crap and you will be fine...promise.  God doesn't watch and dictate everything you do...he cares about what you want from life.  That is freedom and what the founding fathers of  the America's teaches. Shelby 


St. to meet with former soviet union for reasonable situations, accompanied with his wife to extend kindly agreements sought in the past to put a end to WW's.

Penel and ST rubbed elbows with the Soviet Union Elites of the past and  found promise to  move forward towards a better relationship with Russia.  As the previous Russia  stood-by in caution of a new country (USA)  could make good on its intentions, now finds the USA drastically flawed and corrupt as it is  repeated and noted through out Europe that the USA is weak and growing weaker.  Russo

Rome was not defeated over night!  Europe's most hated amongst the people,  The Roman Empire, did not fall easily.

A increase in corruption is expected in the US.  For example we believe the democrats will rig the '24 elections but not like most would expect.  The election will be rigged for Trump to win where the democrats will use it to turn the table of election fraud.  This is how bad the Politics in the US has gotten.  Sue

special note:  re-indexing  USA's corruption...wouldn't happen to play a part in all the fudging of statistics we have been seeing lately?  When the numbers don't match reality there is something very wrong going on.  Skewing statistics is like reading a book and spending the time  to verify the resources.  You really need to pay attention to how the data was arrived.

Several warnings will be presented with regards to earths evil path, then a final warning...meaning these acts will put earth on track to pro create on a newly created planet.  Again earth will pro create on new planet  Shelby 

As a high level secret specialty op...I can tell god delivers...there is a god that looks out for us.  I have witnessed the whole world changing every molecule in the blink of an eye to save it from evil.  God plans to remove the corrupt elite like the dinosaurs.  hint:  the corrupt few are number one on the FBI and CIA list...for bribes!  Unfortunately these Alpha Bets can not protect its citizens but only placate the system.

A new planet accessible to earth according to ST after rereading Shelby's report has in the works for some time.  The window is purely a time frame before earth becomes completely entrenched in corruption and evil, making the new planet a target for more of the same.  Earth is at a period of a break down "breaking point" where the use of dangerous weapons are  in space and a threat to the future of the celestial heavens.  The point is earth is no a contributor to good things in the future and as stated earlier has been evil for quite some time.  As earth teeters on the bridge of self destruction the new planet can still be an expansion to a newly evolved civilizations that has learned to over come evil and corruption.

There is no interest accommodating a civilization that turns its own world into a hell hole.  ST claims he did not read the report in an infinite perspective.  What is perceived in a short period of time, as to a long period of time.  e.g. thousand and millions of years later.  It would take earth approximately a minimum of 100,000 years to recover from its self destruction by so called Mankind.

Supreme Court added as part of the swamp.

CIA put on terrorist watch lists citing a long past of election interference.

Misappropriation Act-Goes after those who misuse, abuse, steal and launder the peoples tax money.

Notice how the bad apples stand out in the Republican Party and not in the Democrat Party...think about that.  Sue

Shelly "Shell" changed the hiring requirements for new recruits after Shelby's report regarding the low standard of credentials.  She states Shelby is right!  It's not worth hiring based on credentials any more.  It's unbelievable just to hire someone to answer the phone lines...they talk to their friends all day long and when somebody calls in they put them on hold to finish their conversation with their friend.  Then their are the ones that  will be on their cellphone all day long expecting a promotion or raise after the probation period.

We are establishing our own educational program.

Peggy concluded that the US would go to war on its own citizens in an attempt to cover up all of the governments corruption.  Sort of like an "umbrella war" to shield it's self from the liability and instill a deep fear driven society in order to maintain their corrupt power without question.  That's how corrupt governments end war with it's own people.

Sue notes that the continuance of corruption in governments at the current rate would lead the world back into another dark age which will be far worse than the past Great Depression was.

Carl pointed out putting clandestine type leaders  in power is not  good politics. e.g. Putin and Bush. It's bad enough with the corrupt politicians that exist.  What governments need is qualified good leaders.  Too much corrupt, old and feeble dead wood in the government is like dry rot...your have to always watch your step or you will fall through the floor.

Trying revive the FBI (Alphabet Agency Beyond Repair) will only accelerate the shut down of overly corrupt field offices. e.g.  It's like letting violent criminals right back on to the streets to commit more crimes.

Single  Asian women in the US are  abundant. Since China's aggression via COVID, Media and Taiwan along with fentanyl, secret policing and political espionage it is harder for them to find a mate leaving a void for male Asians to fill.  Peggy

The United States of America-Corrupt Politics, Justice Departments, Court Systems, Military Complex, Corporations, Elections and Education all ran by a President that lacks both mentally and physically.  "


A country based on integrity, the faith of God and the constitution now just a stack of lies." Fran

Ted points out that the United States does collapse in Shelby's report and suggests that the cause was due to the deterioration of leadership. The political decision making process became so corrupt that it completely fell apart and had to go back to the basics of the constitution to recover but not without complete world wide humiliation.  Eventually free trade and normal political relationships will get back on track  and hopefully before high taxes and tariffs deliver a death blow to the economy.  That said there is no real need for war other than that of corrupt politicians and war complex criminals greed.  Shelby did note that the sooner the better will exponentially increase the US's recovery and that this is where corruption plays into the hand of bad stalls the recovery.  The reasoning is the ability to steal from the government.  Why would political criminals want to fix something if they are making bank hand over fist?  For power.  The next political criminal step would be a one party elite system where the people are considered disposable citizens.

Two surgeries for brain aneurysms where twenty five percent die within 24 hours, fifty percent die within three months and sixty six percent have permanent brain damage.  Side effects include personality changes,  inability to learn and concentrate, reduction of memory and loss of mental skills.  "Rigged Puppet"  Carl


Joke: You emptied their piggy bank just before a major war...that was a smart.

Ukraine was originally part of  the founding of Russia know as the state of Kievan Rus with Kiev as it's capital during the 9th century and choose Orthodox in the 10th century while Poland choose Catholic being recognized by the Holly Roman Empire.  Everything seems to have started in the 10th century with Kiev launching several raids against Constantinople the capital of the Roman Empire.   Shawn

Transition from feudalism to religion and politics. The age of religious wars and political warfare.

Now let's fast forward for a bit where large-scale electoral fraud was found to be wide spread.  A good example would be Poland in 1947 where socialism became the new buzz word for communism in order to be considered a democracy.  Carl

Industial Warfare





Traditional Warfare Transistion to Global-Warfare

One Order Warfare


Bio-Warfare (COVID)



One Order Rule would  be against border walls other than their own.

 Memory loss and ability malingering to escape the high crime of 18 U.S. Code § 2381 - Treason.

In order to move forward with a impeachment process the need to perform a series of test to detect any exaggerating including the use of drugs. 

That is a problem with Judges that are about to "Punch Out" and retire e.g.  lack of concern in making decisions.  "Short Timer" disease.  There are a hidden vulnerabilities with short timer's; from just not caring about doing a good job, putting things off (kicking the can down the road) all the way to easily being persuaded or  bribed and accepting incentives that they never would of consider earlier in their career.  Carl


New York Judge Mandatory Retirement
The mandatory retirement age of judges and justices in New York State is 70 years of age except for Supreme Court justices who can be “certificated” to serve for three additional two year terms beyond 70 until the year in which they reach 76.

The Assassination

The order was given for high profile hit...but can't remember giving it.

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