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Coupᵜ                                                                            updated 1-18-22

CoupᴥByte 6

Insider Trading Scam

The Gestapo FBI put Martha in Jail but Democrats buy in on voting machines, masks etc getting filthy rich off  inside information stock scams, but that's ok?

Union Involvement in the last Depression

Batez:  You can research the popular magazines Life and Look that point out the high cost of Unions  that were destroying America.

Rogue Barrel of Monkeys

The FBI has derailed and have been rogue for some time now.  Very much like the mafia using poor immigrants to do their dirty work during depressions, they use informants and assets in the same way.  That is why we pulled all of our contracts with them, we did not want to corrupt our agents with theirs.  How does that work...well they would pull a shifty pointing at our agency as corrupt while in reality they are ones, promoting corruption and misleading investigations at a point never seen in history, worse than even 3rd world countries.  As already pointed out, this is how they spread, other agencies get trapped into going along with these cover ups as part of the blame game.

Huntington's Joke:  Fedup w Bureau Idiots

Carl- I wouldn't be surprised of FBI Agents being convicted for treason.  note: including any agency used in via of or in replacement of.  The FBI and others that take part in the scam will eventually break down and become nonoperational pretty much like criminals that eventually start making mistakes and will become more obvious as time goes on e.g.  you will be able to see how one agency scratches another's back with corrupt investigations utilizing government informants and assets as scapegoats.  When someone brings up the FBI the first thing to mind is corruption,  this explains some what the past issues of agencies not trusting each other in the past.  The FBI and Biden seem to be a match both being plagued with Murphy's touch.

According to Shelby's findings FBI corruption will get worse becoming a Gestapo like agency to spread the same to other agencies.

If you look at through a spy master eye loop it makes sense that the FBI was targeted.   They we're in charge of mafia operations which are considered communist assets. 

note: once FBI gestapo tactics become a society norm it will spread like a wild fire throughout government agencies and the rest is evident of other countries crushed with the same tactics allowing corrupt dictatorship e.g. Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini etc.  The streets will continue to become unsafe with violence allowing agencies to justify the spread of gestapo tactics and eventually they will become protectors to the dictator in charge.

How did a government of such a magnitude of power fall prey to such a plan....they didn't keep their eye on the ball! Lost Focus! Greed!  It's kinda like curiosity killed the cat but greed destroyed the country.

Huntington recommended putting freeze on hiring with Shelly not to hire FBI agents leaving the agency...we don't them.  ST notes an agency that acts like a Gestapo is very concerning and that FBI agents leaving the agency to undermine businesses,  other agencies etc is common Stasi tactic.  Huntington thinks the agency is a breading ground for them.  Carl continues that more riots will continue and violence will get even worse as a pattern to create public panic in order fuel more government spending.

Everyone is calling the Gestapo FBI the F*cking Bureau of Idiots (F*cking Bunch of Idiots)

Example of how a crime is faked in order to fool the public.

1.) One dead or to be dead criminal.

2.) Enclose the act of death, no witnesses. (several versions)

3.) One actor look alike of criminal.

look a like actor commits crime taking hostages.

Tarnished Agency takes charge

Actor lets hostages go

Then commits suicide

dead criminal found

actor sneaks away from scene

Shelby Notes

Shelby picked up on plots of corrupt FBI Agents planning to bomb their own buildings blaming it on terrorist in order regain public faith.

Huntington notes: Too far gone.  The agencies corruption issues drastically burdens it's ability to protect the nation and it's people. The bottom line is you can't trust them,  they manipulate everything they do.  Agreeing with Shelby it should of never gotten to this point in the first place making a further note "Red Flag" of an out of control agency.

ST makes comment:  You're not going to turn the country around with an agency like that, they'll just make it worse.

Huntington's Joke:  A mentally ill man under care walked into a gun shop to by a gun.  On the application he wrote he needed it to shoot Trump and with in a week the application was approved.  He went to pick up the gun and then straight away to shoot Biden.

Got Your Attention

Huntington:  He who controls who gets the idiot that will use them against you.

The poor mental veteran was just trying to purchase a gun to protect himself.  But he was directed to a gun trafficker by someone on the street that used confused the man into believing that he had to shoot someone in order to get one.  The gun trafficker was found to be a corrupt undercover agent. 

Ted sends out Shelby's B Team

Shelby's investigation into the Corrupt FBI adds another special team to investigate FBI's role into 911.

Shelby notes corrupt FBI agents that plan to blow up FBI buildings is still a in process.  That goes to show how desperate these clowns are and a bullseye for several patterns she was following of which included 911.

Shelby's crew gets a break

The FBI Bombing plans were put on hold, Huntington indicates for use at a latter time against the Republican Party where it would have more of a political impact for the Democrats.


Huntington-Special Operations Executive Officer, retired

Russ-Hacking Specialist, left and went to Cyber, transferred back to be with Shelby

Zhen- International Communications

Penelope, Penel- Special Operations, semi-retired, Jenifer_ St & Penel baby girl, Sven_baby boy, another baby on the way, retired


Swanson-Identity Theft

Carl-Government Fraud Head


Amul- Computers

Savana- Genocide decoding



ST-Operations Specialist OS, active-retired; logistics. retired

Ms P now Shelby-was a Field Agent, original Penel look alike, married to Spit, adopted by Penel and ST

Nancy-Report Manager

Phil-GAS General Ambassador of Security

Batez-Stock Market

Betty-under cover specialist, head of special ops, ST's top agent

Steveo,Steve,STP, Spit,-op equipment, specialist. Replaced ST, Ops Head, married to Shelby


Shelby-Ms P temp name Head of Counter Investigations, legal daughter of Penel and ST, Married to Spit

Brad-food analyst

Ted--Pilot, Next in charge, currently in charge, moved into the field under cover badapples.op, Runs ST business.

Shawn-Religion analyst

Peggy-criminal war specialist

Shell Shelly- HR





Zoe- Disease

Phil- General Ambassador of Security

Steve nick name Hollywood: Video Fraud Division Head

Sandra- Head of the Special Task Force specializing in Psychological Warfare

Angele a former DEA agent- border op

Miguel for Border Corruption

Jody and Kemp recruits


Rafael-under cover agent


LSDB-Large Scale Dirty Bombs

MSM-Militant Socialist Movement


Mafia Cat Fight MCF.ops

Demafia-Democratic Mafia Party (DMP), Demob

CCP-Communist Catholic Party