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In The co​mpuTer

adaptive technology that can sense and detect very quickly in stealth like operations in a shell that utilizes variable strings of dimensions. It travels undetected and operates at a extreme high bit rate when performing analysis and injects poison codes layered for repeated analysis and data retrieval. Networks bypass traditional controls that utilize every avenue from microwaves to power lines. Laser transmissions that can not be seen nor detected are easily concealed. They are guns that shoot data that can bring down entire countries and mega organizations. Microwave power guns have been redeveloped in the same way and can upload and down load via sophisticated satellites to send baffling amount of dangerous data for large scale attacks on larger countries. Computer Centers hidden by underground corporations a mass a system that can simulate an entire city's computer system putting it into a loop long enough have control over all critical functions.

beHind the CompUter

The Organized Crime Union Syndicate called the Future "FOCUS". Dominate the computer age and control world wide resources. They want it all but higher far noble powers will not let them!

Pre-paid career criminal copS

prepaid mob cops...the mobs credit cards to the streets of crime. If you had the chance to read a career criminal cops file the first thing that will stand out is how in the world do you put someone like that away? Yeah...

Lets take an example of one on the level of truly connected to the mob actively bringing in and moving cronies up into various departments and agencies.

My best guess is one career agents life time along with a junior agent to follow up in the event he can not put the case together in his life time, in other words it will gap to another generation unless the problem is aggressively approached. Putting someone away at like 90 years old, does anyone think that is productive? The mob syndicates will thinks so!

Mafia Economics and Management

For the longest time the real bad criminal cops and agents were used as point for bringing down the Mob Bosses in crime families...these kind of operations cause blow back. It became over milked to the point it was being used against the good of fighting crime. That is how mafia management economics works. They are always out to protect corruption. That is why it is called Organized Crime.

The art of putting petty want to be criminals away as fall guys and replacing them with Jr. mafia's ...

The mob loves to screw over the good guy

The .dll filE

Keeping up with pickle... the bigger pickles brings down bigger mob king pins!

It seems that Always there is a pickle situation in catching mafia criminals... look at the big pickle picture. R U Still Running down one little pickle? Or busting the whole pickle mob operation and one step closer to bringing down the head of a multi-national mafia organization.


you're scouting a hot spot

you engage with a suicide bomb organization

you end up as the decoy and target

you are geared with an advanced warning device

but the civilians around you are not


opposites Game

The super rich playing both sides of everything game board

Bad crook, Good crook. Kind of an old saying used for interrogation but it creates the role playing model that is used commonly in a majority of corruption scams and you can bet your bottom dollar that they have both sides covered to minimize the risk. e.g. take a country that is typically split into two with one side typically doing all the dirty biz (corrupt) while the other is referenced as the better the case of independent countries time plays the role of the bad and good like odds on a roulette table, eventually the whole country witll be gut the place and start all over as agreed by the players in the scam.

leftwing rightwing- push the politics to the extreme left and every radical from both sides will come out of the wood work. increase the amounts of drugs for massive delusion then start a war for a massive slaughter party.

northpole southpole-quit melting them for gas and oil.

democrat republican-same sh_t different smell...broken record.

socialist capitalist-you bet,even gets bigger on the way up. Capitalist run it into the ground socialist claim whats left and they start over wars and's a total money game.

evil twins

left brain right brain

large scale wolf pack mentality-run before they circle

polarity and the peace process-in process

opposites attract? People with alot in common due seem to group or attract to one another like a bridge club or sports clicks. But....ever notice the couple that were perfect for each ended up divorce inside a couple of years while the two that you never thought would make even a year are still slugging it out, something to think about.

same retract?

when computer ideas of great opposites get too close one takes from the other

when computer people with the same ideas get too close they will explode into a competitive war

religion- should be universal and learning experience form one religion to another.

Religious order? Most religions prey on the poor while the rich control the religious body. Religions that can be tied to corruption is a serious problem dating way back when corrupt governments were into social oppression.

lightening First

having a meaning in life, listen but don't everything everyone tells you, reading people is like reading books, once you can read perfectly between the line, then you can start getting things done right.

_time thru Light

criminals and the computer high tech who see's what game

It works the same way just like in the old cops and bootlegger days...the hackers have faster and better computer systems and they know the best network routes to get the job done, that simple.

_white picked Fences

bringing them back

The hidden game behind human trafficking...harvesting body parts and organs is big money maker in the black market. Who wants to all that money on an operation and use damaged are a pure goldmines when it come to body parts, organs and reverse aging processes. How does computers fit in? Medical info of course drug records, what you eat from the store etc. Hackers will be playing a part in the harvest without knowing as the operation is camouflaged.

_light of Space

what looks like a ball of light that keeps meeting up with a good friend to have.

In that light you can travel to different times and places...eventually once you get the hang of it it is like being in two places at once it is soooo fast. It is like being in side a window you look one way you see the world you left then look through the other way and you are ready to step into another world. Very advanced travel. There is a self lag time in moving from one world or time to another....the culture shock can be very dangerous and deadly.

_shadows of Appearances

making contact

this is where the learning starts...hard to understand at first but like anything hands on experience is the best way. imagine the big picture live then you jump in...

everything's wrong...avoid anything criminal!

learn to stay alive.

setups... like doors

get back safe

_past and future Motions

as in reading not everything is in one book...

You just read a book telling you how a product is so good for and it is backed by an government agency? Five years down the road statistics show otherwise but there is something new out that will get the trick done? Complete motion of past and future ways to get you to think you need something. Behind the scene of it all is the most important aspect and threat to the consumer...they don't care about you! But what they really want is hostile...think about it.


mole Darkness

like a corner, you don't know until you get there...more so people doing computer operation don't even know or even have a clue they are working against about every principle they hold dear to themselves. Criminals and corruption in the computer age is just more sophisticated than what people want to or are willing to believe and this is used as a buffer that fuels corruption daily. Dumbing Down the people with lies, drugs, pills any way they can to keep getting richer. The computer is now the ultimate criminal tool of all time while its victims are kept completely in the dark!

the Angel


completely stopping everything to keep something from happening. Reset.

everything that happens gets undone. basically what ever was going to happen is diverted technically with time.

A world growing up and repeatedly being told that was wrong, do it over again or start over by another world that is far more advanced.

cloud Talk

If your head is in the clouds then you're not in control...

Hardware and equipment for your own cloud needs will be on the move and acquiring special firewall equipment will be a necessity for home and office. It will yet be another computer one has to buy to keep one self or business from being compromised. To no end instead of software updates to battle cyber crooks it will be endless equipment updates to battle what takes just less than a month for a hacker to manufacture to bypass your system. It is a two fold crook money making keep buying equipment to keep cyber crooks out and they keep make devices to keep you buying!

-Double Cross

You want to take something using a very aggressive tactical warfare.

e.g. take control of remaining states in a country by enlisting its citizens that will support a cause that is considered to be outlawed such as slavery. (supporting slavery). The people in those states get behind this planted cause and you simply start small battles that will rage into a war that you have backing beyond doubt of winning.

-The Hack Back Pac

Those who just want their money back and the ones who needed it but were lied to about why they never were helped. e.g. The woman who wants a mans money but doesn't love him or vice versa. The troubled computer age is all about the unethical abuse of taking from others. e.g. Two kids are lounging on the rocks of the shore of the ocean texting each texts while looking out unto the ocean dreaming " I see my self traveling the world in yacht to exotic places meeting new people everyday" the other replies to the text "me too" in which is replied back with "Go get your own dream!"

_little NO where

Going no where for end users in the computer world of hackers and corruption. Just like the Federal Reserve and the Banks that have put the USA into ruin the so called "Fractional Reserve Banking System" is all due to the lack of keeping monopolies in check. The same corruption that plagues the energy, finance and drug cartels will spill havoc into the internet and computer industries. A rapid transformation from fun and fulfilling experience to hateful and embarrassments that of the Cartel Organized Criminals of a fear driven internet society. These people steal from society and then donate a small fraction if at all with the help of the media to glitter themselves while talking down to society poor as worthless bums to bring them up from the depressive state which lives inside them. Their set of mind generates genocide thoughts of hate like a beacon of endless cash of greed that like a net captures the minds of ordinary people that get tangled and act out in confusion under the spell of the drugs of such Organizations. There is not enough lead in this world will keep the terrifying minds of the Corrupt for wanting to sink the very people that make up the most important properties of the human race, love and kindness of which they have none but for money and greed to the point of repeated genocides, mass murders and wars.

Simple as the eye of the needle will the evilness and bitterness of greed that manufactures will wither away in Gods palm as all watch. The beast of disruption and greed can no longer look god face to face and will fathom into darkness of no return like a stray particle of meaningless matter that gets tossed into the landfill of unwanted materials. Old of this greed's idol will be displayed for the world to reminded of the lessons.

_digital Marbles

No you have not lost your marbles the computer is called the cookie jar effect. Kids sneak into the cookie jar and eat them all then the parent finds the cookie jar empty as plain in sight evidence for punishment. Now from this point on will be one cookie at a time spread out as to not leave the trace of evidence that leads to punishment. So kids take one marble or a scale-able amount that will not lead them to a conviction for crime and punishment. Therefore you have the cookie jar effect of taking one dollar each from a mass of billions to become a self made millionaire that is so easy to do with out getting caught and now becomes a standard of living amongst the corrupt upping the game into the billions and on to the trillions.

Every second whether it is a dollar mysteriously taken from millions or pennies shaved from billions the hunt is on to stop the bleeding from criminal minds against society and bring back the everyday honesty the people of the world expect and want to see happen. Good, honest and truthful people will be what turns the world around again.

-Computer Assassination

Computer assisted assassination-of course this subject requires discretion of a mature mind and should not be considered in any way or form as message for public crimes.

it is just plain and simple that the computer is used as a weapon in aiding and assisting in assassinations. Most common use is with drugs where persons might not be aware that they are part of a dangerous scheme until it is too late. The hidden agenda of these crimes from luring to a brain washing into another reality of mind control can be very dangerous. It is out there...and one can be completely configured into thinking they did something, when in fact they never did any thing wrong at all. And it can work in the opposite way. The conduit is drugs and they can copy a pill or street stash with a load of undetectable psychotic chemicals faster than a meow. The new techniques are endless in discovery. This field requires conditioning...very special. Immunization and the development of working with elements beyond dose resistance. For mind control it typically starts out in low dose. Most field experts can pick it up like reading a email virus. Very common as a cold.

... example If you get hit with a drug the next step is going to be the kill. The drugging is only to get you to make mistakes, very simple, once they smoke you it looks like something of an accident. drugs will not be detected or simply over looked. The best thing is to be ready to dodge bullets for professionals most are easily to over come but considered an occupational hazard...some are so scared that only a sealed can or bottle is on their menu. For some it is a sign of being on the right trail and work to be done. some cases are like a game of knock-knock we know you are the welcoming committee. The classic hello is the double vision blur that last for less than three minutes. Most of the time you are being weeded out, expect some 1 week recoveries, being hospitalized is not good at all and you will spend the time thinking of what you did wrong. The communication in the criminal world is very complex. Beware: The Ice splash is a is very dangerous method and a deadly spy tactic used by encapsulating particles into small ice pieces that will float at the top of a drink so you will swallow without flavor or even being noticed. One version that is used to watch out for is Glass Ice Splash. That is where typically a woman will entice you to get drunk and before you pass out slip you crushed glass and leave you to bleed out internally...not a good way to go out as a field agent.

Take me to your leader please!

Taking out leaders, you scratch my back and I will scratch yours. Drone attacks in the US killing corrupt leaders, more like mob leaders is very possible Atari style. A complete sell out. Government mobsters end up as the high deck of cards in the America's and Russia in this chapter. China is pretty much ahead of the curve ball on this one as well as several middle-east countries. They learned the footsteps already and from mistakes of others that their are a lot of wolves in sheep's clothing in governments.

the forgotten World

Of course, that is the playing out a fish on line. tire you out till you can not remember your next move. like being brain washed the computer will react to the way they want you to think using anomalies. something you wrote in a blog suddenly gets blown away. The browser seems to go on its own during critical thinking. For one you are on their site where they have the control and ability to control you.

to many zero'S

same thing as too good to be true. currency that comes in a roll for a reason, its not worth anything and the digital currency won't require machines to print just super hackers to make it up. counterfeit digital currency will drive everything into the barter system. As you can already see the currencies are pretty much worthless and that why those with it want what you, art, anything real and really worth something. What a scam make up a bunch of phoney money and steal with it...that is the deal another screw the poor ordeal. Pawn shops on every corner to collect goods with crap cash. banks churning home buyers to the point they just take your deposit and keep the home and better yet you put hard work into fixing it up for them. Worse is the stock jocks who over inflate investments and pull the rug from under you claiming they had no idea the market was going to skid off the charts. If they put you order in first then the billionaire your good as long as they pull you out before the billionaires do and who in the world is going to do that? If you find a broker that works like that keep them.

Other than that it is back to making money the hard old fashioned way...continue watering the money tree in the backyard as the digital money is on the shady side of criminal. They are moving digital currency around like a kid with several parents as banks...who can fool next into my next financial quest. It is even worse now they go after the whole family, relatives and friends like a pyramid scam.


stick pin , ice particle , dissolving and rc darts. Walking just minding your business and someone pricks you with a dose of nut juice that will make go crazy for days....

but on the flip side the antidote can be staged the same way in an emergency. The trick to keeping sharp is not to use the antidote and tough it out like a flu. e.g. just like golf club with a shaft that has a suppressor it take the shock out of the a miss hit ball, well if you have no suppressor you feel all the mishits that is what you do when you want to know what is really going on and what you have been hit with. other wise your just a pin cushion with hardly no senses. What is it this time nut juice, brain wash tonic or the knock out dope. well if it is the knock out dope and your about to be buried alive you want to shake that off.

flying comPuters

imagine being on a flight to a distant place and suddenly you look out the window and your flying just feet above the ocean and the guy next to has the navigation coordinates on his laptop and is completely flying the plane while the pilots lost oxygen to the cockpit after he turn a few adjustment to the climate control system. Well just long enough for them to be knocked out at least. The highjacker just wanted to test the control system and see if his nav sys can maintain low altitude for a under the radar diversion. It works he mumbles damn I am a genius. After that he pops the nose up gets the aircraft back up into a higher altitude and banks towards a hostile country where no comes out alive, no one goes there. for about 1 hour he will be tracked to a terrorist get away run way, then boom drop her below the radar and dart off to flat island aprox. 4 hours away for complete hi jack. Ah what better than a brand new airliner to run holy goods around it. Major cash machine. Passengers are left off in the dark I mean hooded and have no clue where they are. taken on a slave ship and put to work in pot farms till the day they die. Billions of dollars later it is time to bring in more transportation to the and take over more islands to expand the shipping of godly goods to all who pay handsomely.

Might fool the system on a Tuesday but criminals are always mindful to new ways to pull off schemes undetected. After all money is never a is the time to go to the stock pile of cash and set up a underground network of aircraft parts. So when you need a part of a tail or wing to throw off the authorities you have a bone to toss. Got to keep it legit right! They are always dying for a easy solve and press, makes it so easy.

Pot harvest is just right around the corner and fly boys are not up for any journeys to jail and the DEA is on to our fleet of subs and ships as well. It has been several years since the last railroad haul but we need trans pacific and Atlantic logistics. Okay here is how the job gets done. War spats will be used for moving drugs on ships planes will be like moving illegal goods with the help of the union. Might even be able to work out a few arms deals along the way, after all its just pot.

After setting up morning schedule with fleet captain on the shipment of necessary godly goods via military transportation a wire of events must take place to authenticate the madness. in other words money has to be transacted without being noticed. Stash cash approach always works but there are better ways to keep it clean. It is like sending a cloud over to someone to rain quit tricky. If a military needs support or in a foreign area you give them access to them for goods being transported, as simple as that.

Okay that covers war time now what about depressions...piece of cake every poor shit on the streets will do about anything to make a buck and man that is good for business for rich and greedy. They like it so much it is like an excuse to go to the bathroom in stead of shitting in the toilet they shit on the poor giving them drugs as means to keep the shit flowing. The next thing you know you have a whole world of criminals where honesty is just something you say and not do. You ever notice how people are always lying about something one way or another. That is because shit travels downward and monkey see it does. People see corporations getting away with murder and stealing overtaking the government with corruption. All you will be left with is a bunch people on computers with all their ideas being stolen and sold to the highest bidder.

Governments are pretty much moochers also known as legal crooks with union goons to protect them. They get into office and drive the price of goods up with buddies like cockroaches but in reality just the Mafia hard at work. When the government says they are going to do something good you can almost bet the opposite. e.g. we are going to upgrade the phone system to a new computerize one where instead of getting someone you will be put into a continuous loop of no where. Then they will parade themselves on how much money they saved because you can't get a hold of anyone to make a claim or to dispute anything pertaining to any thing that is connected to financial matters? The computer age of government taking and spending as they please...oh wait the up side is the end of life clause since they have all your money this will be free of charge. Tax Slavery is for EVERYBODY who is not connected to the freedom of printing money!

a boat is a hole in the water in which you throw money in. The Government is a hole in time in which money disappears.

Organized by thieves property has taken on stock market corruption values. In other words the property market is controlled by computerized thugs with a mafia chess board gang take, grab and steal mentality . Computer bandits are in the process of gobbling up all the land.

=drinking Drugscription

I think a good example of the approach to mass mind control would be the drug for arthritis being used in a common drinking hole. everybody is feeling good as long as they keep getting the dosage but when the majority of the group is not to the liking's of the person in control they simply cut off the dose that will create pain and a slow down that get everyone thinking. Remember saltpeter...if someone does not like who you are dating a new version will knock you out of the picture. As time passes the little things become more important as a under the cover will notice more tactics being used that effect one self and the people in general. Corruption has been playing with drugs on people for a very long time always betting on governments not being able to keep up with their evil criminal demises...simply throttling back on funds or placing key mobster in power in the new computer age makes criminal activity a snap that is flourishing. Sad to have to see kids coming out of college have to look up to criminals that brain wash their minds into mush with drugs, TV and now the computer.


buttons are every where on the computer and on smartphones click will be practically for everything using images to activate programs you can simply point your camera on the image to activate a program. A whole array of spy tech features that allow super undetected notices of which has no alphabet or corresponds to numbers. It is all converted to pixels in a higher language that supersedes past encryption techniques. Each frame becomes part of a envelope and is further encrypted beyond standard encryption practices with a dimensional break down that is the code that can't be broken to date. e.g. you have a million pixels and only on of them is the first step of opening the envelope. Some frames will have a index display but even then if you are not experienced it will go right past the best. The freeway of criminal communication for giving orders such as a transfer of dark money and setting up illegal contracts.

-Hiding behind Big Data

Behind the vaults of mass data intrusion of control and chaos, is it your neighbor? Beyond of everyday thinking the road of high corruption typically ends to the door step of a mentally cruel and unjust super rich clan willing to do anything to attain the power over everything. The I want it all clan stab in the back and twist the story of media jackals prey on everything below them in increasing rates with an appetite that kills countries and economies leaving the poor to die and suffer as they bask in the riches taken from the population meant for social distribution of balance and fairness. There is no such things as fair game in the cut throat tactics of the super rich...they have it you don't.

The endless draining of brains, stealing every thought and idea you have is the goal for computer social media criminals...taking what ever they want and leaving nothing then making themselves look good by throwing one bone out for the media to look up too which is staged already to further promote future crimes.

-computeR crimeS in hidinG

Abundance rules the game of computer crimes like an oasis. Like trees in the forest the taller trees block out the sun for the smaller ones grow and once they over take the ground making it next to impossible for new trees to grow every thing in between is stunted. With a gap of large and the small with no in between parallel's people and the over controlling corporate giants that steal the light killing any thing that desires to be tall. Stealing is they way for the corrupt to stay strong and healthy leaving any one honest and disobedient to the wickedness of their darkness to die and wither. "What ever it takes" is just one of the slogans of thieves that will steal your water and light bragging about it years later. You work for the tall trees because you can't find your own light...

Abundance rules the game of computer crimes like an oasis. Like trees in the forest the taller trees block out the sun for the smaller ones grow and once they over take the ground making it next to impossible for new trees to grow every thing in between is stunted. With a gap of large and the small with no in between parallel's people and the over controlling corporate giants that steal the light killing any thing that desires to be tall. Stealing is they way for the corrupt to stay strong and healthy leaving any one honest and disobedient to the wickedness of their darkness to die and wither. "What ever it takes" is just one of the slogans of thieves that will steal your water and light bragging about it years later. You work for the tall trees because you can't find your own light...

-timE tO Time

overlap in time is where you are repeating life over again from another time. signs of time travel exhaustion is where you will see your hand phase out and in of existence. out of sequence is the same as out of phase with reality and adjustment to the time period is gradual. large gaps can create an effect of being in a new location and objects will disappear and reappear. Others in time travel can appear from time to time as if in two time periods at the same an over lapping effect. There time will appear faint in comparison but real.

-ThE firSt largest multi billion never to Getcaught social EnginEEred compuTer Hack of all time?

Social Security undermining set the path to high end computer crimes very similar to the past infamous corrupt leaders of mass murder genocides using war and destruction as a camouflage in order to steal and over take countries putting the blame and burden on the less fortunate.

in this future prediction the rich steals all the social security and the poor have to work til they die...One tall tree to another, it happened naturally that we have all the green and everyone else dead.

Two party cookie jar social services scam...two hands are better than one. How it works? They steal billions of dollars and the injustice systems hunts down bunch of small fry's making headlines enough to clear them and when I mean small fry's we're talking millions and sometimes billions not the little ones they use to let go in this race to be a trillionaire. Computers makes it all the easier to launder, manipulate the data, statistics and media for the government criminals. Example where do think all the money from illegals that used grave yard social security numbers went.. follow that trail in thought.

All smoke and mirrors are in position, the hi-tech computer age has enabled criminals to steal in the the billions allowing them to hide behind up scale criminals that would pose a threat to any competition that come their way. They steal billions and have trillions to blow smoke up your ass with government officials denying you very rights their supposed to protect. In other words if a government goon put a the mafia's competition in jail for 250 million it appears to look like government is doing something when in actuality NOT. What they have done is taken 250 million and stuffed their pockets. Think about why is it that the various agencies are raking in the doe how much of that goes to the victims? Maybe if your rich and have a good lawyer you might get some of the payoff in a civil case but pretty much the the government is part of corrupt pyramid scam that is now in the trillions. Almost like a class action lawsuits where a smart attorney will protect the client by paying off everyone with nickels and dimes kinda. You put your money into class type fund, they protect themselves with your money saying it is for your own good and give out peanuts to anyone who says otherwise.

-Corruption Meter

Putting a meter on how corrupt a person or entity even an event will help gauge in not buying in to the over all scam of things. If the meter on the situation is too corrupt don't buy in to it.

-Retain of the hopeless by Hi tech hit little r

Quick patent that idea you found on the internet to help pay the million dollar retainer for the lawyer's! Then establish a law that takes the poor off of social security and put them on welfare cutting their pay in half. Launder that money so my undeclared children can run for president in countries world wide. Once majority power has been established dose the food and drugs genetically so that all my descents will only survive. Be sure to earmark the foodstamp recipients for suicide missions, once the public gets tired of foodstamp bombers delete the program secretly and launder the proceeds to overtake the rest of the countries on the new agenda.

To support the new agenda upgrade all the stock market computers in order to skim twice the amount that will enhance the bribes and payoffs to keep the regime in power indefinitely.

It is detrimental to make sure you keep the on the list of Known Good Doctors KGD updated...we wouldn't want the ones we gave good grades to hack up the poor to mix in. Then upgrade the telephone system so everyone gets lost and gives up trying for all those hospitals for the unfortunate, that should allow more money to be skimmed for the KGD insider program.


Cell phone ease dropping. Kids play. With the proper tools you can start listening in to your friends to play jokes and pranks. here is one. listen to the music they are listening to, figure out what station it is, call or text the station maybe you have a connection and coach them on a few things to say to blow your friends mind. Better yet go to jail because just maybe the mafia has this market fenced for taking care of business in ways you could not imagine. If you think the mafia and black market are little fun toys to play with I am sure there is a little string for you to dangle on don't fall little monster you are the new fall guy.

you possible can juggle someones mind to a point of terrorism like shooting up a school etc. but is that really polite "of course not! " pros are behind these events with mind drugs that can put you into a trance of doing things you would not normally do. Do your homework get good grades and get an honest job that pays for you to do something good in this world. One empire falls and another is born with the same political strings.

-First Jobs

behind the lawn mower

1 lawn everyday $10 each from age 10 to age 60 (18,250 lawns x $10=$180,250) Equivalent to a High End Gold Watch

$1 from a million accounts with one hack (10^6x$1=$1,000.000) Equivalent to a Luxury Yacht


the nightmare of walking dead computer criminal addicts hunting for your info keeps on trucking. eating you out of house and home, door to door home wrecking and the social front door bell and phone call ringer keeping you busy for the back door heist. Social Engineering has incorporated the common street thief in getting enough info about you and your computer. The borrow a cup of sugar criminals don't need much time in your house to get the job done for havoc to come. Common criminals unite with internet cyber criminals to get the job done. Increase in street crime and cyber crime both up and are working hand in hand in a way the convolutes the way actual information is being stolen. As the internet becomes the escape goat for street criminals to increase their activity the law goes blinded into a tail spin trying to keep up.

Religious on wars

Moving the Political War Horse to the Religious State of Mind...At a time of very high government corruption of course Starting a religious war is like a cover for high tech crimes, it is like pointing back into time on how bad things were trying to justify the presence of new technology that does the same thing. Starting a war is like starting a fire for the criminal corrupt to survive where most would think of staying warm, light to see or for cooking. The computer can start a fire and blame it on two rubbing sticks . The computer represents the corrupt master minds and the two sticks represent two religions at odds with each other due to the aggravation of the computer programmed for once removed scenario of the culprits. No matter how anyone denies the criminal aspect on how illegally wars are started nipping the process at the bud is key to a better world to live in.... who wants to wait til the statute of limitations pass for war crimers coming out parties. Like stealing someones wife for the husbands assets utilizing the means of the powers they have achieved thinking they deserve it e.g. attorney, president or board member. abuse of power. Real religion goes somewhat like god is speaking from the light and has a better things in mind for us all, all god asked is that all must learn to live without wars and destruction other wise there will be no taking us along for new journeys to worlds and dimensions.

-Metro the hackware

The hackware is going to have super custom deluxe hardware. Custom chips and boards replacing off the shelf ones all the way to a custom metro software specially designed to operate high end functions in a fashion that out operates any command line or basic gui.

-Nothing about the truth

The whole world event is like cheating in a marriage. You try to keep positive in hiding what is going on behind the others back while in actuality everything is getting worse and heading for tragedy that will ruin the family, friends and the children. Cheating governments, corporations and powerful individuals apply in the same way as a cheating spouse. While the world tells you to be positive up beat and look at bright side of things right under your nose there is cheating (corruption, wars, drugs, violence, etc.) This act is part of the social engineering process used by criminals and is why the social weave of honesty and truth is breaking down. This is because it goes against the path of kindness like that of the fish scales. people are turning into barb's waiting to stick it to you! The higher the crime the bigger the social engineering process utilizing anything from gullible charities organizations and churches to mask the cheating in comparison of one cheating by having sex with the neighbor every Saturday and then going to confession each Sunday. But now they do with computers exponentially far more than what most could imagine pushing the crimes into the so great or large to be believable aspect. Crimes have gotten worse not better and so big one could not fathom it. That is the idea model for high criminals. Bigger mirrors and more smoke.

Why is it that so many are attracted to these people with barbs? Well the barbs (barbarians) have slain for millions for profit and gain and use it like a carrot to acquire more just like a worm on a hook like a functioning cocaine addict. I want more..


hacking into the broad spectrum of supply and demand. The just in time and out of things is the newest target of spy hackers manipulating the market with the push of a key delaying goods and services that put people and corporations to unrest. Even the simple post office mail can be jumbled into no where land with prejudice and dismay by the computer hacker utilizing personnel info and branching out to control delivery of your everyday goods. As each day goes by the process of controlling world wide logistics is developing like street gangs and the Mafia stealing a hit record that will bring chaos to benefit the black markets into organized crime's new order. Large corporations cuffed to the mafia style of breaking windows to increase the window business will see opportunity to smo†her competition and dormant small business like a crewing process to be digested


Computer control Doping

control doping is like taking a magnet under the table and moving objects to fool people you have magical powers. It it kinda the same thing but a little more involved. Like that biology class in high school everyone took a battery and made a frog jump. with the proper doping the same effects can be applied and controlled like hijacking a computer or a car. With the move of a joy stick movement can be overridden in every day life in subtle ways that would not be too noticeable to the victim but would make advances to culprits using the technology for power over the popular.


Genetic water marking

Water has a patent "pay up or go to hell" Bi the underwood MAFIA

Patent for all the air you breath is in process.

Ownership of everything is upon us...what a gig printing money and stealing


fOR A very long time hits have been been made using small canisters of gas. Just like a fiber optic camera for spying where they shove it into cracks but in this case it is a very thin gas line used for the everyday kill of a professional hit man...just use your creative criminal imagination. A canister and needle thin gas line is the hitman's best friend. Many things can happen this way....a good agent could detect the slight hiss and odor. They can be install in practically any where and can be sooo concentrated that the whole device can be concealed easily. Micro Vaporizer's


K3y Sit u A sums.

Long scientific calculations with certain key pads were next to impossible due to one press of a key not responding correctly...Special key pad design's enabled accuracy of the formula's. Mechanical interface of secure data presents the same scenario with the every day spys collecting intel. As simple as a wireless keyboard or a macro that attaches itself to a wired device is still the top of the heap for getting passwords and sensitive info. Making this key technology cost prohibitive to the many and enabling a few of the highest criminals to take advantage of the weakness is an how the corrupt madness continues behind the scenes.


DoPed ReWard Physics

The reward system from 1's to 0's down to the food you eat and the dollar you make has gone awry...lazy management?

A part of the Designer Psycho-Takeover?

Like dishing out cash to a drug thieving addict that will buy more drugs and steal again to maintain that high society is failing in its ability to properly manage the reward system that is crucial to the future in the battle against evil and destruction. Resources continuously are passed on to criminals via the fraudulent rewards and appropriation system. The effect so mind boggling reaches far and deep crumbling countries like a time capsule of disease.

How Deep

To the point where the actual people in charge and persons sent to to fix the problem are part of the problem and not the solution..the act of just throwing on more smoke and mirrors trickery while some not knowing and some fully guilty of intent.



it starts with anything that even could be in the house that has a potential chemical for the delivery. The hit-person "could be" just about any one, they need only access to the premise. What they do is they figure out everything available and do a analysis on chemicals in which a hit-dose is made. Typical the hit-dose is a high concentrate of one the chemicals that exist already. But when added in the right fashion makes for a deadly result. Not in the container it goes but applied with the existing product already in the house. The extreme concentration allows for a deadly residue that would mask for a completely different scenario. Used often especially in drug cases "pumping up a chemical" to get various results from a common allergy reaction to a sudden death is almost as common as production aspirin. Encapsulation is another variable to this mad method. What is done for it's intend purpose is the dose is suspended in a goo like material that won't easily wash off or be tasted. For example a miniature spray bottle with the combo-chemical could be sprayed on a delicious apple or even someones daily pills without suspect, even after washing delivering the intended results. Any of this is a clear sign of danger but at the same time it could be a game of shake out the rookies, very common. Criminal Spies are a nasty bunch.


Store Psych Out

Store or Story of the heckler rattlers that are trying to manipulate your thoughts using suggestive tactics right in public. With information from your computer you can be anywhere in a store and suddenly person/s will start in with comments out of the blue. It is not coincidence it is actual people playing mind games to trick you in thinking or believing into a deadly plot. Very simple tactic, they know where you are going and send out someone to spook you. If this is going on it would be a good idea to inventory the possible reasons you are targeted. You might have something that is useful to them and they simply are in the process of wearing you down to a vulnerable state where you can be easily manipulated into to doing something you will definitely regret. This is an example of how deception works in the field. Once you have opened enough of these doors and survived you will be able to cut right to the chase. The mind control game is one of the more popular ways criminal spy's operate. It basically removes them from the crime intended and implies or blames another person. Very common in the computer hacking business.

One should be very cautious when confronted with intimidation tactics. They hide behind almost anyone even friends and family can be tiered into manipulation for their specific purpose. Can it get drastic? You bet. These criminals are known to involve doctors, lawyers and politicians etc to achieve their demise. One example would be to elude the facts of a sickness suggesting you have a bad organ that needs to be removed when in reality they want to steal a perfect match for big is a business which has the dominoes effect as well. So now they tell you the one you have left is failing but it is not and they are willing to take your donor for the same ride.


Spies target family members and play them like a computer chess game. a careful well placed associate ready to throw off the big game in hot pursuit is about as common as borrowing and not bringing it back. Family always matters especially in the corrupt sense, just like a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing decent families become prey and googled up into a world of deceit and crime they have no idea even existed. They will get close to you and learn everything about you to every detail and will know what color you peed last calculating vulnerabilities to use in the big game. discretely done most would have no idea of the presence that everyday criminals are working them into a future plot.

People are conditioned into family values and criminals are always looking to blend in mocking them...Crime Family's use these values like props to get close to their prey as well as to hide the evil deeds intended or rooted in their past. In the computer age the getting close part for the wolf criminal is hidden like a lure. They are out to get you with out you knowing.

The most popular case would be a family member turning to drugs and crime. It is almost like you don't know them any more. They have become part of another family, The Criminal Family.

-CatchINg Criminal Patterns in the net

After a long running sting of bringing old mafia gangsters down, then suddenly its citizens are forced in to late this mafia revenge and a sign that politics is turning into game show controlled by crime families? Is insurance that will actual deliver be catering only to the mafia and its loyal members that the rest will pay dearly for even giving up on life? Will drugs end up being the number one hidden killer of a silent war to kill off the unwanted population making them legal (meaning that each individual accepts the responsibility of the resulting death). The crucial part is the "how long it takes before they get caught and use a fall guy. The key factor for criminal money making. How long will it take the public to figure out, adding drug makes it longer, its called doping down the masses. With the criminal mafia families using the medical system as a threat and a killing machine it very well could lead to a historic mass killing scenario that only the dead could reveal. Insurance policies that read with add-ons for a prepared death (meaning you accept to die) at an age on a sliding scale that reduces the premium. And on the Black market if you kill people you get a black carte blanche medical. Every so much the reason to take away guns from the citizens ensuring only criminals have them. The higher you go in the criminal world the family gets more crazy. if you can imagine people like the Manson Family with advanced degree's, that would be one hell of a crazy crime family, the scary part is they are out there and multiplying rapidly out of control. Corrupt families are loaded to the gill and can afford to put their criminal offspring through the best of schools, fact. When they run out of things to kill and steal they start sealing from each other...self destruction. Everything is lost in the process, well except the ruins and the many years to figure it all out again.. Religions will be given kick backs for their persuasion and they will dive into it like the old times caving up kids for life extending transplants after abusing them with sex as part of the cover up to watering down the murder statute as a crime for life. oh yeah look at all the big child molesters they are catching...while the murders are making bank with a big smile. Picture a black market for body parts, organs and sex changes...hormones and glands and how it would operate and be concealed from conviction. Wrap as something else as criminals do best.

-Mafia Signals

any signs of a government operating like a mafia is very bad, plain and simple. whether in politics, on the net or a utility company governed by the government is going to reap the output of the corruption sowed. Basically just like a bad product that fails there will be disappointment and consequences from corruption or a bad part being designed in. signs: always needing to be fixed, the actual problem never gets fixed allowing for the expense of quick fixes, costly consultants. what is this called product and repair "churning". crossing it over wars that never should be fought, crisis after crisis, poor financial stability, balance of wealth to one side, peoples needs not being met. a society heading into the past of a barbaric order. Corruption takes us back in time, where honesty and mindfulness takes you into the future and betters the chance for travel to other worlds. Imagine yourself on another planet watching with technology that sees through everything including your thoughts, the first thing you are going to say to yourself is how do we keep them from coming here. One bad apple ruins the bunch and the process starts over. Now take the same technology and let very religious country sneak a peek at corrupt would be equivalent to sending little kids to the tenderloin to observe how junkies live. But again if the indians had the technology they would probably still have survived by organizing and preparing better for what was to come. Advance technology in the wrong hands is a repeat of history...



Stay in the safe zone with criminal red flags, at first things look normal but there is that little flag that tells you otherwise...criminal spies are highly noted for using the familiar approach. They observe your turn ons likes dislikes and use them to get to some you know or to hide behind. They might just want to blend in at a distance to something you have no understanding or knowledge about. It is very important always keep a guard up no matter, neighbor, family they are expert manipulators to get what they want and are able to create situations that make you out as the done it. Professional criminals have 1,000's of trickery cons and prey almost every second in their thinking....that is the first flag you will see is that it is a constant process with their thinking. every little move they make is a step for a setup or con. The problem is they been conditioned and have been doing it for a long time meaning it looks natural, hard to see that right off. But if you have been around you will pick up the scent and run with it.


The Mafia waiter

Not so FAst, waiter it out as billions are stacked in brutal crimes waiting for a key moment in time for most to forget and start back in with another swoop of crimes waves reaping higher to the trillion mark. crime families working together with new technology can throw the dagger of of crimes blind folded in precision taking out competition from the local deli to computer satellites. Instead of making room for their kill in trunks of cars the payload expands to modern day airliners and conquering the space that surrounds empire. every countries social service in control of the mafia can now be used for recruiting and benefits. No way they can close the door to on us ever again, they will look like fools as we take everything right from under the nose of them all silently killing off free enterprise for only mafia soldiers can own from now on. mafia from the hot dog stand to the moon is toasted, the rest must go...forward as mafia politics slowly align for the finale of the controlled killing (slow death).


goes around comes around: How two's bet

5 million on black pick up guns on tuesday collect 10 million by sunday. put another 5 million down on black for a move on drugs 20 million ready for the bank before Sunday. 5 million on black 5 million of clean money ready sunday. 1 million on black and 1 million of payoffs ready by sunday.

-Psycho gun

Subliminal and spy drug tactic with a double edge...take the guns away from the people inorder to disable the right to form a militia that allows citizens to fight. on the other side they will create havoc that will allow the military complex that has been prepped by agents. hence don't move too suddenly. Honey, could you please clean up the military it is starting to smell. We have guest coming and I don't want spies flying around the house again.


Stinger ringer

Infiltrate the social services by stealing, gathering info, recruiting and for needed benefits to build a network. Then with the money bring prepped well to do and schooled spies through out the agencies and social organizations.


The gold card

citizenship brides & adoptions in the hands of criminal computer techies expanding and building their empires with the touch of a key. constantly looking for vulnerabilities, relentlessly desperately pumping criminals and spies into the system bypassing the struggle of the underground system and illegal tags that catapult them back to their origin, No money in it wait it out and marry someone else, parents have money but family competition for the fortune a structure for removing them is in place. the hacks provide the info to move this discrete wave of army criminals and spies to further cage countries right under their nose they are stripped from laws made to provide a response to needed into a internal war of crime and violence that brings the state of a nation to its knees economically for the cash bearers to buy up pennies on the dollar. More crime and mayhem value drops and drops making the fangs of mafia gangsters Drool for a buy out take over of territory. Computer mafia's circling countries at a rate never seen before. Everyday the news shines of a new devastating blow like bombs being dropped. Turning love and family into criminal system is as easy as pie for master minds for they prey daily on it in a church unknown to most.

The build up is accumulative, one war after another with a large push in ww2. with the imitation of race religion and documentation soldiers are sent to countries to blend in a bread into establishments Targeting organizations gaining control of of even the simplest of areas as part of a master mind plan. Many and most in the dark know only their object like walking in a city only to see after making a turn at the corner block. One thing for certain, the battle can not be won based on race religion etc. as the mindful master is too cleaver and hides behind the true answer "Crime and Justice" fight the crime. As the worlds best crime fighters were being compromised, basically taken over by the surge itself inorder to prevent law and order to be used against the plot. Patterns evolved that showed otherwise. With the simplest logarithm of just reversing what was to what is not a very interesting overlay expanded the truth of crime in government and how it migrates into war by corporations. Further findings by the crime techs reveal a switching pattern...a comparator switch.

The blow from the build up was devasting and very much like a time bomb with multiple boms and patterns having lots and lots of wires to be cut that resulted in patterns of outcomes that was a endless computer chess game.

-Beating the computer chess game

move by move and endless thoughts resulted in only to be a master plan to wear down anyone on to the movement crime fighters set up their own algorithm. In numerous dimensions such as camouflaging chess pieces with the power of another chess. The movement of crime and violence was found to be hiding and defending itself like a wolf behind race, religion and any historical event they can find that would enable to pursue the conquest. If the color of red attracted attention paint it black, if black grew attention painting it pink. e.g. if religion became an issue make it a money (the devise that is used here will be explained later, the ) but the which way was it really keeps the momentum going and only the comparator knows the next move wiping the memory of past move at the perfect time. Now another matrix emerges with the chess pieces ability to play out as another color or the other side.

The enhanced game

compilerthe pond becomes a night with a black cape but moves on the chess board like the KKK.

many chess pieces can be moved as an organization with most of its members clueless of the over all demise.

One move advances an army of criminals on numerous chess boards that have been linked over time.

As the comparator examines the criminal it becomes how fast the task is to complete each crime driven logarithm.


Internet Cereal's

Able to change habits and thinking easily

Capable of detecting threats that would expose them

Power over surrounding, easily changing things around them.

Can appear to be more than person

Easily uses others without them knowing

Hides suspicious activities behind others, organizations, media trends.

Changes organization structure to fit intended crimes


Tip of the ice Berg

Criminals turning a mountains into a ant hills

-Digital Klue

reference reading: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury 1953

``The unions were broken...So, the Ku Klux Klan was formed at that point as a kind of underground union and unless you were there and knew it, nobody will believe it. They will say, `Oh, but the Klan was against the unions.' Well, it wasn't.''

Note: some union insignia's are similar to kkk's namely the one they were most notorious for; the setting of fires.

Special Note: Density vs Global Competitiveness

Corruption often uses parallel or mirroring tactics to offset or hide behind while playing both sides of the coin gainfully. It is the boogieman effect, the two sides of a bed; on the bed and under the bed.


Head Boogieman

Reserved Chair

in the worst recession of all time where people are financially in ruin, all the well to do give themselves 0% loans during a time the majority can not qualify. The exact flavor for burning the economy as past underground operators strategically have done during bad times. It is a repeat of taking advantage of bad times with the use of corruption or violence while hiding behind fronts. The head of corruption seems to devising a war as a cover for the Grandest Heist of All Time and clawing slowly to politics for a fall guy.

Like army ants and killer bee's working together most the population is unaware of the plot. But when bilions get carried off after a swarm of attacks it starts to show.

some kids grow up wanting a car or house and a family but there are crazy ones that think they can out do Stalin and Hitler and want to have the whole world.

-The tunnel of time

all the gas and oil + h2o =anew sun with the moon in its orbit

Do oil cartels think they are saving the planet by using up resources or is it plain jane greed for power and money? this incineration course was misled like a corrupt seance with Copernicus and Michelangelo at war with each other. Now war mongers are at each others throats to take over each others resources like juveniles driving the El Camino all brain washed shooting each other to the next pump to buy drugs. What kind of life is that? redressing what was to should does not keep the beast dominating world power, it is just added window dressing.

resources get limited as the corruption to have them increase


The word is terminated by a object that was shot into the sun and released a chemical stream that bursted into a electro- magnetic field that attracted the gaseous state of earth and ignited. the world was brought back to its original state of suspension to evolve again. Powers of the universe again found the being on earth traveling freely among the star s was a threat so they reset the planet

corruption becomes obsolete and unable to function in society. due to its nature of high waste and cost. It produces a artificial high consumption and profit but also creates a high toxic risk leading to long term suffocation of the social balance and equality. Very much like injecting farm animals with growth hormones inorder to increase profit but done on the economy creates a high surplus of unwanted people that leads to concealed genocides and mass murders and medical deprivation. Medical Deprivation in a sense a slow genocide of the unwanted. Not new and in use as in technique's such as slow poisoning, depleting immune system, Killing off the population in the slowest of forms enables criminals to get off the hook. By adding one chemical to deplete another til death. Often prescriptions can work together to act as another compound that will create the slow death effect. Eventually a person on a dangerous combination of drugs will fall dead and no questions asked. Denying treatment has been in use for ages, the target or hit will have a curable disease and by the use of influence and money left to die.


The dinosaur ate it

instead of a dog or a cat...think mega like you have a rex. keeping rexie going is like viral. That is pretty much the definition of corruption with mobs, mafia, cartels and syndicates. They consume beyond the state of existence.



Massive financial lootings, Government misspending, Political Mayhem, wasteful spending, war's for drugs, wars for oil, crime figures and organizations making record incomes. the rich getting richer, the poor getting wiped out, countries looting other countries. Governments looting their own social services, countries unable to reel in corruption, more and more governments nearing bankruptcy, international criminals with incomes capable of paying off countries debts. Black markets running politics and pulling strings for a massive war. Mass murders & genocides showing up world wide. Medical & Insurance fraud by corporations chewing up needed resources like a rogue virus. More and more people are forced into servitude, even through government programs. Kids knocking off elders for social security checks at cash machines, shooting innocent people in their cars on highways, stealing from parents to show off with drugs to their friends, knocking off department stores for the latest gangrobe. Governments unable to balance the budget year after. Governments cutting benefits to the needed while they give themselves raises. Political Parties have become Political Liars that steal and defraud the system to benefit themselves and their donors. abuse of power in governments is showing up everyday. More and more scams are taking money away from people everyday. More corporate fraud and stealing than ever. Tax evasion at a crippling rate. Government officials cheating on taxes and committing fraud. Endless corporate and criminal bribes that leads to only the poor paying taxes. Monopolies are overtaking industries at a alarming rate at the same time creating the biggest gap between the rich and poor. A rise in the trend of governments stealing from themselves then cutting off benefits in order to steal more.



Part of a scam to replace social security after all the money is stolen. The Family Welfare Program nicked named Family Mooch Program and Future Melting Pot is part of the master plan to threaten people out of the social security system by making them believe the government is incapable of managing or guilty of mismanagement. In real life the people got smart and stopped smoking tobacco that enabled the thieving from massive early deaths that led to the theft of SSI coffers. As retaliation the thieves took it upon themselves to continuing the stealing making up lie after lie in its regards, at the same time scrambling to make pot tobacco's successor. Eventually the scam ended up in a cliff hanger situation and the people will be forced into a epic of survival upon family where the government used to step in it is stepping out and slowly brain washing everyone in to replacing it with new catching program that will force family to pay for medical bills and welfare costs while all the money goes to the coffers of the greedy and corrupt.

A retirement fund that utilizes death to benefits others? So having wars would be very beneficial , as well as pumping drugs into the economy, inducing anything habit forming that shorten ones life, would absolutely beef up the fund and in deed could be manipulated toward a specific race, religion and twisted by peoples warped principles. It is an enabler of wars, drugs and genocide. Imagine a big chess board electronically ran world wide where each person has build up fund that can be taken away, as simple as that it is plain to see this is a motive

So what have hackers steal it only induce havoc and civil unrest while only the ones that can afford it buy up everything pennies on the dollar, might be a good idea for those involved. Bottom line, anything managed by corrupt minds will not work for the "good of all"!

Evil shits are coming out of the wood work claiming to be working for the greater good that actually is a melting pot that benefits only the privileged few.

Medical and Retirement turning into a lottery and politics ran like a poorly rigged game show.

What stands out the most in the pattern is the intimidation process like that of a school bully that steals and beats up other kids. all of the money being gutted form the government and the bullies are flaunting their family values while rest are unable and are intimidated (brain washed) into making sacrifices at the expense of the bully criminals that depleted their social safety net in the first place Like stealing candy from a baby. At the same time intimidation and provoking goes on to use drugs start wars etc. if you calculate it all up prompting civil unrest would be the most beneficial to the melting pot and the corrupts pocket books

Which plan did you get as one looks on while getting a life support shot. I have the 50 year plan with the option to upgrade to the 70 year with retirement, Hopefully the rates will drop by then. Yeah they should as less people will be unable to afford long term life support.

Over the years during worst financial collapse since the Great Depression Government Officials and Corporate Leaders have been giving themselves raise after raise while at the same time let needed resources for the needy crumble. Social Services across the board were pirated as the greedy were given rewards...very much similar to the leadership roles under Hitler and Stalin. Union Managers skipping off to Mexico with everyone's retirement plan funds, Judges ruling retirement plans for workers to be included in bankruptcy leaving vast numbers to live at an old age without. School district OFFICIAL embezzling to the point teachers are paying out of their own pocket to pay for the kids projects while the official is buying up property with the money.


=under the rug


several millions of unemployed are off the grid vulnerable to genocide, as public unemployment figures only include active applications. The same is happening everywhere with people who can not afford medical help...under the rug they get buried.

-online criminals of family

The family and friends scam is touchy and a topic that is hard to describe. Here is an example of how it works in the spy sense. It is just like meeting someone to find out they not only want sex with you but with all your friends and the idea behind it all is the getting to someone via another. but when it comes to the internet it is not just sex it is everything; info, money, status, manipulation, blackmail, mafia, gangs and the list goes on for ever. Watching it happen is like a herd of animals crossing a pond being devoured by Piranha. They just take everything down to the bone and use it against you, your family, and friends.

Statistically a majority of law suits are family related which could be the motive to gain all that personal info for future use against the persons.


The Cut

Imagine a world where countries are ran by corrupt politicians using mafia’s for protection at percentage of the peoples tax dollars as the fee. Hold that thought for awhile as the face of reality in the criminal world casts its shadow more and more as crime fighter dig harder. Let's say a mafia protection organization got greedy and caught wind of being replaced...above the law mafia gone too far or off the deep end politically with obscure spending that ultimately ends like divorce with the continuous begging for more money to no end.


Big banG aTTack

Everything goes quiet and suddenly bam everyone is cut in half financially. Very predictable, typically happens after everyone forgets about the last one


Corporate, Political and Religious like Shepard's protecting the flock is a very dear and reassuring saying to all until it comes time for the slaughter? Learning to escape and find freedom from the dangers of herders that have long thought out plots has been around for a long time.


mind control method

drugs that appear to allow change to the audio input to the brain. People from a near but distant proximity can be having a normal conversation but the audio to the brain comes out completely different. The whole conversation is converted in order to control and change behaviors. one could be easily prompt to do things they normally wouldn't do. The event seems very real, but a specialist after analyzing the details should be able pick up on distinguishing the separate signals. simplest flag is the signal is too good to be other words like forcing. What typically should be heard will suddenly become different with a motive to alter what you are thinking. once you get near to the source of the original audio the fake audio will cut out and as you fade from the original sound it will return after awihile you will note everything goes back to normal once you are on to what is going on. It is like someone put a headset on you all of the sudden and having to take it off to really hear what is going on. Once you figure that some kind of frame is in process it stops completely to avoid being compromised. I would expect very expensive microwave equipment involvement. Where the threat signal is induced. That very much like a person listening to the radio and someone using a signal generator to jam the station with something else, but instead the culprits are using humans. So remember, too good to be true will be the first flag, two distinct signals the second and detecting how it fits into being framed will be third.

If two people are talking, if you are close enough you will hear perhaps the original but given any distance you will completely get something else or what they want you to hear. It might sound original but it is not. It is very much like being in two places at one time, they have a conversation that only they can communicate and the rest is another place that everyone else hears. Two things going on at the same time, two signals.

Basically what is done is a sample of the conversation is taken and then synthesize the voices to something else with the background either live or as a reproduction. A wired version can produce the same effect with a pickup at the source and and a secondary output or speaker specifically tuned to make it sound like it came from the same place but with a artificial signal. So a senator could be listening to a crucial point wearing a hearing aid and the info will be transformed to something that would get their goat via additional info pulled on them over time completely changing their perspective or even a vote. On the computer, radio or TV it would work the same way and with trove of hackers doing this little by little it is possible to change a whole society's view on things, thus ending up with fake news outbreaks that all started from hacks. A lot more effects can be made with sound than most would understand. From hiring someone to pull lawn signs and swap them to getting on the computer to pull data or signals and replacing it are both criminal. Driving down the road during elections and at a stop you look over at all the signs then suddenly a guy jumps out of a car and pulls a bunch of them leaving only the ones intended. Works the same way with computer driving on the internet and pulling down signs.



Updated innovated drink and food spike. a plastic barbed coil that once digested loosens up and works its way very much like a fox tail. In other words the coil looses it's perm and keeps going. Once the fox enters the interior it sets itself in a manner of the process of a similar bio state like the embryo (attaches to the blood stream) and once the primary layer of the particle dissolves it will manifest as a cancer. If you actually do enough research you will find that science has the capability to trace cancer to it's actual cause. but because of the threat of a storm of lawsuites this technology has been suppressed and has been hidden in an expensive trail of journals.


Rob One Government to Pay Another

The Rob Peter & Paul Circus. Started out as robbing one government funded project for another. Why? because it was the process of getting funds approved, easily approved and accumulated funds are then moved....corruption and the basic fundamentals of laundering money. It has worked so well in governments and now is flowering to the international level of finance of rob Peter's Country to for Paul's Country Debt.

Once upon a time earth used to be much larger, it just has shed some layers. Imagine all the highest peaks and drawing a complete layer around them which would leave us presently living in the under world of a time before us. It would be like heating up a frozen diner in the microwave, cooking it from the inside out. Thus we live in the honey comb of the crust that last blew off. The inverse of gravity meaning what ever held the previous layer in place was pulled away in time like a water balloon that explodes because the lining that holds it in place becomes too thin so it lets go. The last layer eventually got to a point that it could not hold the required force and just let go but instead of the whole balloon it was just a layer blowing off its shell. The cause is by a great orbital shift, another orbit starts or finishes a leg while another swings into its a wobble but in this case it causes a short gravity change and reverses the polarity. like something spinning and it slows down for a spell and then speeds up again e.i. a ferris ride with the weight poorly distributed. its going, going and at the very top it slows down for short period and continues. I would say a larger set of orbits end up to one side or place and then to another etc. over time the earths crust attachment has dwindled so it blows off at this specific time when the gravity makes a change and leaves a new surface.


Turning off ThE Lights

to See certain things one must turn off off the light or go dark e.i. stars show up better from a unlighted area.


The Point

The original pillow case. Once used as a hood but had a flaw e.g. while riding to a cross burning someone lost way and removed it creating a fear that members would be connected to this persons grave mistake of revealing they later corrected the hoods to be worn with the point so that it would not shift as easily reducing the risk of recognition. interesting lessons from partial clip shown below


Corruption and the democratic process

nothing gets done unless there is a majority and is why so many corrupt scams continue...criminals use the system statistically in this way i.e. criminal manipulation. It also works along with the hierarchy as you get higher in the political realm i.e the political pyramid scam.


BacK DrOps

Ebola meets cancer genetic terrorist engineering...quick acting, easy deliverance and adjustable react time. Watching for Back Drop Construction of what is to come and nip what really is in progress, is this chapter. As the heads of masterminds from previous puppet wars of extortion called the Dirty Money Group (DMG) still on the loose making attempts to shoot the world down to its knees have been in secret developing bio weapons that will kill undetected. After successful trials of using numerous cancers types harnessed with a Ebola attribute that controls and speeds the reaction time like clock work it was promoted to further research accelerating other diseases. The significant Ebola genetic process will intensify and speed up diseases like a time capsule or by additional dose of the a reactant that triggers the acceleration make for a timely lethal death that financially exhausting. Once the group gets a spectrum large enough it can be released causing a severe epidemic or used systematically to drain people of their lives and finances. Using many sicknesses and diseases as a camouflaged along with engineered back drops of deception the out come would be impossible to avert without special ops intel gathering.



Bombed with diversion-bombarding the facts of greed and corruption of the murderous clan DMG is a par course of killing for profit with wars and crimes that give benefits only to themselves. The slaughter and rapping of the social safety net of countries by war criminals engineered by DMG greed beats on with history's past cruel and ruthless leaders that puppet evil with a smile.

The DMG disconnected with reality actually believes they are the heroes and Robbin Hoods of modern day history? The thinking of a savior where the people need to die for the DMG's existence? Sounding off to the beat of the Jones Town Massacre citizens continue to fall prey to engineered ploys that destroy lives both financially and medically. The poison of the DMG is reaching out to all in a frenzy of power that keeps a secret like a planned exit to all the deaths and destruction in plan. The bombs and acts of terrorism are diversions to the ultimate plan of what is coming, distractions to throw everyone off their trail. Stalling off, spending resources and exhausting the will of people for the final push to take over the world hides and awaits at the controls of DMG command center. Like in the past communes are starting to spread and will be asking for all your money in order to live a normal life or to be protected in your existing luxury.


The Dot

Med ops sorting out criminals led to a more sophisticated plot than ever imagined in history. A major con that is complicated to no end, no one would ever believe it could be. The mustard trail kept leading back to prior war criminals and red flags appeared as the statute of limitations were being used to aid and launch newer war crimes by replacing real goods with the funny money system controlled by the DMG. As the trail widened and split into several, it became quite clear that system abuse was every where and the internet instantly increased into a criminal entity over night.


SBS Secret Banking System

This chapter covers what appears to be a ultimate complex banking system that in reality is basic in nature once all of the financial complexities are put together like a puzzle. It all ties up, even the corrupt crooks gutting the social welfare of countries. Drumming up money for needed cause such as a food bank that never materializes but gets utilized by connected political ties both corporate and personal. Some people that have built up some kind of wealth look at things differently regarding money and the poor. They tend to use imagination as a way of justifying hoarding money that would be used for sustaining a respectable level for living conditions for the people that are in need. The view is what a waste when the money can be used to do greater things. Money can be better utilized by the wealthy becomes more important and the peoples welfare become less important. Corporate stealing of the government is leading the people on a path to a government melt down. ...for someone to buy up on the cheap. Instead of churning stocks the system churns countries.

Currency and Goods. Countries run on currency systems and SBS (Secret Banking System) runs on a goods system. The most critical is the structure of the “Value System” that the SBS (Secret Banking System) organization controls.

Hook & Crook. The organization does not really care about people that is the governments job. All the SBS (Secret Banking System) cares about is the system that keeps them in wealth and power. When governments fail it is merely the opportunity to make money and it is part of the double meaning of the Virtual Value System (V²S) that operates in secret. If people or governments want to be criminals, again it is merely just another opportunity for making money.


Friends and Family Scams

As in the past scams that targeted the social connections of the family and their friends will find its way back. Desperate for jobs people will take marketing jobs that prey on easy sales to family and friends. You might find yourself sitting in front of a warm evening fire with the family and a few friends and guess what all of the sudden somebody starts up on a sales pitch for a water purification system. Some time goes by and you can see that it will not stop because the company sold her on a sales kit with a number of units that needs to be sold in order to make a profit but after awhile willing to break even or get as much money back as possible. Finally someone spoke up and put it straight...did you research the product before making a decision, because for a fraction of the cost you can buy a similar system at any major hardware store.

The fly by night companies that swoop in with the friends and family pitch gladly taking your money and you never hear about them years later. Life Insurance worked pretty good for this scheme because the up front load was quick money meaning the first years annual premium pretty much went to the sales process. About the same as churning stocks. There were several companies that thrived and made a killing with so called family schemes but you don’t seem them around any more.

another common one is the family and friends good deal plan that suddenly discontinues and leaves you paying more in the end. Its just a way to drum up biz.

If you haven’t seen these scams for awhile just wait they will come back as they are well organized and orchestrated so well that maybe one is right in front you right now.

On the internet...all the grabbing of your personal, family and friends info?

You text a friend that you were given 500 cash as a birthday present, you go off on a trip to celebrate and find you were ripped off having to beg the whole time in order to get through the trip.

you are in a relationship and you text out issues about your problems, suddenly there is a break up and someone else has taken over .

Using family and friends as hostage

Hijacking family and friends - taking over all the information

loosen the oil sensor and charge them for a bad head gasket...



Criminal ties to corporations turn ugly and get destructive. Corporations that rely on corrupt tactics for survival start eroding and fail. Many of the Flag ship corporations that prospered during the run away corruption days were unable to function in modern day society. City after city started cleaning house finding more of their problems were internal and hostile. Employees were found to be corrupt led to criminal organizations with mafia ties that enabled corruption to spread like wildfire willing to do practically anything to move up into a higher position



As the financial crooks Teflon peals a pattern appears with favoritism in loans from banks and as interest rates shoves daggers into the backs of the working class a pattern of favoritism casts its shadow from the money reserves. Only a sophisticated computer scientist could understand but it is clear that finally the day has come that the computer has out smarted the criminals that have roamed and terrorized the world with wars and famine.


Werewolf Street

When the market zero's out

Just like the birds and bee's when the nectar from one plant is no longer available you survive on what you built up and other plants.

Mafia Economics does not work sorry to say. It is like squeezing fruit...they squeeze many to benefit only the few. They use people and down the river they go. There is to this date historical evidence in the sewers of human remains just in that way, the darkest secrets of the past.

Interesting artifacts and ancient history with regards to survival as well:


A new agent caught wind of a mass murder for a trial run of 500 with the all new accelerated bio weapon (ABW) that will make way for strategic positions of power and wealth for the DMG.



The style is important, the modern operative targets not only persons but whole families, friends ,organizations, Cities, States and even Countries. They can be very hostile, meaning they can kill people without the authorities involvement or lets say beyond the everyday detective’s skill. Their basic skill set would include the knowledge base of at least “1,000 ways to kill without a trace” and that would be just the beginner. In order to understand the magnitude of a operative like this you would need the skill set of the exact apposite meaning engaging in 1,000 of those attempts. It sounds like a lot but if you put in a good guide book form its a snap. But still there is the actual attempts that will go beyond any basic guide that with time and experience racks up pretty quickly.

Seeing operative movements

most are just like agents describe as you would never consider. Your not going to see any signs, none. So how does one see or detect them? It is very much like reading. If you read one book you get one books perspective. But if you read truck loads of books and journals you develop a super perspective. So if something happens it triggers your memory like quantum physics. Instead of thinking in one dimension you will be thinking in several dimensions.

The simplest of things to most

little things that are typically meaningless become of value. It wasn’t because these things had no value at that time, it is because you can see and “detect” the values of those things around you. Things that most don’t see.


Math Magic

Mathematician agent breaks down what many see as a overly complicated war situation. Simply too much corruption exists in the world, while some countries can better hide how bad the corruption is in their land makes it even worse especially top heavy corruption which is prone to toppling governments historically. high corruption = war. low corruption = peace.


Breaking the Circle

It doesn’t matter if the family member or friend has money or power to exploit, criminals are just looking for someone gullible to target. With all the information gathering it easy to construct a scam on a person that targets other family and friend members. Down the road these scams will unveil the truths about skilled hackers that manipulate not only organizations but the typical family and friend arena. The psychological approach to organized control and crime that tramples down the family and friend circle of protection.

Criminals in this age are very smart and realize that grass roots can in time haunt the riches that were acquired in a evil and criminal ways. Controlling the family and their friends is a back drop in itself to larger crimes in progress or in the mix. A new wave of agents trained at detecting the family scams has rapidly progressed and will unfold its expertise for the millennial's. The effect the DMG (Dirty Money Group) is looking for is similar to burning books...which they can't anymore so it is the burning of the minds.

No matter what the scam marriage, adoption, organ, drug, identity, blackmail, property, medical the art of gathering evidence to put the scammer away is here and making way. The state of art technology that realizes the bigger picture putting real criminals in their place rather than fall guy or stooges,puppets and intended buffers of the high EμVcriminal family, gangs and criminal corporations that device them and use them in a hostage way.


Two Sides

Good n bad, hot n cold, dark n light, - n +, far n close, easy n hard.

Life has two where everything dies and the other where everything lives. That is how far advanced the other world technology is. Imagine a place where no one needs to die any more then think of the place of death...advanced society vs dark society. One expands itself on the technology of life and the other the other expands it self on technology of death. One self destructs and the other doesn’t.

Going between the two worlds is shocking. Visiting a place so far behind in technology is challenging. Like in Copernicus's time life is too distorted and way off track for advanced worlds to deal with. That is why there are so many blank periods of events with advanced worlds.

Developing the world to support advanced life technologies (existence with continuous life spans) will attract more advanced worlds interest to share their technology. Genocide, blowing up and shooting people is not an attractive resume for the future. It is zone of the Dead Monkey Time of Error (DMToE).

You are born as an eternal being then cry because you were born in a world of death. When Young, life is for ever then you get old and fear turns into death. The world you live in consumes lives and is know as the beast.

*Taking a life or your life for someone is non existent and would be similar to cancer eating you, except it is brain washing to you death. A good example would be the well traveled Jessu that became very knowledgeable through his experiences from other cultures. If you dig enough you will find that he was practically flogged to death into a confession and taken to be judged corruptly to take another persons place in a execution. Keep in mind forced into death is murder. Books even today were written in accordance to deceive the people “the wolf with a sheep skin for words”. Tis why reading between the lines takes time to develop. The good for all is the sheep skin that covers the wolf “for the greed of evil”,

What happens when the death side is gone? Does the Life side keep going? The being born in a death and destructive world dies and life goes on “The vicious cycle of life and death”.



The favorite arts for imposing in the dark is he toothbrush and mosquito.

The toothbrush is where only that person uses it, lace with desired effect. The new wave of ABW (Accelerated Bio Weapons) is much more advanced than thought. Where suspicious use in special tactical situations may lurk. The accelerator applies to the tooth brush using the germs and bacteria as the host.

Then there is the micro dot technology, place micro dot in a deep pocket between the tooth and gum. Usually secrets, criminal ledgers etc. like a wallet. Imagine a camera that has a microdot SD card. Takes picture and stores them as small as a tiny dot.


Outline breaks into a series

From here on the focus will be on the new agent that picks up on the trail of the World Wide Mafia (WWM) plot to genocide snuffs utilizing the disease accelerator and internet hackers toward world domination.


The AMT Process

In higher positions executives have no clue what they are into. It is a process and stage one is the not knowing or’s worked both ways. First is using you then casting out any possible liability, 2nd is you know, so it is bait and destroy. At the beginning it is the control factor, like strings on a puppet, every move, thought and action eventually will take ownership by the WWM and DMG. From the outside in and with experience you can easily see the gradual devouring, like getting a pond on the chess to move for a play on the bishop. Once they have all your move strategies you are pretty much in the digestive tract being used for the main body of the DMG. At the end you will be discharged like a turd.


the JK Flip flop

2nd order, 3rd order harmonics and so on...


residual evidence

by-product of a complicated process


Across the Bow

Wobble. earths solar system eventually lets go and slings the sun in the orbit of the universe . Unlike before where everything goes into a lull and then into back on track it lets go causing a disruption of orbits and due to the timing and balance flings planets into the unknown. Simplified, a threat and concern to advanced worlds. The same threat of concern exist with earths nuclear build, From an advanced worlds perspective this poses as a significant danger and could lead to the last straw event or episode that seems to repeat itself time after time. Self destruction e.g. drowning in ones own shit. Radio Signals-Directs attention to important details as well as an acknowledgement of support. These signals can be long lasting, effecting future changes for decades to come. i.e. Signals that are meant to keep specific progress on track are supportive and is good news, the glass is half full. Velocity of transmission emitted approximately Mach 75 i.e. Re-entry Speeds are greater than Mach 25.

Of all the going on's the new special agent hot on operation 500 gets a signal from the pod that sling shot off the suns orbits. He found things are not as they appear and that he was on the track to a fumble. Although there is an actual 500 threat but with many diversions. The 500 is intended to a high profile targeting killing machine while the track is thrown off with artificial intel of it being out dated or defunct where the 500 is now in progress as a 500 million genocide hit that is so far in progress that one would think it not possible catch. Agent Huntington splits the deck of odds and adds another full deck of operatives to engage the grand number and goes dark with the 500 with the intel received from the pod. Agent Huntington see's a picture that he keeps to himself. Inspired with his gift he is suddenly accelerated beyond anyone's thinking....the most complex criminal minds become simple. Reality of going against every day "Billion Dollar Gangsters" on a Million Dollar Budget does not phase him. The tricky paper trail takes on a new asset to his investigation. Connecting with the DEA Agent Huntington employee's state of the art techniques that speedily puts his key agents inside the Dirty Money Group's Controller and starts mining the 5's content. Special Agent Swanson pings everything's then extracts the whole operation undetected with the touch of her finger nail. The table is about to turn. Agents take a diversion lead and end up with all the all the eggs in their favor....Huntington knows what that means and quickly forces the diversion into a tunnel and back into the system with his team of computer ops. Flip flop. They have everything, even the inside mole code named Five.

Swanson sets the stage with a high tech extraction tool that counters the DMG spy system. Simple nail drive that connects between one of the keys that the DMG uses to take info off computers. The key location and distribution points that were gathered in the pod intercept were dead on. Everything was molded, shielded and undetectable. She did encounter a security screen with the computer ports...they where all encoded. Without her knowledge the nail drive engaged in a hyper detection mode that made a pattern between scrambles to loop the entry with out detection then reset the encryption to its default next code sequence. After all they stole the design in the first place adding privileged bells and whistles that accommodated their Billion Dollar Gangster Operations paying taxes like a pay off.

The Loop was detected by an inside agent name Russ who detains Swanson for a another chip device that was to put a virus on OMG system. The divice self installs via the security camera system using QR type technology. They never figure it out and the virus was found in it's hibernation mode before it went active and make agent Russ a hero. Swanson was traced to a militia working out of a Drug Cartel Camp that intended to put DMG out of business and takeover the proceeds. She was turned inside out and took the info from the Cartel and used it to put herself into a lucrative business with the DMG. She now ownes her own country and surveillance world wide militia's under the DMG umbrella at the same

time extracting DMG's data while another task group operates covertly as a co-op for the Mafia smuggling business that is a prime unit to divert the agencies world wide. All this because she found a hole and crawled through.

Agent Swanson eventually gets hit by the Cartel called CAC C all Cartel who has many advantages over the DMG via intel over money like a VOIP. Huntington found an odd sequence that resembled her work and traced her to be alive working for a satellite version of an organization that is very powerful and discrete in killing people for profit. Too deep for contact and too dangerous to overlook, the double agent card plays into another deck that turns ugly. He has her replace with a clone outfitted to the stars giving the position a fresh boost of intel that runs into the trillions of Dollars in criminal activities. Swanson since then has retired and lives a happy family life that she had always wanted keeping her nails clean and polished she operates a data distribution hub that collects information for the signals division of the CIA. Agent Russ is Russian Agent and past greedy KBG Spy seeing his position as a way of cash and transactions who later in life found life as a dedicated agent was more fulfilling after finding anyone can print money and got bored to tears. The DEA contact and ghost is actually a very skilled Mexican Narco Agent who's idenitily still remains incognito and acts as liaison for several international crime task forces. He is called RJ and is instrumental to orchestration of complex situations. His closed handle is BM Black Magic which is crossed spelled to mean GMAG: G man with the magic.


Operation RW²

On a hunch agent Huntington decides to add an additional focus to reveal 5 Hundred's hidden agenda thus providing additional evidence of intent and for prosecution. Within the grand picture of the scheme to commit mass murder war the extraction of data on the need to be Right whether Wrong created the most interesting pattern pin pointing master minds givings his crew leads to both intent and much of the needed evidence to get the prosecution team going.

It is the kind information most would not of be thinking of...but if given the history of these tortuous crimes there is a connection to those whom have to be right all the time...even when not true or when there is evidence of proof that it not so such as Copernicus. Countries and the people are forced to live in backward politics and religions for decades or even centuries of mass killings and torture just to right a wrong. This very manipulation of power destroys progress and ingrains itself to a point that the people struggle with their minds as the guilty pass the torch of greed and destruction from generation to generation in a backward thinking of evolution. The results were that today's people are being forced to think by oppressors of the past for greed and power.

It also became clear that most of the foreign threats were cultivated and fabricated by war mongers that were prospecting to make huge profits in order to gain worldly powers and position. Huntington had nicknames for them: HACS "hidden agenda colossals", TBT "too big to be true...believed or to be seen" and BWB "Big World Bluffers". He had a great passion for observing the economic manipulation of organized criminals. He lived for it.

On the other hand Agent Huntington made special note that all the foreign disputes and disruptions actually did have a underlining truth or legitimate reasoning to them...overly complicated, but in his thinking that it is on purpose and by design which creates a smoke screen effect in which the criminals hide and continue to operate, similar to a thousand lawyers going at to one person leading to a RW² situation of being wrong whether right W²R . If one stepped back and observed the whole picture you could see the fine threads of how corruption is running and controlling countries. One thing is for sure Huntington wrote in a memo, Drugs and Gangs are targeting the kids and it links directly to the master plan of world corruption. The kids are like fuel, they need corrupt minds that are dope enough to do the in their words the necessary evil.

In the most stressful way a point was made regarding the importance of fighting international corruption stating the targets of master mind corruption conceal themselves using strategies beyond the reach of countries by design. Stepping up international crime fighting will help ease and reduce the continued threats that are greatly lacking and as just important an international house cleaning is obvious before catastrophe and chaos sets in.

In light of the sophistication of organized crime Agent Huntington expanded that on the horizon is the biggest threat of all that all countries must and need to get under control...The Mafia. All nations need to come together and get a grip on the Mafia before it tears the world apart. At the same time all nations need to secure their food and water supply as he explains the same kind of espionage used in the past in the electronics business is currently being utilized in the food and water as well as other sensitive vital resources. All directly linked to international organized crime syndicates that have links to master mind world corruption that is currently being investigated. Reports that countries current protection of food and water has gotten better but not near enough as the extent of it has gone beyond many of the agencies capabilities to deal with. In short it is like using psychology on rocket science thinking it will go will just get worse because it plays right into their hand considering psychology is used as a form of manipulation also used criminally via the internet and media also known as psychological warfare.

The International Corruption Arena provides criminals to escape as well as to revenge. The most common use of international corruption is where there is enforcement by a justice system against them....where they simply take revenge internationally.

Huntington simplified the situation for easier understanding. "You have the mafia taking over everything, you simply don't let them."



Computer Control Measures is taking the art of influencing the course of world events that used to be done manually in the past to the new super computer level. This collecting of intelligence was found to be very effective in producing political out comes which is a moot point in current politics internationally.


The Slice

In bringing down the master mind of corruption Huntington’s Agents have to be especially careful with slicing them out. The process is sorta like the lunch money bully but on a international level. For example a super rich lunch money bully rips off another country’s technology that will result in a retaliation. So the slice is where you cut into time line of corruption. Like in editing a movie you can make events take on different meanings on where and how you slice, thus giving light to the internal corruption of investigating agencies that have been cropping up red flags for some time now. This is nothing new for Huntington’s team for the take down. It is like knowing the tides of corruption and being well trained to avoid under tow’s that drag investigations down and into the mud of failure. The Slice historically means off with the head which in those times stopped the thinking from progressing or from revenging later. Huntington referred this to watching a tennis, where everyone in the crowd heads are moving left then right anticipating that spectacular shot that ends for a point toward a game where six games wins the match. Just like tennis where the shot ends the play for a point is similar to corruption. There are shots that are not critical "Love-15" and those that are very critical and need to be made "30-40" in order to make deuce or a game. The psychology is some what the same to getting close to the master mind. Your strategy becomes first most and the aggressor will focus on all opponents weakness while the defender will focus on their own strengths in order to keep from blowing a last chance point especially if it is match point.

The puppet is what the master mind of corruption wants the world to focus on...not on them. After all they have all the power and wealth to groom puppet fall guys. Huntington states you have to get down to the root of corruption other wise it is just like plucking leafs off of weeds that will keep growing out of control. He says if you have a puppet that is worth billions that is a big problem, because the controller of that puppet has even more money and power. Given the sense of the scale of corruption abroad as is a reality check. It is a lot worse than imagined. But for him it is no different than figuring out where a huge tree will fall or a plan for a high rise demolition...we are at a point where you get it done so everyone can move on. Dismantling the upper crust of society's notorious corrupt minds is a jig saw puzzle. The first time it takes a long time to figure out, once you put the pieces together several times you start to find better ways to construct a plan from it ever being put together again. Yet another red flag is the media interpretation. Examining the report in the native language gave more details while the translated versions were manipulated. We're seeing both a increase in mass graves and media manipulation, double trouble. It is pretty simple the true report is in another language so the search engine does not produce the look up. Now if you start searching with the language it was in you will find reports with more details. But that is only one example how media manipulates and or hides information it goes on and on. Categorically it is part of the underground system typically used for taking over or undermining governments, the principal is to bleed the government to death.



Huntington’s gut feeling the playing field just moved up a tier and is up against the most ruthless killers of all time. Realizing it is the just the beginning of things on a new level of corruption that grooms mass murder leaders so he made a list and brought Agent Savana on board to crack the code and connect dots to the master minds behind them. Savana just out of training is completely fresh like laundry just pinned on the cloths can smell, feel and see the quality like a new car...every thing about her says I can do this! The oddest thing though is that he gave her his office and he took her cubicle? He limited talk and contact with her to a minimum and handed her a code sheet to use for correspondence. Her goal was to trace all genocides that included a wide spread Genealogy Analysis.

Mao Zedong, 78 million-Communist Party of China

Joseph Stalin, 23 million- Bolshevik wing of the Russian Social-Democratic Workers' Party,

Adolf Hitler, 12 million-Nazi Party

Leopold II, 8 million-Belgian monarch

Hideki Tojo, 5 million-Imperial Rule Assistance Association

Ismail Enver Pasha, 2.53 million-Ottoman Empire

Pol Pot, 1.7 million-Communist Party of Kampuchea.

Kim Il-sung, 1.6 million-Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Mengistu Haile Mariam,1.5 million)- People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Yakubu Gowon, 1 million- Federal Military Government

Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, .9 million-Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Jean Kambanda, .8 million-Republican Democratic Movement

Soeharto, .8 million-Indonesian Communist Purge

Saddam Hussein, .6 million-Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party

Fumimaro Konoe, .5 million-Imperial Rule Assistance Association

Jonas Savimbi, .5 million- National Union for the Total Independence of Angola


Operation Penelope

Penelope comes well decorated, liaison with many agencies she is the CIA resourceful. She loves challenges and most important is her field experience for Huntington. Penelope can walk and talk the tight rope. Bringing her in wasn't easy, mainly because she requires a cover at all times. So here we go...Huntington drums up a look alike which is stationed just out side Savana's office. So the arrangement is Huntington's Vault Office where he put Savana to get started then Savana real office is just in front with a another office in front the reception area, that is Penelope's area. Penelope's task is bring in all the dna related to Savana's investigation. At the same time Huntington briefed her on Mafia details where she is to take on a specific operation that covered intel for Genocides related to Italy going back and beyond Mussolini. Penelope knew the Mafia operations of that region like the back the back of her hand...she realized that she had to take off the rough edges for Savana as it flat out was dangerous. In her own words it is like walking into a room with daggers flying everywhere thinking back when she was stabbed in butt by a little kid. Turned out the kid was being initiated into the mafia and was her new contact for the inside track t the new generation of mafia plans. She said the kids smart and will do good after her secret investigation on him resulted he was part of a sting operation.

Agent Russ dropped off a file that he liffted on the region's mafia...a full dna dossier on mafia. Penelope gave a study and it was outdated both in technology and time with tons of gaps. Another one of those puzzles made to keep busy. Then shorty after that new data started streaming in that made more sense.

Huntington walked through for meeting with Savana and looked into Penelope eyes with a smile thinking to himself Russ and Penelope hit it off, perfect like love at first sight. That is Penelope, everything seems to fall into place and out of thin air. With all her cover intel prepped and ready to go she disappears and Huntington sends in the second. The first batch of intel from Russ is off and running and Penelope will need study time. Then thumbs though the data and with a long breath great it is only the intro with callouts and codes for her to customize the reports for any given situation. She immediately coded him back. She wanted to review the hitman list.

dna in small letters is the code for everything DNA is just that. Penelope sends off another code to Russ indicating the proper attributes for the next delivery of intel. Russ knows none of this can happen or he will hang himself. So in order to get Penelope on track another cover file. and codes her back the format key to the intro. It decompresses and has to be keyed in for reading. Russ is very tricky and the contents self destructs soon after each key. Penelope codes him back with another attribute code. It is too hard for her to read but it works. Russ shoots her another code back that will give her the option to high light the characters after they disappear. A special macro just for her. Penelope chuckled at the extra effort of Russ.

After she typed in the intro she ran a scan and another set files opened, entered the key and there it was the dna on the regions hit activity. Fresh like a new 100 dollar bill to the second intel. Within 24hrs of her stepping in Huntington made a take down that got the ball rolling. The looky take down is done. And guess what, Huntington came into the office to sign off on it. Huntington is noted for efficiency and Penelope shares the same reputation.

Going over the file quickly she saw a pattern that was familiar to her, there was collusion in the area that matched the take down, actually a lot of red flags were signaling. Bad timing again she thought. But when she pulled and ran her special ops matrix it was clear. A new form of mafia is developing and being deployed using the old as Trojan Horse and preparing to shed the skin like a snake.


Mafia Massing

Any time that there is a sign that part of a countries government acts, behaves or operates that like a Mafia you have big Trouble and the longer it takes to both site and unearth its demise the longer the effects and complication flushing them cancer you have to catch it early. To the advantage of international mafia corruption the cost is the candy that keeps them sticky and inside governments like a secret receipt where most governments get caught in to giving in to become dependent of the evil deeds profits payoff. That is whey they target exclusive businesses and resources that they can monopolize giving them the comfort of control. If there is not enough money in it will not work with the mafia structure, in recent times the mafia has grown exceedingly greedy and in order to grow has focused on those business that did not fit in as a resource to grow the new comers and support members of the lower end of the hierarchy. It appears that even hostile take overs of the simple business is used to support mafia members as holding pasterns till needed making small business vulnerable to pay for protection until squeezed out of business and taken in by the mafia and supporters. Penelope noted from reports that media corruption was in this cycle too and when she expanded the corruption tide book the dots all connected to the mafia gobbling up businesses every where they can and was the biggest move she had seen in history and calls it “Mafia Massing”.

Penelope shut down the data system and took a deep breath...ready to go to the DC meetup. She didn't write a single note, didn’t have too. Giving her thumbnail DC report TDC was quick and ended with...this amounts to the many problems we have with security, the intel gathering goes stagnate by design allowing new intel to disseminate without a trace leaving countries vulnerable all over the world.

Wasn't hard for the techies to figure out her angle...sure enough if you do the same thing over and over it wouldn't take long to program an operation work around that would feed curiosity but keep them in the dark. Imagine a agents whole career following disinformation.

Penelope wanted to expand on many of the reasons but she did not want to end the meeting with a room full of flying daggers that could possibly snub the content. She only wanted to set the stage for a sting she was devising for catching moles.


The Savana Report

Savana popped out of the vault and slipped Huntington a report. Huntington scanned it into the his encrypted secret file storage reprinted it. The pattern is conclusive and links can be made to genocide. In order to prevent future organization of mass killings a special task force will need to be deployed to intercept. GPTF Genocide Preventive Task Force.

Latter that day she met with Huntington for brief and described a example of a basic genocide war. The typical north vs south strategy. She used a Past Civil War for a Mock Scenario to explain how wars are fixed. Greedy entrepreneurs are looking at monopolizing resources from the south. In this example we will use the abundance of unfounded and untapped oil reserves that would reign financial power over the government for centuries. Very much the same as a infiltrator CEO or CFO draining a company and bringing them to their knees of the competition you seek out weaknesses and use it against them. In the case of the south slave trade. You infiltrate the weakness and accentuate it to your advantage having insiders making bad guys out of your target. Next you plot a war against them and take control of the future resources.

The analysis provided insight that wars are rigged very much the same way sports are like a boxer taking a fall in fight. The playing chips are gigantic and the thinking behind them are beyond imagination.

Huntington knows you just can’t intercept you need a full take down. Penelope said stick with Savana’s extraction and my team will do the take down in the shadows. Huntington eyes lit up with appreciation and complete admiration.



GPTF appointed head Zhen took the first flight out to an unknown island for a pick up of financials related to the Genocide Buildup. Zhen is a specialist in International Mafia Warfare. He plays wide, meaning covers a lot of ground fast....his niche is being able to pick out a speck of gold in a huge pan that later finds the mother load. Uniquely he is everything one would not expect, you would never think for an instance he possessed a high caliber of instinct. This off guard nature comes with heavy experience from field.

While Island visiting he received special instructions for two additional files. One was a compiled list of government employees mining data and the other was discussed as linking political maneuvers to the mafia that included a compiled list of military personal that were being fed disinformation to keep wars going. His next stop would required him to be dropped off on the beach and hover crafted to a sub that took him to a beach off of France. From there he would go Milan. In Milan there was a silent report compiled of new targets for disinformation. The only problem was the file was encrypted and the reason for the meet up. The agents wanted help in cracking the code as it was politically damaging and international black male was suspected. Zhen had the file expressed to Savana marked no eyes. Savana easily opened the file to the specified no eyes level with in 3 hours. From there Zhen would have to move off the radar into the bad lands for military information the Mafia has been collecting. From there he would re visit the contact he made in Milan in a small town in Hungary and they both would head out from there to be extracted.

Zhen, Russ and Savana finalized the rough draft of a long investigation on international mafia corruption. Both Russ and Savana tuned in with a combined report pointing out that Rome secretly agrees on cleaning house and gave consent on a world wide sweep removing corruption from all ends of earth and its darkest corners.

Going through her daily Red Flags Penelope intrigued be the reports facts but but made note just another "Say So" to stray the public. We get smoke like this blown up our ass all the time. It is like an Heroin addict saying I am going to quit! Corruption puppets say and do anything to buy time and throw the public off track thwarting further investigations. And who is Rome? Somebody's public announcement puppet. She requested the coded info the report was based on for further analysis. In a Red Flag from the past there was mention of a internal coup to disrupt Huntington's array of international investigations. Then she realized an attack is forth coming. Immediately going through the details Penelope found the Code for Rome was a smuggling operation where DMG used the encryption of the high agencies to get delivered to insiders and moles that were part of the Mafia spy business. Rome indeed was a human trafficking operation call More. More was the signal for more people. Her file investigation prompted a list of organs that were in demand through undercover agents in Singapore. Connecting the dots Penelope put out of business two two of the many operations and the shipment of people in process was covertly diverted to safety. The operations were self shut so pretty much everything is under the radar. From out of the blue Zhen, Russ and Savana were on mention for investigation soon after. Huntington already knew and Penelope used the event to target moles. Zhen, Russ and Savana communications were shifted by Penelope as she laid bait. Russ and Savana both on new platforms provided coded details that included a specific list of organs, a hot list. Penelope was able to trace Russ's finding via Savana's expertise of finger printing documents to other correspondences. A program she has been developing in the vault for some time now.

Huntington asked Penelope for her view and she simply said Assholes don't go away, they just get bigger. Okay Huntington replied it is time for a SDT. Lets rendezvous in Monte Carlo for a chat during transfer detail for Amul. My treat. Penelope you got it. Turkey time.

The covert operation was mirrored from the targets and put into action based on intel of a competition war for body parts that were so high in demand it spawned killings.

Penelope went off the radar hooking up with her buds to sniff around a killing that connected to the list of body parts. Zhen behind the wall of Russ and Savana was protected from the investigation worked his end with Penelope's task force. They knew Zhen would be the target and well planned a strategy that was based on several similar attempts in the past to shake down international agents.


Monte Carlo SDT

Huntington: a Rusty Nail Glenfiddich & Drambuie

Penelope: Sloe Gin Fizz

Firelplace setting over looking the harbor

Huntington: Penel, Time and Understanding is a far better Resolve than War, don't let things get out of hand.

Penelope: I know. We have a handle on the diversion. The DEA is working up a grid as we speak. Decoy deliveries are complicated these days. But, yes there is a considerable amount more to all of this for certain.

The DEA Grid locked in and operation Shovel self shut...This is were it gets intense. Plucking the next move hits the deep pockets and sets the motion for taking down the entire syndicate. The operation in question will avoid publicity of DMG's drug movement.



like walking a city block, your not going to see until you reach the corner.

Fitz (DEA): Large Scale Operations rely on what is called a SCS Simplified Communication System. What is not apparent generally is simple with a cast of confusion of doubt. The flip side is the basic corner communication system is in two parts of info into one simplified version where one does not know what the other does. In modern terminology it is called Street Warfare.

Penelope: The street is on war with drugs killing the innocent.

Fitz: Yes drugs are not healthy, but in regards to your issue the routes they due show collaboration, but it is expected to self close due to the DMG's Drug Movement.

Penelope: I expect an increase in both human and the drug movement.

Fitz: No doubt, Don't worry we are three steps ahead of the game. My suggestion to your team is to investigate communities from being over taken by communes and collective movements that are forming future terrorists attacks. The radar shows compelling evidence of intent that they are targeting our borders and bordering countries to over take the America's in a Covert operation to infiltrate the continent including all coast lines. From Intel gatherings it is suspected that several terrorist groups have over thrown the such related groups for future attacks of terror.

Penelope: Old news.

Fitz: Not exactly, they went deep under ground since the crack down on Cartels and are using all movement groups as a cover to regain the threshold. Black Market pretty much fuels wars and corruption...even worse is the corporations that profit. This makes it nearly impossible for honest citizens to get ahead as a due to the significant advantage and leverage of the finances that corrupt dealing give. Example Company A is a straight up by the book mom and pop business. Company B is in the same business but runs a black market goods and services organization that is hidden and layered using the company as a shell for legitimacy....practically the norm to being able to keep a business going. Quick just do a DeLorean well at least until you get caught. The joke for years after was; Why does a DeLorean drive in the middle of the road? So it can get all the white lines.

We have this in common, we are both combating genocide...drugs simply are a poison that gets injected into the system. The businesses that partake in the high profits are killing off the ones don't. Taking down Cartels and related Black Market activities is leveling the playing field for the honest business that actually pay taxes instead instead hiding them. There is going to be a bit of blow back as organized crime scrambles to retaliate to dominate but keeping on track with silver bullet in mind will put a end to it all. Countries will recover and prosper in a way not seen in centuries. Whether genocide of people or business we think steps ahead...genocide of currency and commodities. This same pattern was picked up by intel like you say old but is currently being used in the big chess game of churning the economy which is a illegal process used by shady stock brokers. The process of controlling and manipulating game boards of businesses and person world wide...the modern computer chess board.

I look at this way, you shit long enough in one place some kind of deadly disease will build up and every one will die in that if you continue to let the mafia and organized crime build up on this planet it will end like shit.

Penelope: Got it, Clean out the Mobsters instead of cleaning up their shit....we know, all their kids and cronies get all of the good jobs in the take down process and it just starts all over weeds.

Fitz: Like cockroaches.

Penelope: Drugs Stagnate the Economy like a tranquilizer; a venom that paralyzes its victim to be eaten. It turns into a huge income that goes out the household door into the hands of corruption to spin more webs.

Fitz: Let's do it team has operation Big Loot all ready to go.



Most think the DEA as pests that take away all the fun drugs used at parties...actually they are far more advanced than you think. Shocked. Its because of the experience in the thick of things which gives the advantage of foresight. Seeing several moves ahead of the big criminals with operations that blend in with the sugar coated bad picture that criminals use politically...

Penelope: Yes, you have my go and support for bigloot.op. I figured the timing on this one is highly secret and there is no telling of pretty much anything.

Fritz: Correct.

Penelope: Thanks Fitz for're top notch! I need to head out, there is a guerrilla warfare issue I need to tend to and evaluate. See you soon.

Fritz: Got it. The jungle rot scientist at it again...good luck.



EF (Evil Foe) is group that uses animals, insects, pretty much any living creature as well as plant life to incubate deadly diseases. evil sheds it's own to conquer others.

Penelope arrives at the staging area in pursuit of the EF.

Penelope leaves quickly with the supported documented evidence.


Brief @ the Vault with Huntington StHMZ.op 12 Zulu

Penelope arrives at the vault and departs to the far east to help with a cascade of coding used for hiding criminal activity. This event by Penelope provides mapping of criminal activity that historically puts the far east region on track fighting organized crime for decades stabilizing the trade war build other words they uncover the true beasts behind DMG's undermining of goods and services worldwide. Then she heads south to pull the plug on DMG using religions to kindle wars. Several arrests of a group called The Corner Stare that are part of a religious based organized crime syndicate that works religion into the channel of the international BDG's.


Huntington-Report on St.Hmz

Russ-Crack down on mining operations using misinformation to cultivate intel by mapping the comparison process.

Zhen- International Coding Alignment

Penelope- Backup pre-recorded presentation on Document Control just in case, brief on in coming evidence for operation St Hmz.

Fitz-Organized Bio-Chemical Drugs

Swanson-Identity Switching


Amul- Computer camouflage

Savana- genocide decoding

Jake-Media Deception

St-Finding the Exit of Danger

Ms P-Taining


Batez-Stock Market

Opening Statements

Huntington: Good news is no body wants to be the bad guy any we're going to pick up the tempo, hire and batten down the hatches.

Jake: A media in a increasing tail spin of unworthy news and information has the all the markings of an aggressive and hostile take over scenario. Considering the political ramifications of a media network that fell into hands of corruption and monopoly groups would complicate fighting organized crime...the key motive apparatus to its demise. The process would allow political corruption to continue while the public would be directed to look the other way. To give a idea of the progress the timeline is a quick measure method...if you go back in time the cycle for political media corruption was less, in other words it came in a faded away in comparison to being constant and continuing which means it is growing and getting out of hand.

Fitz: Organized Crime Doping

the Lacing Epidemic

There is a doping epidemic like never seen before. The major issue is the use of knockoff products to disguise which are in the black market. Basically thinking you are safe by using packaged goods is no longer the case as they can easily be swapped with a knockoff that is doped. Our newest findings also show that the individuals behind such acts are very tricky and resort to removing themselves by using others and in the event a individual or group is compromised the main organizations will provide cover where in some cases use a mass doping to throw investigations.

So far we have been able to associate hacked medical records to the criminals behind these acts...using them aid the organization in hitman type of doping of many sorts. The medical records are used to get a person vulnerability and also are used to disguised the doping. E.g. If you have a weak heart that gives them the ability to research everyday product with chemicals that they can incorporate into hit. With the help of social media profiling to get ones habits the hitman can pull off kills unnoticed. What used to be primarily military and spy tactics has moved into the civilian life.

The key is that no one would expect an attack in this manner and more so the danger is in the timing. If the enemy is targeting civilians that makes for a skinny option for the government, military and corporations to recruit and hire from. It is the slow process of weeding out the ones that will be trouble for the enemy's take over. Basically taking out the civilian population of the equation makes it a sitting duck scenario. In other words you've lost the war before even when it started...exactly like a fixed fight. Doping and fixing a fight...same thing.

The people behind all of this are so ruthless that eventually will kill off the population used to get control of a country just to have it all to them self. It always goes back to the basics of getting rid of witnesses. That is one of the reasons you this killing off one's own people. It also creates doubt for camouflage...what kind of organization, country or religion would kill off there own? But most important of all it acts as a cover to how the organization operates which would jeopardize operations in other parts of the world that are in process Basically they prep the people who know too much and bunch them others and kill them eventually sending some dumb puppet to jail who had no idea but let it happen. Then there is the identity part of who knows who is who and went where especially considering the decades of secret cloning operations.

Drug Lords and Cartels attract world crime organizations for the quick money with the ability to dispose of them. They can easily churn them using their profits and hidden assets to pay off countries, politicians and government agencies. Then they start all over. Being at the point of so big and thinking to rule the world would be the mind set of Word Crime Organizations these days.

Finishing up with a scenario: Professionals can use OEM products, in other words the real thing for their doping attack. Simply with the push of buttons or with a quick hand it is possible during the stop and start the automation equipment to give enough time to spike and even reset the stamps. Now you have the authentic product doped with a biochemical drug that will cause the heart muscles to spasm into a lethal heart attack which is very common. From hacking credit card accounts they can tell what you buy, eat and drink. The lot is so small it is very unlikely to set off a red flag...other than someone slipped the dope in after it was opened. But in this case the dope is hi tech and untraceable. They don’t know what to look for. As which stamped products went where? Another reason why they hack corporations. Hacks love codes and numbers, that is what they really want. A companies list of codes serial numbers and where they went, that has value. Making a set of blanks and then figuring out what stamp sequences are needed is just another level of value. It is a value system almost like money the "criminal value system". Street drugs, same thing. A value that can be used to generate more value from its abuse. You never know what is in them, that is the scary part. No body knows because it can not be traced.


Jake: Operation Trumpet: Every Body's Going to Make Money...All taps internationally targeted these similar wordings. And currently in the process of evidence collection for prosecution. Dully reported is the on going report since the scandal of media abuse...Our team has concluded on going investigation to the acts of unclaimed journalism unreported that needed to be justified. The uncovering of international suppression should be a high priority. Finally the high point, In the mist of on going ops a very interesting pattern set off red flags in regards to the DMG's background scene behind the Soviet Union. This intel links the criminal minds of the past to the present and validates that they are still very active and dangerously involved in creating destruction and havoc in the modern age as most would consider as only part of the past. It is the biggest lead into world of the master minds of corruption on the table to date and allows crime fighters to act several steps ahead of criminals. Very big breakthough! Now we know the three W's. Everybody's homework is paying off. We are closer to whole lot of world criminal activities with the ability to change up faster than the enemy. That is the key, too much time was spent in the past not changing up the chase...modern agents can change up incredibly fast keeping ahead of sophisticated high-tech criminals and very effective with internal affairs. They have more gears than a 18 Wheeler. In one case a team op played out a whole agency like a video game and none of them even knew....they weeded out numerous bad guys/galls working in the agency without a peep. If you're a bad guy in the government and think you are under the're like a fly on fly paper eventually to be thrown you out.

Penelope sat check in: Hitman signatures. A Mafia signature used to carry out hits will use the same ethnicity for the hire...basically the mafia wants to leave the impression that the person was killed by their own people. The complete list of mafia signatures will become available for these ops. sat fades out and back in...and the tap file you sent for me to analyze, all that criminal talk that sounds like everyday talk, that is their boss they are talking about. It is indirect but it points the way... Another note is we sited a operation collecting information from a site that was unusual. The garbage for a site was hand picked out by the operator...goes show that those old tactics are still in use. Typically we found that while investigations focused on secret material the spies were able to continue right under their nose...because the information wasn't secret information but a communication system for the spy inside to the outside. Need to run. Sat out.

Huntington: Okay, that is a wrap and meet up for the second part in a week. I now all of you signed up to go after bad guys and years later find yourselves chasing evil monsters wouldn't be hear if you didn't have the drive for these ops. See you all next half as we will start with the launch of brand new ops.

The meeting has been suspended and was blacked out due to a casualty & abduction. Penelope was abducted during a border crossing. A Special Extraction Scout aka Saint personally contacted her and found she had been shot and taken by civilians with limited medical supplies staying alive using her survival skills. The Scout accessed the medical logistics with a old beeper coded red flyer. A small drone was launched from space, once in close enough it broke out and flew the medical package to Penelope where she will be able to recover to endure proper extraction.

The Saint is like CEO and Board Member of Extraction Inc. Personally getting extracted by the Saint is like getting a Oscar. Everybody is watching and talking...No he already has her and left a look alike...yeah that's what really happened.

The extraction was a very big problem and why the Saint other words "Nope they will get themselves killed, I have to this myself, there is no choice. The area was hostile and dangerous one little mistake could end both Penelope and the Scouts life. Once Penelope was in sound enough condition she was evacuated form the civilians where Saint found a native look alike to buy time for the extraction. Penel knew the situation she was and with no mistake said nothing using the basic native tongue...Penel coded the Saint at first sight. This gave the primary source for her getting out...with out Penel's code the task could easily fail. The pick up was incredible and where both Penelope and later the LA were extracted. That was the deal she gets out too. Out of all the ways to do it you wouldn't believe Saint simply used a disguised electric bicycle kit to get Penelope to the pick up. The extraction went straight up and then lifted to the nearest medical treatment faciflity.

Behind the scene of St.Penelope.op

P is Penelope's double is actually a highly skilled agent and is Penelope shadow. MsP Then there is Look a likes on stand by.

The standby for Penelope was compromised and P had to go in and fix things. This meant time was crucial.

The civilians turned out to be a terrorist organization where Penelope was being denied medical treatment. One they want to see if she would give information in the process and two they did not want to draw attention to the authorities. The standby bought time but Penelopes grave was already dug. St was confirmed of MsP's operation and set her extractionn. Once Penelope was in a lifeless state they were going to put her in the hole alive throw acid on her and bury her. After the body decomposed they would dig out the section into a pickup and move her to a Nazi like burial ground that will be later used for a propaganda scandal.

Being in a combat area P easily found a dead body for the hole poured the acid over it and covered it up and then killed Penelopes true killer making it look like she was hit by a stray. From there she connected with St and be lifted out.

Unfortunately now St does not have a way out and has to figure out a 150 mile journey without being detected.


The mass killers enjoyed the process, as it appeared that when they lay the victim into the hole they would pour the acid to the lower privates and as the victim awakened for a last cry they would continue up to the mouth precisely as if they have done it thousands of times with out a peep or noise...the report stated the group is a very sadistic detailed murderous bunch who take pleasure and pride in killing.

Penelope's killer was lured into sniper fire.

St lays low and charges his battery packs with the solar kit. After a compromise all is dark. The soil & DNA samples from the site was lifted with the others, the tracker for the pickup and the body can not be activated, the logistics beeper is off line. The soil sample needed from the burial site is in jeopardy.

contemplating the next move each day St moves several clicks closer to the sound of a train in the far distance. Making way to the track the tires on the bicycle are removed and folded into the kit carry. The kit then snapped on gives the track a road test and was able get up to 70 mph keeping steady beyond that it shakes. Spinning the wheels and adding balance took days. The rim spread had to be re-calibrated and then another balance but in the end rig was capable of hitting over 100 mph.

Time is wasting and the perfect opportunity with a special event in the area made it a prime get away. With all the extra time St had used in tweaking the rig the speed on the rail was 160 mph. The rig was completely programed, all the rail conditions were set to optimize safety and speed and the learn function for new tracks and rails was in cal.

Lifted away at the emergency pickup another agent used the rig for the operation to get the burial site soil & DNA samples that was being used for the propaganda scandal.

The original trackers would indicate to what degree the op was compromised.

Meeting Resumes

Huntington: Okay back to updates now that everyone is accounted for and in good health. Savana has recent updated info on the current ops.

Savana: The data shows that corruption is the planets biggest threat.

The genocide task force has set up a special team that will look (go into more depth) into religious book upon several red flags and links to current events. One of the specialist Samuel said that it would be justifiable considering most read like a book of genocide and are very similar writing like that of of a serial killer diary. The team will be uncovering all aspects to gain a more in-depth understanding of the genocides in the past while at the same seek out and trail the organizations behind the crimes in hopes to connecting them to the current time.

Huntington: Penelope, Ms P along with St have deployed in a emergency undercover operation with the DEA Opium task force and will be returning at a undisclosed time. The meeting will now be divided into three and possibly four segments to accommodate their return and input to the forum.

Special Note: Penelope and St are husband and wife undisclosed and do not have a traditional marriage arrangement as their roles require constant identify changes. These two love birds are inseparable yet function extremely well when apart. Ms P will be training several more look a likes for Penel in the Op.op with St. St is known to have the most complicated structure of doubles and camouflage agents. In the last bout with Penels distress call so he increased Penels capability. Ms P in future ops will be Penelope while Penelope recovers and goes dark.

Penelope: (Satellite transmission from op jet) The good news is that persistence is paying off and changing the world to the direction of good ending the era of the fake world the mafia built and hid is all going to be gone but not to to be forgotten only to return. See you all at the next meeting...for sure this time.

Huntington-The results from the investigative portion of the ops produced unthinkable outcomes. Most important was the so called fake rogue agent and spy controversy. Old regimes world wide still acting out roles do exist only they were not really rogue. Basically they knew too much and were targeted by Corrupt Figures in Government as well as the mafia. We gave the international go as the information intensified to gathering evidence on mafia and corrupt government ties. This will keep St. busy for awhile as some of the undercover agents need to be extracted. The evidence gathering for the prosecution is closing and numerous crooks will be exiting both the government and corporate worlds that coexisted as a evil attempt to monopolize governments through out the world...all were found to be mafia oriented in some way or form. This is just the start of a joint operation against corruption and the mafia as the new agents have shifted into high gear.

Jake: The fake media boogieman is just another mafia shenanigan sending thugs out breaking windows to get business or throwing nails out into the streets etc. it follows the detected patterns that red flag corruption. Media corruption patterns are not new...but have to be updated in the same manner as computer viruses. As elections have set off severe red flags more and more teams are customized to combat them. Organized Media Deception Mafia Organizations OMDMO are on the rise.

Huntington: Next weeks meeting Penelope will be attending. I know everyone is excited with many questions. Enjoy the weekend. We will be introducing a new agent specializing in the Stock Market.

Huntington: Lets get started as we all have places to be.

Penelope: Lets dig in a little with the op.sp high lights. First Savana's would like to share an update that reflects the kind of criminals to be dealt with when it comes to drugs.

Savana: A recent linking of Drug Lords to Genocides has grabbed international attention. The increase shoots reds flags like red hot lava from a volcano as one mass grave site per day is being made. Fitz what comes to mind?

Fitz: Forced Labor Camp Deaths, promising pay instead a hole in the witnesses & higher profit would be the motive.

Penople: Digging into mass murders with Savana's research is coming along. Like Fitz's example there are a many angles that could be used, slavery definitely is one. The Opium value market needs to be examined. Stockpiling the main ingredients for future legal version production of the drug, using the illegal drug trade reduce labor and initial production costs? Very interesting, that would be indeed a organized crime. It is good to be back in the meetings St what is your perspective.

St: We will soon find out. The pattern of deception does ring a bell with slavery, sweatshops and forced labor camps. Interesting.

Ms P: Deception rings with me as well. Something not right.

Nancy: Forced labor death camps, that is definitely not good.

Savana: It gets worse...they try to leave the country only to find themselves enslaved by their own people there as well.

Russ: I can easily imagine the connection and the use of deception, propaganda to shift the blame etc. That's not good when criminals team up in different countries...that is how the famous genocide leaders got on with it; Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini etc. That certainly would justify a sting operation. It is a sign of organized crime that prey on the disadvantaged and using them for dirty deed soldiers. I have seen a case very similar in a corrupt organized labor mafia operation. It worked very much like sweatshops or a jail where the inmates were used for free labor while the criminal operators made off with the profits which worked the best using county, state and federals funds to pay for the food medical etc. They made money hand over fist like bandits. Looks like Gulag operations are popping up again in Trojan Horses. The report uncovered that the countries figures of how many mass graves were greatly watered down. So far what the report uncovered would be the tip of the ice berg in my view as it was immediately extinguished, where there is smoke there is fire. Internationally I would estimate the true figures of mass grave genocides to much more than one mass grave each day (over 365 per year) of killing and would recommend a high alert of genocides in process and escalating. You know what they do to these people they put them to work in restaurants, factories or as sex slaves working for free for years and if they become a threat they get the mass grave. They keep their mouth shut do the time some get set free.

Huntington: The investigation of mass murders worldwide is gaining traction. Evidence is pouring in at a rate that we need to add special team. At this point we need to focus on recruiting and training in order to maintain and keep the momentum. This is a good time for enlisting and bonuses will be included for signing up needed talent. St is here after finishing the opium and heroin analysis and will participating in a undercover operation to lock down the Ebola threat. We have one more meeting and as usual we all meet in the Vault from now own secretly until until the next required annual report. There is a change in the writing of the report and instead of rotating the task among us a document control specialist will be working full time constructing reports to the Security Departments. St.

St: Yes the report on the on the opium crises was more of analysis of the threat where there is overlapping issues with various departments e.g. where one or more departments would conflict with the progress of the security community creating more harm that is more so found between the departments and agencies levels. Unfortunately the DEA report is eyes only and I can tell you there will be a revamp on the undercover agents in regards to compromised and uncompromising agents. All DEA undercover agents will be upgraded. I will be checking in for the final meeting with a update on the Ebola crises. Not much can be said until the scouts report in.

Huntington: Alright everyone the Vault meeting will be the official closing. Date and Time scheduling will be sent to everyone. This will be the last of our special meetings and there will a new agent in charge constructing future meetings.


New Years Eve Address

Vince Bonoprada-Director of International Security

Going into the new year we will be addressing a world wide threat that has us all dumb founded... Border Issues. We can't fathom how one and many could confuse the security risk of illegal entrances to another country during a time of acts of terrorism, drug wars and human trafficking. Being said the new year will start off with a special task force that will launch from the findings of the initial investigation that found Mafia, Black Marketeers, Drug Lords, Human Traffickers along with several Criminal entities that profit from illegal entry...smuggling of illegal goods etc. Red Flags set off years ago and the investigation resulted in Criminal Activity, Now it is time to act.

Protecting Borders from being taken over by Criminal Agendas needs to addressed before things get out of hand starting unwanted wars. Entrance to countries have protocol: Screening process, documentation, security check, proper ID etc. Illegally crossings into countries is dangerous and a threat. At this time a penalty is being draw up for illegal entrance and trespassing. Basically it will be documented and persons will be fined, 2nd-3rd time there will be a fine and taken off eligibility for legal entry for 1-5 years. Criminal or Repeated more than 3 times will face jail time and kept off the eligibility list for 10-life and for murder the death penalty.

The Document process starts in the country leaving from. Whether a one day pass, 2 week vacation or for business the proper ID, visa or work permit is required. Individuals claiming to be in harm or danger will need to file a Harm & Danger Report to the country sought for protection. This can be done in several ways, by mail, internet, embassy or advocate. For extreme situations all borders should have a safe house area in order to provide rapid deployment. In the event of criminal abuse of a safe house protection persons will be subject legal fines and punishment by both countries. The use of the protection system Harm & Danger for criminal activities will carry mandatory jail time and suspension of travel. If the activity is business related the person or corporation will be fined, can be taken off the trade market or will be unable to do business for a suspension or indefinitely. Border Safe Houses are not a safe haven for wars. In the event of war situations or persons found to be escaping the tragedy of a war or civil unrest would come under military jurisdiction where war shelter/s could be developed and on a voluntary basis. At any time the burden of persons leaving a country become too great or found to have criminal intent the country creating the situation can l be found financially and legally liable for damages.

Government Officials caught aiding and abetting, collusion or conspiring in criminal activities with regards to illegal entrances of persons, goods or services will face mandatory jail time and possible lose of security clearance, title, license, the ability to practice law, own a gun or become a civil servant in the future...any case found to be related to the Mafia, Organized Crime Syndicates, Drug Rings or Terrorist Groups will be subject to the death penalty.

The Legal Division has responded to the US-Mexico Border issue and states due to the border being a past hostile dispute of war, being built would preserve US claim to the territory (land). Very similar to having property surveyed and building a fence it would reduce the chance of a dispute later e.g. war and aggression to revenge previous wars. The division was in favor because it would hinder future border disputes with the two countries territorial lines possible preventing a war between them in the future.

Happy New Years!



Special Operation sp.op will be taking effect. Penelope, Ms P and the recruited the native that decided to join Nancy will be training with St on a Drug Mission that deals with the Opium Crisis. His task is to get DEA agents in and up close saving all the traction time of ground work. The Art of Expediting a Crisis (AEC). Nancy will be working on shadowing techniques while Ms P secures a witness for the DEA, St will be making arrangements for sp.op as Penelope over saw the details to the witness plan. Several points of danger had to be worked out most were dealt with by adding limitations to communication.


The Corner Starr

As the evidence starts to roll in on DMG’s lethal stronghold on Religion based crimes, Penelope’s paper napkin diagram acquired from a undercover operative manager Singh points out the details and similarities of several religious criminal activities. They fit the same movements and patterns of the International Crime World which indicates that Religious Politics is being targeted similar to Government Politics. Singh points out that it only makes sense considering the security level for Religions is much easier to get past and take control of than a Governments. They have become targets. What we don’t want is for history to repeat itself from the abuse of the master minds of the past that roamed the world going around creating “Genocide Puppets” that enabled the "Profits from Disaster" tactics typically use by DMG and all of its counter parts.


Cross War

jakai-nickname jake has collected a slew of media SOS's that indicate and in some cases discribe the media corruption process. He pointed out that journalist are resluting to complicated communication methods inorder to get the real news. Jake indecated it is apparent that news is being clipped & groomed many times to the point of being obstructive. After jake followed the money trial on several of them it was clear that a special op named xword.op will be created to dig into the cross word puzzle of payoffs and bribes that protect's the DMG Orginized Crime War Front.



What ! can't one see the corruption growing under your nose in your own country...Right in front of you and you can't see it? Terrible things that are happening and the people can't see it. This ops team will explore all the leads tied crimes sophisticated to the point they are ongoing and unnoticed. These type of crimes slowly erode the justice system because they continue and become norms which work for the criminals in the long run undermining anything good that works against. Basically you end up with government that does nothing about these type of crimes...again the do nothings hard at work. for the government officials the blind_site.op will be uncovering the do nothings and blind_eye.op will be uncovering the corporate sector. blind_sign.op media, blind_hope.op the religious and blind_bang.op criminal gangs. A special op team will target the use of minorities and the disadvantaged by criminals due to its sensitive nature as it has been uncovered that criminals are increasingly preying on them and using them as sympathy card. blind_prey.op


Huntington insiders.op

Standing out a handful of special ops that were designed to expedite critical situations were found to be compromised by DMG's Organized Crime Syndicate within governments. The pattern was flagged immediately after the first detection update and evidence to move forward with political ops that involve criminal activity of government insiders.

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