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Coup-Byte 6

Insider Trading Scam

The Gestapo FBI put Martha in Jail but Democrats buy in on voting machines, masks etc getting filthy rich off  inside information stock scams, but that's ok?

Union Involvement in the last Depression

Batez:  You can research the popular magazines Life and Look that point out the high cost of Unions  that were destroying America.

Rogue Barrel of Monkeys

The FBI has derailed and have been rogue for some time now.  Very much like the mafia using poor immigrants to do their dirty work during depressions, they use informants and assets in the same way.  That is why we pulled all of our contracts with them, we did not want to corrupt our agents with theirs.  How does that work...well they would pull a shifty pointing at our agency as corrupt while in reality they are ones, promoting corruption and misleading investigations at a point never seen in history, worse than even 3rd world countries.  As already pointed out, this is how they spread, other agencies get trapped into going along with these cover ups as part of the blame game.

Huntington's Joke:  Fedup w Bureau Idiots

Carl- I wouldn't be surprised of FBI Agents being convicted for treason.  note: including any agency used in via of or in replacement of.  The FBI and others that take part in the scam will eventually break down and become nonoperational pretty much like criminals that eventually start making mistakes and will become more obvious as time goes on e.g.  you will be able to see how one agency scratches another's back with corrupt investigations utilizing government informants and assets as scapegoats.  When someone brings up the FBI the first thing to mind is corruption,  this explains some what the past issues of agencies not trusting each other in the past.  The FBI and Biden seem to be a match both being plagued with Murphy's touch.

According to Shelby's findings FBI corruption will get worse becoming a Gestapo like agency to spread the same to other agencies.

If you look at through a spy master eye loop it makes sense that the FBI was targeted. They we're in charge of mafia operations which are considered communist assets.

note: once FBI gestapo tactics become a society norm it will spread like a wild fire throughout government agencies and the rest is evident of other countries crushed with the same tactics allowing corrupt dictatorship e.g. Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini etc. The streets will continue to become unsafe with violence allowing agencies to justify the spread of gestapo tactics and eventually they will become protectors to the dictator in charge.

How did a government of such a magnitude of power fall prey to such a plan....they didn't keep their eye on the ball! Lost Focus! Greed! It's kinda like curiosity killed the cat but greed destroyed the country.

Huntington recommended putting freeze on hiring with Shelly not to hire FBI agents leaving the agency...we don't them. ST notes an agency that acts like a Gestapo is very concerning and that FBI agents leaving the agency to undermine businesses, other agencies etc is common Stasi tactic. Huntington thinks the agency is a breading ground for them. Carl continues that more riots will continue and violence will get even worse as a pattern to create public panic in order fuel more government spending.

Everyone is calling the Gestapo FBI the F*cking Bureau of Idiots (F*cking Bunch of Idiots)

Example of how a crime is faked in order to fool the public.

1.) One dead or to be dead criminal.

2.) Enclose the act of death, no witnesses. (several versions)

3.) One actor look alike of criminal.

look a like actor commits crime taking hostages.

Tarnished Agency takes charge

Actor lets hostages go

Then commits suicide

dead criminal found

actor sneaks away from scene

Shelby Notes

Shelby picked up on plots of corrupt FBI Agents planning to bomb their own buildings blaming it on terrorist in order regain public faith.

Huntington notes: Too far gone.  The agencies corruption issues drastically burdens it's ability to protect the nation and it's people. The bottom line is you can't trust them,  they manipulate everything they do.  Agreeing with Shelby it should of never gotten to this point in the first place making a further note "Red Flag" of an out of control agency.

ST makes comment:  You're not going to turn the country around with an agency like that, they'll just make it worse.

Huntington's Joke:  A mentally ill man under care walked into a gun shop to by a gun.  On the application he wrote he needed it to shoot Trump and with in a week the application was approved.  He went to pick up the gun and then straight away to shoot Biden.

Got Your Attention

Huntington:  He who controls who gets the idiot that will use them against you.

The poor mental veteran was just trying to purchase a gun to protect himself.  But he was directed to a gun trafficker by someone on the street that used confused the man into believing that he had to shoot someone in order to get one.  The gun trafficker was found to be a corrupt undercover agent. 

Ted sends out Shelby's B Team

Shelby's investigation into the Corrupt FBI adds another special team to investigate FBI's role into 911.

Shelby notes corrupt FBI agents that plan to blow up FBI buildings is still a in process.  That goes to show how desperate these clowns are and a bullseye for several patterns she was following of which included 911.

Shelby's crew gets a break

The FBI Bombing plans were put on hold, Huntington indicates for use at a latter time against the Republican Party where it would have more of a political impact for the Democrats.

Spy Hitman threshold getting close to the limit

Ted requests Shelby for a meeting to plan a counter to the threat.  Shelby is currently in Canada with her family taking a breather and will update Ted in route of op b.  ST and Penel are vacationing in Alaska. Huntington and family are set join them soon.

ST noted that it is an eye for an eye situation...letting killers into the country to go rampant is not a pretty picture.  Once the professional killers start up you will see.  Shelby will be taking the opportunity to dig in deeper in her new secret ops.  A do nothing blow back.  Like they say at the big chess board your move.

Shelly under fire

Ted Points out a nugget from the Shelby report,  underground is using age old tactics of using harm on their own in order to  regain public popularity.  Shelby adding recruits to the task.  The use of Trumps wife was the base for Rusiangate to cover up political server exploitation.

Shelby's team goal is get all  needed gas and oil pipe lines up and running  without conflict.

Ted putting the pressure on Shelby, he wants to retire and hang with Huntington, ST and the gang.

Shelby's current location is Russia  for a intel meet.  She is expected to be back in Ukraine again shortly.

Huntington's Joke:  What knocks on wood and eats their way in and out of every situation?  Democratic Termites

Japan to escalate aid in the Philippine Crisis.

Shelby states she will open the valve and let resources flow back to normal  pro gratis and will go back to her ops.

Waiting for the Cocky Moment

The Plot  for Civil Unrest through out the world needs a stooge...once the incompetent hot head goes cocky the plan would be to escalate war using a stooge for the blame game.  Fake war mongering to regain democrat popularity is just a sliver of the picture e.g. A vast amount of criminal activity that needs to be accounted for would be a precursor for a side tracking war event.

Shelby Runs into Several Bad Actors

ST calls in Russo to update Shelby on previous actions, requested by Shelby, as she does not want to repeat methods used in the past that would give her op away and fail.

Russo notes:  investigate them first before they investigate us,  start a war campaign then blame them, disperse spies before they really crack down...the pattern is there and that's how they work.  Russo believes that Democrats have repeatedly shown the willingness to go full out terrorist before caving in on all their lies and corruption.

Shelby quotes high gas prices and energy costs swims out to get back to the normal flow of resources.   Learning curve of Diversity.  Shelby's team is setting up to take out a bad actor. 

Huntington Joke:  A Shelby laugh goes an extra mile

New:  Shelby rused by  Informants of the proper in Ukraine.

Russo uses the informant switch back agreement to allow Shelly's ops  to proceed. 

a switch back agreement is used when.....things do not work out as intended, but relevant to whom is the exact question here.

shelby"s assassination is  aSuccess she took out key bad actor stating that over doing it would make things worse.

Shelby heads back to her previous ops

Ted: So, did Shelby actually perform an assassination or a ruse. She spooked the key bad actor into isolation, put out that a hit took place and now has head quarters and hide outs for the regime. 

She left? doubt it. In the case of a war breaking out these hoodlums are now easy pickings.

Huntington Joke : Democrats new gas lighting plot...more like at the pump at $10 a gallon

Shelby still tracking the bad actors...gathering intel and evidence. Links found to corrupt politics in the US.

ST & Huntington

Huntington and ST team up in Ukraine to relieve endangered agents.   request put forth by TED Head of Ops and preferenced by Shelby to keep her op team on tract.

Shelby's Quote:  An ounce of grace is worth an ounce of prevention.

Shelby is not from a wealthy family and it is true ST picked her purely from the cuff for her abilities...Shelby is a true and rough ready  part of the team.  Shelby's roots are in Canada and that will always will be as St"s wife is in New Zealand and that will be always be supported Ted.

Huntington's Joke: naughty or nice justice...camouflage to punish those that disagreed.

ST & Huntington Advanced Ops are beyond decades of traditional Ops.  Notable reason to be careful of criminal inclusion and are not dominance orientated.

Huntington Joke:  Nothing like a buttered up toasted fruit cake up  to get a war rolling.

Ted:  getting witnesses into protection as we all know how the mafia works and just about like anything that involves mafia corruption it doesn't get better, just worse.  There is a term out there one should be familiar with European Mafia Free Loaders but more likened to the slang of a bloodsuckers.

War Corruption

Ted:  To give you an idea of what goes behind fake media wars ...One trick is to sneak causalities to a designated place and use it as propaganda.  In some cases the country under attack will use a war against them to cleanse their country while blaming the aggressor.  And in some cases you find their is inside coup built into the war itself.  While the media thinks it is reporting the real deal it actually reports the a well thought out plan making the media the puppet of propaganda.  Jan 6 should be a clue to these kind of acts and an example of how corrupt politicians can destroy a government from within. e.g. Go to the morgue and collect bodies to fake a civilian war tragedy.  Collect more bodies and dress up soldier causalities etc. into civilian clothing to further escalate the fake  war while shelling back claiming civilian causalities.

Ted thinks the democrats provoked the war in attempt to regain popularity by creating yet another catastrophe where they could claim control by upping the game with more of their corrupt tactics.  Ted notes this is where things go drastically wrong for democrats as evidence accumulates of their dirty deeds while treason that  lurks in the background starts to get traction.  In short using a war to get out of their mess.

The term Assassination is an encryption for code to follow

It is like a packet designation for code that will follow

It is multi coded that incorporates morris code e.g.  Assass D D  meaning D Day

Huntington Joke:  What does ICC and the WHO done it have in common?  Both point for the highest bidder.

The US:  From Spreading Freedom and Democracy to Spreading Lies and Corruption

Democrats unable to find the breaks to their lies and corruption as they drive the economy closer to going off a cliff.

Economic Whiplash

Fran:  America's high inflation,  taxes and continued government failures along with long term struggles for business during the shut downs... the trend would continue to leave and pursue better business environments.  While businesses leave markets others will take advantage of the openings reduced competition to establishing brands in new territories.  Ukraine's war stinks with political corruption.

Carl-Rigged Election wanted a couple of softies

As motives materialize the need for a couple softies in the White House was the primary objective.  War Mongers and Corrupt Politicians can easily puppet the US into situations that best suit their corrupt financial needs.  This will allow war moochers to beg for more US tax payer dollars to further enable attempts to start WWIII.

St can't recall a war that was ever fought fairly

Noted that WWIII would be a very messy war...

Huntington noted just imagine the current amount of corrupt politicians world wide about to fight a fair war is next to nil and pretty much would be like a rigged Craps table along with several pairs of loaded die.  Three in the World Wide War (www.) means x to the power of 3 deaths form the previous war.  When war is declared it seems that all the rules go out the window...being surrounded by killing and deaths does something to the mind...laws and rules take the back seat to staying alive.

Huntington Joke:  What happens after the Democrats burn all the bushes they have been beating around?  They put their head in the sand and kiss their ass good bye.

St provides 2nd  Full Scale Hit

Over 5,000 of strategic hits against high profile enemy combatants carried out to buffer WW III.

Huntington:  St and counter parts are currently on the front line.  Their under cover hit  squad to undermine the mafia has been updated.

Ted:"  Undisclosed mafia hit op specialists join Shelby Ops.

everybody should be aware who the puppeteers behind Hitler were by now...if not you need to spend more time to learn on how to read between the lines

Huntington Joke:  Pretty much everyone has experienced the havoc of a home wrecker..experience  what country wreckers can do. 

No, you stock pile in dire straights

  • You do not sell your reserves.

  • traitor's sell out

  • back up deployed from Huntington's FBI reserves.

Shelby:  Settle Down,  Key figure on the way._.

St, Huntington and Ted on a sub.  Penel holding the fort with Spit and the children.   Of course in Canada.  (a historic out back cabin for many years.)  Look for Mounties horse figurines.

Shelby's Bi line:   If the kite lies cut the strings.

"I have picked the lock to truth and will fight for it"

Let s 'move forward for we the people.

KNEES BEES...kiLLER bees  was a blunder code of the past...Byend Catlick maf stooge all caps. retard 

New Order Election Rig

Criminals have been maneuvering votes for decades and in every event the out come has always backfire in the long run.  The art of importing more votes is old as the hills.  Bribing the people with drugs, sex, entry and free social services is a communist pump of political corruption.  Let's go forward a bit...rigging wars for financial gain.  The media plays a role in fake war information just like fake information in elections.

Huntington Joke:   Removing borders ...a criminals dream.

The Democrats "Last Stand"

ST's wife Penel makes a declaration that he democrat's continuous plot to hide criminal activities  behind the skirts of  minorities ends.  ST  noted Penel based her conclusion on several Shelby reports that were still in the hopper.  Huntington added it is a mafia problem, no more, no less...mafia corruption take over of the USA.  America has a mafia infiltration with international intent to exploit world markets that would spin the federal reserve out of control.  This has been doubled checked with several spy agencies.

Solution:  let democrat policies destroy themselves. e.g. fake gold

Democrats are phony baloney

Republicans are the "The Real Deal"

Huntington:  FBi compromised and corrupt as a mafia exploit of national security under the......that would result longer considered a resource of the justice per Shelby the FBI was exiled due to political extortion and corruption charges.  ST commented to Shelby's findings..

ST:  Shelby, when an agency is diverted from doing it's original job causing national damage by government political figures that is a political corruption problem.  We have already split our resources to cover the project and greatly appreciate the progress and will be sending the necessary resources to cover the political side of your project.  Another 5,000 undercover legal ghost will be deployed under the command of Ted (The night takes Bishop "L").  Even though the FBI is compromised and is part of a switch and bait political crime you have the opportunity to investigate a typical mafia "Spread Con Job"  We have provided the best legal under cover agents along with a special black ops...all black agents task force.

Huntington Joke:  Who's  the President?  A clown in a barrel.

Hostile takeover of the military mfg complex and everyday businesses.

Sabotaged military contracts suffered in the past can be summed up with the border crisis....every sly hand chance of opportunity will be used against military manufacturing contracts spreading to businesses nation wide.  A snap shot of those behind destroying the country, then connect the dots.  As the majority of citizens realize just how corrupt the democrat party has become from witnessing actual political crimes they commit and cover up  (phony insurrection plot, election fraud, fake FBI investigations, letting illegal immigrants into the country for more votes) then you will have the traction with the people backing.  The timing looks pretty good to take back the country from the corrupt left because once the people figure out the democrat left sold them out it will be pretty much game over.

ST:  The mafia knows that they can not survive under a true democracy....that's why the democrat party turned Frankenstein to sort of speak. e.g. they turned democracy into a monster that benefits their criminal goals using the republican party as an escape goat.

Shelby notes ST is right the rogue FBI  resulted from political corruption that is turning them into gestapo like agency.

It will take several investigations to bring to light how compromised the agency has become.  Given how bad the democrat party appears to have lost it, there doesn't seem to be any accountability for their actions, which is a red flag that  it is a lot worse.  So one there is no light at the end of the tunnel and two for sure it is going to get worse.  With over spending and higher taxes in the forecast that suction sound of businesses leaving is getting louder.

Huntington:  The democrats only know how to take your money and spend it...they don't know how to run a country.

Sue Predicts: A complete blitz in democrat lies and shenanigans. Surge in election rigging, over spending, government fraud and embezzlement with a severe increase in corruption of government agencies at all levels.  In a nut shell a all time high in government corruption lies ahead.  The government pattern match is that of hardened criminals (repeated crimes regardless of the consequences).  The magnitude was determined to be a historic amount of corruption.   It is expected that countries world wide will rein in on corruption while the United States goes out of control.  Therefore a threat to the global organizations who seek to disarm the US.  Keep in mind organizations like the Nazi's and various socialist groups were control freaks very similar to the current democrat party. As the rest of the world resets the stage making the US a target of corruption and war crimes along with it's false claims of being a free country...all that needs to be done is to puppet in a president for the fall.

Peggy:  The Democrats using Hitler Propaganda Tactics (disinformation campaigns and Investigations) while pointing the finger at Republicans as Nazi's is very telling.

Special note on connecting the dots: Elections at lower levels seem to be hiding the party affiliation making it difficult to figure out their full political association. In many cases democrat candidates will not disclose their party, to the point you can't find anything on the internet with out extensive searching. This would lead to many votes that would of never have been voted if a full disclosure of political association were available. So it is advisable to do your home work especially on lower levels such as county elections where they will use the Republican narratives in order to get votes. So that is the democrats trick to flooding the swap...keeping in mind the county level is considered the most corrupt branch of government. Democrats shadow ban their party affiliation in order to get Republicans to vote for them.

Robberies Up

Greg:  As all time high of government corruption continues banks will see a huge jump in robberies emboldened by soft on crime policies.

Shelby making progress with underground hit squad

Once you do a couple of these assignments it gets a lot easier...the numbers are mind blowing.  Just think 5,000 agents to cover a mafia  hit operation.

Huntington tells Shelby the FBI is corrupt as hell and it was a good move to target them before they complete the political goal of Democrats turning them into a Gestapo.  St correction to your op summed up would be equivalent to pulling weeds leaving the root of the problem.  The FBI just as the Democrats will continue their lies and deceit while promoting the Democrat agenda of corruption that only benefits key figures (very much like a mafia operation).  If ST didn't add the extra ops the FBI would end the fall guy.  Once the swap drains there will be a scum ring that will have to be taken out.  Otherwise the swamp will grow,  the outside ring that runs the swamp is going to take some elbow grease. Grabbing the bull by the horns, Shelby grabs the horns and kicks them in the privates.  The Democrat left is more a modern day mish mash of fascism, marxism, communist...etc.  The mafia catholic abortion butcher lefties don't want to lose their federal funding. If the feds are flipping the bill they have someone to blame (the blame game) If the people decide state by state it makes it harder to clean their hands going against religious beliefs.  It works the same way with drugs, it okay to make money off them as long as the corrupt government can be blamed.  Government corruption is very bad for the people, more than that it is evil... it's ok for politicians to make money off of corruption because they can blame the FBI ( another agency or country)  thus the never ending vicious cycle of lies. crime and corruption.  Unfortunately Shelby is correct with regards to the FBI threat as the agency becomes more Gestapo like the more power corrupt politicians will have.  I would of make the same choice with limited resources, but ST and Ted saw way past the situation and built up an army of trained agents to meet the task in advanced. It wasn't hard especially with the government as corrupt as it is...the real problem is that it is disgustingly corrupt and reason why agents switch sides .  That will be the biggest up coming issue in the next ten years with government agents and workers sabotaging the country out of disgust of the corruption they have to put up with.  That is how empires fail, they collapse internally.  How long do you think the country will last in the direction it is going?  Not for very long. The US is considered unstable; politically financially and economically  Just add the military to the list and you have a complete government collapse. 

Carl on how governments implode

Example is years of Republicans claiming the need to reduce government.  As the people can now can witness the repercussion of out of control government connecting the dots and associating corruption will get easier.  The people will realize that expanding a corrupt government is counter productive and that cleaning house would of been more helpful.  e.g. Both DHS and Obama Care expanded from a corrupt government and both show signs of the results.  Thus the Republican movement to clean house rather than sweeping government corruption under the carpet is recommendation.  Let look at the political party trends with  this regards.  The Democrats continue with cover up while the Republicans push for uncovering corruption...the DGB would become another extension of a corrupt government.    What the people are seeing is a government that does not fix things when broken, they just take the peoples money and sweep broken under the carpet and when they run out of money they roll up the carpet needing more money to fix broken...over and over and over again, time and time again, for years,  and decades.

When it comes to the border crisis it boils down to which way the corruption meter goes up or down.  Given that illegals are most likely coming from countries that are far more corrupt and ingrained, corruption will increase making the existing corruption more powerful.  During a time when a government is corrupt and vulnerable, open borders is not a recommended policy as it will escalate crime and hinder the process of getting government in check.  Now for someone to say incentivize illegal entry into the US would make the country stronger, you would have have to ask yourself who or what will be made stronger e.g. a political party, the mafia, cartels,  terrorists or perhaps a government looking to increase servitude to gain more control.

Let me simplify US politics Conservative Right and Radical Left...t

Special Notes:  The lefties like to weaponize word association by using damning words with R via the media to influence the audience to rally against the party e.g. racist-republican.  This could be a defense to the Democrats current political  move of allowing violence (BLM, Antifa) and the pattern is also seen in the Jan 6 protest where enticement was used to lure protester into the premise so they can claim the protest as a insurrection.  We have a pattern "finger print" this is where one of Shelby's teams comes in.

Simply put "Dirty Politics" by Democrats and Rhinos and a reg flag of again how corrupt the government is i.e. one con job after another.

 Shiv-mafia operation to empower criminals to engage in war against America.  i.e. soft on crime, enhance laws and rules that will promote finances.

Suzzie Wades in on Row

Abortion is in essence is a form of murder and should follow the same practices of being tried in a state court other than that you have a bunch of hypocrites  that want to keep their money machine going. i.e  body parts, tissues, federal funding etc.

Another Sucker War

Can you hear payers billions leaving the country to the second most corrupt country in Europe with Russia as being the most (Corruption Perceptions Index- CPI 2021). Peggy making cents  

Huntington Joke;  What do think will happen when you throw billions at the second most corrupt country in Europe?  It will disappear and appear and show up some where else several times.  laundry basics tip:  That is how crooks use wars to laundry government money.  Big Crook, little crook. i.e. laptop is a  small fish  "red hearing"

Learn it and learn it well for you will become a very successful agent in the decades to come.

Learn to Hit Hard  with Criminals

Making your punches count...hit and make them hurt.  You go in soft like a pussy with criminals you will get punched out.  Lawyers that poke around in the ring with out a knockout  punch is nothing but a fixed fight.   Might as well be carrying a white towel

your pocket. Another issue that promotes corruption is the abundance of lawyers willing to do the crime (fixing cases).  Continued investigation of dirty lawyers would be helpful on countering corruption as our crystal ball shows the profession increasingly teaming with organized crime syndicates.  Do be careful using the word "FIX" in a corrupt environment....

Corrupt lawyers have a wolf pack mentality that compliments the organization of criminals e.g. the use of several lawyers to out number their opponent and provide cover to illegal investigation tactics. mafia criminals extensively plan illegal if they are going to dummy a investigation it is already planned what to do when caught. keeping them step ahead.  Government investigation are showing a increasing signs of being organized in the same way, meaning  mafia control  of government  is increasing. Suzzie

Election fraud abroad Rampant?

Votes in some countries are bought for six bucks and up to twenty if you haggle.  More poor people equals cheaper votes.  The ballot mules are very similar in operation on how the drug cartels fix elections to benefit their drug operations...Fitz

Big Pharma vs Wade & Roe

Sussie_Abortion most likely to take a turn as big pharma will provide safe alternatives due to the increase of clinics and practices that violate procedures.  Makes sense to scrape Wade & Roe altogether while one can pop a pill and its over.  States would be in a better position to decide on the criminal aspect  such as rape, deformed etc. With clinics already operating illegally to sell body parts, organs, tissues etc. it is time to detach abortion from using unborn babies as big pharma guinea pigs and go back to test tubes. Just the fact that abortion can easily be done with a pill makes the Wade & Roe debate look more like another  political propaganda election scam while it could be broken down simply to big pharma, a pill and where to draw the line criminally with rape, deformed fetus and other medical preconditions.  Republicans anti-abortion push more in likely will back fire as planned by the Democrats even though it wouldn't be a complete ban but removing it from federal to state.  People do not understand that is just a change on who decides on the laws.  They just see it as no more abortions and no more federal funding.  While it is just not needed for the original intentions, new alternatives out weigh the corruption that exist and escalated.  But criminals don't want cheaper they want more as always when at the expense of the government.  Just make pills legal and draw the line on clinic abortions that are brutally out of control.

Huntington Joke:  Friday the 13th is a new paid federal holiday "Crook's Day"

Behind the door of war for money

Sue-After they get the money, they will use it against you...the pattern of war mongers using the enemies resources against them to a point it would be embarrassing to disclose to the public. Typically resulting in the person in charge losing popularity i.e. political hit job.  In the event with a person already low i  popularity the pattern reverses.  e.g.  a leader using a war to regain popularity.  The corrupt plot boomerangs and the leader is ousted on corruption charges while the recipients of the money get off scot free.  It keeps going...the opportunity for profit on arm deals  escalates the situation into a long term war i.e. black market arms dealers, drug cartels will flourish and team up together to further their dominance and territories.  With a government taking guns away from its citizens to protect themselves, the country will be rip for a take over or civil war.  With a huge inflow of poor immigrants the cartels and Black marketeers can utilized them as foot soldiers with legal ease as they came in a illegal fashion where again the cartels and black marketeers can promote further political damage  to promote their own political agenda.  This is usually the opposite as it is too costly to hide behind corrupt leaders and easier to increase profit and presence behind a popular leader...we call it a flop flip destroying themself and the country.  Basically the puppeteers cut the puppet strings in order to keep their hands clean and look for another puppet.

"Patterns and Dots"

Open the Border, Open the Gale, Open the Door, Open to Leave, Open the Jails and Open Evidence...

"Person or Thing"  The Altered Mind of Politics

Does a vehicle kill a person while driving drunk?  An altered mental state to the point of taking a life whether reckless or intentional is  bad judgement and/or an insane act depending on the degree of the crime.  Even if the car was specifically designed towards accommodating the act e.g. large trunk for bodies, souped up engine for get a way,  cars are not typically considered directly the assailant.  Pointing the finger at a thing such as a car while drugs  are the major contributor to poor mental heath and the root to the problem for mental illness aids and abets criminals.  i.e.  weaponizing mental illness.  Fitz- That is what this new war on drugs is all about...weaponizing children's minds.  Essentially more drugs on the streets disarms America. i.e. armed citizens were the major factor that won the American Revolution and is a key obstacle to enemies seeking to destroy the USA.

Politicians use of discrimination tactics on a country to cover up their connection to their illegal dealings abroad promotes war and corruption.  e.g. A politician that  blames  their crime on a country in order to get off the hook  is the same as blaming a person because of their race.  i.e  having to take the fall due to discrimination.  Carl

Big Pharma Walk Back

Bayer 1918 Pandemic

Aspirin  over doses

1,000 milligrams every three hours

Promoted heroin use in children for colds

Parent company had ties to the Third Reich built a plant at Auschwitz using prisoners for slave labor where Bayer was accused in a lawsuit for paying Nazi officials for access to prisoners to test its drugs on.

Political Walk Back


Communist Combatant Cells

Pattern match by Carl

To further how an op like this works, basically they train in their own country (or another) on their own people then take the fight to the enemy or enemies country and allies. Due to the conflict per-existing it  counters the aggressors from blow back.  And a good lesson on how cells go underground to do damage at later time for their cause etc

Huntington Joke-Capital Hill Zoo  Dangerous Politicians  "Do Not  Enter the Premise"

The US is about to experience what happens with no frontline defense.

Shelby and Penelope review war efforts that plague the US.

Shelby notes that she came close to tripping and falling into the wrong pattern. Penel advised watch the foot work when left is leading with their blows...note the change in the foot work for the right. Anticipate. lead that right for your knock out. Watch that foot hard left finish right and down they go.


They don't believe the lies anymore, bring in more drugs. 

Shelby connects with ST for the knock out strategy.

ST taught Penel the technique.  He tells Shelby that you have to connect the foot work balance to the upper body, for when you are in close .  Your taking too much time is the problem.  Once you connect that it is a split second shot and give it all you got.

Huntington Joke

To many crooks in the whitehouse ruins the county...

The green's a green deal alright, a lot of green going into politicians pockets. Carl

Insider trading reverse discrimination e.g. Nancy Pelosi vs Martha Stewart  is a common mafia pattern of injustice. e.g. hypocrisy.  Hypocrisy and Reverse Discrimination Pattern e.g. One hand washes the other.  Batez

The one hand washes the other is a bit complicated...mafia, rhino  puppets etc. to keep it simple just think of it as a card trick or cheating at hand is used as a distraction while the other performs the crime. e.g. sympathy card, race card, the poor me card etc. Carl

Fran's Crystal Ball

Markets across the board will continue DOWNWARD

Heavy Corporate Layoffs just around the corner

Government spending to soften the market crash in an attempt to kick the can down the road actually creates a layoff panic as corporations see sinking profits due to increasing wages and soaring material costs.  Typically holding on to employees and even reducing wages to keep them resulted in a longer recover time and less competitive making them vulnerable to hostile takeovers vs full out layoff enabling corporations to re-strategize and lean out to stay competitive.

Add the current disorder, injustice and political corruption to the mix and you have instant depression...shake and bake.  Considering the existing state of heavy rioting, looting, rise in crime and murder it is expected to increase by a multiplier of the remaining states e.g. will spread country wide with the current corrupt political path.

Keeping the Rhinos in Check

The Rhinos...Republicans in name only (RINO) should be called sheep for their lack of knowledge and understanding of how the corrupt left (mafia) puppets them along into plots. Thus making them the dangerous stooges where the finger can be pointed or used in a black male fashion which is the mafia's staple blame game and leverage for slipping out of the noose of crimes. Pretty much rhinos were vulnerable republicans... that's why they were targeted and preyed upon (mafia pattern).   Ed

Top Heavy Department Corruption

Nope a Dope

Definitely not a top heavy problem...implying so is a cover up (mafia pattern)... just means the problem is worse than it is.  Another card trick.  Ed

Protect Your


Criminals are like wild animals that target the vulnerable

Media Vomiting

Is a sign  they're sick  Jake

Warming Trojan Horse

Nothing to see here?

Mafia Economics

Just a Game

It works like this, the mafia promotes, backs and lobbies lenient penalties and sentencing for the small timers and harsh ones for the big timers. The little ones push and use all the drugs while the big ones have all the money, connections and power to get off regardless. Fitz. It's just a game to them.

Note the similarities of the Mafia and FBI, the Mafia is corrupt yet people think it's cool

The mafia puppets the fbi like a little puppy wags it's's cool.

The similarities of  democrats and communist...

Government Hoods

The FBI has been corrupt dead beats for a long time.

Just look at similar agencies that have gone corrupt in a matter of a decade....Homeland Security for example started in 2002.  That is how communist spies work they expand inside the government in key positions and spread.  Then when the time is right...

On the positive side they are off guard and desperately so.  Look at as a long haul project...they have been at this for decades.  Just because you're on to them isn't going stop their plans.  That is why the economy will get worse regardless...that is the plan, to destroy the US economy using every government asset possible.  The Blitz.  Then  war.

Just think of it as a bank steal the peoples money you need a distraction (lockdowns).  Then the cover up...war.  Been done before. Actually several times.  War is a lucrative criminal game.

Huntington:  Birds of a feather flock together.  FBI international offices are slated to be  terminated by overseas countries over concern of their Gestapo  style of investigations.  It doesn't end there either,  the military will also have a very hard time internationally.  The unwelcome mats are out.

Broken Justice

The Pattern of a "Corrupt Justice System" is in Repeat Mode and Spreading: No witnesses to properly validate elections during vote counting and during a search warrant.

The danger of "Gestapo Politics" is the deterioration of evidence integrity... the destruction of citizens rights

The danger of "Gestapo Politics" is the deterioration of evidence integrity...promotes evidence tampering and the planting of evidence.  Repeated destruction of citizens rights and the lack of accountability for government criminals are creating a dangerous environment to the country and it's citizens.

Huntington:  Most people do not understand what Gestapo actually means: Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo) were the Nazi's Political Police and very similar to how the Democrat Party uses the FBI.,,funny how history repeats itself.  Nipping it at the bud would prevent further costly humiliation as it would lead to similar tactics used in massive deaths that resulted in secret camps where medical procedures and deaths were covered other words it can easily escalate to hiding the reason forf deaths by using the same no witness and accountability investigative method that the Democrats are imposing on the people  in a Gestapo manner.  This is how Genocides get started and  are hidden from the people... mimicking the playbook of leaders who sought to use genocide to eliminate opposing political views of it's citizens.

Mafia Economics and the IRS

Mafia Democrats say so targeting of the wealthy will end up short due to their ability hire the best criminal lawyers,...unable to justify progress the IRS will target easy pickings while the real criminals wiggle off the hook.  You can see this being used a lot as a weapon in government.

Ed-Just like a mafia boss hiring hitmen...they use finance hitmen to kill off their opponents.  Countries have been down this path and are pulling out.  Goes to show how easy it is to con America and is why America is repeatedly preyed upon.  Financial Hitmen are nothing new and have been used for wars and corporate battles for over centuries.

Huntington Joke

The FBI speaks with a forked tongue and Democrats are two-faced.  Must be contagious, no wonder why all the lock downs.

Unreal Detainment & Passport Confiscation

It is part of the boiling pot the water gets hot they don't want people getting out of the pot.  This has been brewing for a couple of decades and is part of a spy op.  The fact that the FBI has recently included these tactics is not anything but bad news.  If one does not have means to get out of the US in the event of a horrific crisis it would be recommended to make plans.  e.g. dual citizenship, spouse or relative that can sponsor you into another country.

To give you an idea of unreal a situation: TJ Cox Indictment was  no where to be found on YouTube  Carl

They continue taking off everything negative about the Democrats. Jake

Advice from the CIA?

Would be like beating a dead horse...they are already known world wide for being corrupt as hell.  It would be easy to say that hell would be a better place.  The fact that they are coming out of hiding from all their past screw ups should be telling. 

They are part of the problem, not the solution.

We don't have anything to do with the organization what so ever.  Too much of a liability and they cause too much damage. Just as the FBI repeats their idiot stunts just multiply it numerous times e.g. The FBI is like one dirt bag after another of corruption while the CIA are  dirt bags that led you down one dark alley after another into even worse corrupt  situations.  They should crawl back into their hole and do a think back on all their crap and maybe try again next ground hog day.

Huntington Joke:  Time to practice holding your breath under water...Don't take any wooden pennies.

How do you like your affidavit redacted?  Just like like my coffee, Black.

Where is Mitch?  Digging a ditch.

What's Romney up to? High and dry.

What happened to the FBI?  They changed their name to the FBA after being reallocated to abuse cases.

Does the CIA still exist?  Yes, but they only come out on ground hog day.

Is Pelosi crazy?  She  went bananas about republicans.

Is Liz still a Republican?  She is a chimney sweeper for the Democrats.  When they feel feel like blowing smoke up someones asshole she right there to make sure it is done right.

Has Biden lost it?  Not according to criminals and adversaries, they love getting away crimes and getting free money.

...the same people let to run free committing crimes will be the ones that will destroy democracy.  That is how  power grabs work..criminals see a vulnerability, they take it. e.g. stupid enough to let them is more the reason...

Mafia Politics

The poor pays for the rich to get richer and does the dirty work.

Huntington Jokes: The new 2024 election law; If you are not a democrat you're not eligible to vote.

If you don't own an electric car you can not claim social security benefits.

The whole world has to follow California law else be put on a terrorist watch list.

Voting machines are not rigged, they are adjusted to compensate for climate change.

The Marxist Tango Movement

In Defence of Marxism; Argentina

It's out there more than one would realize....grooming kids, at churches, ballrooms, dance parties and lessons.  Most targeted is circle type dances where there is partner changing.  Swing has a similar history with regards to black origin like that of Argentine Tango.  I would suspect some kind of a manufactured reversed psycho racist attack could evolve at just the right time to make a stir.  Typical terrorist method where they attack their own  group for publicity or political gain while using the blame game.  Remembering mafia's were always attacking each other during bad and vulnerable times in order to gain more territory and power.  The mafia always aligns itself with high profits socially and politically.  That's how they pay off the dirty politicians. and ceo's

Can't Intel Anything

So they make it up...note the similarities of today's administration to the past.  They simply can not do their job, so they make things up to give the impression that they are.  Incompetent, fools and a disgrace to the intelligence community world wide.  It's been that way for over a decade and would expect another fail; tantō death, falling on one's own knife (the rotten apple that falls close the tree).

ST comments that Police, FBI, CIA etc. were not liked or trusted by the people for a long time...recalls several times as a kid where older teens and adults would always reference them negatively including the military.  Regardless of political affiliation, religion, race or color people associated them as being the bad guys that can put you in jail and destroy your life.  On a time line at a early age police are part of the do not thinking that leads to juve (out past curfew).  In the teen stage vice getting busted for drugs.  As an adult learning police are corrupt and finding more how corrupt the rest of the government is.  Pretty much hand in hand with Mexican corruption south of the border where illegal goods and services are easily acquired..   Both ST and Huntington suggest it is time for a clean up and that the unions and bad management  are a major part of the problem not the rank and file.  Do nothing policies supported by the left is on a collision course of destruction.  It has always been there and a that the lid is off the can of worms it is time to do something about it, you can't just put it back on the shelve. That would be like storing a poison to used on society  for another time. 

Huntington:  What is your first reaction when you see a cop in your rear view mirror?  Fear.  Law enforcement corruption creates a fear driven society and a distrust towards government "hypocrisy"

Citizens against a corrupt government are not the problem, actually it is quite the opposite, it is the corrupt government officials that are problem.

The issue with rank and file with regards to being a threat is like boiling a pot of water.  Over time management turns up left ideology utilizing  the government like a Trojan Horse.  Continue forcing their hand, like dominoes one goes down then another one goes down, keep going.

Official Corruption_

No clue of what the real war is about

no clue

Crime Sling Shots Inflation into a Depression

High cost of manufacturing, goods and services will be propelled by the increase of crime, mainly theft.  As manufactured goods cost more and more the theft to have those goods go up.  Weather a loaf of bread or needed cell phone  and computer, the got have goods will be highly stolen derailing the economy into a depression.  The loss to corporations will be huge and in turn start a brutal dog fight of survival among businesses to stay afloat.  Insurance companies will be the first  to go...once businesses can't afford insurance with a government acting as a mafia enforcer  economic failure will be irreversible.  Instant Depression and Market Crash.  With a headless political party at the helm aimed at war to cover up their crimes.  The only way to prevent a complete disaster is for corrupt political head to roll. That is why you are seeing the opposite, it is how mafia ruled governments work by blaming others.  The democrats know they are done for so they are sowing their seeds of evil in hopes to make the republican look bad when they take control, just like how mafia wars operate.  With all the money they stole from the government they can sit back and do nothing to say I told you so and use that money to regain power.  The trick to being a success if to catch these dirty politicians using the peoples money for their corruption by laundering it using politically made catastrophes such as pandemics, drug and immigrant invasion as well as wars.

It is established that the US is not a governance of the people guided by the Constitution but ran like a mafia.  This is important to in knowing the enemy.  You have a FBI that operates like a Gestapo and a CIA that mirrors the KGB with politicians that resemble Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler all put together.  Sounds like lets have a war and steal the people blind repeat.


KGB dissolved December 3 1991

CIA dissolved ?

Gestapo dissolved May 8 1945

FBI dissolved ?

Hitler dead April 30, 1945

Mussolini dead April 28, 1945

President dead ?

Consumer Protection Down

When companies don't back their products people stop buying them.  There is big drop in consumer protectionism that will  lead to a shift in buying habits.  1.)  Forced buying imposed  by governments  2.)  Manufactures passing the buck on defective and poorly built  items  3.)  Poor customer service  4.)  Costly maintenance  5.)  Lack of available parts for repairs

The downward trend in consumer protectionism will put the brakes on consumer spending and with the economy in a recession and inflation going up consumer spending will follow dropping off etching  buying habits for decades to come.

Too many Idiots running countries...

...and what do you get?  WWIII

Huntington Joke:  One puppet master  to another look I can make this idiot destroy his own country.  The other puppet master shouts back, look I can turn an idiot into world disaster.  Another puppet master smiles and say's look my puppet just took all their money and they have to pay it back with interest.

ST joke:  Government transparency does not apply to Democrats, it's a rule of law know, the rule where you make it up.

Operation Soft Landing

Openning the borders to cartels is a major security threat that will create decades of disasters.

Genesis 30:32–36

Jacob's Deal

The plot thickens

Shelby to orchestrate a 50,000 hit on the mafia.  Retires with Spit and family....indefinitely.  Hit Team has an opening and Ted in search for someone to take his place so he can join ST, Huntington and the gang

Destroy  evil  see no evil.  Shelby

Ted- Shelby's finale op was called toasted bananas...toban.op (to ban organized crime)  The first preeminent hit against organized crime by a female on a worldwide scale.

republicans did not destroy democracy...the democrats did.

Hunington Joke:  Democrats are like Bed Bugs...Don't let them take over!

Shelby  all go for op toban (ready)

Several warheads target the Vatican after more investigations.  Rafael

UK on the brink of another Edward crisis...  Peggy

ST-  Invest in old fashion hand operated tools.

Shelby is running point and no telling what she is up against...definitely not good.

The Church has been running spies and corrupt for centuries.

The UK is known to play out difficult situations...just because a crisis lurks doesn't mean that they don't have a handle on it.

ST Joke:  El Chapo released and running for president in 2024.

Huntington:  Shelby's op is like a cancer operation...

We will be working on a plan to deal with FBI corruption.  ST calls it weeding the garden.  gardin.op  Once Shelby completes her op she will tackle CIA issues.  Basically Shelby's finding is that the Mafia (Government Corruption) is at least 10x worse than originally expected

Young adults still living at home 58%...head of households filing out the mail in ballots.

What the FBI is hiding behind...the weeding will result in revealing the nightmares that would shut them down.  The FBI is desperate to keep from getting shut down.  Their corruption will further escalate until the investigations.  Basic criminal behavior, if criminals think they can get away with something they keep going...

Huntington:  it's like shitting on yourself with an audience.


Democrats contest to see how many times it takes being wrong until the people figure things out.  It is like a stupid meter.  When the  people become wise to how wrong democrats are they pump in more drugs, increase fear and  dictatorship.  Still too many smart people, open the border.  Citizens have been calling the process dumbing down the people (America)  by politicians for decades.

Baetz:  A country ran by stupid people will eventually go belly up, fold and lose wars. 

Sue: Political degradation

Huntington Joke:  What do you call it when someone circles their ear with their finger?  A Democrat Spin Job

Shelby Joke:  What's the difference between a nut job and a nut case? a law degree

Sue:  It is time to take the load off of  "We the People" from evil politics!

Shelby Sworn in as Head of Ops

Ted is on the jet to connect with the gang for the holidays as Shelby is the new trigger.  Penel and Shelby talk grabbed a new era of fighting crime for freedom.

Corrupt States and Corporations

Fran:  Down tick for manufacturing of goods by corrupt ran States.  Sabotage will run rampant. e.g.  Elon Mush purchase of CA Twitter.

The reason why manufacturing went offshore in the first place...american cars turned to crap after 50K miles and would rarely last 100K.

Recommend caution on who you let in your home. house keepers, maids gardeners etc.   There is a reason why the major stores are locking up all the goods.  Combs, extra tooth brushes, soap, food, tools etc. a

Head of Household  Voting

A house hold now a days is typically 4 persons per room and a garage converted into a baracks10-20 person.  Some of the  rooms are extended with a camper shell from the window.  Outside can house RV's and in some cases the backyards house tents.  In many cases houses for sale that are beaters will be infested with illegals...real estate agents can't sell the place because they can't keep them out of the house.  Recommend not vacating the house before selling...have someone living there is the best option.

Unlike what the media tells you hate plays an important role in ones life.

You love it when someone says nice things to you and you hate it when someone is always putting you down...

Some people love getting high on drugs and some hate them because they can't think straight.

Some like taking the subway because they don't a car while other's hate the subway because it is dangerous.

One person loves the country for its peaceful and tranquil ambience while hating cities because they are over crowded and full crime.  Yet another person loves cities because of all the energy and night life but hates the country because it is boring.

Basically what the media is doing is brain washing you to like what they want you to like and hate only what they think is best to hate.  They are targeting the kids because they are on drugs even more so.  Psycho Warfare   Jake

Fran:  Can you hear that sound...businesses leaving the US.  It is hard to sell from a broken economy.

Arizona Election is Invalid

You can't run for office and run the election, you have to do one or the other.  conflict of interest to be in charge of election you are running for. 

It is a political conflict of interest to be in charge of election you are running for...the fact that it was allowed shows exactly how badly elections are ran. 

Republicans get a lesson on what damage RHINO's can do if not removed from the Party promptly.  Carl hint: RHINO's work like a spy network.

Drug War Ahead

Need to reverse what was said that didn't work in the past which actually is fundamental in fighting drug cartels. Educating people on drugs. The drug war is not over and the damage is going to escalate like a wild fire. Dead bodies every where. It's called Chemical Warfare. Fitz

Pocket full of posies...

As usual drug dealers have to stock up on product during the holidays...don't be fooled it because Christmas is a religious based and the Mafia shuts down the supply, it is because their biggest shipments are during the holidays and they do not want the dealers to give the DEA leads.   So this years shipments is the death call.

"warning of a severe chemical attack in the near future"

all the signs are there, chemicals have a shelf life, all efforts towards the plot are determined to succeed despite setbacks.

Eat Sauerkraut Every Friday Movement

Eine andere Weltordnung des Bösen

The purchase of products from world order driven countries and businesses will drop drastically...pretty much anything related to world order is like the black plague of economics.

Fran Joke:  How are German cars made in the US?  Melt them down to make American cars and before they hit 50,000 miles send them to Mexico where they make Japanese cars.


Getting a handle on corruption is important to moving the ball forward.  Agents need to dive into the patterns of how RHINO's have managed to turn a two party system into  a one party monopoly....this is critical to keeping our freedoms intact.  So let's dive into condondra of dirty politics with a typical definition of a frivolous lawsuit referenced online: 

A frivolous lawsuit is one where the filer has no legal or factual basis for their claim, but the claim is filed and pursued regardless. Generally, frivolous filers are not going to listen to logic, or act rationally, or act according to the law. They may make demands for fictitiously large sounding dollar amounts, and make claims that relate to clearly delusional or completely fictional or fraudulent claims.

It is like adding oil and vinegar with mafia seasoning to politics  frivolous investigations and lawsuits trumped up by the mafia.  Ring a Bell

It should, rigged casinos, fights, sports...etc.

The Justice Department has gone off the RAILS!

" Like a train they just simply don't hop back on the track, they just keep going till it stops "

Shelby Note on  Political Disturbance

Shelby describes the Democrat Party as Boondoggles

Say's Republican's are on track to support we the people freedoms e.g. baby steps

Hint: The military grade version (pin point)  of fentanilo stored in the US is linked to a mafia hit organization.

Ted bids all happy holidays in the the passing of the tourch....Shelby gave an oath to fight the mafia scum bags tooth and nail.  That is what we care about the most...the fight goes on.

Shebly heads up chemical recon conf.

"The People are not twisted...but the govt is>.

Shelby flips Rhino FBI to the people.

FBI agents in the future will be warm welcome and informative to the people needs.

Election fraud big problem, not the FBI....used as scape goat.


Shelby does this using a multi sting operation.  With just one sting other corrupt executive officials just get more powerful along with an increase of corruption agents waning for protection.  She take down several FBI executives along with a slew of agents with a colossal of stings.  Next is the CIA.  What this does is it cuts ties with the political corrupt actors enabling her to move in on the big fish corrupt politicians that are destroying the county.

The political phase will included putting judges away as we found in investigations they are  corrupt.  In conclusion he United States leadership is unfit. Garbage in garbage out


Sheby is on ST company jet  for company reunion at Penel's  in New Zealand.  St is building on to the tee house and adding a miniature golf course for the kids..

ST loved Penel

and will spend a night on the Nauticat for a holiday love sess.

St, hunt, ted and crew will be in the Zea for the holidays.

Shelby...Modern Day General Patton

ST:  She is...protect the people...troops.  Yes Jan 6 will destroy evidence...that is a DNC perk...

Joke:  who needs to watch a comedian when the biggest joke is president...a monkey fart.

Shelby takes out world order member...drops purse with small anvil inside on their foot, whips out a tree saw like a switch blade and saws his head off, then tosses it into the street where it is ran over to a pancake.  The price for putting a hit out on her. Shelby doesn't mickey mouse around.  A homeless looking guy with a garbage cart pops in...head comes off body goes into garbage cart and wheeled off.  Anvil is connected to the belt and out to sea.

What does the Mafia Democrats have on the Rhinos?

If you expect to hit a curve ball it would help to learn and practice hitting one.  Learn the curve ball the democrats use with Rhinos...what makes it tick?  Otherwise the Republicans are an easy strike out. 

It is not like the Republicans can't hit a curve ball,  they did and got some on base.  You need a slugger!  Someone used to getting grease balls and knocking them out of the park.

The prediction for the FBI has changed and will be decommissioned.  The more one digs into the

FBI corruption the worse it gets.  Shelby noted the FBI is categorized as a organized crime syndicate that operates behind the skirt of justice.  States the FBI is like a cracked bat...