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CoupᴥByte 5

Huntington and ST Cancel FBI  Honey Pot ops

Huntington takes Shelby's recommendation on FBI special ops.  Shelby states the FBI does not recover and flip flops out of control that would drag other departments down with them.  ST puts shell division Ted put together in for back up.  Hunting confirms that a Inside Intel Master Spy outlet has informal plans to use  the agency to take down other agencies e.g. Trojan House

Huntington Answers Question

Did 9-11 happen again in 2021? Yes the code used was 2021 two planes, 0 completes operation, two planes, 1 finish op to hit the white house.

Afghanistan would be considered a direct hit on the white house and considered the 2021's 9-11 making the White House the biggest joke world wide.   Huntington adds that they uncovered communications that there is more to come.

Puppet Show Crypto Notes

Bi-den Bi-Used to get gay and bi sexual votes. den-White House bunker. The only target missed on 9-11. Irish Catholic; reminder of JFK flip flop with the Mafia Union connection with communist and related corrupt socialist  organizations.

Comey suggests a point man for the commies.

Madoff Madeoff with the money e-Euler's number in ref. to compound interest.

Wray Back up to Bi-den lost way. Once the mafia is done with getting the votes (election fraud) it is Bye-den den-end.

Mueller mule for getting things done no matter what it takes.

den-ben  $100 plates to pay for everything


ST and Huntington got it right allowing the next generation to get a good look at how American corruption works.  Many Americans did not know or could fathom just how many communist and related leftist and socialist organizations were active in the US.  As this fog lifts from the boiling brain washing, like uncovering the pot's lid just hop out onto the right path. The lefties drugs act's as an accelerate (it speeds up the process for their agenda). e.g. If everyone suddenly just stopped doing drugs...the left's empire would crumble over night.  That is how powerful drugs are on society.  The people did with tobacco, do it with drugs.

Green Anarchism

Politicians use environmental issues to steal from the People.

The Pinch

ST gives quick advice on out of control governments....throwing money around and at problems does not fix any thing,  actually it just makes things worse.  Fixing things and situations requires someone that knows what they are doing.  Other than that it is simply out of control spending headed for bankruptcy....very much like a coke addict  or a jealous wife running up her husbands credit cards to get even because she didn't get her way on a issue.  Signaling a government shut is going to shut down holiday spending for years to come.  It is to our understanding the reasoning behind raising the debt ceiling is to do before the credit rating drops then worrying about the problem later...kicking the can down the road.  Considering Democrats are very much like drug dealers with a tainted inventory of fentanyl,  the interest rate will sore while the credit rating drops.  Even if they did pull off the increase....inflation will eat them alive as evident so far due to inflation and will increase with the habit to spend more fixing nothing but their own high like a drunk on power.  That is why Xmas comes early these days.  This Xmas is about cutting up credit cards.

Keep in mind interest rates that the people pay will go up...the Fed rates is another matter but typically will follow.  e.g.  if one is paying 10-15% on a credit card or bank note with a Fed rate of close to 0% is a  inflation byproduct...resulting in a unstable of the economy.

Ballot Stuffing

Border Stuffing-same thing

Hit lists

New trend of off season shopping for religious related celebrations.  As religious feuds flare, people opt not to associate their buying trends due to the possibility of the information being used against them. 


Huntington:  The government fell prey to communism,  low paying government jobs that no body wanted were taken (given) by (to) an army of infiltraitors.  Over decades these infiltraitors rose into management and started to organize the labor process throughout the government.  Considering this onslaught has been uncovered does make it go away, as this process has taken decades to construct what you will experience is the desperate modes to keep it going.  ST:  It should be obvious that the do nothings and go getter dones have been separated.  Notice the lie stackers are coming out of the wood work. 

Shelby Adds to Report

Her finding states the FBI turns Gestapo regardless....indicates primary due to the amount time and resources the communist poured into the project reflecting a all out desperate quest that ends in violence.

Other Departments go down the same path...FBI tosses out a bone here in there to keep hidden operations going.

She says Holiday shopping will be hindered by criminal looking people in stores (tattoos all over the head and face) scaring off shoppers and creating a stand still in shopping as well as on line ordering as online fraud has gotten out of hand.

Defund law enforcement and bring in more criminals...sounds  hostile.  The people behind the thinking, did they actually learn this in our colleges?

Huntington Joke:  It's 2021 and you still have politicians that think like monkeys...maybe they should consider making bananas a currency .  What Shelby has taught us is that the process of cleaning out the government we had in place was flawed.  e.g.  think of it as a floor full of dirt...and pushing the pile of dirt on the floor from room to room.  She pointed out all we needed to do was to limit the pile of dirt because the amount of dirt currently being push around was leaving more dirt behind in some of the rooms.  Sweeping department short comings under the carpet seem to be the go to.  Shoveling the blame when things go wrong is how communists hide and keep a low profile.  Shelby said there was so much of it, you would have to say they traffic signals.

Shelby noted that the Stasi movement was obvious and in plain sight, just not who you would expect.  She predict China's tech sector will sink like a mobster with cement shoes and claims Canada will be the future Silicon Valley of leading edge technology as California sets a precedent for mismanagement and political corruption for the hi-tech companies in the U.S.   Many companies have resorted to moving and down sizing in order to escape evil political money grabbers.

The violence surge will expand to everyday government a result of removing and abuse of front line defenses (police, border, national guard and military). 

China will increase its communist presence in Taiwan via a political out numbering the countries citizenship.

Shelby's Huntington Joke:  Scotty where's the shields... the dumbocraps took em down, sir.  Well get them back up. Yes, sir.

Huntington and ST Gear up to connect with Shelby's Op

Both are taking inventory in what they both say is a op jump.  Penel remarked she was deep and needs a hand.

Border Violence

Miguel: Criminal Organizations see a opportunity to take over and control unsecured borders with the assistance of corrupt political insiders...when we looked at the data it was a easily recognized crime where a person on the inside simply opens the gates for the criminals for a cut of the action.  It is a replay from past events world wide where the vulnerable are used as a shield and someone shoots into the crowd to make a horrific scene.  This is a well documented war tactic used by terrorist.  This is expected to happen soon to in order to create chaos and ignite a war at the border that was made to look like US Agents killing illegal immigrants but in actuality were insiders working with Cartels.

Huntington Joke:  Xmas is Trumps fault and if Hilary would of won Biden wouldn't be President.

Rosary  "Ross"

Hitman known for taking a guitar string rosary to strangle targets.  Although he uses many of other methods to kill his prey, he is most famous among circles with his wire rosary hits dubbed the "Cheese Cutter".

Shelby Chimes in

Border Crime

A manufactured Border War would be a desperate move by the Damocraps to shift public attention away from Election Fraud.  It will be done in phases...the first phases well heat up the border with violence that would lead to a war at the border. 


Ross made his first kill accidentally and is a never got caught that escalated.  ST cornered him while he was making hits for the mafia and high profile corporate/political clients.  ST uses him to train his agents on real life situations. ST will be sending Ross out to Shelby for professional guidance.

Ross meets with Shelby and today at a mafia hitsite.  ST is checking off whether Shelby has the stomach for being a hitman under cover agent. spit at home with the kids.

Ed:  Let's step back and think it out...why would the Damocraps put a Dip-Shit President and VP into office. 

Huntington Ushers in ST & Penel Clones

3rd generation clones set up in new home purchased by Penel in New Zealand.   Penel's  husband and kids.  The life Penel and ST could not have due to the increased dangerous demands that lay ahead of them.

On and Off Hook Switch

Mafia Politics

Demoncrats fly off the Pendulum

Huntington's Joke:  Maybe they think they can fly and money grows on trees, Demoncrat Halloween and a Demscrooge Christmas. 

Under the definition of war the US declaring war against its own people, if you think about it that is how a Tojan horse works.

Build back to nothing

"us goes from the state of the do nothing to a country where nothing gets done"

Crowd Disease

As cities get more and more crowded with illegals, diseases start to show up and spread into plagues.  Zoe predicts SF as a test site because CA has history of being desperate* and known to use unconventional tactics to get Federal Funding while greasing themselves with corporate favors.  The instance/s would be used as a backdrop for forth coming disasters.

*desperate due to being drunk on power and addicted big spenders.  Labs in SF have a past of leaking diseases in the community.  These criminals typically like to try out their con's and scam's on a small scale before a full scale attack (current pattern )

SF plague of 1900-1904

The Democrate Disater

Like cancer catch it early

Corrupt Unions

You don't want more corrupt Union Corporations, what you need is more honest  paying jobs by corporations that are not in bed with the mafia and unions that are typically controlled by corrupt politicians.

Spy in relationships

Murder of Benno Ohnesorg

Not a big deal, actually it is easier to them in check.  Typically once a spy is uncovered the media signals will tip the spy well in advanced, then a public  spin is used where in some cases beacons other spies which makes it harder to keep tabs on them e.g.  They go dormant and sprout up at a later time.  Some spies are trained to go suicide rants in this event and blow up out of the blue as to not give indications to any connection to the spy operations.  So if you consider this with regards to the low tier spy network you should be able to see similar patterns with government spies e.g. Politics,FBI and related agencies; political suicide and career suicide  "The willingness to do illegal deeds as a sacrifice"

Huntington:  If you are seeing a lot of this that is how bad things cooking popcorn but underneath it all ti is a cover for those un-popped kernels (un-popped spies)

Carl:  It is starting to look more like the democraps used COVID to enhance their election fraud deeds.  This signals the next generation that it is okay to cheat and  parents that cheating to  get their kids into good colleges and jobs creating a double standard because politicians do it all the time...The mom that goes to jail for getting her kid into a good school vs a politician that gets off scot-free.  The FBI enforcing these double standards is by design...meaning they have internal issues that have not been resolved.  It is called to going, going, gone effect.

Huntington Joke:  Dead people seem to have more rights than people that are alive.  Insight:  fbi facebook inc. (Stasi, Gestapo)  ref:  Murder of Benno Ohnesorg and "the gunshot that hoaxed a generation" Muller: Head of Gestapo 1939-45 Disappeared.

Border Invasion

How does it work?  Simple, average American households used to be a single family unit encouraging the off spring to be independent and leaving the house.  The incoming surge are tribal and the households are 3-5 families. e.g a family per room, a garage like a barracks, outside tents and RV with a camper pushed up to a bed room window to expand a family room.  Typically they will buy a expensive car to blend in with status and divide the cost among themselves.  In order to keep a low profile they have strict rules to not to give away their populous which became obvious during the COVID crisis emergency.

The ratio of one American family unit to 3-5 incoming is a political maneuver of concern to national security. 

It has gotten so bad they even will occupy houses up for sale if nobody is living their delaying the sale process of the home.

Then you go to the park for a jog or to walk the dog to find illegals popping out of the bushes brushing their teeth half naked.

Most of the illegals that are criminal would  be given the opportunity to become citizens by having to do military service in WWIII.  The draft and ramp up of troops is right around the corner.

Nuclear Target

Vatican target was found to be a nuclear war strategy, likely due to their vast spy network. 

Democrap Barbarism

"horseshoes and hand grenades."

FBI Hung out to Dry

Shelby quotes the FBI has been through the ringer for a long period of time, hanging them out to dry for now.  Problematic issues dating back to the heavy rein of  Al Capone and several Italian mafia regimes that were hand crafted for a second wave of crime and corruption in the pursuant of dominance and control. Basically the FBI would not work for the benefit of the people in their current condition but rather promote the mafia agenda.  When Europe cracks down on the mafia they all go to the US and has been a repetitive course of corrupt logistics through out time (international corruption). Switzerland to Germany's Hitler  is the US to the the Italian Mafia...the question is where is the  next Swiss bank hide out of corrupt wealth while the US goes up in holy smoke.  Swiss Bank Accounts and the Mafia Vatican Banking System?

Shelby references the FBI as a stick in the mud and democrats as mass murders making the FBI an accessory.  She said this is why the FBI is so bent out of shape, off track and acting like criminals covering up with lies to only continue with more  illegal actions.

Huntington's Joke:  What does the DOJ and OJ have in common?  Doesn't fit.

Playing with Matches

Shelby tunes in:  Democraps are like little kids playing with matches and cost tax payers a increasing amount of money to support.  She claims the (we) people needed to see this in order to move forward.

R-Ready to go get'r done

D-Dumb down

World War 3 should be starting soon, with the extreme need to pull in drugs and war materials into the US it would be expected to use the start of war to provide cover black market goods as well as to cover up spending of government spending.  Simply put more democrap criminal politics.  e.g. for decades both political and cartel criminals have been using the year end holidays as a cover to bring in the bulk of drugs, black market goods (bomb making materials)  and criminals connected to terrorist and criminal organizations.  The Democraps are doubling down with the tax payers money using their war to get away stealing the tax payers money.

When it comes to drugs you will note users will have to place their orders for holiday drugs early, this is not because because they are religious it is because they do not want to leave trails to the shipments.

Agent Reports Bio-Warfare

Rafael Notes: Substance-Clear,  Application-transmit disease, Method-Coffee Mug of specific user, How detected-Clean Mug smelled like vomit, Conditions-spy op, suspect-known and among several, indication of the production of a bio-weapon

Rafael:  What started WWII?  Hitler and Stalin invaded Poland. 

Huntington's Joke:  Dumbocraps are pulling a Edward over the people, Rhino's headed to slaughter, No U turn's.  Politicians with financial ties to the election fraud are starting to connect to the mafia and organized crime.Illicit and illegitimate investigations used to cover up political crimes, promote a political agenda or to disgrace a political party is regarded as a high crime.  How corrupt is the Pollose House, very corrupt.  These are the criminals that continue to deteriorate the political and justice system.  They should be removed as it is obvious all they do is continue to be menace. Ships evading agents...another border like crisis? 

Penal Buys ST's Stocking Stuffer

Houbigant Fougere Royale

ST stocks up on Penel's favorite Brandy Remy Martin XO , Old Fashion Eggnog, nutmeg, Trader Vic's Hot Butter Rum Mix, Whipped Cream and CHANEL Nº 5.  ...for the kids he picks up Citizen's Tony Stark and Aurora watches. 

Huntington's Joke:  What do you call ships that gather in one place?  a possible strike

Murphy's Touch of a Loaded Election

Thou Shalt Not Cheat on Elections

Dumbocrat's and Rhino's relying on outdated  Intel jeopardizing US security.  (Out of touch and unworthy of modern intel communications, out of the loop, IQ of Depends) The Hey Joe War

Penel is happy that the younger generation recognizes what is ahead and remarks that even though the We the People Republic isn't perfect, it is still is a well diversified platform that learns from mistakes and won't let the people down form those that don't.


There is a little problem with repetitive brainwashing used by communists...if you tell a child that something is bad and that child learns from actual experience what one teaches is true, the child learns from being taught is trusted.  But when a person is told to believe in repeated lies that play out to be lies, the trust in the learning process is broken resulting in no trust in that person or party resulting in a house of lies effect that eventually self destructs very much in the same way a person would not be able to keep up with which was a lie or the truth and Pathological Liars as being a strong trait of a Politician, Political Party e.g.  a Bipartisan Agreement to cover up lies.  In order to fix this you have to break the cycle with getting down to the truth, else the situation escalates and manifests in the same way as in a developing serial killer or a Genocidal Dictatorship.

Huntington's  Jokes:  What do Democrats and Rhinos have in common?  Both are Psychopathetic.  What do you call a House of Representatives run by Democrats? Psychos with a Schiff stick.  Why do Politicians become Democrats? To get better drugs, security, and passwords to the voting system, plus they don't get fined for not wearing a mask.

ST:  Three Point Molly...Baby needs new shoes!  Happy Holidays  Luv/"in Life

ST decided to hit the reset  for new years...angles will ring in the new year/

read political abuse.

in ST's early years he met a angle that took many forms of life to guide him. the power of an angle can change the world in a instance. with one bright light of life the angle changed his life. this angle took a real life and rescued ST. The angle in heaven became human and took his hand in a female form loving him. (yes she had wings but not her on when on earth, he met her in another world and she follows him devoted with all of her heart.) She found away to his heart giving up her wings to marry him. Her name is Penel that is the connection to another world we will look forward to. After the new year Penel will open the gate to her world. All because St kept his faith to her. Penel says the angles decided against another reset due to wide spread political abuse.

Huntington Joke:  Which party uses fear driven tactics?   The fakes, cheaters and liars party.  Communist window dressed as Democrats.

What does Stick Schifft and the Manson Cult have in common?  Both have that wild eyed look and are house killers.  Stick Schifft would be the reincarnation of Manson.

Huntington: Pelosi runs the house very much like a cult.

Hilory-founder of the Russia Hoax

Pelosie-House wrecker


People that when asked a specific question reply off topic (off the wall) typically have problems focusing and usually are weeded out during the HR process unless the person/s in charge of the hiring process is specifically looking for the trait as it was found in a case where the technical interview spotted the abnormality.  This trait is pretty much like a fouled spark plug, meaning the individual would disrupt/distort the communication flow of important information increasing the risk for failure of group decisions.  Shelly  e.g.  You would ask somebody about the time and they would reply about the weather.  Basically the person is not qualified for the job, unable to not stay on topic technically.  Government HR's  pulled a big one.


What does Stick Schifft and the Manson Cult have in common? Both have that wild eyed look and are house killers.

Stick Schifft would be the reincarnation of Manson.

Pelosi runs the house very much like a cult.

Hilory-founder of the Russia Hoax

Pelosie-House wrecker

The Polosie  Cult Family coming to your town soon.

Ditch the Mitch

Theft Inflation

Theft is directly connected to inflation.  As theft increases the cost to bring goods to the market increases as the loses have to be absorbed.  Now if theft surges like a tsunami then that would lead to a dangerous hyper-inflation condition that would destroy the economics of a country to it's knees.  When you add catastrophic damages to the picture that would multiply the inflation to a greater extent.  This does not make online resources a protected option or solution as in the past  heavy equipment has been used to raid large distribution centers wiping out vast inventories.

Huntington Joke:  The supply chain in being destroyed right under your nose while democrats pick their ass looking for corn thinking it's gold.  Runaway Inflation e.g. $100 for a loaf of bread

Biden down graded to "White Trash"

Add a ski mask, look familiar.


Quacks like a quack

Walks like quack

Acts like a quack

Talks like a quack

Looks like a quack

Complete Quacks

Huntington Joke:  What do Fucsie and Pollosie  have in common?  Both still have a government job regardless of how bad they did their job...Birds of a Feather Flock Together.

Biden is being considered for the  Easy Wag Award

Aqueducts shut down as the Dems have no clue of what they are doing.

Suicide Drugs

Cartels are peddling a new fade of street drugs...Suicide drugs.  Depressed teens, kids can now easily end their depression with a high that leads to death that encourages them to go out kamikaze style .  We figure the huge busts has created a situation that enabled highly potent trafficking as a method to double down on the drug transportation sector.  In our findings previously busted drugs seem to have been making their way back into the mainstream, which is why no one wants to investigate because it would point at more corrupt government (mafia controlled government). thus resulting in dangerous drugs as a blackmale to allow regular channels for illegal drugs to flow again (the mafia will then cut the potency of the drugs making them usable...mafia pattern using gov hostage).  Fitz  "drugs are the hi-way" and the mafia is the "my way" .  Again cops aren't the problem, corrupt unions're were going about it the wrong way.  e.g  going off on the cashier for high prices or a price that is wrong...better management better cops. 

P: You're asking the wrong person, you might be better off asking the mafia thugs that seem to be running the house.

Huntington confirms the use of nano technology in injections.  Both Huntington and ST have been spike with a dose in the field but had already had been fore  warned of the effects,  ST comments the involuntary movements can be easily over rode.  Think of it as the banana peel in the spy biz.  Metallic taste in beverages and foods that seems to have made its way into into injections.

Shelby notes that there is several cases of injected multi-task trackers that were purposely placed in the wrist area  self power


Disperses FBI Op

All of Huntington and ST students put together a blitz of their own and Ted Approves the op.  Operation Bitz  bitz.op

Huntington notes these kids have a major leg up with ST's arsenal.  Shelby is in charge of setting up the Ghost team for the op.  these are the agents that were trained to injected into the FBI before Shelby's report of FBI's unmanageable corruption.  The kids kept the title but renamed it Forensic Based Investigations.

ST notes the new wave of suicide drugs hitting the streets is nothing new referencing a pattern from the PCP drug that instilled violence throughout communities that gave users a surge in strength and determination to be violence.  e.g. the drug was reported to increase strength, even wounded they would complete violent acts until dead.  There was never any real major issues with the extra force that was needed to take down them down, as the drug designers took this into account in their new drug plot to run havoc once more in the streets.  Digging back to PCP rings a bell.

Demoquacks fell for the commie con job

Democrats destroyed America?  No the communist took over the Democrats with the sole purpose to destroy America and discourage its allies. Trump calls the Republican Party weak is not completely true but one could understand where he is coming from...they need to be stronger. (considering the Democrats pretty much have been completely gone communist pushing terrorist tactics on its people.

Gaz Lighting

The Ukrainian gas line issue is an annual event during the end of year. They don't pay their gas bill and gas is continually being stolen, this pattern fits the current democrat corruption problems that are plague America. The whole reason for building an alternative gas line was due to the corruption of the gas going through Ukraine.  Ukraine will use the holidays and harsh weather as a sympathy card to down play the their debt to Gazprom in a on going attempt to avoid criminal charges for stealing (siphoning off) gas from the pipe line.  This puts American Politicians in check on the multi-level chess board  partaking in bribes and payoffs.

Peggy-Another military give away...can you see the pattern. Byeden in order to cover up his illegal dealings will commit US military hardware only to be subjected to a coup.

ST:  A bite too much to chew, a lesson in history and war, a hungry generation for freedom...the people will prevail.  Don't worry Democrats we (the people) have fought this war many of times.

Russia to up stage America in Ukraine making a joke out of Bunker Joe.  Ukraine steals gas but offers goods on US politicians. 

Military Full of Spies

Many communist spies in the military, use of biological warfare internally is prominent. e.g. in order to advance one of their own,  virus weapons were found to be used early on in recruit training. 


The Nazi's got their genetic cleansing ideas from none other California...home to Genetech.

 investigate them before they investigate us

tactic to avoid immediate media damage while gaining time to put forth  counter measures.  Damage control that relies on more lies to put out lies that did not work or we're found out.

Ukraine and Taiwan will end up just like the Philippines.

US bases in the Philippines about to take a dirt nap

Jan 6

The Democrats, Pollosi mainly,  had it out for Trump so bad they faked a insurrection to politically counter  and discredit his popularity.  Very typical where a government's justice system has become overly corrupt and usually gets worse in time requiring drastic measures.

The pattern is simple, the end of democrats for future elections feeds the desperation to lie, cover-up and continue with similar crimes.

Recommended to grab the bull by the horns here and put these culprits in their place...otherwise it will become the political norm for government officials to continue pulling these stunts turning politics into a draconian run state e.g.  Nazi, Communist etc. left washes the right and the finger always points to the....Oliver North?  We've done a ton of under cover on the north and when it has to go to the dryer..."It's all power play"!  "Election Power Play" e.g Power Ball, Super Lot's of Money,  click on this; the communist  stealing and blaming it on the Nazi' think freely.

Sue:  House of Unrepresentatives,

 unJusticeDpartment, unFBI and unDemocrats found guilty on all accounts.

Ukraine coup progress

Sue's Trump Thumbnail:  Trump will go down in history for saving the country from the communist democrats and the people never forgave the democrats for trying to turn the country communist.



BBB-$800,000 to see if Quail increase sex on cocaine?

fbi facebook inc. (Stasi, Gestapo)

Intercepted Intel on Americans are so stupid they fall for cons over and over was code about the FBI

Hitman Blitz with a twist...taking out high profile criminals.  Mafia's cleaning house is like a stock market crash,  even the ones that thought they can hide behind government jobs.

Unions want to remind every body why we got rid of them in the first place

Was Nixon actually tricked into Water Gate by Rhino's and the Mafia Left Damocraps to disgrace the party and accelerate  their communist plot?

Universal is a communist term used to promote community compliance,  Religion, property, rights etc.  e.g. catholic claim that it is a universal religion.  Everyone (Universal) must comply to their communist rules, or else.

Oregon is boxing in the military bases in Washington, this would require to add military bases breaking down the anti military surge  with jobs and putting forth anti military stings in the area hot spots.  e.g. a north and south war zone  (note wind currents)

Stolen by communist spies, shot down by an enemy and used against...broken record.

ST is what you call a cloned birth and many phases of his life.

Special note:  It was not Germany that was behind WWII is was Mussolini. 

All id's denoted  under the Mussolini Regine for transportation. were ear marked white  e.g.  border crossings reflect the exact spy technique.  Note federal file for Mexicans designation white.  At 7-11 the Cartel's will use immigrates to go in and by goods mainly because of all of their tattoos.  One will be the driver and the over will be the  delivery boy.  So, they are their....waiting word.


Current US Allies:  Germany, Denmark, France, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Philippines, Russia and the Queen. Hard to tell if everyone is shooting at each other.

St went through deep negotiation with Russia with regards to planned attacks on kind of  played out but corruption was more than expected. 

 funny girl....operation broken pony

Code :: Qtips  Hitman ops

Italians matter. Obvious the US inherited some of Italy's mafia ways.

Cake walk  If you know what you are doing.

Roman empire-"coliseum politics"

Still unclear if the CIA has unstuck their mast from the bottom of the swamp. 

funny how the only religious entity in the world has a nuke pointed at body would expect it would be the Vatican.  Un real.  Goes to show what a fools game the spy biz is. We went over this already and still digging into why....Catholics have a long history of being warmongers.

Prepare for prepared is always a smart move.

swap byden and hitler and what do get..hitler's Mussolini's fall guy.

Alcohol noted to have petroleum tasting by products (likely to be cancer causing)

Democrat party like a smoking gun trojan party horse for communism.  wheres their clean needles to assist drug addicts suicide program.  long hair, pcp, lsd and nobody knows who the father is.

SF has that smell of death e.g. that smell in parts of the world where life expectancy is very low.

ST and huntington reflect back on previous judge stings...will make a point to put a new crew together for another clean up.

Facebook-Stasi on steroids

fbi facebook inc. (Stasi, Gestapo)

Unions are bad for the economy-they drive prices up, and who can afford that? the rich, unions cater to the rich. if you are poor you will have to work two and three times as much for the same goods and services.  look in your history books, its a repeat.

ACLU-NY funded primarily by leftist including George Soros and known for being sue crazy.

Several countries now have the US listed as a terrorist backed country and placed on  genocide alert.  Financial World Domination, Communist plot for financial rule e.g.  a financial war tactic to put countries into debt under one financial system.


Huntington-Special Operations Executive Officer, retired

Russ-Hacking Specialist, left and went to Cyber, transferred back to be with Shelby

Zhen- International Communications

Penelope, Penel- Special Operations, semi-retired, Jenifer_ St & Penel baby girl, Sven_baby boy, another baby on the way, retired


Swanson-Identity Theft

Carl-Government Fraud Head


Amul- Computers

Savana- Genocide decoding



ST-Operations Specialist OS, active-retired; logistics. retired

Ms P now Shelby-was a Field Agent, original Penel look alike, married to Spit, adopted by Penel and ST

Nancy-Report Manager

Phil-GAS General Ambassador of Security

Batez-Stock Market

Betty-under cover specialist, head of special ops, ST's top agent

Steveo,Steve,STP, Spit,-op equipment, specialist. Replaced ST, Ops Head, married to Shelby


Shelby-Ms P temp name Head of Counter Investigations, legal daughter of Penel and ST, Married to Spit

Brad-food analyst

Ted--Pilot, Next in charge, currently in charge, moved into the field under cover badapples.op, Runs ST business.

Shawn-Religion analyst

Peggy-criminal war specialist

Shell Shelly- HR





Zoe- Disease

Phil- General Ambassador of Security

Steve nick name Hollywood: Video Fraud Division Head

Sandra- Head of the Special Task Force specializing in Psychological Warfare

Angele a former DEA agent- border op

Miguel for Border Corruption

Jody and Kemp recruits


Rafael-under cover agent


LSDB-Large Scale Dirty Bombs

MSM-Militant Socialist Movement


Mafia Cat Fight MCF.ops

Demafia-Democratic Mafia Party (DMP), Demob

CCP-Communist Catholic Party

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