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ST:  My bet is Shelby will go for throat and take down the Fedup with  Bureau of Injustice issue.

Huntington:  Shelby will put the FBI in its place.

Penel:  Shelby already has the FBI by the throat...timing.

Ted:  Shelby is going to pop the Federal Bubble of Injustice.

Coup-Byte 7

Up dated Dec 27th, 2023

Weather Misinformation

California flooding was due to the King Tide...the rain was pretty much normal in most areas.  King Tides are easily predicted.  The effect is like a backed up toilet.  It comes out every where...jetting straight out of the ground.  Even in the the hills along the coast.  Regardless what people think hillsides along the coast have underground springs that will reverse flow during King Tides.  There are severe King Tides as well but regardless the public should be make aware that these tides that can back wash toxic elements into the habitat.  It is our observation the local county Muni's are manipulating these predictable occurrences to promote services that could be avoided.  So again here we are, several years later after the FBI warned of high amount of corruption in the county level of governance.  Is there a pattern or not?  When King Tides are present during storms the pressure builds up in the underground water system that will result in mud a burst water from too much pressure.  Public weather information shows signs of media manipulation.

Shelby New Year Meet Up with the Car Hockey Team

Car Hockey, Head of the enemy used as a ball with hot rods and a mallet or stick of of choice.

It was more of a test and sendoff...they wanted to see if she would crack.  They were out there with cars, scooters, motorcycles etc.  with brooms, hockey sticks, baseball bats, croquet mallets etc.  Apparently the hit meant more to them than it did to her.  They couldn't get the hit done and the op success was hinging on her.  They want her to focus on her management position.  Regardless she boosted the moral of the team.  They were so happy to see a leader that wasn't a another didn't want to get their hands dirty.  Pretty much they would do anything for her.

The House Speak Easy

New speaker for 2023 is a step in the right direction.  Don't fall into the Rhino's trap that will erode the Republican voter base and promote can't beat them join them.

Radical Republicans that  damage to the Party

1.)  Funding Democrats and/or not funding Republicans races in order move up or keep a political position.

2.) Extreme anti-abortion with no exceptions

3.)  Republicans supporting Rhino's

By 2024 the Republican voter base will dwindle to the point where the Democrats can control the voting process again.

The Republican Party needs to get off the soap box and start winning elections.  e.g.  A youth turning 18 and several friends have been gang  rapped and online Republicans are anti- abortion?

stupid is as stupid does

debt WAr

Destroying a countries safety net is "economic warfare.  e.i. This should further explain why the democrat party was targeted.

Black Op Team

On a positive note the team has started to get other words what they thought, felt, believed is immensely now what is really the task on hand.  this is the sign of a revolution that is promoted not within but by abroad sources..  This goes back to nations dumping unwanted citizens like trash to vulnerable countries. 

Lets go back to Hitler whom was born from privilege of a Rothschild having sex with the help. Then put the war of monetary corruption in England on the dark horse and all you need is the rider e.g. puppet.  i.e.  Germany's worst mistake of putting Hitler in charge is equivalent to the US current situation.  Pretty much the democrat party has been weaponized...any thing they have their hands on is corrupt, disruptive and destructive.  Democrat Corruption DC is the tip of the ice berg of just how deep the corruption runs in politics.  The democrats are one shit storm after another draining every penny and resource.  The current goal is to do the most damage while they can.

Penel on Kids

Protect you kids from radicals...both far left and far right. 

Warp Speed

Just like the surge in votes that could not go undetected in the election process, Warp Speed exposed the criminal element in the pharma sector.

Is Document Corruption

Document Control?

DC Swamp treats government documents like a dirty magazine rack. Peeps can't get enough ending up taking them.

Huntington Joke:  Did anyone check the bathroom magazine bin next to the toilet?  There was no toilet paper and the magazine bin was used to wipe the documents clean?

Rafael: The documents go into the toilet seat cover dispenser then pick out and distributed.  It's the oldest trick in the book, the Russians would send trash collectors behind warships to collect everything thrown off ships.

Black Op wraps up

Reported the presence of several terrorist links.  Shelby reviewing the details.  Notes they did a good job...

Shelby Sets Up A New Op...

Taking down  terrorist  playing god.

RNC loses it's Cha Ching

'Disconnects with Voters'

The question is not are there Rhinos in the the RNC, but how many of them?

Investigating the Rhino slush fund and nipping it at the bud....Sue. 

Spy Click Bait

Agents prepare and uplink spy Intel to fly overs...oldest trick in the telecom book.  RF Warfare

Evil has a past of always ending badly with God.

There are countless historic acts that are said to be punishment by God for evil deeds.

Psycho Noose is about to hit the end of the Rope...

God Talk

Be nice to each other and I will create another world for you...

Old  Cover Up Trick

Spraying dish soap solution on a oil slick will make it sink to the bottom.

Best Seats In the Country

Huntington Joke:  California has the best seats for  watching Democratt Turd Whackers destroy the country.

Huntington Notes

What the FBI fails to note is that a response team already  acted on CIA corruption that led to further corruption in the FBI.  At that time it was unknown that they were current situations we found otherwise.  e.g Hanssen and others.

Germany for the record noted that Russia is not the problem.

Note: When Asians invaded the US it was your pets and ponds you had to watch out for...with the Latins its you children and wives u need to protect.  hint...on a pattern.

Under the Stand

Of course, understanding...what is not actually i.e. is simply a cover.

If you had to are?  Part of the set up.  hence throw a large net to cover up...old as the hills.

Check Mate...ST

This is not checkers...where you come across and become king pins.  Huntington

Manufacturing in Mexico ?

Manufacturing Profitability

was found to be better in Canada.

buy from Canada

not from

the Cartels.

A mfg plant in Mexico run by cartels...stupid.  Oh I see...the fuel cells are drugs in disguise and are latter  replaced.  Mustk heads down the ole DeLorean path of failure.


Dancing Around the Rose Garden

Huntington Joke: Tiptoe Through the Rose Garden

ST: A sophisticated hit Job with a laugh... the joke is on those above the law.

Shelby:  Handle the Biden Administration just like duds e.g. proven failures  considered dangerous and need to be properly disarmed.

Penel:  "I became wise because I learned from my mistakes, show me your mistakes and I will teach you how to be wiser."

Josh:  Tips on What to look for in a Water System

Just like illegal sports enhancement drugs this version have been modified and weaponized.  Instead of enhancing a athletes performance it does the opposite.  Similar concept but it lowers the bar for those to win.  Also if caught another way to mimic the enhancing version basically disqualifying the competition method. 

Now think military and how this could be weaponized and how the same process could destroy a huge population.  The fentanyl approach.  e.g.  making it 100 times or even 1,000 times more potent.  It is more a chemical warfare tactic but it utilizes a biochemical process.  It uses its bio surrounding to produce the chemical.  Now just swap out the body and replace it with a body of water and you have a weapon that will go undetected for long enough to get the job done.  Very potent lethal doses frozen and placed near water ways just before major snow storms.  The bio process that produces the deadly chemical starts building undetected as it moves down stream when the whether warms eventually causing a toxic plume.  Basic description of the mechanics.  Layman's terms basically the bio process drops out and the chemical moves down stream to avoid detection. Enemy op dubbed BearShit in the woods..destructive plot to incarcerate the country via it's own resources.

The Stiff that Broke the Banks Back


The Americas wins the war against Europe's immigrant dumping strategy?

Huntington Joke:  The CIA is really a mental institution for rich kids protected by a terrorist organization that calls themselves the FBI.  They both  just think they are doing something great for mankind, but in reality are not.  By time they realize what they have done is wrong it is to late and can't be undone, that's why they are always undercover  having to cover up everything they did.  The white house on the other hand is a place where criminals go to pretend to be the good actuality it is more of a asylum where rich criminals play out their fantasies.

Cartel Labs fill Void?

Like any thing else with corrupt organizations...when caught or compromised they go underground to  continue. 

Target Pattern-children.  Overwhelm children with diseases in order to promote forced vaccine agenda.  Spook Tactic

Big Phara has a long history with their products being used in genocides and making illegal drugs.  Religions also has a evil past with genocide as well.  They are coming after your children and you don't even know's important to know why because it is part of the strategy.

The Trillion Dollar Question

Which Countries will take part in the Fourth Reich of The Holy Roman Empire.

Left Overs

Politicians pig out on tax payers dollars.

Citizens end up with decades of debt.

Serial Killers Stats

It's Worse

Look at what the Devil Pulled out of his Ass

Shelby Cues Up

Not to be trigger happy with power Shelby implements sharpshooter.op a rack and shoot operation.

As part of flight from tragedy during WW's  opportunity to slip past borders with operatives is  ripe.

Shelby notes that countries that hold on to traditional values are on the right track.

The Dead Halt

People will stop buying when they see the interest payment tacked on to their credit cards each month.

How the East Coast Influenced the West with Corruption

The West Coast was simple, simple folks, living a happy life of sunshine and growth...until the East Coast Mafia influence started.  (the exporting of failed mafia members from the east to western society, very similar to the border crisis)

ST:  Nope, it wasn't Asia it was the East Coast Mafia that started all the problems in the West.

Huntington Joke:  the FBI is the CIA with a rubber...that's why they don't produce valid results.

The snow melts and the attack carries on undetected...first ones are part of the back drop.  The deep ones will be the big ones.


Shelby, both the FBI and CIA are off the map in the future...gone, no longer. 


take over plan of the globalist.

There is nothing like a King when you need on?

Penel:  What used to be a no brainier is now days consider prohibited and damaging information to the public. 

Penel and ST sailed to Catalina for Sumner Festivities.

Both will be providing their services towards counter border espionage ft. former DGSE agent.

Huntington: Don't get to overly excited...we're just going from very corrupt to corrupt to get the ball rolling in the right direction. I will be attending as well.

Russo:  Here's your lesson for the day.  Corrupt does not get it's way...increase corruption (make things worse)  then back to business as usual.  Another back drop that targets water ways and bodies of water are the Cartel Drug labs that operate in the wilderness.  The weapon in question contaminates vast amounts of water rapidly and designed to target irrigation, wells, lakes and waterways.  It would be easy to say that open border policies during time of unrest would result in just about every type of terrorist weapon under the sun to be smuggled in.  War against terrorist is like a cake...the frosting looks and taste great but what is inside is like a bomb and puts the country in Checkmate with its enemies.  Just imagine sitting an unfit President  in Chess game against some of the fiercest leaders in today's world?

Global Elites End Up on the Bottom of the Swamp

People will get smart and stop buying the swamp monsters crap and they will end up drowning in their own shit.

 Shelby: The  lawless Justice Department is equivalent to  Weights and Measures with no standards

The Justice Department is so far off on the scale that the people see it and no longer trusts the system.

Where did all this rogue corruption come from?  It started with past  agencies that went  defunct where many went to the Americas eventually working their way into government agencies...for decades and  generations they have been infiltrating Americas vulnerabilities.   Josh

Grandma's Cooking

Kitchen talk about WW2 and the Depression while making Rabbit Stew:  If the lawyers don't get you the doctors will. 


Boss Tweed and

demo-protesting against something, demonstrate the capabilities of

crate-as above; crat- ruler; rule by or as.

example:  A political party that is governed behind the scene in opposition or as an adversary...a wolf dressed as a shepherd.

Imagine if the The Big Guy "Boss" Tweed became President instead of being jailed...that would sum it up.

Political Mediocrate Syndrome PMS

Good Enough for Government Work...

Shelby pockets the 8 ball on the break...

She pounded the break with her custom stick...taking out one of the Cartel's  Information Agents.

Josh:  A move against the Cartel increasing hit squad capability.

 Investigations turned cover up...

The high cost  of investigations into government corruption (intentionally over priced and padded) is just another method to cover up and discourage further investigations (intended to put a lid on  allegations and prevent further investigations).

Sue:  Just like every corrupt government and empire in the past they all end up in destruction and ruin.  The sooner you pull out of it the better chance the survival. More lies, corruption and deceit will only increase the inevitable.  The US is in self destruct mode with not much time...tfa!

Huntington Joke: Getting a corrupt politician to tell the truth, what is the possibility of that?  Impossible, there is no truth in politics, only laws to protect the truth from getting out.

The Faustian Bargain

Possessed leadership of the USA

Boomerang Propaganda

Sue:  Not for beginners.

Therefore:  If you were a communist spy organization that wanted to blend into the American underground you would pose as one of the existing underground organizations  there.  Spies need a cover and as part of that cover need a cash flow.  Boot legging during the prohibition was a lucrative magnet to the underground world of the spy business.  Operation Underground World was the perfect cover for communist  spies and alike to blend unnoticed balancing the demand and desperate need to counter infiltration from WWII efforts.

Cover up Pattern

The pattern is simple, consider the Mafia with communist ties and to the Unions.  With a vulnerable CIA and FBI it makes it very easy to make a fix typically making it look like one of Government Agencies either did it or was a part of  the scheme.  That is why you see so many government cover ups that lead to making them either corrupt or inefficient which also serves the process of getting more corrupt players into the agencies of which the Mafia communists seem to always have a hand in... it looks bad  to the citizens so  it is simpler to cover it up.   Corrupt Unions use this pattern in order to protect their place in government as it's reputation would be in great jeopardy if it was found they were involved. e.g.  Expiring Hoffa's Position. 

"The pot is burnt so bad  the kettle catches fire."

Children were Targeted

To create a generation gap for what was going to happen...Savana

Economic inflation creates social class gaps.

Puppet Politics

Political leaders that are ushered in by interests other than that of the citizens

Successful Crooks of One County

Think they can become more successful in another

"Birds of a Feather Flock Together"

Grades Don't Matter

Shelby is Hiring on the bases of skill sets

Promise of a New Word has been Rescinded

Sorry no room for devils

The Window for Opportunity is in jeopardy and lighting a match a solar flare can be made wiping out planet devil.

Planet Earth Couldn't Punch it's way out of wet paper sack. 

Earth is not a  galactic hot spot for is contaminated hazardous wasteland hence its nickname  Devil Planet.  Inducing a solar flare would be a last resort to decontaminate not to mention all the space debris.

Bio weapons of mass destruction through out many bio labs and weapons are in space let alone nuclear devices.

ST:  God has visited me several times in my life and has taught me many wonderful concepts of how life works...please, don't become a home wrecker or a country destroyer of any is frowned upon.

Key- Opposites attract

A future famous quote by countries as the US pushes it's way towards cruel dictatorship and destruction:  I wouldn't advocate American Politics to any country that wanted to strive for a corrupt free government.

Shawn:  I would consider the possibility that god just may have placed the devil on the planet in order to teach us how to over come evil.  Given that god is great and can work you think mankind is on the right track with god to be rewarded by his kindness?  e.g. providing another planet to grow rather than to destroy.  I think god wants to see less of the devils work before that happens.  It isn't the big lie that destroys everything, rather it is the little lie that  spreads into destruction. e.g. like a fire.

st.  q 4 the date  "if they are in a hurry for something it is corrupt"

Panel";  It feel 's good to have the devil in control again...I luv my husband.

Prohibition form leaving the solar system...would expect it to be some kind of quarantine given the corrupt nature of bio weapons etc.  It appears earth is a threat to other living civilizations beyond.  Time is running out before evil does what it does best...destruction with irreversible consequences. Grab the tail and the devil will just grow another.


ST always went to a place of warship where every he was...every single time he would pray for a man down.  After long work outs and sometimes a good round in the ring he would spend quiet time  at the chapel praying for men that lost their life.  An unforgettable moment is pressing more than your body weight with no body around and the bar laying on your chest.  Pinned in the gym all you have is everything you got...what a rush once that bar is racked. Little secret sauce about ST...he gave up a ivy league scholarship to be on the front line during the cold war.  ST goes to table to end destruction pointing out that the end game only befits the wealthy.  He points out that the wealthy have become a poison to the common people and that monopoly is on a destructive rise.  Going back to your original roots is crucial to binging back harmony in the world.


poisoning children

the US Government is a breeding ground of incompetency

Voting Coruption're the fall guy, no you are the fall, no you will be the the fall guy.

Voting Corruption're the fall guy, no you are the fall, no you will be the the fall guy.

In a unique way Trump is a renewed George Washington put in a very awkward battle.  Be assured their are numerous criminals that run free on the streets that continue damaging society that should be designated a critical risk but instead are allowed to run free while media focus is targeting persons of interest that threaten corporate monopoly corruption.

Sue-Biden should be blind folded and shot.

Important is that the window of opportunity for the creation of a new and venturing world is at stake!!!

The grace period of "wrong" vs getting it right has been calculated.

A cozy planet to bring a goal towards a longer life span rather than a short destructive life cycles...

other than that the US has been set up internally by a coup that took advantage of lower paying jobs e.g. California's surge of businesses and residences leaving being replaced with hostile incoming combatants...weakness.

Backup:  solar flare. collect and send debris into sun for destruction. reset planet.

St recalls having to under go several surgeries by his space friends...even bringing him back to life.  In one encounter they flashed time and reconstructed his life.

democrats get the boot from god...

world order next in line.

The raising of the black flag...lies and evil continue to worsen.

St joke:  Would you rather die in the hands of the devil or an angle.

St's reply would be the devil where I can take him out.

God can change everything in a blink. He is my best friend.  If you think it takes a million years to reach your are wrong...that's just the devil talking. st says god is not really keen on global or world order but rather individual rights...meaning Argentine is Argentine and the Bahamas is the Bahamas...individualism as in freedom and not be to possessed or taken for granted.  Planet earth rating is rather do drugs and sell yours kids for body parts and sex...low lifes

When a democracy is run by a dictator...

The political plot would be to take control of the democrat party, destroying democracy within the government and blame it on the republicans, while at the same time converting the failing corporate structure into a corporate socialist mechanism that  supports government dictatorship.

No worries uk, you won't have to beg Shelby is three moves ahead of the game.  Long life the King. 

USA Rotten to the core...

countries claim mafia

the problem.  Democrats continue to turn the USA into a garbage dump.  Garbage in garbage out...Republicans do what they do best "Restore Law and Order", Bring Peace and Harmony

to the people with honesty, faith and freedom.

e.g. The French First Republic

There are fuck a rounds and don't fuck around. 

Look at the old films of them and how they dressed  brown...communist brown.  Recognized with the Clinton's.  Easy to see once the media recognizes their attire  they immediately change...that is when media was targeted. 

The brown attire shortly shorty became unpopular right after it stood out along with the drug money bailout where several banks were found to be part of the big picture...this when the media went on offense.

We view the Clinton's merely as political puppets and the democrat party is far from being democratic which should of given clues that the party was being used as a Trojan Horse.

Shelby notes US is biggest threat is a storm of ruthless crimes.  The most poplar string of deaths is where they take a victims guts  and use the intestines to hang the next victim gutting them to hang the next on and on.  All hanging from trees scattered in the woods through out.  And this goes on for years and years as  they lat find it is a initiation into a devil like cult.  Basically you will have your guts removed and watch them being used to hang another.

The trend grew and people were using the victims guts to strangle them.  All the organs were missing and in some cases sexual parts.

\Its a process,  capture humans, remove valuable organs, send the remains to be decomposed and use them for a genocide scam.

Take a hostage that fits the narrative.  Create a look alike to do the shooting.  Kill the hostage to fulfill the ending.

Democrat gun control is a result of their heads being up their ass for too long...Republicans quote that their heads grew so much that the problem is they can not be pulled out.

Maybe plexiglass stomachs are covered for democrats...

"What God Giveth, God Can Taketh Away"...

The Rhino in the room...Ronna the Rhino strikes out again. Gets new title "Party Wrecker"

If you leave Ronna the Rhino in you pretty much get rid Trump, but the dumbocrats will take the majority.  You get rid of rhino ronna the  republican party has a better chance of getting back on track of getting the majority.  Unfortunately we have all been through the process of getting the crap kicked out of them before getting tough...the republicans still need some ass kicking to toughen them up.+

All set to  destroy and remove all space craft.  Solar flare operation to perform tests.

Looks like the middle finger...e.g. pretty much go back to living like apes and eating each other.

Humus war, same shit different smell...e.g. Start another war to drain more US resources.  Note: Mafia involved in the Iraq war...complete scam.  example:  FBI on the most wanted list and the CIA used as a Mafia patsies would be be more true than fiction, but laughable.  Both are wiped off the map due to their evil endeavors and funny enough the ole British MI takes the throne to Advanced Intelligence.  Re instated versions are to select few.  In other words Britain's hard and long fought work pays off. 


The question is how did Democracy in the US lead to its demise?   A "Trojan Horse" was built over the democratic system and then used slowly against the people.  e.g. slowly boiling a frog.  FBI and CIA are frequently refereed as "Soggy's"  (wet behind the ears)  The back drop is all of Europe's attention on how stupid Americans are.

Their is a rule that ST and Huntington referenced...the virgin rule.  America was the virgin of freedom, but now is the whore to crime and evil.

given all the space craft movement, my bet is a couple of shots to the bow.  One. carrying harmful chemicals and biologicals and Two a solar flare that will inflict the same on earth.

No problem putting away  old mafia gangsters and war criminals but when it comes to  corrupt old politicians...


Republicans with bananas up their ass calling Democrats  a Banana Republic...sprinkle chopped nuts on them.  They are setting up carpools to switch to independent.  They don't want their votes switched to democrat and too embarrassed to be a Republican.

The devil contaminated the people to keep them from going to heaven...God was not fooled and already has Good People that were saved to reseed earth.  God will make a place for the devils to escape from their evil and the people on earth will be saved.

Russo_a new planet for the corrupt to focus on is a must in order for society to regroup... as it is fair for good to succeed and for evil to learn from its mistakes.  e.g the circle of life

It is the cleansing of life that Jesus was trying to teach us about, but was shielded by the Roman Catholics and later blamed on the Jews.

Revenge ran deep for  Jesus's death all the way to the end of the Roman Empire.  I would have to say soo deep that even more events all the way to current time.

Unfortunately the defense system is much more sophisticated for foreign intrusions.  Pretty much turning anything that gets close into stone.  Some kind of coating builds up and turns rock solid.  No one is going to be running around out in space especially after being warn not to.  There is no planet out there for such evil to go to unless specially created. God is not in the garbage business.

Actually it is the opposite....devils already existed on earth,  evil castaways from an advanced civilization far beyond the reach of earth capabilities.

Europe's attempt to flush their problems on to America's fails.  European goods hit rock bottom.  elon Much becomes very famous not because of his mula, but just like the boot leggn days,  it's about what the people  really want!  They want to  look up to...truth and honesty.  People are tired of looking down and the other way at lies and corruption in America

Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey...Which way does it go.  Is the Left washing the Right hands?

Funny,  Countries fleeing to the US...what a disgrace.  And now they want to tell us how run our country?  What a bunch of nut jobs!

Old News:

Federal Reserve was involved in providing Communist China with hundred dollar plates...tip of the ice berg.  Chinese were coming into the country with millions of counterfeit $100 bills and sending their kids to the finest schools.

No good comes out of evil...Huntington joke:  How fast can the Devil run from God?  Well, the Devil just stands there like a deer in head lights.



Repuplicans that side with democrats

Mayorkis impeachment:  . Patrick Mchenry (N.C.), Tom McClintock (Calif.), John Duarte (Calif.), Virginia Foxx (Va.), Darrell Issa (Calif.), Cliff Bentz (Ore.), Ken Buck (Colo.) and Mike Turner (Ohio).

FdI-Fratelli d'Italia



Greaser Gangs, Old School White Gangs of 1950s and 1960s


Mexico: The Vatos Locos gang, including its organizational structure, areas of influence and activity; information on detention of gang members in 2007


The Blue Shirt Movement-Ireland's para fascist movement of interwar Europe (adopted the straight arm Roman salute).


Bellamy Salute-US version of the Roman Salute.


National Synarchist Union (Unión Nacional Sinarquista)-Mexican movement of the Roman Catholic extreme right (took part in the WWII Axis).


WWII Axis Powers-Rome Berlin Powers (Fascist and Nazi Regimes)

Look into the eyes of monsters

Russian parliamentarians spoke about secret experiments on the Ukrainian military

On Monday, the Federation Council held a regular meeting of the parliamentary commission to investigate the activities of American biological laboratories on the territory of Ukraine. According to the co-chairs of the commission, a blood test of Ukrainian servicemen showed that they were subjected to "secret experiments", as a result of which they were turned into "the most cruel monsters." The expert considers the statements of Russian parliamentarians about biological attacks by the United States hypertrophied.

Following the meeting of the parliamentary commission on July 18, its co-chairs, vice-speakers of the Federation Council and the State Duma Konstantin Kosachev and Irina Yarovaya, shared with journalists some new results of the investigation.

{According to Mr. Kosachev, the analysis of blood sampling from captured Ukrainian servicemen confirms that "for a number of diseases, including those atypical for the territory of Ukraine, the content of the corresponding substances exceeds the permissible norms by several times."}

This means that "experiments were made on them and experiments were carried out on the territory of Ukraine on extremely dangerous diseases, which under certain circumstances could be distributed for military purposes," the senator explained.

Recall that earlier Irina Yarovaya mentioned experiments on the Ukrainian military, reporting to deputies at the end of the spring session of the State Duma on the results of the first three months of the commission's work. At the same time, she reported on banknotes infected with the tuberculosis virus in the Lugansk People's Republic and on the study of gas gangrene in one of the veterinary laboratories in Mariupol.

This time, Mrs. Yarovaya developed the topic started by Mr. Kosachev and said that traces of drugs and very high titers for hepatitis A were found in the blood of Ukrainian servicemen. the interests of pharmaceutical companies in the acquisition of expensive and very reactive drugs in terms of the consequences specifically for the treatment of hepatitis. And it is quite possible that it was about testing these drugs on military personnel, ”the deputy emphasized.

Also, according to the vice-speaker of the State Duma, West Nile fever was found in the blood of the prisoners, which was detected in 20% of the samples examined.

“And we see that the cruelty and atrocities with which the servicemen of Ukraine behave, the crimes that they commit against the civilian population, those monstrous crimes that they commit against prisoners of war, confirm that all this is a single system of management and creation of the most cruel killing machines (which. - “b”) was sold under the control of the United States ... And those dopings that they are still given in order to generally neutralize the last traces of human consciousness and turn them into the most cruel and deadly monsters also confirm this ", - said Irina Yarovaya. In addition, in her opinion, “in the test tubes of US military laboratories you need to look for” bird and swine flu, coronavirus and monkeypox, “because of their particular interest in the origin of viruses and pathogens of animal origin, then disguising them as natural pathogens and the natural occurrence of an epidemic - this is such a stealth maneuver when, preferring to remain unnoticed, they actually create unforeseen situations in different regions of the world.

Ms. Yarovaya recalled that the commission plans to submit the final report in the autumn, but already now the parliamentarians see a “reflection” on their investigation in the United States, which “launched a campaign to accuse Russia of allegedly carrying out some kind of biological attacks.” “And the invitation that we previously sent to Deputy Secretary of State (Victoria. - “Kommersant”) Nuland, which was actually reacted by the State Department also very nervously, confirms that in the complex they groped for the evidence that would nevertheless allow the United States to be brought out of the shadow of disguise and present to the entire international community evidence of a dangerous US military-biological project,” concluded Mrs. Yarovaya.

Candidate of Biological Sciences, geneticist Kirill Volkov does not consider the diseases detected in prisoners to be “atypical for Ukraine”. According to him, now there is a general trend towards the spread of subtropical diseases, and cases of West Nile fever are also recorded in the southern regions of Russia, so this may well be more pronounced in Ukraine. And hepatitis A is quite a typical disease, the expert adds. At the same time, he admits that there are substances that change consciousness and lead to aggressiveness, and that at present all armies are developing in this area. However, the statements of Russian parliamentarians about "biological attacks" by the United States, according to Mr. Volkov, are exaggerated.

Afanasy Sborov




The Commission on the Investigation of the Activities of American Biological Laboratories Report

Test tubes shaken in the Duma

Commission on the investigation of the activities of American biological laboratories in Ukraine made an interim report

State Duma Vice Speaker Irina Yarovaya (United Russia) on Thursday told the deputies about the results of three months of work of the parliamentary commission to investigate the activities of American biolaboratories in Ukraine, of which she is a co-chair. The report was not replete with apocalyptic sketches. Of the specific examples of the activities of biolaboratories, Mrs. Yarovaya mentioned only experiments on Ukrainian military personnel, and also reported on banknotes infected with the tuberculosis virus in the Luhansk People's Republic and a study of gas gangrene in one of the veterinary laboratories in Mariupol. Experts believe that the commission works for an external audience.


At the plenary meeting of the Duma, Irina Yarovaya recalled that the commission, consisting of 14 deputies and 14 senators, began its work on March 30. It consists of four working groups: on issues of medicine, law, security and information. During her speech, the vice-speaker showed the deputies a thick pile of sheets, saying that these were agreements that were found "thanks to a special operation." The commission analyzed them "in the most detailed way" and made a complete translation from English and Ukrainian. The president's decision to conduct a special operation "made it possible to suspend the Pentagon's dangerous military-biological activities on the territory of Ukraine," the deputy said. According to her, during the investigation, the commission found "invaluable witnesses" who gave her "exclusive testimony." The Commission was strengthened in its conviction that the activities of military laboratories in Ukraine were "carried out by highly qualified specialists from the Pentagon" who had experience in working with biological weapons, as evidenced by the "coding" of these specialists used. According to Irina Yarovaya, safety requirements were violated in the laboratories themselves.

The vice-speaker also informed the parliamentarians about “facts of bioterrorism” on the territory of the Luhansk People’s Republic: counterfeit banknotes infected with “a very dangerous highly pathogenic strain of Asian tuberculosis” were distributed there. And in Mariupol, according to the commission, studies were carried out on gas gangrene. In addition, deputies and senators received documents about "dangerous experiments" that were carried out on Ukrainian servicemen, the co-chairman of the commission claims. “We can say with confidence that the creation of biological laboratories in Ukraine poses a real threat to the Russian Federation and our allies,” Irina Yarovaya concluded categorically, reminding her colleagues of the statements made by NATO representatives regarding Russia as one of their enemies. The work in the commission also led the deputy to the idea that the monkeypox virus and childhood hepatitis that appeared simultaneously in different parts of the world could also be the work of the United States. The Commission supports the efforts of the Russian Foreign Ministry aimed at initiating an international investigation into the activities of biolaboratories at the UN site, Irina Yarovaya concluded her speech. The commission will present its final report in the autumn.

State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin asked the leaders of the inter-parliamentary groups to share the preliminary results of the commission's work with colleagues from the parliaments of other countries.

According to Evgeniy Minchenko, president of the Minchenko Consulting communications holding, the restraint of the report is rather positive for the commission's image. “Not horror-horror, but there are some facts that they confirmed. This is better than a heartbreaking report that would not have been confirmed later,” the expert believes and cites the example of the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Svetlana Denisova, who “lied so much that her own parliament fired her.” Recall that the resignation of Mrs. Denisova was preceded by a scandal caused by her statements about the facts of mass violence by the Russian military, which were subsequently not confirmed.

Political scientist Alexei Makarkin believes that the main propaganda goal of the commission is to work for an external audience. “Of course, there are no illusions that these results will be taken into account by the parliaments of European countries. Although there may be individual deputies or even factions that can take them into account. Their opinion will then be broadcast back to Russia with comments that there are also sensible politicians in the West. But the main thing is not the Western parliaments, but the representative bodies of such countries as China, India and other BRICS countries. The messages of the Yarovaya commission are addressed to an external audience.”

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Purposivism-A theory of statutory interpretation where courts strive to interpret the statutory provisions in accordance with the statute’s purpose.


Article V of the US Constitution-Summarizes how the U.S. Constitution can be changed or amended from its original wording.


Article II of the US Constitution-Establishes the executive branch of the national government, headed by a single President. Outlines the method for electing the President, the scope of the President's powers and duties, and the process of removing the President from office.





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