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1%-The maximum for how many people may know what is really going on

Π²-Lin is the polylogarithm. 13 is equivalent to Π² = 12 Li2 (1/2) + 6 (ln 2)²

ABW- Accelerated Bio Weapon

AEC-The Art of Expediting a Crisis

AMT-Another Mafia Turd

BDG-Billion Dollar Gangsters

BWB "Big World Bluffers"

C²M-Computer Controled Measures

Chopped Liver-Gut the place

CP-Capitol Punishment Mafia version Capital Pee-on's

CTRS-Chemicals that target the reproductive system

DMToE- the Dead Monkey Time of Error

DMG-Dirty Money Group

ECHELON-Code Name for a Global Network Surveillance System

EμV-Enhanced Micro Video

EV-Evil Foe

FBI-Farmost Best Intel (Mafia Informant Version- Family's Board of Intimidators)

FOCUS-Future Organized Crime Union Syndicate (also called the Future Family)

FVEY-Five Eyes

GPTF-Genocide Preventive Task Force

GoD's-Government on Drugs or Governments Dependent on Drugs

GOP-Grapevine of Politics

HACS "hidden agenda colossals"


Holiday-Mafia Break

Holly War-Super Rich on Drugs

Hopscotch-Throw the money in the right places and win

KBG-Killer Green Bud

KGB-Krimlin's G-men's Best

KGD-Known Good Doctor

Krysha-Russian Mafia

Legal Corruption Legal Updated Spreadsheet Reference Reading by Daniel Kaufmann & Pedro Vicente

Mobsters, Unions, and Feds by James B. Jacobs

MBP-Mafia Buying Power: When the Mafia wants something they drown it in drugs & corruption then buy it for next to nothing!s-Mafia spies

MW-Mafia Wars-Smoke Signals for the Super Rich

OMDMO-Organized Media Deception Mafia Organizations

Pentagon-a funny looking shape that looks like a square with a pointed hood where money disappears.

Politics-Stacking one lie on another as high as possible, going over the heads of the people, above the law.

PYLE-People You Least Expect

SD-Street Drugs

Pentagon-a funny looking shape that looks like a square with a pointed hood where money disappears

RW²-Right whether Wrong

SBS- Secret Banking System

SCS-Simplified Communication System

S&M's-Social Media Manipulation

SS-Schutzstaffel Reference Reading:

SW-Street Warfare

TBT "too big to be true...believed or to be seen"

The Pyramid of Corruption-reference reading by Kiran Batni

Trojan-Pay us every sunday because god is inside

Trojan Horse-Heroin Distribution Center

V²S-Virtual Value System

Wafia-Womens version of the Crime Family (Boogiemen hiding behind Skirts)

White House-The Boogieman Did It!

W²R-wrong whether right

LSDB-Large Scale Dirty Bombs

MSM-Militant Socialist Movement


Mafia Cat Fight MCF.ops

Demafia-Democratic Mafia Party (DMP), Demob

CCP-Communist Catholic Party

Rhino- RINO (Republican In Name Only)

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