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Coup-Byte 2                                                                          last updated 9-13-20

Special Task Force SET.op

Special agents from both CIA and FBI have wrapped up the initial investigation on internal corruption.and are in route to HQ with plans to clean out the agencies of what ended up being a government attack of mafia spies. Credit goes to special analyst of the FBI that picked apart the slogan "Do Nothings" during election campaigns with the new mafia definitions.

Haste Makes Waste

The Mafia uses urgency as a precursor to their future demands of organized evil plots. The use of confusion utilizing Monsters, Fake Gods and Catastrophe is all propaganda.

The Communist Mafia Link

From a outside foreign agency a report has surfaced with regards to a international threat of the mafia communist party under various groups and organizations with a terrorist like plot to rule the world. After putting it through the mafia definitions the report was flagged as a high possibility the operation was in process here in States . Huntington is reviewing the report and the research details while Penelope has been given the duty to verify the evidence.

The report was very detailed with regards how the mafia has been engaged in terrorist operations, work force organizations, political parties and even non-profits using the communist as its backbone for over taking states, countries and their resources.

In the report was information about the Kennedy and Hoffa dispute with regards to the Union and the mafia having ties to the communist. The conclusion in the report was that it was very likely that the Kennedy’s were actually assassinated because of the investigation into union ties to the mafia and communist working together, whether they were kill because of the investigation itself or because the Kennedy’s failed to cover up the connection is still being uncovered.

The use of extreme violence unveils the importance to the concealment, the report also included the plot of using women to make it more believable or sympathetic to the public.

The more in depth section of the research provides leads to mole FBI agents that aimed to cover up the connection to the communist mafia to protect their spies using what information they had from CIA moles to camouflage it as some kind of international psycho experiment.

Most interesting is the connection of the mafia and communist to the spy business for Huntington's team while other agencies seemed to have been successfully thrown off track by propaganda and administrative clot of internal mafia communist spy ring (MCSR).

Huntington: According to the reports it appears that the mafia and communism have joined forces. We action plans in place for these kind of findings.

Penelope: The timing politically points to how actively aggressive the organization is to controlling the government. It is what we call the two face shuffle of the deck...we will get past it.

Russ: We picked up many leads that suggest the internet is being swallowed up by the exact same type of organization as explained in the report and will put of a cybernet.

Mafia connection to communism Meetings

Huntington: In a thumbnail the report does have merit, there is a correlation to communist with regards to the spying. More in line with political corruption the mafia indeed has has been actively engaged in black market intelligence for profit. St. has been routed for a briefing on his encounters in the field which will shed light the workings. In a flash he briefly explained it as a effect, if you don't want people to see the details you focus out or wide (board view) and when the big picture is jeopardized you will see a focus in typically on something to divert the attention off anything leading to the big picture.

ST -Making a stop in Cuba to pick up a surveillance report on Black Market Trafficking.


Huntington: Today's meeting will be quick and short and to the point as all of us have urgent matters to tend to. Penelope could you please open.

Penelope: Yes, I have put together a key list of participants in the black market intel ring...once ST reports are finalized and approved a strategy for the take down will proceed.

Savana: Walks into the meeting

Penelope: Perfect here it is, Thank You Savana. So lets knock it out. ST

ST: We don't have an agent on the inside, we do have evidence, so the question at present is the verification process...which is being handed out.

Penelope: Note to herself {She saw right away after glancing at the report that ST's crew just slipped a psychological interrogation at the FBI and she new exactly why? MH aka Man Hole for Mole Hunt} He doesn't miss beat...very cleaver nodding her chin up with a glittering smile.

Huntington: The initial probe into corruption within the government was conclusive for the presence of spying operations. Further operations are to be placed throughout government agencies and affiliates. ST's Special Task Force has provided detailed and valid evidence on how spy rings operate without being detected while maintaining correspondence with various leaders via Spies Point of Contacts that buffer the dangerous association to organizations that are involved mass murder, terrorists operations along with past organizations that still operate in the dark from the Hitler Age of Leader that promoted war, death camps and the absolute elite of supremacy known for its barbarian ways of rule. ST

ST: Yes, the operations are showing up on the radar. Meaning we can clearly see and trace their every more. Simply, it is like playing with several decks of cards...they don't take out the joker (the sympathy card). What you is a branch of the spy ring with several kings or aces. Sort of like a Master Spy but the collector of winning cards. It would be like playing chess and your opponent had several queens or knights. This report spells out the most important threat of adversaries to the ring itself. Basically 52 card pickup. The idea is start the process of cleaning kids learning to clean their own room. In the background my team has several decks of spy operatives that have to be taken out of play...timing for each move has to be carefully worked out in order to reduce strategic interference. Unfortunately today I have the obligation to inform the agencies involved that mafia spy operations are currently using bio chemical weapons on their subjects ranging from making soft hits utilizing disease to hard core hits from drugged-out gang want-a-Be's. e.g. In one case an agent was slowly killed off with a sex encounter that ended with a deadly version of Aids that currently has no treatment. There will be a upgrade to the special disease ops as it is evident that there is a development in the finding of a increase in using diseases as weapons involving terrorist groups. And finally a special detail will be set up with the task of adding corruption organizations such as the mafia and gangs etc as a terrorist related threat. That's it for now.

Penelope: My gosh, I can write a book on all the agent lost his marriage over a herpes finger swab incident at the actually worked out uncovering a spy but the ordeal caused a divorce. The craziest one is one of the computer specialist had a relationship with a gal that would do a breathing routine during sex, sharing the same air during climax. It did not click for him until he was diagnosed with only 3months to live. We found she had a rare tuberculosis and used the height of sex organism to transfer the disease. And it goes on and on. Some agents hook up with other agents as a safety factor. Then you have those that tangle with death, most drop out after a couple encounters. The ones that work it out say once you get past a certain point it becomes a natural routine but never let your guard down and learn to take punches.

Huntington: Great job...Okay currently we in the mist of the thinking where the public is being deceived that the second shoe has to drop. That is completely wrong...the first shoe has not even dropped yet. Basically don't get yourself fooled into thinking one shoe is left when both shoes are still in the process of on going investigations. The party is not over and just beginning.

Penelope: On the positive side everything is up and what ST is getting at is the democratic system is broken. Regardless of right or wrong if you're out numbered you are wrong. So it is something like ST is explaining if they have all winning cards or all the major pieces on the chess board that makes you a loser. Basically this scenario is driving justice backwards to when if the whole town thinks someone is witch or a killer they just go out and hang them...did not work then not going to work now or in the future. So mafia corruption has incorporated this into the election process to protect and benefit their future black market business dealings by stacking the deck at elections.

Savana: By next week I will have the political numbers for mafia and gang relationships to terrorist activities along with a spreed sheet of political party links to the mafia and gangs associated with terrorist activity. This will give a glimpse of the point of contacts into government via political corruption. Once ST and Penelope finish threat assessment approach I will run the spy ring program with the mafia and gang data to correlate the connections to government espionage and terrorist groups world wide. Once the world wide data is formulated then Criminal IT can ready the data for investigative clues. After passing the investigative clues Special Agents can fully make use of the data on the criminal grid.

Fitz: I think a run on pattern background for clean needles for junkie activists might show something...maybe run it back all the way back for leads. One thing is for sure if we don't get the Mafioso's, their gangs and related businesses out of government the United States will become another Fallen Empire in the History Books. This War horse shit is the biggest Trojan Tick right Capital Hills Nose...The real war is against the Organized Crime Mafia's. Their using drugs and wars to manipulate politics and commerce.

Huntington: There is a expedite on several Mafia Terrorist Stings. Once it gets geared up there will be a considerable amount of funding for the is confirmed and a high priority. Actually the paper work for adding the Mafia and Gangs as well as their affiliates as Terrorist Groups is signed off already. I was there personally it's "Heads are going to Roll and "Drugs will Rot in Hell"

Fitz: Thanks to the new programs we have confirmation that the cocaine increase is directly related to the expansion of Columbia and Venezuela (Cartel of the Son's) while Russia's presence pretty much tells the story in itself...corruption. Technically there is already a war in the region against Drugs and Traffickers (Operation Saturn Venezuela) but the pattern of Russia getting involved when ever a Black Market Mafia country is in trouble has registered red flags world wide with Criminal Agencies. Given this alert we ran more history to the patterns and have concluded that Russia appears to be morphing into another or better said next generation of Stalinism that is feeding and preying off of countries with corruption, mafia and black market issues and using them to rebuild the "Old Empires of the Past". There is much more that is under current investigation, but security clearance information to its regard in isolated.

This is very significant to the United States current struggle with drugs and politics, it actually suggests that our resources are in jeopardy. Further more it provided the much needed insight on how the American Mafia and Russian Mafia are presently working together.

The puzzle pieces together like a wolf with sheep's clothing...except the next generation has a extensive wardrobe of innocent people that have no choice but to go along with the corrupt surroundings. It is kind of like the bad apple in the bunch. The mafia and gangs rely heavily on good people as a cover. Very similar to the profile of serial killers...they look like ordinary people that wouldn't hurt a fly. e.g. You can have a friend that is the best person in the world, but in certain situations that friend could become your worst enemy when coerced by mafia or gang members. As more drugs hit the streets so does the presence of the mafia and their gangs. This is a big issue especially with gun owners, because if you take away their guns the result will be the mafia and their gangs with guns and that scenario leaves the enemy in a position to conquer, take control and over throw. It is equivalent to giving everyone in prison a gun and then letting them go free in a community of people that had their guns taken away...its a military strategy. Feed the country drugs and turn the users into weapons while utilizing drug profits to gain popularity in politics and social organizations.

Magic: We at the deep end of the pool where drug criminal syndicate swim...there is a direct link to drugs, politics and the border going back to the social security numbers from graves SSG.ops. With the new mafia pattern definitions we were able to associate the increase of acclivity to elections. The demand for money and votes clearly a motivation. As elections start up the need for buying power of politicians and the increase of voting power both take part in fixing the political stage. With a no id policy and a voting mechanism that can easily be manipulated foreign criminal organizations can influence the outcome of elections. The international Joke heard world wide is that Americans are so dumb & lazy they let other countries vote for them.

So like Fitz says the Drug Trade Expanded and now we know more about the 4 W's. (Who, why where when)

RJ: This has opened the door to investigate countries that are aiding and betting the Black Market of Traffickers, Cartels, Mafia and Gangs. The business of providing "Black Market Criminals" support for their illegal activities is a very lucrative. This also contributes to the increase of stealing government and military secrets. Criminals are willing to pay a lot of money on support that will give them the edge and keep them in business whether it be weapons or a tip on government operations. As these Criminal Organizations get bigger and bigger the need for military cooperation becomes more important. That is the strategy we are seeing...

Typically Criminals Organization get in and get out making the most out it with out getting caught' So most of these situations fizzle or fade away. But when they don't and start to take on military might that's when Major Wars and Genocides will ramp up. Basically it is the way of the criminal mind of greed, they want it all and they start to role play god to eventually believe they are some kind of supreme ruler entitling them self as he world leader to only find them self to be a designated fall guy because wars are always made in pacts. There is always one big stooge in the mix that they can get everyone to believe while the pact runs off with the money and profits.

Jake: That's where the media comes in. Presently the hunt is on for a WW III Stooge. Once they figure out which is best to puppet the next war they will then attempt to build it up. This does not always work and require several attempts or even switching out the stooge, but if left to run its course, war is inevitable....why, because it is very big money and the risks are worth taking to become a trillionaire elite stealing billions from governments by manipulating wars and contracts.

Amul: Medical Fraud's booming criminal business is partially to blame. We expect to see a decline in manipulative diseases as special ops derail medical fraud criminals. Like fake news the medical industry is swamped with phony criminal actions from diagnosis to treatment. e.g. a kidney worth $250,000 and a fake diagnosis is a good down payment on a house. It is no secret that social media can be used to target medical information and is a increasing issue. Once the criminal syndicate has control over medical records it can use the social media network to further prey on victims .eg. that can be easily misdiagnosed or even abducted and used for body parts. The social media has become a second heaven for criminals and the fight against social media corruption is ramping up. Again we would expect crime rates to lower across the board as several ops tare through the syndicates vast structure. e.g like going into treat a cold and ending up with a massive Ebola outbreak. There would be no words to express how extensive the mafia media corruption turned out to be.

Savana: The rich get richer, the poor poorer increases the criminal activity against the poor leading to genocide and war. It feeds off itself and in order to stop the escalation you need to break the cycle. There are three things to stay away from when growing up: Drugs; they are bad for your health, Criminals; they will use and abuse your talent. Both will leave you in a state wishing you would of done some good in your life time. Finally stay away from any form of communist and communes; they will take everything from you, over run your country and run it into ground resulting in genocide and a war as a cover up. Walking away from these three will give your life more meaning in the long run.

When it comes to religion during boiling times of government turmoil you have to keep in mind that they are vulnerable as well. If a congregation falls prey to the enemy or show signs of a Cult transformation and you find yourself involved it would be best to separate e.g. you will notice criminal activities and pattern. Trafficking abuse of kids and for organs are a red flags. There are more religions that get wiped out than what is still in existence and history tales are riddled with religious wars. The current bombing of churches and religious events are a red flags. Anything relating to the Mafia is double trouble, don't get involved.

Ms P: In some situations you may find yourself trapped, that is, sucked into something before you know it. Not getting out will lead to being caged in...this is called blackmail and you have every right to evade it. Blackmail is a very popular way to force commitment e.g. to force someones hand. What they do is make you guilty of something and turn you into pond. Don't fall for it. Currently Street Gangs are using this for initiations that has been increasing for years this is a red flag and double trouble as it leads kids on the pathway to being part of the Mafia. Another red flare is driving on the freeway where you will see gang graffiti on pretty much every sign.

Russ: The internal building of an armed force is what it is. Old as the hills. A Trojan Horse looking for a President to hop on. That is what wars do, they make suckers out of everyone.

Zhen: Exactly, the special op teams that went dark during the Iraq Scandal checked in. Three words; good to go. The political outlook is lively and we cracked several codes making head way on vulnerabilities. The residue and remnants from the force hand attack actually will have a positive long term affect. Annalist state that it is comparable to a crack that can't be seen with the naked eye which could of caused catastrophic damage but by forcing the hand the crack grew in size at a time that would avoid a complete break down and collapse. We are still accumulating data and learning more each and every day.

Batez: Intel shows a pattern of activity directly related to increasing the price of black market nukes and related equipment. It came across the surveillance teams price fixing array when they ran the new definitions.

Nancy: Report recorded and adjourned. (Nancy moves meeting to a site that meets the security level of the talks.)

still rewriting and transferring earlier version.

>>>>>>>>>>>>Old file below<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Political Warfare

Batez: Mafia Banks are the next generation of hitmen, that's how they kill people now a days.

Zhen: Are they working the political scene?

Batez: Prime target

Zhen: We uncovered a political vulnerability where the attack on a political system was thrown off guard and are still a go with a weak link. Our new report states specific financial institutions that are working as spy agencies. With this weak link we can float in a ops and get it up in running in no time.

Batez: Ah I read that yes we can...that will definitely work and tilt the balance.

Penelope: Who is working the PS (Political Suicides) ?

Huntington: Swanson and Betty

Penelope: Good

Penelope: Alright lets touch back once Swanson and Betty makes the sweep.

Huntington: F35?

St: Absolutely no sloppy joe ops while in lock down. decline.

Penelope: works but gets all over the place.

St: The fish that jumped into the boat?

Huntington: Not keepers.

St: I'll look into it. I need a new sitter op, two covs and bring in P.

Huntington: You got it. NNP

ST: correct, time for some training.

P: me

ST: yes, I have the spoon. Call me in the morning

P: okay

St: See you.

Nancy: Adjourned

P names her first op

St: Good morning P

P: morning

St: This is split "split image" he will outfit your ops

Spit: Call me spit everybody does. spit and polish

P: laughs

St: Pops out a designer you go.

P: Opens it and finds a complete cyber station coated with anti detection.

Spit: Here's the jewel kit for it.

P: She opens the

St: I got to run spit will give you the run down. Good luck connecting the dots.

P: K

St: Your the boss now. It's a one off op what's your call

P: Tuesday

St: great

(P and St codes: Tuesday.ops, great.ops

P: goes to close the station and finds a message: [PS: We are in] PS- IRAQ Scandal recovery ops . The team is in control of the Mafia Banking Network. she closes it spit hands her a cell and she makes a txt. PSP run...ready. PS: arm...ready

Spit: That is a custom Sitron Mobile Data Tender SMDT It is the best in the world, cost more than your house.

P: PSP loc sig target found and locked. PS run array loc sig trace...running...continuous or one PS: continuous

mapping continuous on multiple targets found. enter source, boat. linking....making file, profiling... download definitions....added.

report ready.


Spit: ah looks you have business, let me finish up wardrobe, hardware instructions, security card, key and pass. Ctrl S X3 connects to me. We can finish at your convenience 7/24.

P: You weren't kidding that is fast.

Spit: The best...bring up cam 1. see that camera, I put it for today's lesson then you can go.

P: okay

Spit: tell how many nose sctaches?

Spit: tap on me then ask? Tap on you then ask what the conversation was about?

P; amazing

spit: look at your new report and tap a cam on the grid

P; wow

spit: now your cooking, see you later P

P: you to

[p starts in with the report and notices there is a folder complete but it is locked. The report revealed information above her clearance. So she tried ctrl sss. spit came on and she says my complete folder is locked. spit really, your report mission is done. P wow Spit it is sensitive info. okay put St and enter the file name. P okay wow got it. The report revealed that the incident was related to the price fix op nuke. but this can mean many things. She ran another report for spy's. the report ran for 29 seconds then gave her that the mafia both Russian and American have been attempting to populate all the political parties for a take over. During the bust of Russian spies the operation was thrown off. As an attempt to continue both main parties were targeted the most leading to only one of them not fulfilling their goal (still could be a agent made it up not to get canned too.) In order to proceed with only one party the other is using political suicides to make up for the agents instead. Do be careful as they are lean and use spoofers (dumb shits, dummies). To learn more expand your request for the mission.

P: Spit I still have no report just this cover from St?

Spit: Oh he left a cover on the security screen and you're locked. That's St, okay then we need to go over the security functions for are ahead of the training.

P; is that why is took 29 secs for his cover?

Spit: No the report is instant more like less than 2 secs.

Nancy: session Adjourned switching to required authorized protocol.

P: on her base station ?

Spit: Okay on the SMDT enter Ctrl and your a pass you want then then the ST and file name. The screen St left is a sample. That is what you will fill in on your own in the event of a compromise. St cover is a screen saver. The time lapse is basicly a keep out of sight security feature.

P; Wow the report got it.

Spit: Not really press in the code backwards

P: Got it decrypted

spit:exactly thats todays lesson there is no instruction. okay.

P; see you in 30.

spit: no stick with train of thought your in and motivated to do. contact me when you want a break and i will go over the customization functions. Your clearance is upgraded.

P; okay ah st s cover is completely gone.

spit: laughs

Huntington & ST on Kill

Huntington and St are pretty close buds. They both go on hit mission with the military. Huntington is the top dog with #3 card where St. is a #8. St claims Huntingtons lead is because the mission was with the DEA but Huntington states no it was a military mission. They feel it keeps them sharp to get away from the desk and connect with boys after all when it comes down to pulling the trigger one might ask who really did? Typically missions get targeted by the military they just stand in for surveillance and pick off stray cards that was not in the mission. Sort a like a mission authorized for someone but out of the blue another card was there.

Huntington and St on a shoot location

Huntington: what about savana?

St: her first report? it is still in my head. She's fine. The Iraqi ops

Huntington: yeah

St: the recovery ops is never going find them

Huntington: really

St: My friend those special ops that went in before the war broke out, the whole team of them, I mean all of them are running the show.

Huntington: we're not hearing from them again

St: yeap just a pick up dead and tell the family song and dance.

Huntington: Shit

St: Shit, nothing here.

Huntington: I got one...the messenger #31

St: really I was'nt even looking, too busy looking for the real target. well every body's gone it was a no show for the mission so take it then.

Huntington: nope don't have a dart

St: Got you covered...

Huntington: You have one for this distance?

St: I do. its new. here yo go.

Huntington: damn you were going up me with that.

St: yeap

Huntington: chuckle well its number #2 messenger

St: I know. It shoots like the short, just make sure to pull smooth.

Huntington: That was smooth, he won't know what hit him.

St: good shot

Huntington: Thanks

St: Welcome.

Huntington: They were here

St: I suppose so....

Media ops

Jake: The media is like a pool that has not been cleaned in years....full of scum. That's how corruption works they purposely make it dangerous only for those to run. Like a pool of dangerous fish you never know what you will diving into; Piranha, sharks, electric eel or perhaps alligators. We were able to run our first sweep with the mafia intel that links their banks to media pay offs, bribes to find the list covers a diversified payment system as well as actual mafia hits.

Countries will have sit down for the full going to take a considerable amount of rethinking. Aiming media like Hitmen

Media Banks the Mafia

The Puppeteer Masters

Media: What you are referring to is the "Freedom of the Press"?

Jake: What you have turned it into is the "Threat of the Press" like a saga War Game that destroys the youth's mind. e.g. Parasites with diseases trying to start a plague.

Nancy: Session terminated

Ms P CMDT first class

Spit: Today is the forward function. go to the class cam and toggle the Forwad button.

P; it is like going into the future.

Spit: yes, it reconstructs future events. okay move forward to a point in time and remember something you did. then go to cam 2 & 3 and reference their outcomes. When we get to time point change your action. Then reference the outcomes on all the cams. That is your homework, to get use to the predictably function.

P: got it. how does it work

Spit: a time loop where time is not a constant but a variable. You do not have to enter the loop yourself but enter like a TV monitor advanced by using quantum computers.

Swanson: We keep getting a indicator on price fixing array with a warning for nuclear deals that has a severe pattern of a global fix for a strike. The strike will be a pact strike of military and scientist etc. We ran it over and over to find no one will counter this strike and will end nuclear confrontation. We need a team right away.

Huntington: Another Blitz, okay.

Ms P wraps up gets call for first mission

Spit: The unit of time is complex

P: its own formula

Spit: like a chemical equation but throw in a reaction, a biology transformation with the complex calculation of DNA Sequencing add electronic nano technology. I'm not a scientist but I have taken classes to put simply it loaded to the gill.

P; smart phone...ring, ring.

Huntington Swamp day

Huntington: Swanson code back take the shot.

Swanson: which code?

Huntington: Penelope

Swanson; done, she's out socializing again.

Huntington: exactly, at a dance. find the new agent Sue for a brief in 10

Sue: The mafioso report?

Huntington: yes, we are going to cut their evil heads is the hot sheet on all the law firms related to the ops. I want it prioritized and put in the deck.

Sue: Okay, individual or firm

Huntington: by firm and I want them locked on asap

Huntigton: St put Ms P on line.

St: done

spit: she's ready, doubled the sim time required for the mission and passed the intel penitration test.

St: score

spit: 99

St: perfect, what was the read out for the SMDT capatibility?

spit: surpassed the equipment's expectation by 82%..

'St: 182% she beat Penelope;s record.

spit: she sure did. which tell us the training program is working successfully.

ST: lets rock n roll then. Put the two covs in ghost mode and the sitters to engage.

spit: done. Penelope?

St: Drone mode

spit: Huntington?

St: That's his baby the "price is right show down" leave it be. If you get the winkey send it.

spit: alright code for winkey....price is right. code for activation?

St rock the cradle

spit: winkey_act rock the cradle set

St all set

spit: penelopes state of affairs

St: over ride

spit; good call, she has the best track record

St: thats the problem we need more with them.

spit: working on it

St make it happen, I want a list next time longer than my arm when this kind of shit hits the fan.

spit: i will inquire with the academies

St: perfect


ST: Next issue that Huntington hinted at, agents seem to be weirding out. pull samples on drink and food he comments to him self. brad knows the routine.

Brad: blood samples

St: no lets run the food, then left overs.

Brad: okay then...

St: Then set up sustainable food supply.

Brad: Mmm...I can set up a supply. That way if a agent is suspicious they can resort to the supply and sort out the problem discreetly.

St: perfect

Flight check bump

Ms. P gets a quick flight check before her sending.

Huntington: she's a qualified WSO (weapons specialist operator) for the F35C

Ted: yes we are going to run her on the updated sim

Huntington: good, you have a pilot

Ted: we do.

Huntington: alright, the two seater op deploys 2am and scheduled to randevu with Penel at destination. Her team is on sight.

Ted: what about St?

Huntington: He's over it.

Ted: alright, just want make sure. you mind if I check in with him.

Huntington: I will have him contact you in the next 10


St: Mmmm...let her sign off on a quick turn around inspection.


St; confidence builder that she is in control of decisions, include that in the future and I would like for her to school on a full one when its due.

Ted: ok


St: when P gets to the future points what is her reaction?

Spit: Well, adding the change did increase the awareness, like a pinch of reality. I think next go around go natural first then add the pinch would be better. She was off guard.

St: I think you're right It is quite awkward to have a view of the future, then later to actually be in it. I bet you have a lot of work with the training program now that you have feedback.

Spit: lots of tweaks and things to add.

St: She gets down to business finding things out.

Spit: she does, incredible.

St: let me know when she checks in with you.

Spit: I will

Media back drop

More like a spy ring the media sector has climbed past the danger zone in corruption patterns and definitions. e.g. Just like the old spy days of clergy agents and secret compartment cameras.

Jake: it is a intentional play. Just like drugs brutal killing keeps the curious cats away. And the few that want to hunt are easy to manage.

It's back, media wars, red journalism, propaganda and the newest form propagender e.g. the days of drugs, orgies and nobody knows who the father is...just a new twist of the 60's sex drugs and rock n roll but with homosexuality attempt to dominate the trend. Unfortunately promiscuous sexual trends has repeatedly resulted in diseases that wiped them out. That is the worry and red flag and link that incurable and infectious plague type of sexual diseases will spread right along like a war to drive down the population. just like plagues in the past with blotches and patches it is believed that common feverish type of blister episodes will be a issue in the next plague. People that are perfectly healthy, again, will be killed off for having any sign of sickness due to all the chaos which now is thought to be more of a planned out a military maneuver e.g. infecting a herd and letting them into a population i.e. Biological Terrorist Weapons.

The scenario that came up was very much like fake news. You have real news that is bombarded with fake news killing minds on what is really going on. Same attack approach...a real plague bombarded with a fake plagues making easy killings with little or no risk on those who carry out the operations. This Master Mind of Attacks regrettable will work very successfully if not caught in time. It is a new concept but thought to be a hidden truth of how wars were actually fought and won using a form of bio-warfare historically. In other words they were pretty smart back in those days. More than one would expect. To the point of hiding from history books e.g. cherry picking historical outcomes and of today's fake news.

Thinking on how to fight a war today is off track. Kings, Emperors and Gods or Goddesses approach to conquering was strategically intense. e.g. There were many kingdoms to compete for resourceful lands. That is how important the initial attack plays out. e.g. Spooking off the rest of your competition for a land grab (contagious disease). They will think twice before sacrificing their warriors. The problem is that if you with a full out plague, it will be up for grabs later (blowback). So you being creative the main surge of the war uses deception e.g. a fake disease that mimics the plague. Now your warriors can go in and wipe out everybody out and hold the battle ground from being over run by warmongers that are looking to prey off the tactical vulnerabilities.

Gearing up for was? Lets look human trafficking. Alot of planning goes on in conquerors quest and how to deal with casualties in one of the most important because it gives the drum beat drive. A rich capability to mend and recover causalities leads to high moral. And inflicting the opposite effect on the enemy will decrease moral e.g. poor VA system, benefits not being rendered, poor treatment after wars, etc drives down the moral.

A build up of a network for body parts and organs a long with a way to feed the military sexual appetite to keep marching on is the precursor to WWIII.

Drugs also fall into this as well...illegal drugs work just as well; marching powder (keeping alert), pain killers, anesthesia, etc. The Black Market is a war machine and by inflecting damage to the enemies drug manufacturing operations and process is pure tactical offense that breaks down medical attention services e.g. high cost, lack of resources or ingredients.

*Detecting war fronts is key. Mafia control of the infrastructure is not a laughing matter...a real situation and needs to be confronted immediately. Recommended is a cross sweep of the Americas. West to East and North to South ensuring the protected state of borders and countries, not necessarily in that order. Watch out for the mafia split tails...they will gut you like a animal...the term belly up, rethink the meaning.

Special notes: The followers of judah were found (spotted in history text) to have joined forces (movements) during the Hitler era, more so pronounced under the Mussolini regime. Baffled by the complete opposite finding led to more digging to the extent of the so called ethnic cleansing of the era and the possibility of more or less a plot towards part III of a plan to take over the world. In opinion and in scattered fact religions were typical used in pretty much all spy rings although some religions were more pron to being considered resistant regimes. The labor camps housed those who were determined to be problematic to the event e.g. they could not find a job or place for them in the war, poor health, too much of a resistance, or just trouble. In a comparison there were post activity of religions actually inflicting terrorism on their own to support this. So regardless of religion all sorts people joined and engaged in the treacherous act of barbarianism during the Hitler era. This led to the belief that the Stasi movement indeed utilized migration as a means to penetrate enemy countries. A lot of the evidence came from Soviets involvement in the forgery business of paper work, passports and ID's etc. very comparable to the fake news and internet fraud seen today. In opinion one should have a pinch degree of optimism or Paranoia to any border issue that very may be a logistics to movements to buildup for a civil war and WWIII progress. Further more, it is believed that people regardless of religion, color or country and ethnic background when put into a predicament such as the Hitler Era are going to do things normally they would not, basically as a means to survival; lie, cheat, kill, back stab, flip sides, become a terrorist, take advantage of others e.g. joining anything would be better than dead... This escalated the war into chaos.

So be that in conclusion and opinion no religion, race, color or sex was completely excluded in taking part of the barbarism during Hitler's War. And as seen in modern day Religious Propaganda one would think a Religion that stood up and took effort to correct their barbarous acts would make better advisories or allies over a religion that was in complete denial is how the principle of opposites attract (in the media) then work together in the over all goal to defeat a target or enemy e.g. one going for the throat, the other for the guts...holding the line outside for the inside attack.

WWIII at the bud

find and nip...just like cancer war and corruption spreads with the dominoes effect until someone removes enough pieces of the puzzle that stops it dead. WWII was more complex than one could ever imagine using just about every trick in the book history had to offer.

Because America was the biggest hindrance to WWII's success and it being defeated seems very obvious that she is being targeted and weakened strategically e.g. like a Bullfight. War is a form of corruption; the stealing other countries resources. War Mongers are like cheap skates...finding the cheapest way to get what they want to get done. stealing, abuse, discrimination, lying, cheating, fraud, slavery, Drugs, you name it, if it makes the bottom line of war more profitable they will do it.

Warmongers traits are as follows: Instead of courting a lady and building a life, romance a married woman and take from her husband. Rather than spending the money to R&D a project, steal it from a company and market it as their own. In order to gain military power steal another countries plans and designs. etc. etc. etc. "Cheap Skates" commonly called low life's with no limits regarding race, gender or religion etc.


Another thing to think about is allies and bordering countries...considering them compromised verses turning them into enemies? Decisions like this could be very undermining as there is a big deference in the meaning and in the events that are taking place.

Shawn: If one wants to accelerate the learning and understanding process of religious corruption...take a criminal psychology class first then read up on religion. Unfortunately most start with religion and then dive into the criminal side...which clouds the understanding on how religious criminals work giving the upper hand and head start to criminal youth groups e.g. the generation gap

If it has been awhile brush up with some criminal books and classes, then hit the history books of religion to get a better insight of current events.

Breaking away from a corrupt government or religion is not easy do to mental conditioning taught at a young age e.g. brainwashing. It is like skipping the class on right and wrong before teaching the meaning of world events. If one is weak in the knowledge of criminology they will be weak in differentiating corruption in world events.

A way to help fight crime is to teach what crime is and how criminals can turn the world into chaos for profit.


Peggy: Anarchy is appearing time after time in the news and on the rise. From what level is this sprouting from? Why would old regimes suddenly be flourishing...the fear of it all e.g. Losing the easy street ways of making money. With out the "Black Market of Things (BMoT) making gobs of money to cover loses or make political bribes would be next to impossible. And what best would keep that all intact? A war. But is the threat of anarchy real or another cover. Another cover if you dig deep enough. A disguise tactic...the goal is highly socialist, fascism, communist, Marxism, Nazism etc. idealism. So any kind of opposing party toward a government.of a dictatorship (Authoritarian, totalitarian) to the pact and force of the war is the enemy. Like a Drug Cartel Leader losing grips with its territory anarchy is used to place new leaders to provide the pact of WWIII in disguise. It is simple, the BMoT wants countries to be dependent of them e.g. hooked on drugs.

The last world war WWII was "The War to End All Wars" but most do not understand the meaning of the quote. If won that may have been true as all countries would of been gobbled up. But they lost, so now we have the creeping up of WWIII "The War of All Wars".

Sounds confusing...well first off Drugs is not the war, war itself is. Leaders and political powers that are greased are happy with the way things, but not with war. Because some countries are so set on the their ways the leaders have to be removed in order to move forward with WWIII. After all greased politicians and drugs lords are a dime a dozen. Simply sacrificing a major drug lord to gain a greased warmonger is a walk in the park.

Corrupt people with loads of money do this sort of stuff without even thinking walking and chewing gum at the same time. At the same time it is so monstrous and out of the reach of most to understand let alone to financially fight off keeps the criminals of war going strong with brutal slaughters and killing rampages to get what they intended, typically resources, security of the black market and the ability to do it gain when needed.

Persian empire

St: Kermit Roosevelt "Kim" of Buenos Aries, apply the 4 w's

acclaimed for pulling off the cheapest "short changed" coup in history

Brits paying only 10-15% in oil revenues to the Iran government for the oil taken

After the coup America was paying 50% plus.

Kermit of the United States CIIA over threw for the first time in US history of a covert operation towards a foreign government operation called Operation Boot ran by the UK to keep their cheap deal they had from going completely belly up. 1953 Iranian coup d'etat. Operation Ajax

Pulling the wool over someone or treating them like a cheap date as a means of deprivation is not friendly at all, how ever justified is a hostile act. One is depriving financially, the other political freedom. Two wrongs do not make a right and a good lesson of how damaging running political interference is. There would of been numerous of better options, but none were used. Why is that? Greed. Same with religion and sex...manipulating people to believe in something they don't believe in, like forcing someone to have sex or change their sexual preference.

So that is lesson one on how greed bites back and creates "Blow Back" destroying trust amongst countries, now to lesson two.

The Dirty War vs Invasion of Portuguese Timor

The Dirty War-Plan Cóndor

The Falange Movement "Backdrop" Flechas y Pelayos- Youth movement wearing red berets related to the Falange

Revolutionary Communist Party of Argentina

PCR-Partido Comunista Revolucionario

JCR-Juventud Comunista Revolucionaria

PTP-Partido del Trabajo y del Pueblo

Mario Roberto Santucho founder of PRT-Partido Revolucionario de los Trabajadores and the ERP-Ejército Revolucionario del Pueblo

The Peronist Justicialist Party (Partido Justicialista)-A form of corporate socialism

FRIP-Frente Revolucionario Indoamericano

St: Can anyone see a pattern

Jake: There is a Insider...someone is always working it from the inside of the governments. It's like insider trading of the stock market but political wars instead.

St: Correct to that regard. More like a spy network working the inside to take advantage of a country's resources.

Peggy: Governments are not running the show the insiders are.

St: very close for the focus of resources like oil, gold, diamonds etc. but why is that very rich countries in resources have a poor population?

Sue: Inhabitable Land.

St: Bingo

Jake: Cheap labor running the country into the ground to later occupy the land on the cheap.

St: Gypsters, that's where the Stasi migration tactic fits in...over running the country. The Trojan House Effect. They can do what ever they like then...turn a whole country into someones playground or a Mafia Resort. Lets move on to what was missed.

Invasion of Portuguese Timor-Operasi Seroja

Incursion of East Timor

Balibo Five

Invasion of East Timor

Occupation of East Timor

East Timor Genocide

St: The use of guerrilla warfare...using civilians for propaganda. No different than a guerrilla gunman firing out over a protest to start up headlines of the military shooting civilians. The oldest trick in the book; making your opponet look like the bad guy...effective none the less.

Huntington: The bottom line is that countries don't like being tricked or pushed is polictial abuse and it needs to be stopped before it leads to another War World.

Above Politics

The Global war fromt of Politics is in better shape than what is lead to believe. Advancing technologies in fighting crime, especially high-end hard to catch corruption, is finally breaking down the wall to hidden high ranking master minds of organized multi-tiered mafia gang violence and fraud that is plagueing nearly all countries. Knocking out the politics of the mafia is the first painful step to a recovery for peace and a stable economy that the crime fighters world wide are striving for. Fighting crime above the political and corporate mafia is a war front of of the "Financial God Fathers" and their secretaries the "Media Minders". Un like traditional wars of major death slaughters modern wars iare financial slow deaths. The deprivation of financial and/or medical needs is the plague of a "Slow Death War" leading to high cost that only the rich can afford killing off millions at the same time looting the economy with all their dirty money.

Ms P's crew has vanished along with Spit. Spar has replaced Spit. St checked off the team status as a undergound ooperation. Penelope was upgraded to high alert and in need of a backup. St declined the request stating any move made is a set up and geared up outside resources to throw off the plot that were able to compromise their security in order for her to ditch and regain cover.

Worldwide War

The puppet and Masters of War primary goal is killing off the population. The name of the game is control of resources and that is where the Stassi style spying gained popularity to this date. A organization that thinks it is in control but is not really in control, the spy ring is, by simply utilizing a ratio of influencers managed by the spy driven agendas.

There is two main types of road maps one leads to a cave, such as the Nazi hoarding and the Cliff, where everything drop to nothing The Great Depression.

Governments out spend themselves to the point they can not pay off the debt with taxes turning to other means. Out of control spending the beginning stage of inflation. As before in history Unions failed and became unpopular because people were tired of paying too much for everything. What happens is only the rich will be able to afford things while the middle class and the poor suffer from the lack of purchase power from home improvement to medical. That means people will lose their homes due to high cost and unionized laws and die from the lack of medical attention in the same way where affordability is sky high and laws are made for the rich only e.i. the rich can only afford good lawyers and doctors . That is the end game of the Masters...taking property and killing off people for control. Middle Class feeder fish

Insiders and Slow Kills

Huntington: Politics and Unions have similar corruption and vulnerability issues that resulted in operations to detect and counter spy ring operations that undermined numerous government branches. The corruption in the FBI was found to be simple in nature unlike most that were so grand or complex to even think or fathom the notion of. Instead the opposite tactic was employed as so simple that no one would suspect. At the same time operations will remain to uncover the spies backup plots as these simple plots are typically setups for detecting blown covers and operations. If an agent grabs one by the tail,that's okay, we're way ahead of the game.

ST: Under the magnifying glass there were more sabotages and killings by the lower level organization of mafia and spies than expected...actually we uncovered the actual amount to be at a alarming rate and is at a continuous daily impulse, meaning any chance or opportunity is be taken. The killings were more of the slow kill type category, similar to slow poisoning but was very wide in scope. The problem is that very normal looking people were found to be very dangerous discrete serial killers. This group of organized killers are very very busy and highly motivated...everything they do day to day, minute by minute is always about the process to a kill. They are really into what they do with every thought and action they take. A lot of time is spent on making the kill or mishap look like it could be someone else’s doing. There were a lot more constructive set ups using teams, very organized. In one case there were three collaborative killers but one or the other would continuously make it like the other did it like a game. All three were very dangerous serial killers just being competitive and covering for each other.

Political Meeting

As corruption in politics continues to grow, similar to putting something together the wrong way and having to take it apart because a piece wont fit in if other pieces are assembled out of order i.e. simply going about things in the wrong way. Political assassination is a monkey see, monkey do warfare tactic. The warnings are there but more of the big picture is important to its understanding. We tend to believe since there is a heavy presence of psychological warfare that the assassination are moves more geared toward the emphases of creating dysfunction at the top to promote the same on the street, it is very clear the enemy wants disruption and disorder on the streets. A target (goal) that needs to be kept in check. Once chaos starts the Trojan Horse will have its cover to operate at the same time justifying taking away guns which saved our bacon in the past. If it wasn't for citizens being able to take up arms that war would of been lost. This should be common sense to all citizens that the enemy is targeting gun control plain and simple. From what we know, a majority of citizens don't know history or politics well enough...they can dog paddle but can't swim to out maneuver the enemy tactics. This is a big red flag when the enemy knows more about your country than the ones running it or its citizens. Vulnerabilities like this just don't happen out of the blue, they are crafted intentionally over time for a reason. Look at it this way, would you want to have a CEO that did not know a thing about running a business? Of coarse you would, if you wanted patsy or a fall guy. The mafia is notorious for using subjects that are not all that smart, it makes them look smart and it is a control factor to get things done, typically illegally or to have something done wrong intentionally that will financially benefit themselves, that's where the demand comes from...the need of stupid people to stupid things for smart people that get away laughing to the bank while the stupids go to jail or take the fall. How many stooges does it take for a cover up, one, because once a stooge falls for it, everybody pitches in to cover it up.

When we dig into things we find wow the reasoning and justifications of what is actually going on would take a lot of imagination weighing in the macro and micro of each event. Some what a war within a war with this and that. Just isolating or boiling things down with out the big picture goes to no where, pretty much a cover up and will lead to more. Investigating the big picture will move towards crime prevention.

Example: You have an agency that does really well with focusing on the micro but completely fails macro where another will do extremely well with macro events but terrible dealing with micro. You would think letting the two work together but it gets worse. The issue was the agency that was good at the micro was more federally funded while the other was big money. After that it was noted that the frame work of the agencies in general was geared towards a criminal structure...given the history of politics criminal past it now makes complete sense why corruption still flourishes in the governments today.

What are they after? Mainly Property and Assets. They are not always stealing but always plotting. Shake up a relationship or marriage to gain control of a persons finances then being targeted by internet dating, brides or grooms and even adoptions. Very heavy in the social services arena mainly to up the resources internally that allows preference to clan members. Not giving off any red flags of outside financing they use the targeted country or organizations money. Organized to the point prepared targets are completely set up in the event of a compromise easily throwing off investigations to focus on while regrouping or countering being vulnerable...this is happening more often giving off patterns to add to detection definitions. At a steady increasing rate, it became obvious that operations of spy and mafia rings are capable of wiping out or devouring complete countries. Likely why the Stassi method of control and take over expanded due to many successes in Europe later combining communist and other socialists parties for further industrial take over of governments similar to industrial socialists plots in the past that were fended off.


The nocturnal's are doing a lot of damage. These are the ones the serials set up. Like cat burglars but much more they work at night and while everyone is sleeping. We found they are very heavy into the night crimes. The day serials set up the nocturnal serials in numerous ways, from leaving a window open to giving the nocturnal a list of useful chemicals that can be used so they don't have to bring weapons or items, they use what is at the site. That is a very simple example as not to be too informative, but it gets very complicated as it includes info gathering on social sites and texts captured from cellphones etc etc.

The conclusion of the intensity of the nocturnal group is due to vulnerability. Night cameras typically do not perform well in low light, security persons for night and over night are easier to jeopardize...not many people want them and there are less persons to deal with in a the Stassi ratio type of control factor taking ownership of the specific time frame seems to be what they are after and pride on because it works and well. That is just a very small bite on how the serials work together as they "Own the night"

Know your enemy

Trying to figure out who the bad guy is not that easy in politics or government in general. You can be sitting on concrete thinking your doing the right thing only to find you’re doing the enemy a favor doing their dirty work without even knowing. That's why criminals flip, they see the bigger picture. In a world of uselessness, where getting ahead by being a good Joe does not get anywhere pay wise while corruption is always paying better makes it is easy to get off track. Trying to sell moral values while over millions or even billions of criminal pay offs is going on makes the choice of being part of the good guys testy.

Boiling Point

The team linked up data for new operations. The surveillance notes highlighted read; normal people committing serial killings confirmed, mass murdering plots have been detected using slow death techniques. Audio file of plot’s explained; its just like throwing them in a pot water and turning on the burner, at first everything is fine, then as the water starts to heat up, they realize they are in a death trap they can’t get out of...basically targeted organizations are out numbered by a slow increase of the spy network by simply building up the ratio and gaining control of the influencers. Example: A successful business that was eventually taken over by a coup of it’s workers. Typically the target is brand names that would have significance to a culture. The thinking is to take away a specific tradition and replaced it for more to come.

ST finally ventures out to check on Penelope. Penelope tells him the coup is very dangerous and undermining. First thing that needs to happen is to stop the process of the spy networks.Target the big crime syndicates behind the operations. Targeting the syndicate crime puppets is a dud.


Ms. P’s crew was called in that’s why ST juggled Penel a visit. Insider corrupt Politics ICP made its way gaining access to the operation. This is what Penel is referring to with regards to rising the sights on the big picture. ST figured this out long ago and was tickled to see that the operation was on track and that Ms P was dead on the point. To play this hand ST needed to go along with the political mind set like a swing, everybody was brought in but the a hidden crew held in and used the micro tethering system MTS to move in even further. Ms P would be diverted as expected then sent back on point in a double scale operation that would lead both investigators to properly investigate, gather evidence that would smoke the the ICP into the move while operatives wait to dive in. At this point ST and Penel have warnings that the mafia organizations are planning a rapid monopoly attack on resources and utilities world wide. Huntington reported that the evidence is muddy, a lot of economical hostage tactics, blackmail and payoffs will flood the case to a point of confusion. ST and Penel recommend hitting both hard and set up a backups to hit the counter just as hard. Huntington said yes to the plan and told St and Penel to hit with everything you got and take them down and they did. Ms P’s rapid response team took down more high level mafia mobsters at a record rate that turned heads internationally...criminal money stopped flowing. Like a funeral the DMG crumbled up and died. Absolutely no one could afford the losses and damages of been associated with them. Since the corporate empire they built was dependent on the criminal profits the financial shock forced them into a monopoly frenzy. In order to survive the continuous stings they need to combine. That is where the backup teams hit even harder. On track and hitting the every next move.

Political Labels

The major players in organized crime don’t really care what political avenue is used, as long as it drives to the goal...the target or goal. The political aspect is easily changed like changing bath water. If pouring a fascist water into the tub of society results in increasing the chances of getting something or gaining more control they will march and roll on with it. That is where many agents get off track, not realizing the extent of the control factor of the criminals. Simply fill the society with socialist idealism turn up the heat and the next thing you know they own everything to rent out...make the cost of goods go up, where only the well to do ruling class can afford ownership resulting in a servant social class that rents. At any time servant class is unhappy and revolts the ruling class simply starts a war and kill off the threat. The socialist path is a good bye to ownership that was enjoyed though out the industrial age. You kiss that off it will not return in the lost and found is stolen, gone for good. This where the back and forth political stealing comes in to play...stealing it back. Here is the twist, organized crime loves this hierarchy because the servant class has little means of power for revenge and if so it would take years or decades, by that time the ruling class criminals have moved to bigger fish leaving revolting or revolutionist to act as thieves supposedly for a higher purpose, but actually stealing for the ruling class...political laundering. Ms P breaks this cycle for good.

Backdrop Assassinations

Shawn: Political Assassinations are the premier backdrop to big picture strategy, building up a political killing machine serves up grease for tracks towards more killing plots. The target leaders, more specific religious leaders stand out for the need of a backdrop do to sensitivity...motive, the religious war flip flop (historically brutal and unethical religious wars were genocides). As the political scene surges backwards toward the days of fascism, communism and socialism to bring back leaders like Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini the religions move in swiftly to the collection plates that are filled by them. It simply would be inevitable that the war would migrate to religions that were political...the separation of religion and state would be on equal footing to the plot of taking away guns in America, allowing religions to dictate politics would enable a civil religious war (fire, religion and politics the old black magic of gun powder). That would be expected in the near future given the political course of corruption that tends to lead to socialism, fascism and communism etc. (simple supply and demand trend; if there was no corruption the need for socialist government would be less) corruption is where governments and corporations steal from its citizens making them poor and in need of a social system e.g socialism, fascism communist etc.

That's the plan Stan as they say, the target is a religious war on US soil. While political and religious corruption builds, corporate socialism will swoop in taking advantage of a broken economy on track for a "socialist union" (communist nation convert).

Ed-Looks more like mafia wars and gangs taking advantage to increase their territory. We'll look into how this could play out. The scenario does coincide with plot data found from spies operatives. Raw data can have multiple outcomes and mean many things, but once the info starts clicking with backdrops and other bits of data the details become clear making counter measures easy and precise. The mafia use of religion to hide or mask situations is common avenue.

Batez-We are looking into the payoff finances of corrupt religious dealing.

Peggy: Pre-planned well before WWII. The blitz of agents was significant after WWII that included South America which was over looked at the time. Regardless of the country the pattern is similar. They get their foot in the door; organize, network, multiply, seek wealth, use the system to get more agents, etc. It appears the plan incorporated bordering countries targeting resources, politics and the usual control and access method to increase the number of agents to target ration. The ratio is estimated to be high due to countless use of multi-agent operations. So if an agent is slowly poisoning someone and the target gets suspicious others will get involved to throw off who actually is doing it. For high a profile target the ratio is 5 agents to the one target on average and has been know to be much higher depending on the stakes at the time. We have seen Political figures completely living in bubble where the agents control every aspect of that person.. This is where the dots started to connect with the mafia...the patterns were a complete match. So it like throwing nails out in the street to get tire business, instead they throw politicians under the bus or actually assassinate them to keep political business going. Government Aid Corruption works the same way. The technology for creating storms and earthquakes can be used in conjunction to stealing money via programs, it is not that far fetched. But the use of the technology has damages the eco system. The technology just got out of hand due to the side effects and eventually the side effects became the primary use. example: Lets say you wanted to drill opening in the ice to fishing using a light beam. A small hole if done at the spot would probably have little effect on the eco system....but lets say you wanted to cut a small path for ice breaker from space. Okay you saved a a ship. Now apply a little physics, it unexpectedly created a funnel making a storm, now it is a weapon. Little more physics, makes holes in the ozone. Okay lets really do it up, lets cut a ice shelve to gain access to oil and gas...more physics, the side affects can be controlled with more than one beam like a steering mechanism. And there you have it a far fetched but not so far fetched way to make money hand over fist from space stealing from countries from its destruction and so forth..

Super Criminals

Peggy: Pre-planned well before WWII. The blitz of agents was significant after WWII that included South America which was over looked at the time. Regardless of the country the pattern is similar. They get their foot in the door; organize, network, multiply, seek wealth, use the system to get more agents, etc. It appears the plan incorporated bordering countries targeting resources, politics and the usual control and access method to increase the number of agents to target ration. The ratio is estimated to be high due to countless use of multi-agent operations. So if an agent is slowly poisoning someone and the target gets suspicious others will get involved to throw off who actually is doing it. For high a profile target the ratio is 5 agents to the one target on average and has been know to be much higher depending on the stakes at the time. We have seen Political figures completely living in bubble where the agents control every aspect of that person.. This is where the dots started to connect with the mafia...the patterns were a complete match. So it like throwing nails out in the street to get tire business, instead they throw politicians under the bus or actually assassinate them to keep political business going. Government Aid Corruption works the same way. The technology for creating storms and earthquakes can be used in conjunction to stealing money via programs, it is not that far fetched. But the use of the technology has damages the eco system. The technology just got out of hand due to the side effects and eventually the side effects became the primary use. example: Lets say you wanted to drill opening in the ice to fishing using a light beam. A small hole if done at the spot would probably have little effect on the eco system....but lets say you wanted to cut a small path for ice breaker from space. Okay you saved a a ship. Now apply a little physics, it unexpectedly created a funnel making a storm, now it is a weapon. Little more physics, makes holes in the ozone. Okay lets really do it up, lets cut a ice shelve to gain access to oil and gas...more physics, the side affects can be controlled with more than one beam like a steering mechanism. And there you have it a far fetched but not so far fetched way to make money hand over fist from space stealing from countries from its destruction and so forth....these are the big boy and girls and paints the picture of how super criminals operate controlingly of government and corporate politics .

Huntington: We already have established the presense of insane super rich criminals. Unfortunately they were able to exhust our resources keeping themselves steps ahead in the past. As white colar teams evolved into higher profiles that led to high crime task forces including a corporate crime team division the Super Crime Task Team and Government Crimes teams will be on target and strenghtened. The SuperCrimeTeam will target the super rich and the MegaCrimeTeam will cover the Multi

Government Mega Criminals.

Amul- The internet is the street organ with social media as the organ grinder turning political, corporate and religious leaders into their monkeys on a leash looking for money.

Dumb Down

Sue- The political chaos has a catch to it. In order to completely over throw the country the citizens are slowly being made to look incompetent and radical. This enables a corrupt government to take action bypassing the people. The people are unable to make the right decisions for their country allowing government mafia crooks to empower themselves turning the election process into a fraudulent pacifier with politicians placating each and every issue with lies and deceit.

Jake-The media dumb down props are a cover to what is really going on like stacking a deck of cards.

Sue-A dysfunctional public is the goal giving way to build up the new Stalin pac.

Fitz: The plan was set to create a huge addiction to drugs making idols of Mafia and Gang figures. A good example would be the murderous El Chapo Drug Cartel leader worshiped by the people in Mexico. Basically the population would end up doped up on drugs believing in drug and war lords while kids took up arms with gangs. Eventually the only way to arm and protect yourself would be to join a gang, the mafia or a terrorist group due to gun control put in place by corrupt government officials, it favors their agenda to over throw the government.. That is exactly how a Trojan Horse works internally in the government. As the mafia, gangs and terrorist take over expect repeated attempts and proposals for the official spoken language in US to be changed along with many other changes such as units of measurement, and references.

Greg: Big push on currency change too.

Ed-It is not a joke ...if you think the drug scene and mafia is a cool Godfather movie you are part of the problem. It might seem cool for now but when it hits, you will be one sorry ass for a long time. You wont even open the front of your house with out fear of being robbed, killed or raped.

Huntington: Look at it this way the Mafia is like making spaghetti ...if you don't stir it up from time to time the pasta sticks and the sauce gets burned at the bottom. That is our job...stir it up. The pot is like the country or a government you do a bad job keeping the mafia in check and the pot gets charcoal black needing lots of labor to clean up. The new crews put in place have the spice and can turn the burner up without a burn...they are going to turn it all around like magic. We have never seen such a determined crew...a real kick in the pants...the next generation task force has dialed in and lifted off. one bad chef ruins everything like.

Rule of 1s

ones that make the rules are the ones that get away with breaking the rules...typically by making more rules. Rules are made to be broken? By the ones that can get away with it.


Penelope: We have a ship load of undercover's decompressing. As they recover ST's crew will be refitting and updating each with custom gear that will adapt them to the next gen. This process takes time as each agent will be their own designer of invention.

Gas House Effect

Huntington: Ms P's crew uncovered a operation that was using sewer systems as a means for injecting harmful gas to targets.

The operation was linked to the disposal of agents that Penelope was caught in. They liquefy the body and pour it down the drain pretty much...when they ran diagnostics they found fetuses in the sewer dating back to prohibition. After tracing property uses another crew was sent in to snoop the high crime syndicates behind the store fronts that have reestablished into next generation operations.

Ms P is now tracking next generation mafia spy operations and the op called chop suey has transformed to another op called operation chopshop.op

Peter can't pay Paul

Greg-The finance war continues with increasing tactics of mafia activities using governments money and resources against them. The more criminals we dig up the more they have been applying counter tactics...most common is increasing the component of the illegal activity that was busted. The mafia is doubling down across the broad on all their crimes. This is the notorious signature of the most dangerous criminals...they don't stop they keep on ruining the world and destroying peoples lives. Good news is we have many new targets with a higher priority to dismantle the operations. The targets are mafia connected spy rings with bank ties.

Media Rabies

Jake-Red Journalism Like a wolf in sheep's clothing more times than not articles take on a form far from its original intent, except this wolf has rabies. Finding anything that is news worthy has become almost impossible like dealing with juveniles in a cafeteria food fight where many just leave the table for trouble makers to face the consequences. Simply put the media has taken on the mafia signature of the lunch bully. After decoding millions of SOS's of media corruption step by step's to properly target the master minds will be finally brought to justice. Media gone rabid is just another result of criminals keeping it to themselves, just like the drug business they add danger or make it dangerous to scare off competition. Any time there is a fierce atmosphere you can almost bet on mafia corruption being involved, that's how they want it...dangerous and no one talks. Basically the media went wild during the transition to the internet....

Huntington-The fact that governments don't remedy these situations, in time, or always too late and failing is a signature of a corrupt government. When a thirteen year old being taught the dangers of drugs asks then why does the government promote drugs as a solution to the their financial crises? Well a government on drugs is just like a person on drugs...the drugs take over the thinking process or political process becoming addicted and dependent that eventually leads to a greater financial and medical disaster. People don't drive that well on drugs and governments don't run so good on them either ending up in a accident or disaster.


Sue-Just like people governments, religion and their politics get stuck into the broken record mode, this is mainly due to long term ingrained corruption. Repeating violent acts of war for profit or engaging in corrupt plots of embezzlement of enrichment. If a country or religion statistically has a long history of corruption.pretty much it is ingrained into the culture as well.

Shawn-We scoped out a lot of religions and found that congregations would include war like tactic sermons even naming targets or enemies along with details on how to deal with them. So intense it opened more investigations to unravel the plots. We found religions to be acting on their own as a state, like a country engaging in both corruption and war for profit identical to corrupt government and politics...linking all this to the mafia...the question is Is the mafia strategically master minding religion, not just one but all of them. The answer is yes, there is a religion dominance war that does include the influence of the mafia. Regardless of the historical scribble separation of state and religion has been beneficial playing a crucial role against corruption such as in the US and UK separating to their own religion.Keep in mind religions were very cruel and corrupt long ago...sacrifices, worshiping evil, throwing babies into the river to determine if they shall live? Religion has a much longer history of corruption than one would think to imagine. So don't be surprised if you walk into a place of worship to find it more of a militant outpost, usually found over time... very similar to embassy's and consulates being used to house spy rings.

Los Mafia Intel Datos

Mafia Goons claiming to be working for the government. From time to time this claim still crops up when in actuality was very old sting to flush out the mafia in government positions. Dunning the sting, events lead the way to future investigations of spy rings...mafia corruption was connected internationally to spy programs using the Intel data to further their dominance in cities and states working themselves into government politics. The operation then said to be successful was not actually...upon further investigations which is now part of the next generation agency task force found the bluff. Very similar to someone dressing up as a cop basically the mafia used to the sting to gain more Intel utilizing the mafia member already in government position...resulting in the killing of those that were not loyal.

Ed-They really didn't completely get rid of the mobster mafia syndicates back in the "Tommy Gun Days". It is very much like not telling someone with cancer they don't and then telling them after it is too late... it is sickening the new discoveries the next generation task force has uncovered.

Conquer and divide

Huntington: You would think the political divide would play out into a vulnerable and weak government...but no. Actually what will happens over time will be while ones cleaning up their act the others sits back playing goodie two shoes calculating more evils deeds. It never did matter who stepped up the game of cleaning house, it was the matter of those declining to involve themselves with forth coming corruption. A special Ops actually is working over time picking apart the those laying low to continuing government corruption G2shoes.op

Lets look at this positively, regardless we gain genuine on track political minds and agents alike. In the long run the corrupt ones playing out the wait with philanthropy will be in the cross hairs of of John who will head up a new team investigating the long awaited sting of corruption rings that use philanthropy schemes to gain political and corporate recognition for power.

John: Yes, their is a corrupt or dark side of philanthropy. Very much like a bank robber looking to show off a heist but much more grand and legalized including money laundry attributes that separate criminals from their criminal liabilities. Because the Op is sensitive and the ring is known to use hostages tactics such as threatening further support of needy donations...the first step will be to analysis the dependence factor, need of dirty money for contributions. Like the saying measure twice cut once...our saying is mop twice and then shine.

The Bad Apples

Phil General Ambassador of Security:The new round of sweeps for Mafia Government Goon Spies has expanded into further pin point operations flushing the mafia well out of government from harms way...removing them from government contracts, taking them off of hiring lists and deleting them access to both domestic and international security clearances. Mafia government goons are very much on the way out...The series of stings has made it easier to spot the mafia spies like a rotten apple in the bunch they will be tossed.

Huntington: As we dig into the mafia mess more barbs are added.

Phil: Exactly, for instance if you join, swear in to a mafia, terrorist or gang you lose your citizen rights. Add a government title to that and it is a automatic death penalty case. Plus is you use a education title or institution in any kind of mafia, terrorist or gang related crime will result to terminating professorship, teaching or instructing of any kind...The No mafia preachers and teachers act. For gang youth groups, there is no discrimination of age, you will be tagged and bagged as a potential mafia criminal and will have the option for special programs to promote change. Basically no mafia figures in government will be tolerated. corporations promoting mafia figures apply as well.


Ed: Starve the Mafia, Feed the Poor.

Operations ax.op and so.op AXSO.OP ( axe the mafia and sow the poor so they can grow and reap good things in life).


Huntington: We have a cascade of codes that we have found have gone undetected for decades that went from unclassified to top secret due to the potential serious coverups and possible hits it would evolve. I looked at a majority of the codes and find it remarkable how openly they were used without being discovered. I can’t really give out any information or include the data in the criminal definitions as yet...but we do have a rare and special international team with what is called a ultra sting. Sting Ultra.op

Russ: The codes we hacked are will have have a tremendous impact in the field, so for now letting the dog sleep as they say while the investigation finishes up is in order. The find is unbelievable by special ops which will remain in the shadow.

Suzzie: The codes directed us to the mafia using medical records for their hits. obtaining medical info enables them to mask their hits. So if someone had a family history of something they can disguise the hit accordingly or a complication they could speed up the process, etc etc.

Russ: They were filed in away we traced them to political hits...meaning they had political outcomes or justification set forth by spy rings that were government insiders. Some hits were revenge, some were to get someone out of the way, but most were to advance the mafia's position that lead to government contracts made by spies in the government....basically using government money for hits in order to further dominate political positions and increase outside funding to promote more of the same, if the funds dried up.

Sussie: So that is why there is so many mysterious deaths during elections, same as the increase of immigrants border crossings to increase voting power. The investigation led to findings of surges to state residencies that directly reflected the grand scheme of a hostile nature that was found to be part of the mafia spy ring intentions. The code for the operation was newly found and would have another meaning from the one recorded. This pointed to inside code operators with the capability of multi-coding. For one set of eyes it meant one thing and to another it meant something completely different....and this goes on and on.

Huntington: These coders bet heavy that the government would not reveal these situations due to the government connection to the acts. That is why and how they keep themselves locked tight. Repeated analysis shows the mafia uses the government money and resources in away that would jeopardize them if they did anything about or went public it would make themselves look bad. About the same as a free hooker and snap shot for the wife when convenient except the snap shot is for the public showing them how the government spent money on hit with mafia figures. Pretty much that is how they get their fangs in government funds sort of a thumbnail.

Russ: It is called political warfare! PoW for short. Politics of War.

Huntington: Exactly, it is a war not a election...based on our findings.

revenge is more productive than kissing ass...Huntington

ST: Huntington's famous Ping...if you can't stand the heat. find something else to do. We'll cover this later.

Huntington: Exactly, while everybody is running around kissing ass we are getting hammered with revenge. It is a weapon and a target...the enemy scouts the internet for people that fit the revenge profile and rates them for the ease of being manipulated and how much damage they can be lured into. It's the key to their production of war and destruction by recruiting revengeful via the use of data they find on persons.

ST: Yes, I can say for certain agents too have to be careful not to get caught up into revenge plots. On that note of plots we finished the FBI probe and tagged all the spies, moles and mafia figures. Now I know why they were not being updated on the equipment...sure ended up much worse than expected, but that is par for the course in this line of work. Glad it caught in time as the path they were on was a bad one and why agents were leaving.

Huntington: Smooth Sailing here on out.

ST: For sure...but more fires. So I have the investigation of the investigation into corrupt politics to think on of which I would be gladly inclined to say no to, but we're going to dive right into it. It was that or drug sub hunt mission of which I would rather be doing, but no I will be handling both because my agents are waking up and need the exercise and want action. And believe it or not they tie into together...amazing.

Huntington: One agent looks at another agent when things are going down and says to the agent holding on for dear life...let go before they take you down with them and leave you for the fall! The agent lets go and then mysteriously gets grabbed until his balance is restored and thinks to him self another close call.

www.World Wide Weapon

The internet of criminals

Huntington back into ops

ST: Your ready to do this?

Huntington: You bet

ST: Political Kit?

Huntington: 12ft poles check

St: Scum removal kit?

Huntington: Wild Turkey check.

Penelope takes over as acting head as Huntington and ST go dark in ops...

Penel takes action


Penelope: We have a very serious doping mafia spy network to tackle. There is a prepping of investigated criminals where doping has been used to physically and mentally enhance the investigation for promotions reasons. The actual agents may or may not be fully in tune to the actual drug enhancements, but the ring behind the doping is carefully manipulating investigations in order for advancement and political gain etc. In several cases to promote a spy and mafia figures that supply related Intel and illegal drugs. The enhancing drugs where found to be high tech and untraceable until it hit Huntington and ST magnifying glass.

Jake: I have a media take on the impeachment and would like a perspective...

Penelope: Okay the perspective is are driving on the freeway and everybody is doing 75 mph,you are driving a red flashy sports car and the only one pulled over for a ticket. That is ST's Take of the impeachment. Huntington looks at it as a Red Flag to Higher Criminal Activities (HCA). I am sure once they complete the investigation further political stings will follow to weed out mafia in politics.

Jake: Mafia Politics

Penelope: Exactly

Jake: Which

Penelope: ...all of them Okay go do some homework and then lets get down to the nitty-gritty.

Local Mafia

Local Mafia more of a threat

Country resources and the local mafia

Food from strangers

food and talking to strangers...The Ph syndrome

Wrap up on ctaf.ops

Huntington finalizes the first passage of operation criminals targeting agents family.

Huntington: After laying the trap we found that agents with instinct for catching criminals were more in likely to have their families targeted, to give you an idea of how advanced the mafia works; listening in at a restaurant, bar to the maid picking apart the place the mafia was caught immediately diged into the agents family matters like paparazzi's.

side codes

Example: WOP after being analized by the next generation intel found significant leads to the meaning of being either tortured or kitlled as well as a hitman's calling card. After a agents digging around in the dirt found that the code referenced the sound of a base ball bat to a victums head...WOP as in a hit or to kill off a snitch or un loyal mafia member.

You Can't get rid of one without the other.



rubbing in noses

mafia deck of cards MDoc,ops

Penelope Sting Meeting

Penelope: Like Huntington always explained to new agents, "If you spend all your time chasing Puppets during your career you will eventually turn into one'" So lets get down to business following those strings and put the criminal masters away. Ed what is the news?

Ed: Yes, Ms P made a report delivered to St and Huntington in a special ops off the coast of Malta that outlines the details of mafia finances linked to terrorist acts that were part of the mafia's hit-man agenda and strategy...the evidence is over whelming per Huntington which qualifies the Mafia Deck of Cards for Military Ops...Political ties are being investigated by ST and Huntington. Ms P is rounding up a team to deal with the politicians with ties to the mafia and states it is like don't see the line attached to the fly unless you really look hard for it! Once you find the line (Mafia Political Motive) pretty much we send in a special team to pick it apart. We know the mafia is in the war making business and it fits the picture of military contract corruption.

Penelope: And Ms P has been promoted officially as head of ID Sting Operations (IDSO)and pretty much replaces ST but with a much broader focus......several nicknames point, pointer, power pointer has rumored but Ms P still hangs with P representing her as point. Breaking the record for significant information gathering for the evidence procurement team surpassed all expectations of both Huntington and ST, so they gave her the job...if god gives you a Ms P make evidence that sticks said Huntington, she's a perfect fit and a natural.

Ms P: via sat....Huntington suggests throwing in some new agents for training into the puppet show...says they are swamped.

Penel: Done JJ.op The JacknJill Training Operation will be underway tomorrow.

Ms P: Thanks St says RWI

Penel: thinking to herself, ah let her run with it. she on to something big.

Russ: Why is Huntington and ST in jail?

Penel: I guess the rabbit is out of the hat....they did a xmas swap.

Russ: Swap or Swat

Penel: Actually both....for the release of undercover agents to be home for Xmas with their families.

Russ: Wow that;s incredible.

Penel: You can go visit

Russ: Okay, I will do it. I'm in.

Penel: Done. Relay with Ms P and catch up with xmas.op tonight. I am sure they will be happy to see aboard.

Russ: Thank You Penel.

Penel: You are welcome. Ruso

Russ: Yes

Penel: Make sure they could you please?

Russ: Of course....I will need additional crew and equipment.

Penel: I know, Spit is ready for you take Zhen and Amul.

Russ: No, this is down and dirty.

Penel: They are trained for it...

Rss: This is a Mafia Terrorist Cell not for elf's...

Penel: Take it up with Ms P, you have my authorization if she agrees.

Russ: I know the routine. I think I can use both Zhen and Amul for vendors. Can they play the part.

Penel: You got it. Make the list and it will be there. The code phrase is Ms P's Undercover Xmas Meetup

Russ: Perfect. Ms P done this before right.

Penel: No

Russ: Mmmm she has but not dirty

Penel: Yes,she's mainly point and hasn't gotten too dirty yet...that is why you are going.

Russ: Got it. Zhen is vendor and Amul watches her back

Penel: Good

Russ: Good

Penel: You will Pick up your procurement detail before Ms P...Ms P will divert you from there.

Russ: Ah standby

Penel: Exactly, you will be on standby until Ms P give the okay.

Russ:; This cell has nuke capability/

Penel: Yes we picked apart that data 10 years ago and found someones nuke warhead pointing right at their HeadQuarters. You know the oops

Russ: Yes I do no one would of thought of it with out ST.

Penel: And St wouldn't of thought of it with out you.

Russ: He always says that.

Penel:: Maybe someday he will tell you why.

Russ: Maybe, (he puts a watch on her desk and steps back) Merry Christmas. (Hublot Big Bang) If anything happens..

Penel: got it...Merry Christmas Ruso. (she hands Russ a gift wrap from ST (Aeternitas Mega 4)

Russ: (he opened it and the note said just in case. He is always 3 steps ahead, Thanks

Penel: Look Ruso, they are only finishing out the agents agreed time. Only months...they will be back before you know it.

Russ: I know, stand by.

Penel: Alright. Oh if you need more see Ms P (5 Grand Complication's for back up)

Russ: And as always you think of everything. my phrase code is swap meet

Penel: Yes, Okay.

Nancy: I have a note from Huntington regarding a meeting for additional sweeps of the states the issues were found to be more draining than expected eg a disconect technically, if you have a staff of brillinat minds with persons that lack tthose skills over seeing operations you get the puppet effect which is prone to corrupt situations and when multiplied by several Departments you get government failures which can lead to a colapse. Fist off we really need to shed off the mafia, the most damaging to all the departments. ST's comment is the problem is do to the long needed upgrades to the departments...once we get the system perfected it will be more stream lined.

Penel: Yes there is more sweeps coming that I will be personally taking charge of. Nancy get this out to Spit for programming for the new Sting. And have him re program the others to include his updated Status.

Nacy: got it. What about link codes?

Penel: They will automate when they link and update still allowing existing operative to function with team.

Nancy: That works. How many hostages are they getting released?

Penel: They are going for the whole xmas list. Huntington and ST are Collateral until the deal and swap is made...they want them both out of the picture because of what they do is the thinking.

Nancy: Makes sense. Spit is crazy smart.

Penel: Way carzy smart. But when the mafia keeps taking out our agents and wittnesses Spit always comes through with the gear. You would never ever think he had that kind of pull with the wealthy.

Nancy: Wow those rich people must be really pissed off

Penel: The xmas undercover Swap meet is actually his op. He does not like to be in picture...because of the position he has to be very low key and yes there are very wealthy individuals that are behind destroying the mafia...

Nancy: oh

Sue: We found many issues with agents looking for easy pickings with a lot of cherry pickers in the mix. In one situation agents choose to go for the easy pickings vs the bigger picture scenario of the investigation in which criminals commonly use as a diversion.tactic. What does this mean....they were thrown off track too easily and red flags went up pretty much every where. Actually the way the investigation was handled resulted in a more dangerous and threatening situation. It is my view that the investigation went off tack by quite a bit which has wasted time and the need for more investigations. There are a lot of signs of intentionally disrupting the investigation that would of led to higher criminal activity.

Penel:; They white washed it.....would not recommend. Incomplete. Next Media whats going on Jake?

Jake: George Washington cut down the Cherry Tree....HR is the hot topic with the media. Investigate them like crooked accountants.

Penel: Good, who do you have.

Jake: Shell

Penel: Good.

Phil: So codes are solid for agents for jumping into ops.... Penel wanted me to explain that two phrases are automatic to engage in any kind of communication....There is most of the time a hidden meaning. So if an agent wants to present themselves to ST or Huntington right now it would be 12ft poles and Wild we all know 12ft poles is a distance factor to keep and a shot of Wild Turkey washes the emotional crap away when you get to close. So it would read like this, keep your distance and if you get to close a shot of Wild Turkey will do you good *time away". Equivalent would be don't look into the sun, or you might go blind.

Penel: Okay thats a wrap and I will end the year with Huntington's New Years Joke. What do you do when you catch a mafioso by the tail? Wag it in front of their nose and they will chase it forever. Have a fun holiday see in 2020.


Huntington-Special Operations Executive Officer

Russ-Hacking Specialist

Zhen- International Communications

Penelope- Special Operations


Swanson-Identity Theft


Amul- Computers

Savana- Genocide decoding



St-Special Operations Specialist SOS

Ms P-Field Agent

Nancy-Report Manager

Phil-GAS General Ambassador of Security

Batez-Stock Market

Betty-under cover specialist

spit-op equipment, specialist


Brad-food analyst


Shawn-Religion analyst

Peggy-criminal war specialist

Shell- HR






BMoT-Black Market of Things

CCSI-Criminal Court of Special Investigations

DN (Do Nothigs)-Presidential Election Slogan that referred to government officials whose sole purpose in politics was to do nothing in regards to specific events, bills or criminal findings, later found to be merely "Distraction Con Artist's" to the justice system that have ever since been a target by the Criminal Court of Special Investigations (CCSI). On the flip side it was uncovered that there is in operation of the opposite which works as a team with the DN's where they are the active ones doing everything to keep DN's doing nothing about a situation. Like a battery with a negative people who do nothing about a situation and a positive of people who do whole lot so nothing happens.

HCA-Higher Criminal Activity

MH-Man Hole code for Mole Hunt

PW-Polictical Warfare or PoW Politics of War

Red Journalism-corrupt journalizm

SMDT-Sitron Mobile Data Tender

SSG-Social Security Grave operation

WSO-Weapons Specialist Operator

Updated: September 12th, 2020

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