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Coupᵜ                                                                   Updated: August 15th,  2022

CoupᴥByte 4

Shelby Meeting with Huntington

Huntington, ST and Penelope gather at the vault. Shelby was unable to place the two agents and is ever trying....she did a all niter and frazzled.

Huntington: How is it going Shelby?

Shelby: It didn't go as planned, still working on it.

Huntington: That bad?

Shelby: That bad.

Huntington: Here <hands her a ticket> take a break and head out to Japan make good and collect samples. When you get back try again.

Shelby: <She looks at the ticket and the flight leaves in a hr.> Sounds good.

<Shelby takes a record shower and is escorted to the helo pad.> She boards the helicopter and sees Huntington, ST, Penelope and Savana sitting there. Savana points to the jump seat. Shelby straps in and away they go. No body says a word the whole trip.They land at a air strip where Huntington and ST get off and board a lear. Then take off.

Penelope, Savana and Shelby are flown to a military base and land next a group of high tech jets that will put them several hours ahead of Huntington and ST. Each will have their own jet and are quickly suited up and escorted into the back seat of a F35 L-IIt. All three take off and experience in flight fueling with and air craft landing where they are attend a joint task force meeting as guests. They take off and land in Atsugi where they will be introduced to the authorities. Savana comments that was wild as they all are driven off.

Mean while Huntington and ST just landed in Hawaii.

Huntington: Wonder how the girls are on their first military flight?

ST: Probably freaking out a bit but enjoying the hell out it.

Hunington: Chuckles. Remember operation Hurricane?

ST: Oh yeah, a bit of rough time, but It worked.

Huntington: You don't suppose...

ST: The Cleaver Move. No. To cut into one of those would be like hell. You know the reason they went to the moon is to put a sign up warning the rest of the galaxies that earth is radio active and contaminated....the scouts even had evidence of them glowing in the dark.

Huntington: Laughed. That's right...that's why other worlds are keeping their distance Let's head out to the meeting.

St: <last sip of coffee> Full circle ahead... lets do it.

<corporations figured they can make billions using the moon as a billboard>

The Meeting was brief as Huntington and ST spent most of their time on aerial surveillance photos and thermal readings. Then headed back to the vault. The girls did the same and headed back as well.

After examining the the data Huntington and ST headed out back to operation swap meet and Penelope put a crew together to fly out to several sites to gather more data and then heads to New Zealand to do some house shopping. There seems to be a bit of hanky panky involved so once all the data is examined another team will be deployed to do the close up work.

Both Huntington and ST in route to swap meet ops

Huntington: What do you think?

ST: Catch 22 with a rock in the hardest place!

Huntington: Real tough one to crack. Just the data alone is pretty hostile.

ST: Not for just any agent to take on for sure...a deadly hot seat. Sort of like taking off but can't know and understand the situation only to end up in a deadly predicament.

Huntington: Let's wiggle this one out

ST: Exactly

<The hatch opens on the plane and both jump out. Both splash down in a lake and make their way to shore>

ST: Piece of cake

Huntington: Tell that to my wife at a party some time...I just jumped out of plane into a lake out in the middle of no where.

ST: She would freak

Huntington: Sure would. I think we might of broke a high dive record.

ST: Maybe I will look it up in the book of Guinness World Records when we get back.

<The both get to the holding house and ST waves and bundle of cash five times leaves the payoff and both step out of site. The hostage is brought to the site and the cash is picked up. ST and Huntington head to the lift off site with the hostage.

Huntington: There it is...the ride for the hostage out paper work and all.

<They all jump in and head for a grassy opening out in the middle of no where adventure. Sure enough a small plane lands for the pick up and removes them from wilderness to board a jet on stand by.

Spit in charge for ST

Both Huntington and ST are in quarantine with 1 week bed rest...the prep and stress for the hostage op worn them down to a frazzle. Both on are tucked in bed on IV's for about a week and the pilot Ted and hostage are on observation. The doc said it was due to something related to the water and they should be alright. You see this op was a old boys op....the exchange had to be ST. It was a lot of money and Huntington was backup. They both beefed up at the pool doing laps and practiced free falls. The cash had a two fold the event everything went kitty whompus ST's old boy club had a back up plan in waiting. ST say's they just don't deal with people they don't know, period. So you have to work everyone new in slowly. This holding house will be a op site for several exchanges and communications to come. New op teams will learn and set up new op sites that will benefit investigations internationally. Win Win of international agents working against crime. They call themselves the "we" sort of like the opposite of they. Short slang for the special op group is WEE and yes it is french and makes a cool cover and only one way to say it right as it had an extended code. Huntington was amused that they were able to pull off a operation and enjoyed the success it will reap. He said it sounded really complicated and hard to do but it wasn't...went off like clock work and one of the best hostage swap programs ever....operation swap-meet. code name swap-meet.op. Shelby's plan goes into the history books. St & Huntington will remember no ice when making a victory toast with the scotch next time..It's the new James bond cocktail not shaken or stirred just neat. Both Huntington and ST know field work is tough, sometimes you have to be told...things can get rough and out of hand, people get killed and both have made the call both they say in the old days time to clean house are you up to it? Both ST and Huntington are tuned in to it but not up to speed to fully jump right in but at the same time aware of the existing situation. It kind of doesn't make any sense, but the first thought is what they were doing originally...going in slow and easy does it...just following instinct.

<It is all about the pilot and math (equations of motion) When that hatch opens your out, else another 100 yards to shore.>

Spit takes command of ST position. I know you think spit is a closet case with weird friends in high places...everything but. He got the nickname because when he came back from a special op his team was due for a inspection, so he utilized the time while they were out spit shinning all their gear for the inspection. He has a lovely wife and three kids all in college.

Up and Adam

Both Huntington and ST are finally able to to get up and walk around for a short spell.

Shelby has been successful with two more exchanges using the plane without the lake. They all think it is contaminated. Spit's new name is STP now....the team gave him a new name along with a party.

Penelope finishes up house shopping and flys back to be with ST

ST and Huntington connected in the corridor both looked at each other and said "do over" and went about mending.

<ST new he had to put on a impressive exchange in order to get the approval and that's what he did. That will both ST and Huntington's in the event they were needed, less the transportation and plane out. So there is some home work to get to ASAP.

Plan J

St: could not stop thinking. But he had it. Use the auto pilot for a night drop bring the high profile package to the end of the lake (float). A slider down cliff (small water fall) on the ridge side with no access. 31/2 day crawl to lift.

STP Baby needs new shoes.

ST: types a spec note to STP

STP: No problem self balancing shoes will need aprox. 100 yrds.

ST: I can make it work.

STP: Super, STP places an order for 30 custom surfboards for customer pick up and a courier drop off with the payment and specs.

Ted: Makes arrangement for the delivery and prepares storage. Then sets up a team to modify a runway.

ST: notes read memo on Casa de Cochinos and will respond soon....

No you shouldn't have to use info regards to such, it will expose ops and they know that. What you can do is expose them for using their position of such...that's what agents should be doing and if that is not the case, then you have a problem with the agency's ability to investigate. It's like a house with termites and sending in a painter to fix it filling in the bad areas and painting over it...looks good but the problem is still there. Definitely not fixed and will be hard to explain for more funding....We don't want people like that on our team and do the best to keep them out. That was Penelope's message.We don't want that kind around here no matter what the title, so she black balled them all.

To put a team together to bring down financial corruption of the house, we can do that. The short of it is you have a investigation that should of been in the back page of the political section for a week, instead the front page for years. You think we just bounced off the cabbage truck the other day and every things okay. Not. There's stack of corporate financial corruption on my desk that if put side by side makes your investigation look like a flea circus. The charging of tax payers for exaggerated investigations as propaganda for self or a political party is unlawful...this tells me that there is something very wrong or someone is just not wise to the world enough for the position. Huntington was pissed off...she figured it out in literally minutes and they been at for years, he blacked balled you to. His actual words where oh my god that is the last thing we need. The bottom line is we don't want to see the Justice System clogged with shit any more whether a blow job or a financial scam it does not matter we want productive candidates that get things done not just running around smelling the place up, its counter productive to our goals...and over here is a huge stack called my shit list, this ones for a pot seed found in the tread of the tire, 15 years for pulling a flag down, Rape because the bus braked and brushed a girl inappropriately. The stack next to yours any one of them are current and well known from here to Tokyo.So that makes it a international comparison, meaning setting a bad example for how justice is handled country to now we have the whole world spending all their resources on political gimmicks because someone forgot to put the seat down on the toilet and fell in. Let's make this clear the FBI does not have our support for investigating political matters. We're not going to continue being the plumbers further more. You asked for my opinion now you have it...I need to back to a team that really cares about their country, not sit around and listen to a bunch goof balls pulling underwear and screaming wedgies. I don't have the time to spare for it. We need to get people trained so there elder's can retire respectfully and so forth....we don't want to run into the same geriatric issue that we see as political hazard ahead. Don't get me wrong I can under stand having wise old men or women around but they don't give orders they just listen and get asked for advice. And just what kind of wise men are you going to have if you work people till they drop dead and shove them in a oven? You are falling apart and we are not following that path.

ST: Types a note to Shelby <No more inquires from the Hill just give them busy routine.>

Shelby: Got it. No more inquires from over the hill

ST: Good

Shelby: Uhmm over the hill requested 10 more and wants an answer asap? And a reporter wants to interview?

ST: Plot the 10 and they will be ready with in a week. Journalist, holy crap. Let me stew on that one.

Shelby: k

Huntington: Drops out into to retirement says too many idiots...rather be happy with my wife and family, not worth it.

ST is stuck to finish...typical. Penelope breaks the news she having a baby. Putting together the ops is a cake walk at this point. But ST knows if the money doesn't hit the barrel head and the fruit cakes get too nutty everything will be lost...and that could be a good thing. ST is thinking yeap they need to clean house in that case. Time passed and just bunch beard pulling shenanigans and all the contacts disappear leaving one op that could go hostile with only one person with the intel to pull off any kind of high profile exchange. That would mean more in likely they would have to shoot it ST made sure a plan was in place. He knew exactly where to place the fire power and make it work with out him. Plan J.

No body ever heard a peep from Huntington again. He found a home where he could get things and the fruit cakes just ruined every thing...he just left. ST and Penelope had a baby girl and moved out of the country with no address.He prefers chocolate and does not want any thing to with the nuts running into the ground.

Plan J: Has to be all as planned. After the slider down the ridge there will be a gorilla shoot out indicated in the plan...this is greased heavily so what is actually happening is an assassination of two moles. Your going to hear some shots and see people just spray it just above their heads, then they will be gone and you go make the lift, okay. Its all planed and sealed. Just get your package out. and don't look back. Everybody will be good.

Shelby's Plan J

Shelby reads Plan J and starts the swimming program and taking high diving lessons

It is a 4 hour swim in the dark. She has to signal the other two ahead while she finishes the job with the guerrilla fight.she fires more fire and lines the bodies and pours scent so the wild life mutilates the bodies. The actual moles are now dead and the agent and package head to the lift Shelby then catches up with the package who also is a witness of the moles being shot. She has to do this all in 3 1/2 days with hardly any sleep. After this Shelby will be pretty much in with boys and the toys.And she is loving it and starts making her own calls. She is living a life of her dreams and the ones before her.Something she always wanted to do since a child.taking down bad guys and making the world a better place. Some times Shelby will visit the lake of tears and cry because she misses her parents ST and Penelope who taught her every thing they knew.


After visiting the lake Shelby decided to go to the vault and sort things out. On her desk is letter addressed with her name and the Penel St Corporation. She opened and it was a failure to pick notice for 30 surf boards.

Shelby: STP you know what 30 surfboards are about.

STP: No I don't, May be it has to do with the Shoes for the plane that Ted has. You can ask him

Shelby: Okay,.

Shelby figured it was time to inspect the ops so she hops on jet to talk to Ted. 

Ted: shows her the Shoes for special landings and how they built a landing strip where the plane lands on the lake and up into the camo shed.

Shelby: ST built this?

Ted: No he imagined it and I had it constructed and STP designed the shoes.

Shelby: You know what the surf boards are for?

Ted: I don;t know but the Shoes came in with a invoice as surf boards.

Shelby: I get it...we need to pick up 30 surf boards and figure out what they are for.

Ted: Olay

Shelby and Ted drive to the surf shop where the owner says...about time we just don't have room. Hands them the invoice and shows them 30 surf boards under a tarp. Shelby reads the invoice and it says 30 high performance surf boards with auto speed leveling

Shelby: You have to be kidding...look at this

Ted: Nope, thats ST's jump boards I remember him mumbling about. This is going to be fun. He opened the manual and start to read.

Aerodynamic tested Self Correcting Landing Boards for Low Altitude use.

Shelby: I taking one for practice.

Ted: Okay

Shelby: Got to run see yah

Ted: Alright.

Vault Closes for renovation

Shelby gets to the vault and tells STP were shutting down.

STP: Okay where to?

Shelby: That is what I want you to figure. What makes for you to work optimum.

STP: Well I can do research on where corps are heading or even better we can research ops that are leaving.

Shelby: Let me know I don't want to get stuck in the mud here. 

STP: Got it. Every body is moving to mafia free zones Shelby. There is a no business clause with regards to mafia infected areas.

Shelby: Okay relocate to one.

STP: You got it. What about the vault?

Shelby: All offices that are in infected areas will be op sites, All headquarters will be in mafia free zones. That way we can align with the global Intel communities. I don't want to have shoot our teams out of every predicament to get things done. It's counter productive,

STP: It is catching on...the latest shows a big transition of businesses that want the same.

Shelby: It is a strategy that works... teaming up.


Shelby: Where's that howling sound coming from STP.

STP That's company's leaving for a political rest. I think they just cash in and go to the Bahama's or some place for vacation until the crisis is over.

Shelby: How is the pick for headquarters going?

STP: A lot of problems...the data is tainted. You remember we ran a op with the new patterns and it turned out for the worse. A lot of cherry picking. People are in charge that were main streamed by the mafia all the way back to grade school. Considering that the mafia is a haven for spies, moles and terrorist and who knows what else, I would say the corporate world is corrupt beyond imagination. If they are teaming and pooling Intel, that means they can switch bait throwing off legitimate investigation and easily diverting any thing that comes their way. Typically once they made a killing expanding the business is the priority, as we've seen in the past of setting up shop in the sticks for future moves in the big mafia game of chess. Small towns are easy pickings. With every shipment of drugs and contraband giving the mafia buying power to control more of the lands thus politics. The patterns for mafia infected area is clear if one has the knowledge to extrapolate right....but it is tricky because they are like cockroaches in hiding. It's not until you have a infestation until it is declared a infected area. I think we should break away from the norm making locations a monument tactic so we can stay several steps ahead of the game like Huntington and ST was. Let me work on it.

Shelby: That HR op is a mess. Okay sounds good.

New Office

STP Gave Shelby locations

Shelby: Nope I decided not to go with the old thinking...instinct. Lets turn the property at the lake into a fortress...for now. Make a bunker seal it up tight. Then put in ops command Center in the zone

STP: Alright, Ted said he will deliver a harness for the jump board this is suposed be used with it.

Shelby: Oh ok, can't wait to try it out.

STP: He also is asking for a newbie to manage construction ops because he is just too swamped.

Shelby: Okay lets find somebody of grid. And lets develop a under ground network of stations as well so we can keep a pulse on new rivals.

STP: That is going to take some doing.

Shelby: Find a newbie then.

STP: Okay, fresh out of collage.

Shelby: The ones that should of gotten a job but did not like me...

2 hr Swim

Shelby's 2 hr. swim check is today.

Both Huntington and ST were checked out but never found time to do the 4 hr check although both easily did 4 hrs in live situations with gear. They both did under water as well and admit that diving in the dark very tricky.

Penelope and ST name the baby Jenifer. Both decide on one more baby.

In the mean time ST and Huntington hook up from time to time to finish swapmeet.op

ST is still working on Shelby's 1st exchange at the lake. He purchased the over the hill land (over the hill is the code for the house above the lake where business takes place). St waters down Shelby's exchange check off, basically after shooting above the the guerillas head two will drop and play dead and after the the guerrillas retreat they will hustle to their lift. Shelby just needs to catch up and to the others and get her package to their lift. Another crew will be in charge of leaving dummy bodies.

Jump Boarding

Shelby finishes the swim check and head out to a small cliff area on the lake to pracice with the jump board. The harness straps you in tight in case the board tumbles (beginners) as long as you go nose down everything works much smoother. With the harness it wouldn't matter and the board would self correct. Without the harness you would have to hold on and would be a bit of a scare, but it would still correct itself allowing you to either get back on or fly with it dragging you. The board comes with a propulsion so the swim across the lake is a cake swim. Since Shelby is not jumping from a moving plane she will not need the harness. She takes the board and grips the handles and does a run and jump. She didn't goes nose down and the board starts to roll but instantly corrects the pitch as she scoots and tucks herself on the board. The board will automatically sense the distance to the water and will go into landing mode. Just before she hit the water the board pitched up and skimmed her along the propulsion turned on and she steered back to land. All of this can be programmed to automatically happen. They can be used as a rescue board as well sending a disable team member to a designated place to be picked up.

SHELBY meeting with sue regarding operation vacant

SHELBY meeting with sue regarding operation vacant.

Shelby: What is with the flash void of businesses?

Sue: Mafia!

Shelby- Oh shit, The Media Big Bang.

Sue Exactly, businesses see head liners like rights for prostitutes, legal drugs and a mafia tax free environment on top of a sue happy frenzy that only the rich can afford ...Everyone is, no way, relocate. As ST would of put it, we don't want to go down this shit hole again. 

Shelby- Well we have one more hard liner on the horizon that is going to take a stab into the economy.

Sue- I know it's going to be the finale.

Shelby- it's the make or breaker. after that it is all down hill.

Sue- pretty much. They are going to down grade countries financial ratings with excessive mafia and or drug cartel problems. Expect a pruning soon. Markets will get hammered.

Shelby- Ah finally.

Sue- State and county etc. remember the adage of a nuke in the wrongs hands wil destroy the whole world, well, democracy in the wrongs hands can do the same....the biggest bug a boo is regarding states, counties and cities are setting known aliens criminals free to roam the country committing more crimes. The rating firms consider this a serious stability issue...if a government is allowing this to happen it effects the financial security of the community; being robbed, murdered, scammed (financially taken advantage of via lack of policy to protect its people from harmful persons)

Shelby_ Local governments have lost it completely and have turned corporate criminals and we are already seeing that...okay lets make it a priority for the new headquarters. Looks like the puppet show is a diversion...makes sense to make it a priority putting local government grease balls away.

Sue_ you got it.

Penel's smacks St with a love bite

Penel and St get in a big fight before she goes back to the helm....

St hired a nanny and Penel smacked him one good for not consenting her. St kissed all her toes and hands twice and pleaded guilty and agreed to to devote his fatherly attention to Jennifer so help me god poop, crying and and what every comes. Don't worry both Penel and St are lethal weapons with their hands..."Penel smacked him one good as a jester "You protect the den while I am gone" and keep to the agreement to give her all your attention. you not some nanny. St tried to weasel out and that night Penel and St had the best make up sex ever in their little seaside house in New Zealand that Penel's family left her.

Penel: <after sex conversation> work on Shelby's inheritance sweetheart.

St: Got it love. estate transfer.

Both Penel and St took in Shelby like their own child and in appreciation of her work St deeded her a world of her own beyond imagination that etched decades to come.

Penel back from Office Duty.

St so damned embarrassed about his plans pretty much kept a low profile during Penel's Office Duty. In his mind that was his second time in the dog house and the last, his heart could not endure another episode. He wrote Shelby's Inheritance that included the lake estate (Penel hated because it was too dangerous) that included $150,000 untraceable US dollar and a undisclosed amount of foreign currency. The 150 was incentive for her college and the foreign funds were emergency funds (another 150 after completion).

STP walks into Shelby's Office

STP: Shelby the US Emergency Funds are awaiting your transfer order as called out by Penel. She wasn't sure how you would handle it, so she left it at the old vault.

Shelby: Two people dead and they are asking for billions, are you kidding me get it out of there before they chew it up and leave us with on life line. Huntington was right they are vultures. I still waiting for the other shoe to drop, whether we have them in check or they changed up the game. My bet is they were spooked they just dispersed...but there is no signs of a second version.or increased lethal version. There is still no signs of any plague version. Put a government fraud watch on the list I made and have Batez run an analysis on the stock market...he'll connect some dots.I am sure as the spots on a lying dog. I have a hang nail and I might bleed to death, I should put in a request for a million dollars for a manicure...

STP: You got it.

Shelby: Send a team in to investigate and lets pull in the new agent Carl who is heading the fraud division send his team as the shadow.

STP: Alright

Shelby: Don't tell me you going to be leaving too.

STP: No, I like you and want to know they have been through a lot and ST said he is getting too jaded...but he is still available for advice.

Shelby: I know he want fresh ideas.

STP: That's right Shelby...he likes you too. and believes in you. Actually everyone does.Its no big deal it is good to move the money around. I am going to use a different system for the old vault okay. Don't will be up soon..

Shelby: Okay, well anyways I am heading there tonight to be with them and the new baby Call me if any thing.

STP: Alright sounds good. So it is final your in charge Shelby and that is your international funding, I will update you on the new system when it is finished. Have a good flight

Shelby: Thank you

Shelby time with little Sister Jen

Shelby brings all the tracking gear for little Jen...Shelby's nickname for her sis. (The little General). Shelby spent most of her time with Penel and baby sat while ST and Penel went out dancing. Not the kind of dancing you are thinking. When they got back she asked Penel how do you want the transmitter. She look at her and siad P always did it. P is short for STP now. and is a common signature to note imPortant. No Jen is still a baby and family only. Oh I will. Good then when she is old enough she will be upgraded.

Shelby: Okay here is the list of assets and funds that will be directly tied into the old vaults emergency system that P is updating.

Penel: The G-Dunk

Shelby: Yeap.

Penel: Cracks up are you kidding they retro'd the old hover system.

Shelby: Yes I am turning into a combat station.

Penel Holy Shit. That's cool Shelby, really cool. Like old times.

Shelby: Even better.

Penel: I would like to be a part of that maybe later.

Shelby: Of coarse Penel we can figure something out for you to do.

Penel: Smiled ear to ear.

Shelby: P said the update would be ready pretty soon. In the mean time we have been keeping the serpents at bay and snake in their holes

Penel: Oh my the vipers.

Shelby: Rattlers

Penel: Here's the your cover paper work Shel, St put it together personally.

Shelby: Great nothing to worry, what a relief. I will thank him before I head out.

Penel: K, he loves you like a daughter.

Shelby :Blushes really, tears

Penel: really, tears

Shelby meets with ST and surprise visit Huntington

St is busy hammering out details for the old vault and Huntington is reading up on Shelby's Plans. Both sipping on a Jägermeister.

Shelby knocks on the door and enters

Hers pop out seeing Huntington.

Shelby: (Now head of the Department) Are the agents all out?

Huntington: Sorry Shelby, no they are not.

Shelby: <Drops her head> Why?

Shelby: <Drops her head> Why?

Huntington: We are going to need more man power. And time.

Shelby: Okay, can you give me stats on what is possible.

Huntington: No Shelby this op is too rough...if I did it could flip every which way.

Shelby: Damn it, alright keep trying.

Huntington: Both myself and St are jumping out for personal reasons, to be exact we want some family time.

Shelby: Okay, put together a plan.

St: Here you go.

Shelby: Always a step ahead...she briefly reads. That works. Are you mad about the vault?

St: The G-Dunk or D-Bunk emergency Actually everyone is stoked about it.

Huntington: P's been working on that for ever.

Shelby: Wow

St: A hang nail million for cleaning up a deep op? No problem.

Huntington: Billion for a FBI noname,op? no problem.

St: Every time the FBI gets their head stuck up the political asshole. no problem.

Shelby: You're not Jaded

St, Huntington: No, Happily married.

Huntington: P will give you the details on the G machine okay

Shelby: Yes sir. Good seeing you.

Huntington: It is good to see you Shelby <he pours her a shot> Kind of in a pinch?

Shelby: No, routine clamp down.

Huntington: Stymie

Shelby: Yeap

Huntington: good work..St and Penel uncovered a operation <hands the file to her>

Shelby: <She opens the file and reads> Yes this is good.

St: <hands her a list of operatives>

Shelby: <glances> they will work. Toast to little jen.

Shelby, St and Huntington: bottoms up.

<Shelby heads out on the private jet....took some time due to new protocols (the whole jet had to be sanitized for each landing including Shelby.>

Meeting at the New Vault

Update Meeting

Shelby: Okay what do the agents have so far?

Zoe: Good news is that several agents have pick up a trial and are engaged. The preliminary reports states that there is so far three different delivery types for the diseases

1.) goo with a vomit taste (hardly no odor) 2.) slime like phlegm (no odor) 3.) light oily substance (detected)

that are being used to spread or increase the spread of diseases. The amount of time from contact or exposure to being infected is much longer than expected....which throws off the individuals that come in contact with it making very hard to track its source, but our agents have been able to get past the problem. So far it has been multi-national and it is suspected organized criminals could be behind the event. The biggest problem is the masks are making it hard for the agents to identify and follow suspects...well seasoned agents seem to be keeping up with no problem....instinct.

Nancy:Special note: the vomit version is the deadly version.

Shelby: Thanks.. <makes a note on training agents>

<Shelby makes mention to agents risking their life>

Shelby's Retro Vault

STP finishes up on the old Hoover Emergency System. It is a electronic vending machine to support investigative ops. He resupplied the emergency cash as well. It is electronic money tracking system. So that is up and running. Next is the remodel. Upgrading the surveillance and detection systems. Agents will be able to continue to operate in any circumstances. He turns it on and it sends out notification to all the agents that op funding is in emergency mode.

ST Interview

Reporter addresses ST about his past in the drug and arms trade.

St states that yes that was a ops to get drugs and weapons off the streets and out of criminal hands...the thinking was it was quicker and more cost effective just to buy the drugs and weapons at wholesale...but they caught on us and we got blow back. To this date we teach agents that milking ops for too long can bite back. We got a lot of drugs and weapons off the streets and found that politicians had a hand in it. Which brings us to current events political corruption.and politicians with mafia ties.

Reporter: What about the little guys? What happens to them in all this?

ST: Yes, we realized innocent people are being used as a shield for criminals and enacted project hummingbird to help out the people that were effected. Got to run.

Reporter: Thanks

Shelby Knocks out her agent swap test

Dives out of the plane with the jump board. Picks up agent and package (high profile scientist) They all scoot across the lake to the far end with a small drop and waterfall.

The package is on the board with Shelby and the agent in the water.

The agent ropes down the, then the package. Shelby remove the spike and patches the hole then jumps down into the small water hole below.

They confront the gorillas with gun fire, Shelby tells the agent and package to move on and she will catch up. She shoots out over head and two gorillas drop and they retreat. The two fallen agent gorillas get up and head to their pick up coordinates that Shelby signals to them. Shelby catches up to agent and package and finishes her check off.

Street Bio Labs

Shelby Meeting with Zoe

Shelby: So what kind of threat do we have on the streets?

Zoe: It looks like Bio Labs are the new thing on the streets...they are taking off like crack and meth labs. They get a hold of a deadly disease and rock it up into goo that can be used as a weapon.

Shleby: It's going viral

Zoe: Exactly, it is going to be a nightmare.

Shelby: Streets gangs?

Zoe: All the above. Street Bio Warfare all the way from revenge to a mafia hit.

Shelby: Alright, thanks Zoe.

Zoe: Welcome

Shelby recruits Russo back

Russo's list

List of influences that were involved in increasing the age of retirement. including political figures and financial backers and make a a real time analysis to existing elderly vulnerabilities (Verify under cover data they are connected). The data shows billions towards bailouts while sticking it to the elders retirements Then coordinate with Peggy and Suzie regarding the criminal crime charges. (Shelby suspects the mafia is using the generation gap to speed up their power) Check with Shell for more details.

Set up a sting operation on the Hover System for mafia insiders and red flag the their means of finances and HR. (Coordinate with Ed)

Zoe Conflick

Zoe issued a warning that locals will target the petty innocent while organized criminals get away in the initial attempt to track down bio lab activity. (Part of a Mafia warfare plot used in order to secure government funds putting their various organizations and contractors in favorable positions) Basically, very much like releasing migrant criminals to commit further crimes but taking it up a notch by covering for the criminal bio labs with staged targets to make (fake news) the media look like they are doing something but they are not. (Typical government mafia strategy) Recommends not utilizing local agencies for operations because they are too corrupt and unreliable. It is part of the "Stooge Effect" they play up a 100,000 swindle on the media while swindling billions behind the a magic trick. Pull a lever and down goes the market and out comes the rabbit of riches.

Noted fake news and reporting has increased drastically to seek international emergency funding. Verification process is almost nil. Accountability is in jeopardy. Government looting is inevitable.


Shely orders Suzzie to recruit a experienced Hollywood Producer Type to help uncover acted out fruad. There got to be some one out there with both a film and criminal behavior background. Someone that has been behind the scenes of acting could spot a phony in no time.

Suzzie: I have the perfect person a criminal law student did not pass the bar gone Hollywood Steve. He is dying for a new career and can see great potential. He said he could have a crew canvasing videos inside a week.

Sheby: Alright send him my way for a talk then.

Suzzie: will do. let me know your decision so I can start hiring actors for training.

Shelby: k, go ahead with recruiting actors to detect stage events okay?

Suzzie: That will give us a head start.

outside the box

outside of the box...Huntington's famous thinking puzzle

Steak it out....

Put a steak on a plate and cut it up...

Then put one in a bowl and try to cut one up...

Shelby actually did and it is hard to cut up a steak in a bowl...What is Huntington trying to get at?

Different strokes for different folks?

The world round verses flat?

The horse and the cart?

Huntington: Rock, paper, scissors and laughs. It is what you bring to the steak out...scissors cuts the steak either way and good for pizza. Nobody ever thinks to put a heavy duty pair of scissors in the tool box....that's the idea I am trying to get across, something like the Fiskars Cuts + More.

<Huntington was put on active duty per Shelby>

Second wave

he first wave is done creating weakness and despair.....out comes the new attacks.

1 Billion death goal and a world where killing people becomes the norm..

Huntington: How is the bio ops going?

Shelby: We have them in check

Huntington: Yeah you knocked off some of dirt bags but the hard cores are going to retaliate. Figure at least a million plus the first wave, then before they chew up all the funds for that I would expect another wave prompting for more funds...

Shelby:Meaning they are going to double down again.

Huntington: correct and consider they have a goal set for a billion, I would say once they bleed the government they will go to town making chaos and send off the main attack.

Shelby: Sounds about right, so we have to keep the finances and food supply in check or it will lead to chaos situation.

Huntington: Yeap, the criminals will take over the streets and the country will not be safe...they have been slowly taking away the guns from citizens while criminals have been stock piling them. Not a good situation.

Shelby: Got it. I will get more data on that....criminal to good citizen ratio.

Huntington: So I am going to set up a person to take my place in the swapmeet.op then back to retirement.

Shelby: Great. I appreciated it. What about Penel and ST?

Huntington: Nope not budging. ST is doing technical consulting and Penel is a happy mom with another on the way.

Shelby: Wow, another baby.

Huntington: Yes, a boy.

Shelby: Awesome, alright.

Huntington: Russo is going to help STP for awhile then he is set to retire shortly as well.

Shelby: Damn, I had plans.

Huntington: Don't plan on them. See yah.

Shelby: Bye.

Russo, Huntington and STP work for Penel St. now....Penel has been keeping busy.

Love Spot

<Shelby and STP are in a romantic relationship...same age younger that Penel, ST and Huntington>

<STP unleashes a new under cover name Steve>

Shelby + Steve

Steve proposes to Shelby and Shelby acepts.

St Penel Co.

St and Penel working on new equipment...

Huntington working on organization of routes and emergency agent removals.

Russo is setting up security measures.

Jump board Progress

ST starts second production of the scaled down jump board. ( more like a knee board) that Shelby tested. The new one will be even more compact as it will slide into itself to half the sized of the one Shelby tested. So it would be like carrying a ruggedized laptop,

Steveo realizes that the first batch of jump boards all have specific uses and is extremely concerned why the specs and manuals are missing.

ST acknowledges that the general function are the same for all the boards, but when it comes to specific additional options, they can be dangerous until the user masters the basic operation. i.e. Flip mode; the board can flip into a bullet proof shield, but if used incorrectly could jeopardized the operator.


Shelby and Steve marry and works on the financial details adding ST and Penel as board members to the estates operation. Shelby and Steve will have 49% stake while ST and Penel will have 51% due too the high risk factors. Ted is next in line to take charge and starts training as both Shelby and Steveo prefer to behind the scene. Ted is awarded $500,000 for all his duties and upon completion of his training will be added to the board.

Blowing the kiss of death...

Zoe reports that bio- weapon attacks are under stated due to the sensitivity of the intel. Mass bio attacks replicate threats found that were intended for the military but instead used on the public which follows the same patterns of other criminal spy operations. More importantly is the use of nature to violently spread the attacks. The only plan that can be discussed at this point is the release of air born toxins via wind patterns by making a toxic cloud and maneuvering it to drop precisely. This is done by creating a squall very similar to ones that are created by jets engines (making low pressure points that carry diseases is the issue) We have several scientist under investigation that are linked to this operation discovered years ago. Zoe states that any kind of missile testing could just well be an attack in disguise and would require vapor and target analysis. Large Scale Dirty Bombs LSDB. The act of attacking the public to promote military intervention is one hand washing the other allowing Trojan Horses to open up.. This is done by under estimating the illegal population which has been in hiding. A example would be the public increase noted in the pandemic collecting resources. The number of illegal entries is vastly off greatly according to our study and that low detection is primary due to keep a low profile in order to increase the numbers and allow more. Our investigation has determined the scenario intentional and a valid threat. The out burst of panic buying was due to the demand for pre-pandemic goods.. As the pandemic grows the contamination factor increases and spikes. Once measures are in place it reverses (flattens the curve) In the most countries items are packaged making it much easier to flatten the spike of contamination. Unpackaged goods present a problem to the spread of air born diseases and have the potential to disrupt the economy's food supply. We disregarded this threat to be short term as the scenario has a negative effect in the Trojan Horse Attack. The enemy can not grow without a food supply, so the threat is contaminating and weaponizing the illegal trade or so called sin businesses; drugs, hookers, animal and human trafficking etc.

Reconnaissance is monitoring a group that is currently operating a bio weapons strike force and in the process of tracing the team to the source. Under cover agents sent in by Shelby switched out the original bio disease that was released via a air born balloon and faked the success of the attacked in order to further dig into the structure of the ring.

Russ, Huntington and ST wrapped up the investigation and found that the balloon plat was a experiment by low level terrorist want to be's. Thus agents just did not put in the effort letting go to very important information. Although the disease was a insignificant threat and the group was ostracized due to the surveillance they were still able to trace the balloons to a on-line terrorist ring that mail ordered these kind of things primarily for propaganda and cover ups. From there the op was turned over to Penel for a home project and she pinned organizers that led to home labs outlets for bio-warfare. These terrorist were actively collecting diseases and intentionally spreading them. This is a good example of the need for agents that can go the extra mile. Shelby is a little distracted and in love, so life goes on and a lesson learned. Penel to fly out to meet with Shelby to give her direction on going another mile on the op.

Penel and Shelby dine out.

Penel jump boards to the lake with the newest board to meet Shelby. The new boards are smaller and have more distance...she's trying out a new material that is stealth.

She made arrangements with a friend to open and cook a special meal for them. Penel toasted a cheer to Shelby on her engagement and gave her matching his and hers lockets. She didn't bother with anything else and left to bug a disease lab that is spreading new diseases. You see ST and Huntington already diagnosed the bio threats, so this makes it an easier task for agents to decipher false scientific claims and media propaganda which have been keeping Russ and Carl very busy.

Shelby resigns after talk with Penel...turns over lake estate. The evil world shock was too great, all she wants is a simple life.

Steve takes the helm and Shelby takes shelter in one of Penel's hide outs to decompress

St gets call from the press? he reply's to Penel Good 2 go..then sends text to Penel about rouge lab details.

Shelby and Steve get secretly married. Shelbly goes rouge with a terrorist group and St floats assets of 2.5 mil for the operation just in case she gets lucky.

Penel writes jump board was awesome, lands like a swan. Penel goes out of commission because baby boy to land soon.

St states that successful ops are 99.9% driven by motivation. Shelby is motivated on a op and all agree to let her run with it.

The Big Shift

Huntington Memo to the crew: The gates are closing on the communist party world wide and the democrat party is sliding off the left with them. Avoid socialist parties all together, too dangerous and mafia related. We are going to send in genocide specialists as it appears to be part of the propaganda...this is a very typical scenario during bad times. You never see any body feeding fleas on a don't join them.

Stevo: What about extremist?

Huntington: That was our first assumption, but the investigation turned out that the communist and socialist parties were promoting themselves by intimidating far right organizations as part of political propaganda machine. The actual culprits are the leftist and they were found to be dangerous meaning engaging in warfare tactics. That's why we are opening a genocide investigation because we don't want to spend decades to figure it all out again to find they were right on our door step all along.

The big issue right now is that a vulnerable political party can be infiltrated and used in a genocide plot. That's why we are back, to do a little more digging around. And as far as the FBI we are changing course form weeding em out one at a time to herding them out...we have enough smart young and talented agents to pick the slack now, So it is time. I will be writing the recommendation shortly along with other government stings.

<The first set of busts will be several internal corruption rings that has been in operation during the training of new agents.>


There is a concern about the increase of illegals immigrants ..they are every where working against the policy for shelter at home? They don't have a office, business store or a factory so they get away with. So agents looked around...every home improvement store's parking lot is full of them. They are building houses, fences, decks, walls every where while citizens are being shut down, sued and fined? Business as usual for illegals but not citizens, Stevo says it is the black labor market which is also connected to drugs and the mafia among other crimes. As a warning to people that hire them, you can get sued and lose everything. This scam has been going on for some time and they have a channel of lawyers. States and counties are of no help and typically they are part of a criminal organization. It is highly recommended that you do not let them in your home. They are also known to target vulnerable teens to join the mafia....A mafia goon is not ask your kids to join the mafia like on TV, the janitor at the restaurant will...and why is that, because they will send them back to where ever they came from then come back and get revenge for rating them out. We're not sure if anything is going to be done because it is political and when that happens nothing gets done...just another puppet show. We have agents on it collecting intel to connect the dots. They used to go to job sites and inspect for workers permits...from the looks of it they don't any more. You got to be careful if they get hurt or even fake an injury your toast...I have witnessed them throwing them selves in front cars just to get a free ride financially.

ST Dials in

Stevo is on track...there are numerous events like these but keep in mind they were targeted. Now we are starting to see them migrate to civiians (citizens). This pattern tells us something is perking up.

Huntington is notorious for locking on to the big picture...and if he is locked into something he is not going to let go.

As far as the political picture I look it this way...socialist are communist with training wheels. And the threat is valid. Just not all at once. If you where to drop the communist bomb on the wouldn't happen. But if you massaged it in with a socialist party drugs and sex tactic your odds are better. Ask really want to go back to the days of drugs every where, prostitution on every corner and the mafia running things with the black market the only way of doing business? Stop going backwards, wake up and do something good for the future.

From here on out we use the term IE Illegal is like sex if you didn't ask to get in, it is rape.

Okay I am going to fill in with one Huntington's Jokes...Why are the democrats not showing up at the house for work as usual? Everyone's waiting for back logged 2x4's so they don't fall in and end up in China.

Shelby Update

Since Shelby was dropped in on her undercover op we have a report that she did face an attack...which is typical. ST says that is good news and he would expect her to be in the field for several years.

Reference Notes

Born to a socialist father, Mussolini was named after leftist Mexican President Benito Juárez. His two middle names, Amilcare and Andrea, came from Italian socialists Amilcare Cipriani and Andrea Costa. Early in Mussolini's life, for instance, those names seemed appropriate. 9 Things You May Not Know About Mussolini by Jesse Greenspan

Declaring that the Old World and New World had different systems and must remain distinct spheres, Monroe made four basic points: (1) the United States would not interfere in the internal affairs of or the wars between European powers; (2) the United States recognized and would not interfere with existing colonies and dependencies in the Western Hemisphere; (3) the Western Hemisphere was closed to future colonization; and (4) any attempt by a European power to oppress or control any nation in the Western Hemisphere would be viewed as a hostile act against the United States. Monroe Doctrine by The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica

The Epic Center Meeting

Bio-warfare is just like the war on drugs...if they can't do them some where, they will go where they can. ST

Agents have been fully complying with bio-warfare protocols. They use private planes and utilize decontamination houses where they are transported in a safety suit and in some cases isolate for 10-15 days. Penel

Meeting is set to discuss closure of corrupt Agencies. Huntington

Agents role in election fraud...gather evidence. Stevo

Movement of Bio-weapons. Ted

Media Take Down. Jake

Progress of Op Party Clean-up. Sue

The Stores (drug storage facilities) for drugs are full and just waiting to make a killing. Fitz

Government good guys... Carl

Shutting down weaponized Media and the internet Jake

Shelby Check Up

ST Checks on Shelby and leaves package from her husband. She looks scared but not panicky. Probably not getting sleep. ST gives her the get sleep sign and she darts back into a alley. Betty takes her to a hide out from their.

Agents just don't like newbies...especially the dirty old ones.

Shelby partners up with Betty this am targeting Steve's feedback from the op. Betty is the Swiss Army Knife...undercover experience with murders, terrorist and serial killers she will Shelby's side kick giving young Shelby a taste of the dangers to running with deadly enemies.

Ted stepped in for ST as the eyes for the operation and Stevo will be preparing the sting data for legal investigation personally to get things going then hand the task to Suzzie.

Zhen will be designated the Ghost Agent for the op...he is the best and top notch in stealth ops.

Meeting at the Vault on Special Ops

Huntington: Insurgents data shows a up tick in activity, keeping the ops moving along is crucial while maintaining good health and moral is key for the long game. Okay lets hear it Jake.

Jake: We are seeing what is called a media hijack over the internet. Basically people are being forced into thinking a specific way to increase the violence. It is true that some reporters are twisting the facts, but the major issue is the twisting and manipulation of the media data by computer hacks and that there is collusion between some journalist the media and the computer hacks, . This goes back to the days of the Anonymous hacker attacks...we have to include a violent use of hackers in junction to the on going violence that is spreading world wide. We need a kill switch for the media and the internet in the event it becomes deadly to the point of a mass murder situation...

One of our media agents investigated the instruments used in advertising of radical slogans The cans of spray paint have been purposely designed and manufactured to work optimally for writing (for making graffiti).. A hobbyist and craftier tried using them for basic projects and found them to be worthless because the paint came out too pointy, not even enough to spray any thing properly. maybe okay for small items.

Huntington: That is interesting, very good. I would do more research on that and recommend collecting all instruments as evidence. Sorry to say I have to get going...I have a report and kids that need my attention. I will be back. And watch out for those Democraps, they are a real stinky bunch. Okay Steve you got it, thanks everyone for showing. <official hand off, has a flight to catch to DC and but wanted to be present to get the ball rolling> He hands some of his notes to Steve.

Steve: Looks over the notes and oh yeah, the frivolous lawsuits are volcanoing. demonstrator's don't understand that once a peaceful demonstration turns violent it is no longer is peaceful despite what the media prints or televises, especially if they continually grow violent day after day...pretty much even though you are peaceful you are knowingly going to a place of violence and willingly taking part of it by just being there. It like going to a party knowing that there will be illegal drugs and under aged drinking you become part of that congregation and will end up in jail especial if narcotics are involved. To sue knowingly of a situation is pretty much the same as throwing yourself in front of a car to get some money out of them. This very typical and goes hand in hand with the escalation of fraud during chaotic times...lawyers that present them sound be investigated. If any thing the Media has opened the door for a lawsuit aimed at their negligence for covering up the violence at the demonstrations. Keep in mind there were tons of videos online of major violence in a majority of the demo's....the media watered it down notably with the possible intent to stir things up with head lines of peaceful protests. But being this is political we try to keep our distance as it is a big time waster and focus on details that will achieve actual results such as criminals that are truly behind the violence and other misdeeds. I think ST calls it the quick sand effect...hitting a situation with numerous ridiculous lawsuits with the intent to slow or even halt the justice system. DDos attack on the Justice System "Quick Sand Attack"

Jake the same goes for you, the internet for media is manipulated in a similar fashion....they flood the information to a target or targets (demographically) in the same way. Information that you would be interested in will not show up and pretty much you will be reading and watching what they want you to. If you're a computer techie it is easy to get around, but that is just it, not everybody is and most will get sand trapped into the thinking. A lot of the time you will click on something of interest, where in actuality it is a notification to the opposite or opposing interest or opponents (booby trap).

I think we all have seen this before....the teen party, parents are out and gang bangers intercept a text invite....ring a bell (a gang hit on a home). Poor parents end up getting sued....ending in a divorce, kids don't go to college and the parents never recover financially. That's called social destruction.

If I had my way these lawyers would be disbarred. (because they are colluding with criminals) and most puzzling mass demonstrations during a pandemic? That's crazy, really off the left of the table I would say. I am sure we will be seeing the effects months down the road. Keep in mind we look at the pattern PHASE ONE: EPIDEMIC. PHASE TWO: CHAOS (Start a epidemic to create chaos...and)

I highly recommend taking extra precaution keeping a distance from trouble makers during the pandemic.

Okay, lets call it for now...I want get up dated on Huntington's report before we continue.

And my Huntington Joke "How many dirty lawyers does it take to hang a jury? Two one throw's the noose on the other and ends it.

Memo to Meeting Continued


Steve in charge with Huntington, Penel and ST present.

Countering a Communist take over.

Investigating Psychological Warfare (Red & Blue Brain washing)

Drawing the line on media corruption as elections near.

ST reports on DDoS attacks (digital and manual) on Politics; just another way for communist to buy more time in order to create further destruction. The pattern is when the communist don't get their way or out come they jam the internet with fake news, more notably from leftist organizations. Both Huntington and Penel are working on a plan on how to investigate these crimes and bring them to justice

Investigative team COV.op to detail the effects of the riots caused by publicized videos to establish grounds for further investigation of COVID death manipulation.

Political mutiny vs jumping ship...the consequences of jumping ship with the sharks. The term for this political move is "Political Chumming" and is considered a radical move (loss of title of being a conservative). A political Chum is basically a same thing as a suicide bomber better known as "Political Suicide" common with amateur politicians usually ending up independent switching sides (like a bi-polar political disorder)

Divide radical & terrorist groups and conquer, instead of inviting them to raid and rape the country.

Military intervention-considering the limitation of the terrorist task force, good idea, reaching in regards to the riots though. I would discuss further how the military could be of any assistance to the terrorist task force in any way...terrorist prisons, border intrusions, transportation needs etc. in order to set up a link with the states Militias. think the presence is more the narrative rather than military action, although a war south of border wall has been boiling for some time. Reaching for resources in that respect would be justified. I agree with getting the ball rolling with the military. As far as the political Corruption goes the republican party shows significant gains in cleaning up while the democrat party is getting worse and perhaps out of hand. That is what we look it is more favorable for a political party to correcting it's self than one that going to take us back down the same beaten path of mafia & drugs lords putting more criminals on the street while taking the citizens guns away...

Churches- have been a target by terrorist for a long time now. people don't go to church for that reason alone..too much of a risk.

What is more concerning is the news media approach of signaling peaceful protest while violent riots are in progress jeopardizing gullible citizens to participate in the events while vicious crimes are being committed....this needs to stop, Things have changed and digital media needs to be put into check. It is clear from the on going riots that the news media reporter on the scene lacks discretion in violent situations and appears to be the reason of conflict sometimes resulting in injury or death. Whether it be special training or specific rules something is needed because they are endangering themselves. An example is watching video footage of a pushy reporter.vs a Film Maker; Ones in your face whether you like or not and not where they are supposed to be, the other is polite and respectful and gets out of the way. Reporters that come at you like a machine gun, talking over your statements and cutting you off are green behind the ears. I would expect underlining issues such as poor pay or bad management and possibly worse... mistreatment. Very common with companies that have a bad working environment and churns employees. Investigating the reporters environment at work to see if it hostile would be first on the list for our team. We would send someone in to see if they are okay and not being threaten or harassed.

Steve: Jake is in the field and mentioned and mentioned a few things to think on: Does any one remember Red Journalism? The Red Star? How about the MSM Militant Socialist Movement that is confused with Mass Steaming Media? That is why he gave his input first.

Communism, not the American peoples choice of politics. Well, they just don't ask if it is okay...flat out like consent for sex. It is a undermining process where you have no choice. They like to get into high places and take over and once they are in the people end up with less as time goes on while the privileged end up with more...the social services decay. Instead of the two party system that evolved from one you end up with political churing where it doesn't matter who you vote they just put another feel good name on it and it starts all over again....taking your money, property and pretty much every thing you worked for. Socialist Communist don't give a shit about stealing, everything is community property to them. You go to the police about stolen bike or computer, even a car...they don't do any more. Your loss someone elses gain. But by god if someone connected gets something stolen shit hits the fan. And property...home associations every where made in Mexico with lawsuits every which way because they didn't build them right...the savings when the owners go to litigation are gone, either doled out to family members and friend for bogus services or left the country. Now all the owners have to cough up tens of thousands just to fix a crack in the roof because it is a community (communist) responsibility. Well that just my take because i had a bad purchase on a Condo. I thought I would just throw that out there before we get started. But that is how they work in a kind of a layman perspective..

The Huntington joke today: A 62 year old went to the doctor for chest pain. The doc looked em over and check his heart and said here's a lawyers number you need to call for help. Why is that... Well, you are not going to make to retirement and the cause is from watching the news... Thanks Doc.

Okay next we touch on corporate socialism...yes corporations are in on it and if you are not down with them you could stand getting axed. Reference the corporate socialist movement in Spain. Thumbnail of it; they are like that girlfriend or boyfriend you met and had a good time with but wouldn't want to marry, just pick yourself up and move on to find a corporation that is a better fit. I'm done letting off steam RJ what do have for us.

Huntington on Riots

Huntington: alright, corporate socialists are dated ...get out and there and do something better. "There's leaders and there's followers, takers and givers...don't get taken or led down a road ending with a gold plated watch with a pension gone bankrupt by union crooks. Go out there and make corporations that will make everybody's head spin....the funding is there 0%. Just don't come crying to Uncle Sam because you screwed up with drugs or fucked people over....were not in the bail bond business or bouncers.

Riots are pretty's a numbers game. I'm trained for physical confrontation, so I can take on more than one person easily. I don't wake in the morning up and beat the crap out of five people because I can....I usually have a cup of coffee first. Any time there is a uneven amount of people in a fight it's trouble. So when I am by myself against several thugs I always give them a warning of some kind. My newest one is this "Excuse me do you all have medical insurance? Because when the police and ambulance come we're going need to know what do with you. This always gets the cocky shit out with the gun or knife....that's the one you target and the rest run like low life pieces of shit. Flush out the trouble makers and make them a example.

You want to know why Clinton did not get elected....the real reason. It's because where ever they went when the first Clinton was elected they would close down practically the whole city's traffic system when they would visit places. People were late for work, lost customers, did not make meetings, loss of business and many lost out on major contracts because they had wait half the day in traffic because the Clinton's were in town...that is why Clinton lost. You see that is how detached these people are from the public. They have "the me disease". It wasn't just once it was all the time. If the Clinton's were in town it was like a mandatory day at the office or stay at home. Complete assholes. We would have to plan ahead on everything because oh no "The Clinton's are here again" (a wasted work day). I would say they pissed off some important people. When it comes to the election they are going to look at the ballot and see the assholes that put them out of business, the only way they can get elected is with those phony mail in ballots they harvest...that/s why they are pushing it along with their pathetic immigrant voting scam. Maybe it is good that Trump got a taste of that, not being able maneuver freely, hopefully he will learn something from it as it could of cost him the election. So who are the real masked villains that are behind all of this...well that's my point today and that is what we need to examine and find out more about. Is it the Unions like the Teamsters of the all highways, Local law enforcement,the security detail. Who's behind shutting down traffic in the 2020, that's my question, because I would like to be able run my errands without some schmuck shutting everything down just so they can have their way where ever they go. if it is going to be another traffic fight between the Party's maybe we should put more effort to get to the bottom of all this foolish bullshit and make a priority. The FBI has completely lost it...or is that part of the masked villains plan. Well, they out smarted the FBI, that is not good. We need to step up the game and get serious about this, I mean serious action needs to be taken. Otherwise it is going to keep getting worse and before you know it we all be talking another language and kneeling to some asshole from another country. Everything so far keeps pointing to the communist and their related parties. Keep in mind the communist are survival of the fittest regime...that is why you see the weak and elders being mistreated this is their signature. Their promises are phony just like you see in politics....they say one thing and do another. They make laws but they don't have follow them...that's communism. And look the this de-fund cops propitiation its not the cops it's the corruption you after. You don't take food off of peoples plates and take away their jobs that's what de-funding does. Going after hard work cops is pussy....going after hard core Mafia Union Mobsters takes Balls. And there you have it...communist mentality

Penel: There is a project I am working on that will actually shut down corrupt agencies that can not be resuscitated. Basically it is like a server so when a hard-drive is corrupted it switches to another hard-drive. We have gone into many agencies to fix them but you take two moles out there are ten ready to take their's insane the level of corruption we are seeing. So we have to build a duplicate copy "know good agents" and shut the corrupt one down (we don't actually shut them down because the criminal activity is under investigation). We actually had plans to do a complete shut down operation with out putting anyone out in the streets to see the effects we could work with local city police as a trail.

Any rate the issue of the riots is more a accumulation of cops getting off the hook for crimes, It has been building for decades and now has exploded. The Thug Unions and their lawyer are the ones the protesters should have targeted in the beginning not the rest of the good cops, business owners and families that have been devastated. Calling protests that break out into riots time after time peaceful is not going to look good when the lawsuits is the responsibility of the protesting group to ensure the demonstrations will be kept peaceful...if there is continued violence protest after protest they are not peaceful. And to justify all this with The Boston Tea Party, it was a planned riot contrary of a peaceful protest...that does not look favorable as well, incriminating. I figure someone smart is going to find collusion with the violence...why because it damaged lives contrary to the groups motto which does not set well with the intellectual class. When it comes to the well to do intellectual class, being smart is a bit of a priority. Suing a bunch of poor folk would not be of interest to them at all, but running someone up the flag pole that financed it would.

Batez: Bottom line...COVID vs BLM. Everyone's is betting on COVID and Corporations are thinking trice on restructuring options as the damage escalates globally.

CEO's comments: We can't wait any longer for politicians to get their thumbs out their asses. I don't think it is going to come back this time....we are headed for the big D. The States fumbled the COVID Pandemic by allowing Protests putting the economy further into debt and opening the doors for Massive Depression. Everything was under control and they blew it on letting children play in the middle of the freeway.

The Federal Government sending money directly to the citizens would be a sign of good faith to protect them from evil state politicians by bypassing them altogether keeping them from hoarding monies to themselves. Pretty much states are bankrupt and will take your money anyway they can...that is why corporations are reorganizing. During these tough times corporations won't be able to afford the state leaches. Remember the scenario with bankruptcy where they included the workers retirement funds. The stock market is about to fall on top of the Democraps far left. My opinion going to a protest is like going to a orgy during a AIDS Breakout. Cities Allowing these events are not using common sense. States doing nothing to stop them is totally ridiculous. Both out of order and incompetent of being in charge. I would expect to see many mayors and governors resign and be relieved of their duties months to come because of the great costs they caused the communities due to bad judgement that is exponential with damages beyond repair. Cities and States will start chopping away the faces of incompetence to stop the bleeding and will have to start all over bringing the pandemic back into control. The question is can it be done before it is too late? Were Cities and States so far gone financially that they jeopardized their citizens lives for Federal Aid Hand outs and Political Gain? Of course that's what communist do. They make a catastrophe and take all the money, property and more importantly your rights...does stock portfolio's worth 1/2 the original value and up side down mortgages ring a bell, the Peaceful Black Friday Matters.

Shelby Reports in

Shelby and Betty update uncover operations information. Analyst to comb through the data over the weekend.

Betty covers Shelby in a mistaken identity crisis. Shelby gets a lesson on holding too much information can be dangerous....Betty gives her a pep talk and tells her it takes time and experience to stay under cover for long periods of time.

Betty: Sometimes all that info builds and turns into a Freudian slip that gets interpreted by the enemy

Huntington: That is where you em what you got and build that bond...she's in deep. Very Good Betty, Good Job.

Betty: Thanks. She well be alright.

Steve: Good...Send in Brad and hook him up to keep an eye on her and the food supply. That is the last thing we need is another mass suicide.

Betty: K

Brad: Ready & in


Batez: If it acts like a duck and quacks like duck it must be a duck...If the economy acts like a a depression, talks and looks like a depression then we are in a depression. Keep in mind Politicians are liars especially during a election. They will do and say just about anything to get elected. Do not take any politicians word to heart especially in regards to finances during a crisis situation. Look out for number one. A good example is all the riots from so called peaceful protests. Nobody is going to hold on for a quack economy! The market is all about COVID vs Riots right now and both are out of control. If it is too good to be true it's more in likely a quack. 0% floods on the market damn won't hold, that money has to go eventually. Just a warning. When the market does not reflect the actual economy the red flag goes up. Just like fake news there is both fake jobs and fake finances. The mafia use of fake jobs for their soldiers would be similar and 0% interest makes fake finance schemes easy to do. It is called the flash, you can flash the money like you are really doing good buy have to give it back. The red flag is the 0% interest is being used criminally instead of actually helping the country. So I have put a investigative team together to scout it out. If it becomes political it will probably get a null op and end up a fracture op. From there it will get weeded out for internal crimes before it goes to court instead the typical after court distasters...that you see before you stalling and crippling our nation such as the patern of using a special counsel or a judge to cover up their crimes....which is a mafia tactic called Little Joe's Big Brother. It is no secret the FBI has been corrtupt for some time now...just keep in mind the real FBI is still there and we have new agents being trained on how these guys work.

ST: In your report you mention a possible political set up but it is inconclusive of which party?

BateZ: Correct

ST: And the basis for the original analysis you did was on your suspicion that the 0% incentive was being used to promote next generation criminals and terrorist.

Batez; Absolutely

ST: On the political side what does your patterns and experience reveal?

Batez: The patterns fit mafia intervention and manipulation. e.g. The puppet makers....inflate and pull the rug out in order to gain voter confidence. Insider spying is the biggest problem. A security breach.

Huntington: Good enough...a fracture op will not work. I will set up legal op to help stir your investigation.

Batez: That will save time.

Huntington: You are welcome. Zoe what are working on?

Zoe: Re-visiting my report several years ago on a red flag for a plague that was building. In the report it noted that the plague rapidly spreads in poor air quality areas. This brings up front that while pollution builds again the plague will also. Note that typically over populated areas usually have poor air quality as well. So what our pop (plague op) is doing is gathering data on the types of pollution and their significance to the spread. e.g. Northern vs Southern California.

The narrative would be bio-warfare operators spreading a plague that would feed off of pollutants in the air.

Huntington: Can you give he wild side thumb nail of the science?

Zoe" Of course. A "Bio-Warfare Targeting System"; using hacked medical records along with accumulated data of the of the air conditions (including chemical and biological) in order to create custom versions of a "Plague" like deadly air born pathogen to be used as a weapon with the intent of a blameless scenario. Well thought out plan that took skill and was well organized. If you witness a contributor to the plan more in likely person/s are in some form or manner are linked to the organizations.

Huntington: Can they blow in a bio attack?

Zoe: Yes it can be easily done.

Huntington: Alright, so that is another threat...Suzzie.

Suzzie: We are making another run on corrupt lawyers and is like washing a pot. Each time you wash more shit loosens up.

Huntington: Good. We need a communist specialist team asap. Shell

Shell: We have one. They were deployed by Shelby's crew.

Huntington: Okay I want a report.

Shell: They went dark...

Huntington: Good enough then I will get a peep report from the op

Shell: Okay I will have the code ready in 10.

Huntington: k Carl.

Carl: Governors and mayors are poorly trained. Like dogs...instead of letting you pat them on the head they hump your leg and roll over for a belly rub. evidence points to scams on getting Federal Money. And as evident in past tragedies the money goes to political friends and businesses...very much like insider trading. Basically local governments are fleecing the people. Stepping up local government fraud ops along with preventative measure teams is underway. It is unbelievable what local states and cities will do to get Federal is criminal.

Huntington: It has been that way for too long. It's time to put a halt to their money madness. Lets build up your teams, good idea for prevention teams...I like it. What about voting fraud?

Carl: It s very similar to counterfeiting....and we recommend expanding the Secret Service into this task (because they have similar experience) as well upgrading their capabilities with currency. In the mean time our agents are collecting data that will be turned over for prosecution. Agents so far have uncovered a lawless state of control with the current system and expect it to be worse this time around exponentially. From there you would need to branch out a specialized task force that works on keeping update on all voting threats across the board. From experience Foreign Countries are the biggest threat as they have the capacity to bring in truck loads of fake documents and currency...I have seen them in action unloading them from trucks to be distributed.

Huntington: Been going on for decades and decades...counterfeiting. Zoe any thing new before we break?

Zoe: The Bio threat is edging into the exponential phase. It is at the ratio where plague's takes off. The numbers will start to double, then quadruple and finally go completely out of control. Given the lack of seriousness by the younger generation and due to endless gatherings of protesting and riots the plague well on course to destroy this years election like that of 1918. The election will have to resume at a later time when the plague is under control. Civil War is unlikely as the death toll from the plague kicks in exponentially and the fear of death sets in. We are not even into the second wave and dangerous strains are showing....not good for the cure side of things. A complete generation of ill-guided youth will suffer the most. I would expect at the mist of the exponential phase illegal drugs will begin to flow at full blast out of the drastic need for cash flow.... they will be contaminated.

Huntington: Drugs are bad in the many more dead before figuring out protests are not good during a plague? How many lives will be lost because of the failure of local governments to recognize that protests attract terrorist groups that promote rioting destruction. We are back to square one fighting drugs, terrorist and corrupt government officials but now with a cherry on top...The New Plague that just blew in town. That is it...have a good weekend.

Steve: Demand for Isolated Agents

Agents on 14 day ISOLATION will be able to perform Cyber-crime tasks. Cyber-crime task force will be setting up stations and mobile units to enhance agents with productive tools.

Shell: Persons with law enforcement background are encouraged to apply for Federal Agency Positions. We are going to try and make numerous temp positions available for those unemployed that will compliment experience for future hiring as well.

Steve: Shelby is still in the wild...dark. Signaled today she is ok.

State of Readiness

Stevo: Our agents are not the me types, they are we the people get it done types. Where ever they end up they have to learn to adapt and accommodate policies, rules and laws of many communities. If I have to accommodate agents to another part of the world that requires 14 days quarantine I have a crew ready....that is the business of cooperation and being in the state of readiness.

We never encountered any kind of bounties...just if an agent did not give up information it would result in revenge and or dangerous situations. ST could be more of help as it would fall in line with black market mafia tactics. Sounds like a mafia political move to me,,..a right jab by a lefty.

ST: I don't have time for bunch political cry babies upset because their opium stock didn't take off. Another political goose chase. Pass. Got to run I will up date the report on my meeting with China's Intel head. Wife calls and the kids want daddy and I have no time to party with the night of the living dead...Mum's orders.

Stevo: Huntington's Joke Time. When are they ever going to take that monument of a cuckoo clock down in the house? It doesn't keep time and it just keeps going off all the time serving no purpose other than reminding everyone that it doesn't work. Can we relocate it to a nursing home where it can be repurposed. Now for one of Huntington's famous story telling before the holiday. So Huntington sees ST in the hallway and asks...Hey ST could you take a look at the clock at the house for me and St looked up at Huntington and said, sure buddy I'll take a look. So that day ST went to check out the clock. He watched for a couple of hours while having a coffee and bite to eat and realized the problem. So after everyone was gone for the day he went in and removed the clock and took it to the shop and worked on it all night long without a wink of sleep. Before everyone came in the morning he replaced it and went to the office as usual where Huntington asked while they were both reading the sports page with coffee. Huntington: What's up with the clock? ST: Oh it just need some tender loving care, so I took it to the shop and went through it. Huntington: What was the problem? ST: It was in a bad place. You needed a ladder to get to it. it is old and needs winding up every day or so. So I took it down cleaned it all up, touched up the paint, replaced the sound module so it wasn't so piercing someone left it set to go off every hour so I customized it to go off to let them know it is time for lunch and another time when it was time to wrap up in order to beat the traffic home. After I was done I mounted it where it could be easily wound every other day as needed in the event maintenance forgot or wasn't around. So if you still have a problem with it I will set it up and donate it to the nursing home to remind everyone it is time for Bingo and to take their pills. Huntington: That bad ST: Yep

So while Stevo was giving the Huntington story ST and Huntington had a chat before St departed:

Huntington: What about the China Intel briefing.

ST: Not much I can say as the situation is highly confidential, I think I will be needing another hat size though...the good news is they are working on government corruption and asked to please be patience. I am due back for another briefing in a couple of months. I would expect to see some cases go public before then. Happy 4th

Huntington: That's interesting...You too. Say high to Penel

ST: Will do. Give a hug to the wife and kids.

Huntington: will do.

Stevo: Check it out the update on ST's self defense check off was a riot....10 seconds the instructor was put down in a inch of his life. It was a instant pass right on the spot no if buts or ands. Experts have been viewing the video for days now. Nobody has ever seen a move like that, so fast and deadly. There was a lot of worry but the instructor vouched for ST saying it was a controlled move and that passes in my book. Everybody was joking about his wife because that's who practices with. The instructor classified the move in a report as top secret and the video was removed.


Very similar to America's own auto industry failures....the damage will be so great any kind of immediate recovery will be next to impossible. ....the Hugo Effect. Bad dam, bad brakes...if things don't stop people won't buy. Countries just like corporations that keep going as though nothing is wrong when there is, end up self destructing.

The point or saying (motto) People learn from their mistakes in life...that is why elders are considered wise (wisdom). More in depth and on the criminal side is whether the learning is for good or evil. The tricky part of life

Simon Bolivar-Liberator, El camino contra la esclavitud

Vietnam War US Military deaths 58,220 vs. Covid19 US deaths 132,546 so far.

Shelby's op extended to 5 years

Shelby names a new field op...operation gamayun. Stevo to meet with Shelby for a time out and to prop the finances. Shelby ends up pregnant and Stevo moves in as her comrade as Ted takes the helm.

Huntington and ST: Finally Spit (Stevo) is in the field, good to see him in action again.

Penelope: Had a baby boy...Sven

Common Denominator

Corupt lawyers account for most of the worlds problems.

Suzzie: Corupt lawyers are the common denominator to all things gone bad. Whether politics, unions or corporations much of the worlds problems stem from unethical persons with law degrees. It is a world wide legal mess that need a good scrubbing.. The Legal System has gone bad, dirty lawyers are every where.


Ted hires new agent Miguel for Border Corruption (The Mexican Border Subway System). He hired him because in the interview he wanted to wipe the cartels of the face of the planet. He also added Angele a former DEA agent as his partner. RJ picks up the pace with along with Ed who declares the Mafia a bigger threat to the US than China and Russia.

Ted states the Mole Operations are successful as spies have taken the bait hook line and sinker. Operation Hooked in the Gut HITG will put out of commission thousands of spies, moles and so called mystery sponsors MS's..

Shelby in for HITG Meet

Shelby will spend a week analyzing the next moves for the thousands spies, moles and dark sponsors. Huntington claims they are costly and are eroding

economies world wide. ST says it is the rotten apple effect, spot 'em and pluck 'em out before they rot the rest. Penel says deport them all and move on to the next sting.

Shelby right off the bat executes 2,893 spies, moles and dark sponsors for crimes that carry the death penalty in various parts of the world. She quoted 0 tolerance policy for harboring spies, moles and dark sponsors....countries immediately responded with executions within hours.

Huntington claims none were on the rescue list, except for a mole agent that was already removed but still in play. Shelby noted the agent was was doubled (cloned) and was a combatant and would eventually face consequences with the rest. These were just the serious cases equivalent to serial killers...pretty much what ever you do with them they will continue to kill stating it is part of the brain washing used on them. Steveo turns off the emergency funding to collect evidence on government crooks (a trap he set a head of time) and will re- program it for another sting on government misuse of funds.

Within 4 hrs of Shelby's recommendation all 2,893 threats were terminated and another op was placed to round up more. Penel estimates that it would of taken well over 10 years limiting manpower to other pressing grave situations just to get at a handful of these clandestine killers and even then they would of multiplied out of control. Penel is sad that Shelby has taken to dark warfare but at the same time happy that she has found herself...Steve and Shelby have gone off grid to start a family with the new baby.

Huntington's joke-This old guy goes to a employment center looking for a cook for the household...he doesn't really speak too clear and asks for a cook but it kind of came out crook. The manager replied what kind of crook you want? W e got finance crooks, election crooks, state crooks, county crooks even city ones. We have a new line of CIA, FBI and Presidential Crooks at a premium. The old man looked at the employment service manger and said no no I need a cook! The manager told him sorry no cooks they don't trust them anymore, everyone crooks for themselves now. Well then how about after the election send me one of those election crooks then, figuring they would be up for a honest job for awhile least. It's a crooks world

ST: On that note our study shows that FBI agents pulled aside from the internal politics improved in performance by over 300% and were found to be more driven....expect managerial shake downs in pretty much all government agencies. This is a very common form of organizational deterioration that leads to things always going wrong and pretty much a major reason for business failures. Once upon a time it was considered a bump in the road of bad politics, but these days politics in general is considered pretty much bad to the core across the board (with nothing better insight other than continuing being corrupt for decades to come) resulting in a significant increase in ruined businesses and government negligence. Just imagine the FBI, CIA or any of the Justices being run anything like cities where riots are rampant? Things would go up in smoke pretty quickly, like a Infernal.

Too far Gone

ST postpones working with China Intel....both agree China is too far gone and it is wiser to wait till after the collapse.

ST's Quote: Give a commie one inch and they will screw you over for miles on end, at least that is what it will seem like. Dealing with communist is like swimming in a rip tide.

Warning: It takes a lot of experience to figure out if someone is communist and uncovering the fact could be very dangerous as it is well noted that they will kill in order to keep their identity intact. Best to remove yourself from all activities of contact in the event...


Huntington is in town, but first he is set to spar with ST at the gym for a check off.

Huntington gets the upper hand with a lundge and sweep that put ST on the floor. ST caught off gaurd stayed down for a bit and then when Hunting came in from the next move he sissor locked him and put hin a choke hold gave hiim a wedgey and let him go. Huntington immediately gave ST a full blow to the gut...nothing. St gave Huntington the sign to finsh so Huntington repeated the lundge and sweep with the follow up what kind of looked like a nielson but not really, something new. Again the video's were taken again and examined then classified. Huntington passes with flying colors.

Huntington to give update on Mafia Surgence then the gang is off to California for the Annual Marshmallow Roasting Festival...Huntington's Joke. Actually Shelby's report in regards to her findings had links to the CalMafia. They will be under the direction of Sandra- Head of the Special Task Force specializing in Psychological Warfare. The crew is friendly and they love people, more importantly well trained at staying out of the way and getting the job done.

Mafia Sunday by Huntington former Head of Special Task Groups

Huntington: Quick and short and by the request of the Special Ops Division our team will comb through some of the important details in Shelby's report, make an analysis and give recommendation to the Current Division Head. The team is hand picked specifically to deal with various regional sensitivities and will not be engaging in any type of enforcement as the goal is primarily information gathering.

As to mafia with regards to ST analogy it is simple...instead of a rip tide of communism it is mafia quick sand of which both have in common not to panic!. Unlike rip tides where one could paddle out and back in quick sand mafia pits require the help of the team...never go it alone when going up against the mafia. Safety in numbers when planning ops against mafia criminal and their constituents. Be cautious of whom you extend the branch to, as in the rip tide it tricks you out to sea exhausting you to death, the branch will trick you and pull you in to your careful not to go down with them. Just remember rip tides-communists and mafia-quick sand... if you flip it around it translates to earth and water.

Time to Mime Out of here

ST: My turn to write report, Huntington stays for support. Penel has a surprise, the credit card shows a new water bed. Set up new water when I get home. Are we going for number three? At our age. Take down water bed in a few months. One more mouth to feed. I love my wife, I really do. Must be the big house and she wants to fill all the rooms. Oh boy.

These mafia stings are crazy, if I don't hand pick another crew they always go on for ever, if I make a backup they won't need them and they end up going somewhere else for WantSomeMores WSM. I think do something different, make two and call one backup and one emergency. Help put a buffer on the requirements. Wouldn't want to have to use up my real crisis backup emergency.

Sandra is a real good pick...everybody likes her.

Happy Home

ST gets home, shower with sex and cook up beef ribs, corn on the cob. Scrap plans for the den and order lumber and supplies for a shop out in the back to build a tree house, swing set and play house. After that turn it into studio/office/workshop. The water bed was hiding in the garage, so he dragged it into the bed room and started in on take the old bed apart. Living room is a complete kids play pen...ST is now the head of changing diapers and cleaning messes and mommy does the feeding.

Ted boots up the emergency system

Steve: Ready

Ted: Let's start the boot sequence

Steve: We both press Shift G at the same time

Ted: Shift G

Steve: Shift G, enter pass xxxxxxx

Ted: xxxxxxx

Steve: She's sailing on a the new program called badapples.os

Ted: After Zhen's report we are giving the road and belt initiate a no go....too much corruption. Huntington jokingly refers it to "The Road to Drugs and Corruption Initiative Belt" The level of corruption would overload the criminal system internationally by design was Zhen's primary concern in the report.

Ted: Joke for today... Which lake would you feel safer to swim in...the one they say has the Loch Ness Monster or the one known to have alligators and/or piranhas? Choose carefully as it could change how swamp politics works for the next 4 years.

Ted headed out in the field and Betty is now the acting head

Betty: Some where on the road of all the left and right turns they left out the warning sign of the mafia..."Blinded by Science". If you were in charge too clean up a lake with the Loch Ness Monster or Piranhas with alligators which would be easier? No brainer...I might be blonde but not dumb. Ever hear the mafia term "Stick it to them in the end"? It is not just a saying it is a well thought out strategy!

Sue: Why do Governments seem to never get the job done..., they leave things unfinished for job security. Example: Sit, sit...good doggy, lay down, very good's your treat. Okay now kneel, come on kneel...bad doggy no treat for you until you kneel.

Penel's hands are full

With the cement mixer going and while changing diapers ST looks Penel while she is breast feeding and gives her a big smile and a wink. Penel winks back with a kiss. ST thinks that the shower is number 3, at least it feels that way. As ST slowly gets into a groove change diapers bath the little squirts coffee and start a load of cement in the mixer. Cut the frame for the swing set and drill the holes for the brackets with the 8" auger bit. line up the brackets and pour. Up the tree measure out the floor pattern and cut up foundation. Because the tree is awkward and will always be moving he bolted everything so it could be adjusted later. It also makes it easier to assemble, bolt in one piece then the others, he was done in no time. For now he just built the first story not too high until the kids grow then he will add another one above. Still thinking in the back of his on a cushy ground cover. Next is to figure the area of the sand box for the swing set. Extra larger so kids can play in the sand out of the way of the swing set. A pretty simple design; A frame with a beam that slightly laps to fit into it is what he has in mind.

Black list

Betty black lists the first female. Note just says two face.

Ted explains Political cat fight exitus. Ed reports the felines are in a fight to be the first woman President Puppet that would benefit the mafia syndicates, Ed noted it will get ugly...think of it as a huge scale St. Valentine's Day Massacre but international, just put zero's on the deaths, and lots of them. The mafia had been organizing their way for decades to control the governments highest level political positions. That makes mafia positions vulnerable to outsider organizations such as communist, Marxists, Nazi's...etc to spread without detection. The mafia is the perfect platform to run a hidden hostile take over as it provides lucrative funds, clout from sin corporations and big money from the drug cartels political laundry system along with the long waited buildup of political powers. The coup is a mafia take over originating in Europe that has grown internationally. Stamping out one mafia doesn't work, you have to approach them internationally otherwise the drugs and mobsters just fill the positions back up. The first step to good security in keeping these criminals from organizing political havoc and destruction is to target the resources. If you are starving the people (food, rights and privacy), they are winning. If there are more drugs on the streets, they are winning. If businesses are being ruined, they are winning. if old people are being killed off, they are winning. if cities and states are burning, they are winning. It is easy..... "Defund the Mafia" DTM. Don't buy into anything that is related to mafia, don't enable the worst to come, enable a better future by staying away from anything mafia. Shelby will be back and will be slitting lots of throats, she that kinda woman.

Shelby Bumping it up

Using her baby bump as a cover to round up the killer mafia felines. She slowly is making her way around the world to finish it off and light the fuse in the assassination of the mafia bitch that ordered Penel's death. The target has kids so she sat in the waiting room and at the perfect time walked up to her and showed her a credit that she explained she dropped, slit her throat with it and left. The card was razor sharp. When she was found it kind of looked like suicide.

ST noted the target was in the deck of cards (Wanted Dead or Alive) Everyone was amazed that she even got close enough to pull it off. Mafia Cat Fight MCF.ops is aimed at countering the Mafia from inspiring women into organized crime.


Huntington calls up ST to come out and take a look at the wildfires situation and adds the word sweetner "Please". ST cancelles the sand shipment kisses Penel and off he goes.

He finished the swing set, he had to add custom support brackets. He put in the plywood floor for the tree house after adjusting the foundation. It took longer than he expected. Started the frame for the play house and figure out the best spot for his workshop.

In the back of his mind he has given some thought for solutions to large scale fires.

ST notes Shelby's like a baby rattler just give her some room to grow....she will be alright.

Huntington set up a briefing office in Australia for ST to study the situation. ST landed on a dirt airstrip out in the sticks and was escorted to the office. Striped searched and x-ray'd he final got to his office. He looked at the piles of documents and intel and said give me 3 days, took a shower and make a pot of coffee. There was everything; someones dog acting up, people talking weird at odd times, secret, top secret crypt secret, NSA, 5 Eyes, even court ordered taps. He walked over to the light table and went over all the aerial and satellite reconnaissance, he went over them three times...Three days went by and he explained that he needed a week. A week past and he done. They looked at him like okay what did you find....he pointed at a stack in the middle of the room with color coded folders and said there it is...I will send a team to verify my finding, if that is confirmed then we will investigate and train a special ops. Stripped searched and x-ray'd with no notes any where in the room he left to back with his wife Penel and finish his kids play ground..

On the way back ST was thinking Shower Sex not going to be happening. Shelby will be the first word out Penel's mouth. Pick up some satin sheets for the water bed and putt this putt in one.

ST gets home and it is what are you going to do about Shelby? St explains Shelby will grow out of it, if not we'll transfer her. I know all the training and time invested, but that is best for her. I already received a call and she is good to go if that ends up her niche. I want it to be her call, so lets give it some time. Penel knows Shelby play...she is doing a shake down and does not want to intervene, that could be worse if not a disaster (throwing someone off their game during a crucial op is in general not a good thing). Penel would have to jump in and get involved to even consider making any moves for the op, that is not in the cards. She thought about it and agreed with ST she will alright it is just a phase. ST smiles and show Penel the satin water bed sheets, she grabs his hand and straight to the bed room they go.

The sheets end up on the dresser, babies sleeping, fireworks and then a wink of sleep before the crying begins. As they both shut eyes Penel thinks Shelby is headed to the hit squad and ST is thinking those two have a secret going on. Number two starts up and ST gets busy with the diaper change and cleaning house while Penel take a breather. Then he okays the sand delivery. Working on the kids project will help decompress and get his mind thinking clearer. ( his head feels like a knot.)

ST finishes up cleaning and laundry and makes Penel something special that he picked up as well. Crepes and fresh apples juice made from the apples he bought. He put the on a tray with a little daisy from the yard. ST asked her do you think she is good enough, Penel replied better that good. That's good he whispered to himself.

ST calls up Ted and gets rolling on new replacement agent for Shelby (transferred to military boot camp to train as a specialist). Jody and Kemp. Ted that's a set back. ST shit happens. The structure will do her some good. Ted yes indeed.

ST has to break the news to Shelby...she gets decommissioned as agent 1. lay low and play wife. 2. transfer get military training and come back 3. or stay in and shoot for the pentagon. Shelby said she is done....just wants to be a mommy. Okay kiddo...just want to make sure you are happy.

You see Shelby thought she was clever and under the radar, but what she did not know that the military had an eye on her and wanted her badly....they made a second offer to allow time to be with the baby, she can do the ground training (school work) during that time. The offer is still on the table.

Huntington messages ST to increase capacity for placing agents...if you could please. ST gets back to Ted and request to double the capacity, for him to choose two candidates for Shelby's Ops and have Shelly pick out two. When you and Shell come up with a plan shot it to Penel to go over...I would expect Shelby to up and running again in about a 6mos to 1 year. Put the decommission paper work on hold and file with the Pentagon request and lets discuss it later, okay. Ted You got it.

The Mafia Left

Huntington explains the mafia left and right like a card game...California is the left hand and New York is the right hand with the rest of the states being used like a card trick to get Federal Funding. The more good people that leave more bad ones will enter. Who has the responsibility for MAFIA crimes? There is the Problem.

Ted added another unwanted agent to the black list. Cited another one

Politics has become a mafia fix...a betting system on elections where responsible officials are paid off or on the take in some concealing form or manner.

Shelby and the Mounties

Shelby is not going any is part of her training to play hard to get. Spit and Shel with one L will be transferred to a military base, can't say where or when, for Shel's special op training.

ST telegraph's Canada to offer financing to the Mounties to help protect wilderness, parks along the border area's and would like to have trained Mounties along the US side as well stating the US will provide troops for Mountie training along with financing for it. I think this would work the best for the Canadian and US border security....a joint task force or alliance if you will. That will allow Mounties to go in and out of each country in the pursuit of criminals.

Maybe start off giving financial support to the Mounties along the border and see how it goes, then, knock out some ideas. Nothing border patrol or anything just Mounties with special privileges for pursuing criminals allowing hiring from both sides would be preferred. A show of financial support would help right now. Shelby mentions in her report.

The Green Giant

Batez joke The Stock Market is like a giant piggy bank where everyone drops in some change at the end of the day in hopes for some rainy day spending money. Some are more serious and plan to retire on it, send their kids to college or buy a house.. Suddenly someone comes along and sees that full piggy just sitting there and doing nothing, so they take a hammer to it and walk off with for a lavish spending spree...they don't need it for retirement or a rainy day because their already rich.

Off Grid

Shelby's retirement place is in Canada off grid. You may run into her someday and not even know it. She is happily married with kids. She takes her tea with wild honey, a splash of fresh cream, a mint leaf and always sits outside. She says it gets her body ready for what the day will bring on. So, if you see a lady sitting outside in the rain or snow sipping tea that would be Shelby.

Shelby's Huntington Joke- Shits Holes are run by Shit Heads

ST: Shelby passes ground school with the highest score for female candidate and is the first female to be frocked into commission. Only a hand full of candidates passed with a extraordinary high enough marks to be commissioned right after ground school (all male). ST asked Ted to rip up the agent decommission paper work as it not applicable. Shelby signs the date for special ops training. Penel was proud when she received the news of her high marks. A very good career start for her.

Jake notes increase in mafia activity. Huntington Joke Communism is pretty much Mafiaism...there is not much difference. They are sort of like shit heads and shit holes...fixing them is like repairing a pot hole. If you don't do it right it just gets bigger and bigger and before you know it you will need a whole road (city, state or in some cases a hole country) Demafia-Democratic Mafia Party (DMP), Demob. The mafia are like lions they are killers....this is not a petting zoo.

Huntington's New Slogan

It's time for countries to get off drugs and kick mafia ass.

in reference to time to get off your lazy butt and kick ass.

Huntington's mafia joke: The mafia retaliated by buying a dictionary publishing company and threaten to sue anyone who used a word against them. Huntington looked at the book and said your copy right is out of date.

ST reads Huntington's plan for the op and notes additional 25 percent reserve on agents with be needed on top of the doubled increase along with building detainment center. Huntington's plan would be largest scale operation ever put into action.

ST joke: I went to a wealthy to do party at a mansion and was told not to talk politics as it was considered rude. Everyone was having a good time, live band lots of food and free drinks (non-alcohol). Then all of the sudden someone said something using the word democrat when suddenly all the women got up and had their purses locked up while their husbands checked to make sure the cars alarms were on. The cooks even replaced the silverware with plastic and removed the exotic food while the host of the party announced there will be a after party at the pool area later. The bar immediately closed, most of the food was being moved to the pool house and the music was to finish the set and move to the pool house patio as well. Everyone started moving to the pool house (the pool was well gated) and the person that used the D word was not allowed to the new party. To some, politics is like the flu season....and politicians are nothing but disgusting germs and viruses, so when one shows up at the party they go to great lengths to rid of them as to prevent a possible plague. One time someone mentioned mafia and everyone went on line with their cell and bought extra life insurance for the duration of the party and stopped using their real name. Get this some one actually invited the host to a democrat party and the response was sorry I'm not into drugs and hookers and had security bounce them out. ST thought why is it that there are more Republicans at these parties than Democrats? He concluded that Democrats simply don't follow the rules.

In the mean time Shelby received her first assignment and is excitedly doing the work up with her husbands help. Spit pulled out a remote controlled submersible that was used to pull ST out of a op off the coast of ------. He added a high speed load leveling wench with spider line which attaches (proprietary) to the target and drags them out to sea drowning them undetected. Basically spit added a remote wench feature that can be guided to the target and once attached it would pull them out to be drowned. So that would be Shelby's equipment for taking out the target.

Tax Crap

One would say almost everyone from rich to poor do not like paying taxes and will try to find any means not to ....The number one reason for this is that the money ends up going to crooks and second which is quickly looking to pass the number one spot is the fear of being taxed to death.

To most if someone found a way of not having to pay a lot of taxes to the government crooks is a smart cookie.

Just keep telling industry and manufactures with all the money and jobs that put food on the table for workers they got to pay too much taxes to the government crooks...instant Depression. "Better the Devil You Know"

The mafia card op starts

Shelby sets out to start off the mafia cards ops with the first strike. With baby on the way she is digging deep into resources for taking out the number 3 card leaving no traces that will get the cards falling one by one. Little baby has Shelby looking past just one card, she's going all out on them all. Spit has already completed 9 of the targets for Shelby and since Huntington's wolf cry for help the international agents have completed 192 targets and moving fast, ST went and pulled all the companies pension plans and paid the taxes signing checks out to all the agents and personnel telling them to lay low until this storm of fools has passed. Expenses like dental, medical and school will still be paid along with a monthly retainer check. Everything will be closed except the lake HQ. He says it is useless at this time to take part in ops and that Huntington's op will be the only one running. Enjoy some time off and i will be in contact soon.

Eye care replacement policy still in process, just fill out a reimbursement form for now. ST

The 3 Stooges

Look it's the right...the squad looks right, the right hits the ground while the left mow's the squad down. The weasel is a set up

Huntington continues with pre-chew ops in order for new agents to gain traction. They just don't have the Cold Warfare experience he explains to ST. ST replied thank god they have you then.

Huntington loves working with new can see it in his expression and eyes.

The Ice War

China has a better chance of fighting corruption without the Catholic Spy Network, connect the dots with regards to past Catholic Church Corruption that dates back to...

Both ST and Huntington use the reference "Mafia Church" for corrupt churches and support separation of Church and State due to the corruption of tax evasion. Churches have become dangerous places and have been found to hold war like conferences as well as being targeted by terrorist. Church (Religious) spy rings have been in existence for a long time. It would be similar to a reporter uncover spy or agent except the priest or pastor is in a tax bracket that would attract the mafia and corrupt types. It would be easy to say that any kind of tax free association or group these days should be examined for corruption. Huntington puts like this; once a group weather a religion or just a group gets closer to the half mark of being corrupt, the corrupt association of that group becomes more and more of a whole. He relates it to a person who lies maybe once in awhile to a compulsive liar. He also notes there are no get out of jail free cards for mafia church monkeys. Both ST and Huntington think, for the most part, religion is similar to politics, corrupt. Claiming that the older and larger churches are more so while smaller ones would be less. They call it the stadium effect...more you pack them, the more you can fudge the books. When Penel and ST went to church Penel asked him what he thought and he said the front steps squeaked going in, that would make it okay in my book.

Weaponizing the transmission of Diseases- A common tactic used during the Cold War.

ST finishes the swing set (three swings) and is loading the sand into its box. Penelope still going for baby #3. With the company all hunkered down everyone will be enjoying the holidays to the fullest. Huntington's agents are all placed and Ted has the helm for emergencies. Closed till after the Holidays, Turkeys and Ham already ordered for everyone with holiday bonus checks in the mail. (bonuses are one month's salary)

ST is combing through the companies vendors and service list to terminate unwanted ties to make way for new ones.

He finishes the roof of the tree house and put in a sun roof that will later step up into the second level. Picked up the lumber for the play house foundation plywood and 2x4's.

The mafia massacre should be starting soon....pretty much killing witnesses tied to the child trafficking for sex and body parts (damage control). The issue is that others (with issues) will build on it creating world wide havoc. Shelby will be knee deep in all of this.

<revised>Democratic Party was put on the watch list. Sue is analyzing emergency protocols and procedures in the event a party would be classified a danger to the people (terrorist group). And also examining the possible event of multi parties colluding in terrorist acts against the people. Sue claims there is no doubt the presence of voter fraud, but how it really works is the recipe. "The Media Sly of Hand" is the secret sauce e.g. So if someone is winning (in reality), the media changes that perception while the actual fraud takes place (counterfeit ballots, trashing ballots, pay off etc. Keep in mind that manipulating the polls to about 50/50 makes the operation much easier. That is how it is done. 2020 is going to be the year of voter fraud and it is quite possible the Democrats could be considered as a terrorist organization. The data we have shows things are off by quit a bit. In other words what the people really want vs what the corrupt is gunning for which is obvious in how the media has been continually swaying voter opinion not to mention the violence stunts and the fabrication of criminal events (staged by the mafia to create unrest or for political gain). e.g. choke hold, kidnap. That is how they work and are capable of. It is very much like where intelligent people prefer not to hang with drug users because they are out there in la la land a majority of the time. The democrats are like drug users, too far down in the quick sand, if you let them grab on to you, you will go down with them. The bipartisan days are gone for's just one main party fight for good.

Red flag regarding the sue happy mentality in America..."US Digging It's Own Grave. Report says businesses world wide will be less likely to do business with or in the US due to the high risk of being sued. I don't think you will hear a sound on that one...more like disappear and vanishing into thin air.

Huntington knows ST is savvy with Religions....not only did he study all of them, he went to their countries and worshiped with them and learned their ways. if any one knew about how spy's and religion work that would be ST.

The Money Junkies

Throwing money at Democrats is like giving money to a junkie, they are just going to get another fix and will keep on making excuses to get more (fires, COVID19, criminal aliens etc). "Use their own money against them" that is how they think.


ST: What's the scoop?

Huntington: "Bankrupt Con Job"

ST: Shit, Pack it up, get everyone out of there! Everything has been taken care of...we are closing down till next year. see you on the flip.

Huntington: on the flip. (Next Year) Huntington heads to the Lake HQ to relieve Ted and close it down. Adds a entry in the black list noting another one.

Ted and Huntington head home to their families

Huntington's Notes

Huntington's Notes: Fake news, fake politics and fake politicians...funny thing is that in the end you'll find that there was only one party all along, the rest were fakes. "The Test of Loyalty"

Is there a Communist Catholic Party-CCP

Preying on the poor

Hollywood is about to perform the AOL flop

"The Other Side" of the Border Wall

Huntington's ST joke: What is the difference between a Christian and a Catholic? Christians would be supporters of Jesus Christ and Catholics would be the ones that killed him...Mafioso's.

In short they killed him and hijacked his principles for their own use out of envy and hate. Catholicism is considered gaudy which does not reflect Jesus at all but Roman greed keeping in mind Roman mentality; to take, take away, take life...

Democrats will get busted again for voter, voting, electoral and election fraud in the 2020 election..Huntington remarked this election is the worst he has seen.

Red flag goes off on the Supreme Court process. Special ops to investigate. Considering the up tick in corrupt Judges a special division will be made. Special note: subjugation Reference:

Special note

ST's joke: When in Rome do as Romans do, when in America Romans do what Romans do....bring in the Bestiarii. "The Fall of America Freedom"

Running or hiring incompetent candidates for positions is mafia pattern...typically for a fall guy or to run a corporation into the ground. The real work is usually done by the underlings and in most cases by finance or accounting fraud. Trump is a Litmus paper and the indication is not good...

The spreaders of the plague (foot soldiers) will go into full force as flu season starts, increasing the demand for vaccines and bumping off competition with a new variant that targets the immune what ever illness you have it will kill you making it hard to trace.

The Democratic Party would be favored by communists where the Republican Party would be considered the victim...exact opposite of media reporting. We have a special team that follows detailed specifics of communist....A agent red flagged the Clinton Scandal (the real one) and immediately there was a covered up, which indicated a leak; mole in the intelligence community. The mole was found, the issue was they work in teams and sometimes why they let them run but again a mole on the run can be even more dangerous...hence why the spy business is considered so dangerous...reference: Clinton Body Count The Republican color red would was a conflict of interest while the Democrat blue wouldn't be associated as Red Communist...

How corupt religions work; They clamp down on the throat of society allowing the rest to gut the system. Forked Tongue-saying one thing while doing another.

Test Run

ST finished the tree house and framed the play house and ordered a slide for the side of the Penel and kids a kiss (baby bump too, Penel is pregnant) to run test flights with newly developed equipment with Spit.

The test pods results came back from the fires. Still some work to do but a success.

About a weeks worth of test flights.

ST gives Spit some lesons on the art of taking out targets.

War Machine Jackals

After the military contracts are secured...they will take it all apart and moved it, then put it back together, giving it another look and start to pitch yet anohter threat in order to secure more military contrats. Jackals


Shelly: We tried hiring giving a leg up to sex, color etc. it doesn't work and had to go back to hiring practices based qualification. Although if potential exists there is definitely a willingness to bring someone in as long as the effort is there....but even then, many require the bar to be lowered making it difficult with fairness on a competitive level. In order to get around this we just weed through candidates by keeping the bar at the competitive level and giving the opportunity to clear it rather than lowering it and losing agents because less qualified persons were advanced or took positions.

Home for a couple

ST and Spit finished the reconnaissance flights. Spit and Shelby were doing spy data recovery of agent devices, but ran into several complications. That is why ST had to step in. ST was able to retrieve data on all the devices except for one. Spit would have to modify equipment in order to gain access. ST heads back to Penel and and puts the siding on the play house. Penel was glad to see ST as he dug right in on the diaper changing while Penel took long naps and ST played with the little ones.

Soon ST will have to run two more flights that were critical. They always say that everything got behind and needed him to catch up , but he knows the tasked were complicated and dangerous. If someone didn't know what they were doing is would be game over. ST went over the flight plans and added an extra flight for safety.

ST used a unmanned jump board that honed in to the device that failed. With a slight hack was able to tether it and transmit the data. Once the data was confirmed both the jumped board and device were destroyed. ST and Spit heading back to their wives and family. Spit asked for advice about women. There is not much to it, just be a gentleman while they get ready and pretty much the same goes while they figure out what communism is about. Eventually they pop out of it making the wait worth while.

ST buys a new bed, memory foam with adjustable frame....starts right in on emptying the water bed.

ST notes

People and corporations are leaving the US like crazy calling it a freedom trap (fear driven society)

Cars eventually will no longer be made in the US (they can't deliver what people want, a economical car with low maintenance) Cars that were made to be worked on start to flourish along with other devices and equipment.

Unions try to make a come back but fail...ending up more corrupt than before.

the depression slowly sets in as government corruption gets worse with the Department Heads found guilty of taking orders from the Mafia and Its Union counterpart.

The 2020 US Election damaged America's reputation for decades to come. Rigged in more ways than one would imagine.

US Political corruption increases and rigged elections continue to be the norm. Betting on elections becomes a popular underground sport.

Mexico suffers severe manufacturing quality issues stemming from the revenge of drug cartels and corrupt politicians.

South America continues to be the worlds largest threat of illegal drugs and violence.

The Justice Department becomes a public farce, another magic act after another.

People that saw it coming and left America early were lucky...

The word idiot in the dictionary is a reference for a American Politician.

Republicans grabbed the wrong tail and heading down the democrats hell hole, like a rattler on a rattlesnake.

I hear rattlesnake is pretty good barbecued. a fishing spear 5 prong head on very long pole should do the the job...vs snake shot.

Kids Joke: The first child molester to run for president will be in 2024 and is said to win by a land slide because they like kids.

ST adds 3 more to the black list notes nothings.

Puts Ted in charge of during the holidays for emergencies...he notices that Ted has a interest in running the company.

ST doubled the agents along with stress

ST and family packing up to go stealth on a Superyacht that was ordered by Spit and Shelby...leaving a look alike agent team at the house. Penel is very exited and happy which makes ST happy and looks like some happy sex tonight.... all is good at home.

joke: Keep raising that guillotine (stock market), there's a lot to cut in half when it comes lights, no gas and the banks don't have any money, depressing.

Off the tracks

Ted explains the next wave will be a escalation of the protest already in progress. Protest>Riots>War. Similar to riots being dubbed as peaceful protest, wars will be headlined as riots (civil unrest). It is clear that the election chaos is being used to promote unrest and damage the economic recovery process.

Nipping it at the bud...,, coulda, woulda, shoulda. We expect the dams to be continued as a target with more extreme fire seasons.

A House Doctor's advice on Bio-warfare, off track.

The ones behind sporting the street drugs are pretty much for most part the same ones trying kill everyone off.

Manufacturing sabotage is still going strong and increasing with healthy profits, much why politics suffers the same. Sabotage is very lucrative due to it's low over head. (rock into a window, pack of matches to start a forest fire, bucket of tacks on the freeway, a worker reporting or stealing company info)

Penel and Kids at Sea

Holiday on the Yacht for Penel and ST is off to a good start. Apparently the Yacht was outfitted for the holiday season but the owner had a change of plans, so Penel, ST and family are guests of honor all to them selves...seperate from the captain and crew.

Don't Fall

Ted: Again, when in Rome do as the Romans do, while Rome, when in America will fall.

Sue: US is red flagged for 3rd world corrupt politics...which will reflect the lifestyle for the citizens for years to come...increase in political corruption results in a increase of crime on the street. Bad politics equals bad economy, How the guillotine crashes the financial market is also swayed by politics which very well could trigger a economic melt down putting the world into a state of depression for years if not decades. Bad policy with corrupt foundations lead to problematic R&D and manufacture issues where intellectual theft continues to spread like a disease. The red flags are there for more of the same past issues of designed in the USA and produced else where...if you have a political state that is headed south (down the shit hole) manufactures have no other option other than to leave and produce some where else mostly due to worker sabotage and information stealing. In other words company's can't survive in the US without getting eaten up abroad...

People think of the mafia like the movies and fail to understand that they transitioned profits to legitimate businesses that have the same stain of bad values and dishonesty that got them there. The dirty businesses still operate and are used to keep the legitimate ones competitive especially during bad times. This is where the honest businesses struggle and would have to work harder and smarter in order to stay afloat. That is why there is a big push for drugs, hookers and so on is being promoted...we are headed for that down turn and those legit mafia businesses need that cash flow to stay in business while everyone else goes belly up. It is cruel, but that is how the mafia works. They use their dirty businesses to put their legit businesses out of when the guillotine comes down they can still float their store fronts. The mafia is what triggers recessions and depressions due to honest regular businesses and peoples inability to stay in business and is what we call a economic hit job, like a fixed fight but now it is politics and will cost you if you don;t want another war, greased politics, dirty mafia money can to starve off bad economic news or float a market that is about to take a dump, which is easy to do at 0% percent interest rates (The markets are like Alice in Wonderland).

A majority bulk of the election fraud will be found in the early election voting...thus allowing time for counterfeiting the ballots. The reason behind the big media's push to vote early. The smaller voter chase cases are to throw investigation off track and make it look like something is being done while most of the hocus-pocus is done with the early votes turning the election process into a mafia controlled event (fixed betting parlor). To tackle the mafia...don't buy; their products, drugs, idea's, work for them, invest with them etc.

Down the time line (in years to come) what ever the Democrat Party does turns to shit. One of mother natures lessons. The party becomes extinct (defunct) and written in history as evil and corrupt (the devil in disguise or the mafia party). Nobody wants communism not even communist. How would it best be put it..the mafia cancer, trying to quit after its too late. If you don't get it now it will kill you later.

The election has no bearing on the market crash....corruption does. Easier to blame the election....the blame game. "The Deep Depression"

Fake Democracy

It's real...

Ted sends out emergency op teams requested by several undercover agencies and requests Shelly to increase agent backup by 50%....

ST appropriates funds...notes that the reason why there are so many criminals in politics because it is easy pickings.(easy to get away with crimes).

Ted fills requests for emergency relief for overdue agents that were under SIPO Stay in Place Order.

Ted adds to the black list notes hides behind a woman's skirt and reviews Shelby's list to make sure none of the undercover ops are on it. Approves Huntington's hostage Xmas release list and adds another agent to the ops as well. Special ops with regards to sabotaging crops and live stock. 2020 election is riddled with fraud. The Democratic Party has been upgraded to hostile with ties to mafia, communist and terrorist organizations and considered a national threat...more of Democratic Trojan Horse but modernized. Catch 'em in the act works the gets the best results. There are a lot of grease balls in politics, so when things get heated up it is like a grease fire, throwing money at it is like water. It is time to skillfully address election fraud and put it out for good before it burns down the country while keeping a lid on COVID. Media is more of a medium for corruption than news. A corrupt government with election fraud is not going to have a promising to hunker down.

After reading Huntington's report on CA Ted classified it as another mafia hot bed.

Ted's notes on the election fraud: It is much worse than we thought, many politicians were elected this way. This makes it difficult to pursue as it very well could bring them down too, not to mention the loss of a secret backdoor for get in. That is why the big bug a boo with media and other has been going on for some time. We recommend a full investigation of the election process, and not a FakeBI one. Much bigger than Russia Gate with a FBI that has no they can do is work in the dark and give credit to other agencies...sad. IC3 is hot though. Once the grease balls in the FBI are blown out, they will be back in the day. Surveil the grease balls, prove they are a problematic threat to the agency, and discharge them. Until then we don't want anything to do with them.

Ted adds to the black list noting hides behind a woman's shirt. Then adds several more with a note fake news.

Ted pulls all agents working FBI ops and puts them on standby after quarantine. The FBI is officially terminated. Too corrupt and bad for business and moral. Both ST and Huntington approved along with all senior agents. ST comment was "It's ok, chop it down, something else will grow" do it your way buddy. Huntington, government vendors and contractors will be dropping off like crazy...they can't afford to be associated to criminal activities.

Wraps the emergency up and heads home.

JOkes: When the margin of error is greater than the margin of victory....then there is room for the corruption of fraud to exist....The US is the worldwide joke right now. The Media, well I hate to say, they are worse than a car salesman...they will say anything to get a spot on the news.

capo di tutti i capi

Year of Fraud

2020 The Year of COVID

2021 The Year of Political Fraud

Mafia Supercapos

Disarming a Trojan Horse with no schematic- without the plan

Removing the source or resources does not always work...Capacitors will still have enough of a charge to keep things going. e.g. Taking out the mafia boss is already thought out...they have capacitors to keep the things going. Before cutting any wires get your ducks in a row on how the capacitors work.

Shelby Update

Shelby and Spit finished their military ops a head of schedule. Shelby decides against a military career. Too corrupt and a bad move with everyone retiring leaving just Ted at the helm. Both head back to the old vault with baby Jane.

Shelby: Ted pulled all agents for the....oh shit, corrupt as hell. We're going to need safe houses....Steve! They are going to start forcing us into contracts we don't want to take, so we need them as witnesses. We don't want any part of this.

Steve: No problem...Ted already took care of it. Everything is shut down Shelby. No more ops. ST said sit tight.

Shelby: O

ST: Takes the ships helicopter to meet with Spit.

Spit: Shelby just did not get along with the op and was glad to leave.

ST: And you managed to pull off the op.

Spit: Of course.

ST: Great. Shelby is just not cut out for the military. That's fine. Well at least you have a wife that understand what you do.

Spit: Definitely...but well see.

ST: You're a team...she likes that, a lot. Give it some time. The big bad world syndrome takes patience.

Spit: Yes it does, like breaking a barrier, after you get past it is like riding a bike with no hands.

ST: The first couple of years in the military are shit, oh well, too bad she couldn't stick it out.

Spit: Laughs, rubbed the wrong way and gone.

ST: I guess we will stay away from them for awhile too.

Spit: Like a snake with two heads.

ST: Like the saying; Two heads are better than. We are changing our game play. We are out of the agent placement and rescue business.

Spit: Switching gears?

ST: Sort of, more like changing cover. Intel out there is pretty shitty and the world is swimming in it. We prided ourselves on agent placement for decades without any body getting killed. We will do the same with good live Intel. It is pretty much the same but we use our own agents. With government agencies corrupt as they are...the demand for good Intel is like gold world wide. If we don't make a move we will get sucked down into the hell hole with them and that is not in the cards.

Spit: We're on board.

ST: Ok, I will set you both up....your both back on the payroll as of today.

Jake Called in for Emergency

Jake pulls all niter reviewing a misleading information plot in order to justify a special ops. Calls in Shelby to investigate criminal media acts designed to derail undercover operations. leakimedia.op

Huntington Joke: 20-20 vision of the tip of the ice berg...

ST called off the media op, wants agents to stay clear of the swap vortex. Shelby stated another puppet show.

Election Patern

Example: If the border wall was finishded...the election would of been a easy win...the motive. The patern is the jeapordizing of citizens safety and well being for politcal and monetary gain.

Penel Update

Penel is informed that Shelby did not actually leave the military she only left the ops detail that was finished and is part of a new project.

Penel: Military Ghost.

ST: They liked her and want more.

Penel and ST are cruising to Hawaii for Christmas.

Xmas Swap Meet

Shelby is ramping up the under cover agent Xmas recovery program.

Joke: Shit on a stick (shit for brains mafia puppet).

Ted is concerned about the death sentence with a corrupt government.

Sue reports the 2020 election was riddled with fraud (nonvalid, fake, rigged) and the level of political corruption is crippling the country and its citizens at a higher rate than what led to the Great Depression. Investigate the do nothings, they signal several criminal patterns which are part of higher crimes. Sue adds to the black list notes do nothing. The person was already listed which prompted a criminal investigation.

Shawn-Red Flags going off for the Mafia Catholic sector.

Ef-Street attacks by lower level members; e.g. gang, criminal, drug and black market organizations. Gangs are laying low while the first phase of violence weakens a rigged fight the plan would be to take over the streets with violence.


ST and Penel are headed for Alaska and are getting use to the family ship life. Shelby has been racking up kills for the military hiding behind ST's company. Penel fills ST in on her findings and ST shrugs it off another lemonade machine. ST divides the company to reduced risk and puts both Shelby and Steve in a honey trap shell.

As companies are leaving the states in droves Penel wants to take a look at setting up a shop in Alaska to accommodate the increase of international clients. Many states are considered bad for business. ST was against adding divisions in the states...but Penel changed his mind. ST says the US has turned into a stinking arm pit.

Penel took a helicopter ride to look at the land she was considering with ST. ST suggested looking at it in winter before closing the deal. As ST figured the property is not accessible in the winter, but is in a good location. He asked Ted to fly out and check it to see if a runway is feasible. Then started to look for another parcel to hop from.

Huntington and ST talked about politics, both agree not to get involved with the US government stating extreme corrupt conditions. ST broke the news to both Shelby and Steve. Steve said they would wrap up operations then take a break. Shelby agreed the US is dangerous and extremely corrupt. She will be leaving the military and will help with the company's new direction.

Huntington added a long list of persons and corporations to the black list. In the comment section it just said the bad guys.

Jake said be prepared for another surge in media vomit. Warns of Social Media corruption getting worse.

Huntington Joke: Same shit different smell. Democrats will do what they do best "Drown in their own shit."

ST has set aside finances for all his agents to lay low and adjust for a year. In the mean time ST and Penel are both ship bound. Ted took a look at the property and noted that there is a reason why nobody wants it...he delivered plans for the site that would require four additional properties in order for it to be usable. Then signed off as a go for the Penel's project. ST claims she wants a off grid like Shelby and Steve's place in Canada. For me I just want a happy wife and proceeded with purchasing the land for Penel.

In the mean time Shelby has had her fill of the military with a successful operation unearthing one of the largest under ground murder for hire organizations. Penel and the kids will be headed to Shelby's place while ST and Ted finalize plans for Alaska. Shelby jokes with Penel about business in the US and Huntington's insight...Careful with with aidin and abidin.

Ted released a memo for everyone to stay low and avoid the public, keep to them selves. Everyone is accounted for and safe. If there are any problems go directly to a safe house, that is what they are for...In case of a emergency use your code instructions. We will check in six months. There will be absolutely no activity for at least a year.... if propositioned in any way use the code not the safe house.

Ted talks to Shelly about the status of the second team for the murder for hire op....Shell claims one more week. Ted wants to give them a couple weeks rest and then have them report to the vault so spit can wire them up. They have a long haul ahead. <This is a new team of experts, a special task force that incorporates a full technical legal team to expedite decisions and speed the process of putting organized criminals away. It is like doing your homework everyday instead trying to pull a all nigher for a exam. Keep in mind the US is a unstable country that is plagued with riots and election fraud issues. Any thing having to do with the court system, justice dept or political process is out to lunch. We find that documenting ops with a multi-national legal team has more clout and punch versus a court system that is unreliable such corrupt areas of Latin America and US which is a waste of time and money. For example if want to put away bad guys that are from the US you would have to give consideration that the justice system there is completely corrupt, your chances would be better nailing them in another country/s or State/s all at the same time. The murder for hire ops has fifteen legal teams from different countries. Our take on the US Political Corruption and Election Fraud is like dinning at 5 Star Restaurant for our is the best training to be able to witness in progress political crimes. And better yet the public finally gets a look at the real politics in America. It looks like have mothers being put in jail for trying to get their kids into prestigious colleges, but you let the political crooks cheat and lie their way into office, very impressive. No wonder why they call it the nut house....but sounds more like a communist committee because that is how they work to replace existing government bodies. They make you look like a bunch of idiots so they can step in and implement more of their communist laws. Now we know why they keep saying American politicians are stupid.

The Bad Apple Effect

A bad apple doesn't turn good...that's why it spoils the whole bunch. ...they'll do it again and again and again. Serial Criminal

Eventually the US will be cut off from other Intelligence agencies around the world. It is like a stock or bond rating where countries intel communities see poor performance or flags of doctoring up corruption in order to keep a good standing. Removal of 5 Eyes and darn near in the dark by most agencies. Putting another crook into office is pretty much going to finish off the US and to fraudulently put them their is icing on the cake. This is part of the plot everyone missed...kicking US intelligence to the curb...very dumb move on the chess board. Pretty much a country ran like a mafia...banana republic is what the current buzz word is. For the most part the US will be in the dark as far as intel goes until they the ship on course (shit together). So far that ship is headed straight into that ice burg.

Ted's joke: Be careful on how you tell a democrat to fix just might end up with a another rigged election where El Chapo is let out and running for president. We are going to pass on playing barrel of monkeys. Shelby turns in a long list to be added to the hot list with a note crooks. Ted immediately turned it over to ST as urgent. ST looked it over and commented that he already is aware of the crooks dealings and how they infiltrate and sabotage businesses. He turned it over to Shelly to keep an eye out for. Shelly states this used to be a spy kind of thing but now it is used from small mom pop shops to major have to be very careful who you let into a company these days. I think Steve Jobs explains this best when he hired a CEO that took his company down to being almost bankrupt. Again, these tactics are being used on everyday is a disgrace. They even endanger the workplace utilizing booby traps to make it look like another worker. This is the kind of mind set of the movements that are currently in the US and other countries. Again, this is part of the bad apple effect....they do it again, again and again, very much like playing black or red on a roulette table till they destroy or take over the business or get what they want such as a pay off to leave them alone. We have numerous accounts of actual situations where agents have to disarm these deadly traps in order to keep a op up and running. This is where agents face a lot of danger and are at a level experience most would not even see. In other words these things would go on unnoticed. That is why it is a good thing that the public is seeing these kind of corrupt actions and know what to look for. Keep in mind they are thugs so if some one stands up to them they will take it out on someone weak and come back again, again and again.

Due Process

Ed notes on a red flag the criminal pattern where due process is being abused is a sign mafia of control. Ed adds to the hot list of groups that use due process abuses. The hot list then gets reviewed and put into new lists that will aid agents in the field to investigate and validate findings further. In some cases these persons become victim of being used for mafia, terrorist and other criminal type of acts....prayed on. We had several agents working this vulnerability with positive results. But due to the current level government corruption and security leaks the agents had to be removed.

The Trickster

Zoe-They take credit of someone else's accomplishments then when the person takes ownership, they sabotage the project to make them look bad. (very dangerous criminals). Democrats will continue their heinous crimes and above the law tactics while citizens suffer. Putting political socialist communism movements first.and constitution rights last will be their primary agenda. If you see snake eyes something's up...the US will lose it's international standing for law and order and considered a uncivilized country. The FBI will continue to be plagued with moles and spy's that support the bigger picture of the communist movement (a critical target by communist for decades...why? Mainly because the the mafia is their jurisdiction). Hence the saying, Things will get worse before getting better. The goal is to take away all forms of ownership; land, property, cars, businesses which will then be owned by a few powerful people that control government. Once everyone is brainwashed with this socialist community property scam, they will take everything you have then use a war to wash it all clean laughing to the bank. Removing statues is the precursor to removing Federal Buildings or renamed to the highest bidder. The first priority with commie democrats is always about drugs, reopening the drug trade is greatly needed due to the high cost of this election. They are bleeding badly, so now is the time to take advantage with more drug ops (keep popping them til they bleed out). recommends If someone says drugs are good and godly find new friends because they are evil and deadly. Drugs are the destruction of life, happiness and peace. (Zoe really dislikes drugs and reason why both ST and Huntington liked her. Sometimes over kill but the team sees her as a perfect alarm clock))

Zoe points out that the DemoQuacks use of the Russian Hoax was primarily about the wife (campaign smear). Zoe's report points out the the Russian Hoax was originally a target of ethnicity in order to gain votes. She notes that the cover up is a grand fiasco due to implications of women being involved in the plot that would degrade the political eye of the people. Zoe points out in these cases it is typical for the use of a patsy to counter any attempts of the smear pointing to a particular campaign, party or person. to

The military will see a repeat of tactics used in the Vietnam war, Although increase of street drugs has been thwarted, the push to dumb down the public with drugs will continue even more so, Enlistment and reenlistment will drop drastically due to military hate propaganda (psycho-warfare) in a effort to bring back the draft to further increase the effect. Since more internal moles and spies has increased in the military dismantling the enemy ops will be almost impossible. As the socialist communism movement gains more friction the US military will start to show signs of disorganization. We recommend drug stings as they are the bulk of the issue that funds their well as other black market trade.

Zoe goes on about how the drug trade effects the military...basically pumping drugs into society is a pre-war conditioning of getting the youth addicted so when enlisted for war and conflict they can be easily be subjected with drugs by enemies.

Joke: Fake news, fake pandemic, fake president, by fake people.

Ted making the moves

Ted plans to invest heavily into Canada to help support the economy (on behalf of Shelby)...quotes the people are really nice there, reminds me how the US used to be. ST and Huntington fly to England for a update on the future of UK business. Ted claims that when corruption took over, the niceness went away in the US. You can't even go the local store without being threaten or practically ran off the road.

Ted to hook up with Shelby and Steve and go over their plans. They want to manufacture Super Computer Servers for Server Farms that will be much faster for people that do not want to be dependent on the corrupt services that exist with poor security. Steve and Shelby built a prototype system that has been running successfully that out performs existing platforms with security impossible hardware that can't be penetrated. The security system (SecurSys) emulates real world threats without the criminals having a clue. It is capable of turning criminal sites into dumb sites where it can mirror the enemy site and takes it over. Ted has to check in with Shelby for the results before signing off on the funding. There are a lot of people who can't stand American Tech and Media Companies who want to be protected. American Politics faces a unpopular consensus on the 2020 election. The backlash from the election is going to be much worse than expected. There is a big demand for protecting against American Political Corruption...

Ted checked out the server system...said it was a ultra fast sever equipped with a firewall that detects intrusion puts it into a sandbox learns the threat and manages all the activities while mirroring it for a forensics team to examine. Ted will send Amul for PEN testing and help with the request to block out of country activity in emergency....add switches for those who want to keep out specific sites....even block unwanted operating systems if a company or person wants a specific only OS allowed. This will allow for a custom OS to operate blocking everything else.In short if you are not running the proper OS with keys you are not getting into the system.

Carl is completely against voting equipment being made outside the country as well as farming out any election related tasks off shore in another country....all agree.


ST and Huntington finished meetings in London. Democratic Corruption in the US was a very heated topic. Both ST and Huntington took part in anti-corruption training. Huntington heads to the Lake to prepare another backup team and ST is in Canada with Penel, Shelby and Steve. The ship is being supplied for extended voyage where ST and family will be guests of honor.


ST fly's out to the Vault for a one on one with new failing agents. They are good agents, just lacking seasoning he explains to Ted. This is what I want you to do...they are in the office way too much for one I will make a special budget for this operation....random access.op Less office and more time looking and getting into trouble. We have eighteen agents stuck in dilly-dally office mode. Give them cars and expenses and cut them loose and let them dig where ever they please. Hire a inside support team for them and when shit starts to hit the fan each will begin to develop their own niche that the company can utilize. Waste not, want not. Once they get into enough deep trouble and learn to dig out of them so they will have the confidence for future tasks.

Operation Random Access agents started out solo but later banded together with Shelby taking interest.

Peggy Predicts

A lot of bombs and a lot worse than anyone would imagine. Not a day with out a bomb going off somewhere in the US. Ted asked Peggy to expand on the situation. Peggy claims the plot targets infiltrating local groups to hide behind as a diversion while numerous bomb making terrorist organizations prepare and grow for a large scale bombing of the US. Targets: militias, rights groups, gangs and noted was the extra incentive on religious groups.

Op random access

Operation random access team turned into roamers, snatching agents from falling into danger. The group made possible a op recovery by protecting a drug under cover operative from being bumped off. They run back up for Shelby from time to time and she used them for a diversion, which gave them a new skill set. Over all, the level of experience has turned the agents into good hard working operatives that want to take on more. From shuffling agents around to their own ops.

The Only Syndrome

Huntington: We the People vs the Me Only...the people always win.

The America on drugs again movement...just say no.

Joke: The all new emergency response team to round up grandparents and hide their death.

Huntington to give a speech at a college on corruption. He will give an analogy to a volcano where corruption can hide for long periods of time to eventually erupt. And special notes on Politicians that engage in constant lie telling that continually shows up in criminal patterns. ref. <>

Cuckoo Clock's

Time after time..Serial Liars.

JOkE: What do you call it when all the Cuckoo Clocks get together and go off? A democrat party.

Fitz on Pot

Bad for your health, replaces the financial addiction of tobacco that lost populatity. People will die early in similar figures related to tobacco shortening the retirement span for collecting finances such as SSI and welfare, etc. Motive would be the ability to make money while killing off the population, the same motive as other illegal drugs that distroys and kills people lives.

Carl on FBI

Notes that the FBI developed lazy eyes to corruption. This was caused by the increase of Journalist doing all the investigative work...believes this contributed to the factor of the poor funding and all of which promoted cherry picking cases.

Communism in the US has increased due to the ease of defrauding the government and the people

Ted approved Carl to expand his report a little. They lost the instinct to protect the people and hunt criminals in the same way a wild animal would after domesticated. The instinct is missing, this is why investigative journalists excel at the task.

The agency has lost its crime fighting superiority resorting to following the media for leftovers and cherry picking easy cases for promotion. Now look at them, they can't even investigate a election the more youth modern term use "disconnected" but more like declawed cats which are the results from de-funding agencies instead of investing in better training and management practices. So how do you take on Political Corruption? A special trained task force that won't back down from anything. Same with military corruption. Throwing a bunch of lawyers at them is like going to an auction and getting outbidded and even worse than a fixed casino. They are all heavy weight criminals, you don't send in declawed house cats to go after criminal monsters.

Ted: A broken agency is like a broken arm, don't stop functioning, keep moving and eventually you will get back the full motion. New agents are starting to see the criminal pattern, the repeatablity of the pattern and will be ready to learn the process of removing bad agents from both the field and management.

WWIII starts

If one were to put a starting point to WWW lll from another point in time it would clearly be the to border crises. Miguel, Peggy

US goes from High Tech Leader to Low Tech Slum Bums. Batez

Political violence increases at a rapid rate. Sue

Politicians criminal activities increase ten fold. Carl

Agency corruption goes off the charts. Carl

Drugs every where, mostly for criminals use. Fitz

Computers become the number one security threat to society. People being hunted down and killed by computers and cells is on the rise. Russ

The Mafia hides behind many religions like evil monsters with several heads; Hecate, Yamata no Orochi, Cerberus, Hydra, Scylla, Balaur, Kucedra, Svantevit, Zmey Gorynych, Janus, Nehebkau, Nezha, Bune, Agni, Brahma, Gayatri, Kartikeya, Þrúðgelmir, Talmud, Zohar, Talmud, Typhon, Cerberus, Ganesha, Shiva, Vishnu, Ravana, Trishira, Zahhak, Ladon, Mušmaḫḫu, Humbaba. Ed, Shawn

Huntington jokes for the day: They have new barf bags at the movies now case of a emergency if a movie gets political (prevents panic from everyone leaving at the same time).

Why are politicians the do nothings in society? Well most of them have a law degree's and that's what lawyers do best, sit around and wait to make money off an accident or tragedy. Many are not so patience and hustle scams by making accidents and tragedies to happen in order to get rich quicker....typical at the political level because it is easier to get away with.

The communist grew by targeting poor countries...easy pickings. As they gained more ground they moved in on richer countries and targeted the poor and uneducated. So if you do the math, a increase in poor people would be a vulnerability of communism and if you follow the democratic party's pattern of playing the worn out sympathy card the dots start to connect directly to the Communists Main Agenda. What people fail to understand is corporations role in communism....Corporate Socialism is where the people have to depend on them to the point where the free market erodes and disintegrates leading to depression where the profiteers of the socialist communist movements can expand on the cheap and increase their poor baseline at the same time. The part that gets left out is how communist will brutally sacrifice the poor to get what they want (genocide, mass killings, creating tragedies, wars etc.) while blaming the targeted leadership. The key is pattern is that they prey on weakness and vulnerability where the mafia plays the role of rigging a election to bait a tragedy or war for profit or to steal.

The New Infrastructure Deal; replaces all two way roads with one way streets and highways keeping everyone going in circles while government money disappears.

Huntington: Calling a financial deal one thing and doing something else is basic money laundering.

Sport Syndicates

Corrupt Sports have been that way for a long time...Joel will head up a new task force.

Joel quotes sports syndicates are large and up scaled skim till operations and are part of the money laundry industry world wide that fix events and to promotes black market finance activities via mafia run criminal organizations internationally. Soccer would be considered the most corrupt with countless game fixing. Gang colors are related to sport teams and the events are often violent, destructive with high drug use.


Shawn- Agents reported that even smaller parishes and faiths were seen to be vulnerable to being infiltrated by adversaries of other faiths, cons, sleeper criminals and terrorist. In one case a church goer was discretely targeting parishners with finacial scams. Noted was a sign of over taking a churchs with a numbers.

With the larger churches infiltrating smaller faiths a sleeper will wake when their ture faith is in need by uncovering the scam, con or a terrorist situation to counter. Very common.​

Political Mayhem to Increase

Sue: Democrat Parties were found to be much more corrupt than what citizens think and were lead to believe. The parties involvement with the mafia, communist and various corrupt regimes are far worse and are forcing countries to depend on them e.g. drugs, over taxing, embezzlement, fraud, fake new, use of threats, destruction and violence. More Politicians are being uncovered as criminals with no skill set for leadership of the people, Hypocrates.

We project a Increase in warmongering, genocide, government corruption, gangs, riots, murder and dependence in black markets.

Pattern follows how the mafia and communist operates its discontent when they do not get their way by creating havoc and distrust until they get what they want. The process is called Drug Drowning. It is where politics and corporations drown society into debt and socialist dependency with a surge of drugs and needy people.

The Democraps are attempting to convert America into a communist country. The key patterns are the use of force, manipulation and deception.

Joke: New movie coming out hitting the bottom of the charts called "The Disaster" starring King Pin Joe Patsy of the Bunker, Queeny Nancy Wicked Witch of the North and co-starring Chucky the Mob Jester with side kick Stiffy and his love doll Cammy. All died of fentanyl poisoning while at a party in the end.

Bat to the Past

Ted confirms WW lll patterns with current International Intel. US Intel found the patterns going 10 years back. The investigation points to the mafia and also shows similarities to past political figures such as Hitler. There is a strong indication the mafia is using their black market muscle to promote war mongering for profit.using blame and sympathy tactics The bat to government heads to take the peoples money.

Ahead of the Blame Game

Setting up the Blame.

Hitting the target.

The target hits the blame.

Carl's Clean-up Team

The new team of agents determined that the effort would be subject to retaliation. The team leader Jon requested upgrading operations to cover additional ops that would cover the threat of retaliation. Carl and Ted set to meet with Huntington and ST for additional agents and technical needs. Carl added that additional agents for back-up would be necessary as well. Ted noted that he expected worse and praised the new agents discovery and said additional backup would not be a problem noting that corrupt agencies are now at a level of being consider enemies of the state when they are unable or unwilling to protect the people and up hold the people the peoples constitutional rights. Basically the FBI is considered a rogue agency by the new agents in charge and political affiliations are being investigated.

Huntington replied immediately to Ted's request indicating that agencies are vulnerable to being over run by bad actors that retaliate with violence. We expect to see more as a result of the "do nothings". Huntington vouched for the extra man power and funding as ST was off grid.

St picked up and gave a ok for the agents to proceed and uncover the inner circle operation (a mafia spy and communist network code named MSC (Muscle) that was revealed during a CIA corruption investigation). Joke: The Democrats 3 P's of Governance- Pack the Election, Pack the Country and Pack the Courts. "Piss on the Peoples Principles". Every time we dispose these these guys, they figure a way to bring more in...does that fit the picture better (The wasp nest effect).

Ted pulled the plug on the msc op after finding out the network was swarming hive to hive making it impossible for the agents target. In the closing report Ted noted the agency was too corrupt and would waste resources and time (10 yr+). He also noted due to the networks capability to evade investigations it would require a elite team specially trained that both ST and Huntington would not approve due to a lack of trust. Even the new agents consider them thugs and would prefer to invest their time in preventing a war than baby sitting an agency that does not carry it's own weight (the primary reason for closing the op) Due to the high risk and danger all the new agents had to be rotated out on leave. The op was considered successful in uncovering bad agents and was closed per ST orders and Huntington's recommendation. These are the ones you put on a list and kill...kill or be killed. We estimate that the agents that uncovered the circle would end up dead inside a year. The list was immediately approved as high priority and referred to special agents in charge of hostile removals. Time frame is approximately 3 months to complete the first round and six weeks to finish. From there another investigation 6mos to a year to prosecute the rest.

Huntington's Jokes: They took trillions and all the people got in return was soup lines. If you need the FBI for anything you will find them doing nothing at unemployment. Why did the FBI side with the Democrats in the 2020 election? So they can sit around and do nothing for 4 years. How do you get rid of a Democrat at a Republican party? Toss a fart bomb in the back room they use for doing drugs.

Jon: The bottom line is that the FBI has turned Gestapo as it will be more evident over time. It is important to remember these things don't start out that way or just happen. They lie and tell you what you want to hear while ramping up. Once they get close to having absolute power is about when the genocides start, slowing removing those who oppose their power and increasing how many they can kill because nobody can do anything about it. A key to survival is that a bad government is just that...they are the ones that do the killing.

Our crystal ball on the immigration surge is a counter attack by those countries whom have performed genocide or are being accused and/or in the process of being prosecuted. As special ops in the past have brought up and pointed out America is being set up to be held accountable for their own genocide as counter from its enemies (Primarily the Drug Cartels). Any body stupid enough to fall for such a plight should be blind folded and shot. The criminals in this country will turn them into criminals or have them killed to look like a genocide. It is a repeat in history just like the mobster days after WW ll where they took in immigrants and used them for foot solders to expand their territory and increase dominance. That will be their key increase the power of Mafia crime families (predominately Catholic but not excluding other religions) that prey upon individuals and families either desperate or uneducated enough to be willing to fulfill the evil deeds while their bosses keep their hands clean. Lets get the facts straight here the Mafia does not do any, any thing the right way or by the law. They are criminals, they go about things the wrong way against the law and will continue until you put them in their place. Again the FBI swarming with mafia and spies is why things are going to get worse before getting better amounting to largest break down and failure of a government agency in history. That is why you have criminals and the stupidest of people in office because no one wants the job other than them. Keep in mind WWll was a sucker war and FDR was it's biggest prize sucker....that's why all along there are plans for a three behind those w's just lurking for another sucker. Make a fake war as real as possible in order to Trojan horse spies and related criminals into a country via play the old sympathy card game trick. World War ll played out perfectly the part to penetrate US borders like a silencer on a sniper rifle. The immigrants turned the country violent for decades with mafia wars and unrest that still roam the streets is the same trick, how dumb to fall for it again, unless you enjoy being the worlds biggest laughing stock. WDF lets do it again. We are already in WWlll and losing. Just think WWll as a precursor, get your act together and turn it around before it tears you another asshole and into the ground.

Peggy: the time frames for the MSC follow up op is in error due to using training agent calculations, the adjusted time frame will be approximately half the time or better. As far as what happened and why...It was because the FBI was easy pickings for mafia and spy criminals e.g. look at easy they hacked the election, same scenario they just walked in a took it over and installed a Gestapo dictatorship. So it is imperative to remove this element quickly before extensional damage occurs to the public. Also it is strongly being considered the closure of several FBI Branches that are deemed to be a continued threat to the citizens with acts of unlawfulness...a full out closure and rehire of some of the branches will be necessary for the clean up. As Huntington commented before heading out on the ops with ST they are worse than the politicians! ST said that's why they clan'd up with the Democrats because Republicans wouldn't stoop to their incompetence. It's been decades since the FBI has stepped up and done anything many re-runs of Bonnie Clyde will it take before they get a clue they actually have do something? I think even Hollywood has run out of script of them doing anything...Where are we at now with the God Father; Twelve, Thirteen? So it is okay for them to cheat on their investigations but at the same time they throw a mother in jail for cheating to get their kids into a good college, that is disgusting.

On the Move with Jake

Don't do drugs, smoke or drink and want a old fashioned family life....Utah would be the safest State to live in now days.

Politicians Laughing to the Bank while WE THE PEOPLE SUFFER

Personal comment by Carl: I don't know what to say about the people who suffered from the last couple of economic crises. It must be hard to watch the government throw free money and resources to people who don't even live here while they sat back and let you lose your home, your job having to spend decades to rebuild your life. Please don't vote for them any more and please help support the efforts to combat election fraud. ..otherwise they well just keep doing it. Always make a copy of your ballot in the event you would like to verify the results.

Joke: An attorney tells the FBI isn't that above the law what you did, and a FBI agent replied we are the law, so how can that be above the law. The attorney looked at the FBI agent in very concerning way and asked how long have you been a agent. The agent replied long enough to be above the law.


Huntington: Checking off equipment calls ST, you have the Wild Turkey.

ST: You bet.

Huntington: Bring back up.

ST: Done.

<The military complex has already made the first hit to get the buzz going. New agents will have the op to track those leads and will be under agent in charge Sara.

A first hit is standard protocol. It is like handing off of the baton. Huntington and ST call them ops that are not for mommy boys. (meaning your in it no crying mommy)

They both take down number 2 with a Covid variant that will put the spy in the emergency room where they will administered a drug that will cause an allergic reaction killing them which gets covered up by the hospital. Number 3 was given a time release compound that would create heart murmurs and will later die of a heart attack by already agent on the op to finish up (Sara). The key mafia informants fled the FBI and went to work for a Corporation where Penel will track them passing restricted sensitive information. Shelby rounds up 3 FBI agents as witnesses and puts them in protection. <ST simply duplicated the method the spies used in their kills. This allowed to move forward in uncovering the handlers of the spies and mafia. So the spy hit with a rare covid dose went to the hospital but died instead of treated. This will be a critical problem for the spy network because they can't protect their own and Sara's buzz.op will be investigating the spy handlers.

The same with the heart murmurs the spy went in to get it checked and ended up dead while these spies are listed for proper treatment. The next step is to put pressure on the handlers in order to support ops that are targeting the high ranking spies that are in charge. The mafia informants have been engaging in supplying FBI intel to corporations. Corporations then can get away with, continue and/or proceed with criminal activities without a problem from the law. Just following the money wouldn't be enough for a successfully taking these spies and mafia thugs down. It appears the mafia is using spy rings as a component of their organizations. With the FBI under control of the Mafia Democratic Political Arm, it gives them the "Untouchables" Syndrome like a baby's security blanket. Taking blankies away from the Security and Justice System will result in a lot of cry babies. So, instead of just taking away their blankies, give them something first to play with and then remove their blankies (blankie-cover, cover up, pull the wool over). If that doesn't work, maybe the problem is they still wear diapers and require changing, nope stinky blankie.>

Joke: CIA: Ring ring...hello good morning Child Inspection Agency. Congressional Investigation Committee: Yes I need to speak to Truman right away it is urgent. He is out, can I take a message. We need to make up a cover, tell him there will something in for him, we have trillions in the works. Sorry, we don't take credit. You can call the Federal Baby Inspections FBI they take credit. Oh thanks. Ring, ring, Hello Federal Baby Inspections how can we help you today. I need to make up a cover for a investigation is Hoover in. Yes he is I will transfer you. Hoover. This is your old friend from the house, we need to make up a whole bunch stuff for a cover so the democrats can get elected. What's on the line. If we get caught in election rigging there will never be a democrat in office again. There's something in it for you. How much? Trillions Okay I will look into it we have some democrat agents that need something to do. Great Hoover thanks. its a pleasure. I have been trying to get rid of these agents for years anyways. No body will miss them. Perfect.

<Shelby when a child was given a wooden play set of Canadian Mounties with a station by her uncle who by the way was a special agent. She loved and cherished that little play set into her early teens. Shelby was never really abandoned or a orphan but played a historical role as a under cover child that busted many of the child trafficking rings seen on tv. Shelby, ST and Penel all need very high security so they came together as family to protect their off spring and fellow agents. Shelby and Steve's off grid cabin will be historical preserved to the public for future generations to visit, well at least to those who find it.>

Poo Poo Politics PPP

Their shit don't stink..until unmasked. ST has a man talk to the FBI agents slated to be killed he saved. Sergio, Arron and Julie agree life is too short in hiding and would rather be active. ST sent them off for cosmetic surgery and new identities. John, Paul and Mary. Once they heal up Shelby will set them up as operatives again.

Savana points out the COVID virus is possibly a genocide weapon indicating it was developed using sugar as a food source that would target people with bad eating habits.

Shawn points out that Canceled Culture is the start of a Modern Dark Age... "The Decline of America" stemmed from excessive violence and corruption.

Carl doubts that the FBI will have the same problems like the police because it could damage their Intel resources, stating they would continue to focus primary on lack of police and local governance. It would be safe to predict that once enough power has progressed they certainly would.

cut Bait won't Wait

ST was up against the wall. Not enough Intel on the handlers could mean big trouble for the FBI and his crew. But his immediate reaction paid off handsomely. Typically it would take months even years to take control of a spy ring with a team of assassins. The trick is to find out what capabilities do the handlers process? We found out in tow shakes that the handlers could make the call on hits. This shaved a ton of time because most agents would hold off and this works in favor of the handler. Once the hit squad found that the agents of interest (targets) were disposed of they panicked. In most cases they would continue by offing new targets to intimidate any future attacks, but they couldn't. A commotion would attract too much attention to the high ranking spy that could have them in turn killed. In reality investigative agents would be stymied and spy operations would near ineffective creating void of useless man power. As Sara operatives nail down the assassins another team begins to connect the dots. Sara plots her course to advance to the next level of hits Operation live baits. 0lbs.op

The critical as in historical

What you are seeing is critical thinking. Meaning well educated and knowing that the process (what is happening) needs to be eventually written (actually re-written) as part of history; therefore it is critical to ensure that least amount of wrinkles (none) would make the cooked history books for the children even more believable. Otherwise they would the same problems of the past covering up the dirty details of events.

Critical Theory-Did it ever occur to anyone that Russia earnestly wanted a truly good and trustful relationship with the US and vice versa...who would oppose that? We're going to let that tingle your mind while the motion of time moves forward.

Voting Computers

Which one to buy? Apples and Oranges. If you have a lot experience a PC gives the user more control where a Mac would be the no brainier version. Buying a PC with no security experience would be vulnerable, a mac even with the built in security functions still vulnerable but better than PC for the dummy. Despite both of them having to have a understanding of security, the point at which both are equally vulnerable is at any time when the machines are connected to the internet or accessed by a device e.g. thumb drive, Fob or tether. Basically the machine itself did not commit election fraud, persons exploiting the vulnerably of the machine did.

The election personnel that were in charge of procuring the machines and in charge of setting up security. Pointing the finger at the mfg's is useless and pretty much makes persons involved in the election process look like quacks. Lets think a little bit...that would entail tech savoy voters...that works against the Democrat Party and the desperate need for tech dumb voters to offset it seems to have merit for a bit of a motive.

Again people do need to see the reality of how groups and organizations work in order for it to sink in and learn. It's the younger generation, they are more in touch with visualization. If everything looks secure, they believe. Down side is that of the suffers due to the lack of being able to pick up on the details. Lets go by trend...what do corporations currently do. A lot of them separate internet connected machines specifically to combat intrusion putting them on a specific network with their own servers. They completely remove and or disable all access ports other than those specifically called out by the IT security tam. No USB connections, exposed drive connectors, WiFi and Bluetooth for high security networks. So the security norm in the corporate world is clearly not seen here and the question is are they that dumb thinking they are clever? Most companies go through a prototyping process and will usually have a engineering buyer or purchasing department...once all the bugs are worked out then it would go through the normal purchasing department. But in the case of RMA's (when there is a problem or failure) it would be referred back to engineering. Over all it looks like one giant process ran by idiots with no concern to fix or correct the problem that went all the way to the top of the flag pole. How and in what way is that impressive? Is anyone can vote and change the vote the norm for the election process in America? Why are computer illiterates involved? Were they hired or given the position because they wouldn't have a clue of what was going on? It does fit a lot mafia criminal patterns and activities in the past. Fix a fight, ball game, elections, you name it...betting is the key. Turning the election into a world wide rigged betting machine is what they are, power and lots of it. They always seem to be able to find a idiot to do their dirty work don't they. So from here on out the attack on the 2020 presidential election will be referred to as the twenty twenty election attack, twenty twenty attack or twenty twenty for short version.

State Chief Election Officials should be held accountable for allowing unsecured ballot counting stations and impeding a investigation.

Special note: The Democrats seem to be running the play book straight from the Great Depression era. Of interest would be the mafia's role during it almost seems to be the chief narrative in today's politics as desperate times lurk on the horizon for the Mafia Families rebuilding by re-establishing their old ways of corruption like a blast of the past mimicking their success of the 20's and then multiplying it during a depression. The Mafia used the Great Depression as a switch to turn their illegal businesses into legal ones. It appears that the US inherited high stakes financial corruption scams from Europe. Makes sense as they have already been through it and most likely why during that time they referenced Americans as thugs and hoods. So the mafia made a killing in America off of illegal good using bribes to influence people to look away. Elliot Ness was offered $2,000 a week to look the other way...that's a lot moolah back then. Try $15,000 a week in today's dough. The question is not can but when! the mafia will switch all their dirty money into legal tender paying off banks to look the other way so they can hoard up businesses and property at depression prices. Hint: Wyoming turned blue during the Great Depression and in 1976 Republicans were Blue and Democrats were Red.

The Lift

The FBI agents and their families finish cosmetic surgeries. ST includes it for primary psychological reasons. He says it is not really necessary but actually provides a positive outcome for the process giving the agents a sense of security. A little tummy tuck, bags under the eyes, hair implant, braces, nose job, teeth whitening, etc. The real issue is getting the blood types wiped...its not permanent and temporary till the op is finished. Huntington tells it like it is...they're just young whipper snappers in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Next Hoedown

ST and Huntington have been to a lot these...too many. One thing they both learned is in these spy show downs they like to take out the newbies and rub it into your face like shit. And like shit it lingers. So, we have their hit list and know exactly the intent. They don't last long but super dangerous.

The wire


The company with the contract is the one that is more times than not being jilted by the competition. The exception would be a company that is targeted by a hostile merger or acquisition from experience it usually done is done by the inside.

going back to before security cameras and security badges when you visited a company. things changed quickly during a investigation that found vendors sabotaging the competitions product during their visits. You can write a whole book just on this topic alone.

One lie is not enough

Carl-Politicians that are concerned the people do not trust the government; 1. That will deter them from continuing with their lies and corruption only to fix the problem by rigging it to look lit was fixed 2. Actually determined to fix the problems.

Note the language that targets the trust of the people by politicians instead of actually fixing problems. e.g. cover ups, media fake news etc.

Continued cover ups just lead to more unrest down the road resulting in another Great Depression.

There will never be trust for the government again if there is no truth and continue covering up...just lie upon lie, on top of more lies, promoting more lies until the truth does not matter while at the same time agencies continue to put citizens in jail their lies (perjury). There for it is okay for government to lie but not the people....hypocrisy. Another example would be that people are more scared to death of the violence on the streets than the COVID with regards to going back to work, indicating that America is a fear driven society in a complete state of hypocrisy. Lie after lie cover ups is the work of the do nothings...."In God we trust and in Government lies we don't"

Huntington and ST have been taking down spy assassins let and right. Huntington notes that they don't go down easy. So far we have had one casualty. Sara has been running the investigation for the legal battle. Panel tracking the corporation connections.

The agent down found a lab where the spy networks assassins were keeping several COVID variants. Amazingly much simple than one would using natural fruit juice, the virus would multiply at room temperature at a increasing strength. The agent lost his ability to walk from a altercation. Huntington found the agent in a park in bushes covered in leaves branches unconscious. ST's tactile jackets saved his life.

jackets are designed to turn into a stretcher when two are zipped together. Air pockets in several locations can be inflated depending on the need, stretcher, head and neck support, arm , leg etc. Huntington zipped his with the agents adding additional heat packets. The agents heat had expired. The agents ankle was inflamed like a bowling ball and appeared to be some kind of allergic reaction. Blood test tested positive for a drug that is commonly used on agents to immobilize key operatives in order to render them botched. Once the agent was thermally secure he regained conscience stating in a conflict he took a blow to the ankle by a unknown. The person came from out of no where. Huntington covered him up again and requested a lift from the under cover squad. From a far Huntington watched. while a person on a bicycle arrived to pick up the agent (Josh). The tactile jackets and pants have special connection for transportation like this, even if the agent was unconscious the transport could manage to cart the agent out with no problem discretely. Once the agent was strapped in the air pocket for a back support was deployed and they both peddled off to the designated lift for medical treatment. The tactical clothing does not look at all like military or spy gear. Actually you would not be able to detect these special functions as the clothing is ultimately hi tech. Two people go into the the park two people out while one is swapped for the op. All the special gear and time was needed due to the location of the event happening close to the lab under investigation.

Both ST and Huntington continue taking down the mafia spy networks assassins components. About 1-2 weeks.

Zoe: The bio-weapon (plague) was specifically modified to be transported via fruit. Typically injected into the cavity to

later be retrieved upon destination.

War Precursor

The do nothing while war escalates is the precursor to what is expected to happen. It is the same thing as accepting it is okay. So it is ok else where. The pattern fits the prediction of mass bombings in the streets of America.

Rotten Apple

Mafia, Corruption, Dirty Politicians it all goes back to the days of the bad apple e.g., Albany Regency explains Carl. NY has a bad reputation for misgovernment and has been that way for the longest time. Crimes related to NY typically get nicked bad apple. The Big Apple actually has a inside joke to it....meaning Big Head. In short NY politicians are known for being bad apples with a big heads.


Time to choose allies..the most critical part of war. This not like a fight with the wife and you get back together. This is real, you lose everything. The United States is gone forever, not on the map anymore. It's like losing your wife, kids and home never to see them again. Highly recommend closing the borders and finishing the wall before the US turns into a war borders makes the US vulnerable...e.g. lets go crash this party and destroy the place. Replace party with war and that is where it is headed. A bunch of war monger hoods looking for place to have a war. Israel is at war and US is a open wide pussy.

Huntington joke: What are they going to call the US after the war? "The Communist States of America" nope. What then? They call the US bankrupt.

<The Democrats attempted pyramid scam to lure investors with money they can't pay back fails. Very similar to a Ponzi Scheme they can't find enough people to fall for the con creating a sell out that crashes the markets. The FBI spends a decade chasing down the fraudsters.>


ST: That was easy part...a couple more weeks flushing out real baddies. These are the ones that are the most difficult. Just imagine a librarian with a book hugged to your back and a short through your heart and she knows exactly which page the bullet ends up.

Huntington: It's going to get ugly.

Ted's The People's Report

Ted: I will make this as simple as possible for a thumbnail regarding Sara's op. Huntington and ST chose to increased the manpower in order to beat the demand for combating the enemies intrusion of mafia, spies and assassins. The progress has been effective and successful. Due to political corruption, the border, financial fraud and numerous other crimes has allowed for the increase of said plus a surge of street criminals to counter our move. These poor political decisions, many criminal' will escalate mayhem, chaos, distrust and disorder eventually leading to war. When government works against agencies that protect it's citizens, it is not of good civil servants but evil ones and is a very bad sign of what is to come.

We will continue to hold the line, but if political evil continues its course war is inevitable.

Election Psychology

Carl: One of many patterns that surfaced was that when the people were happy with the political rigged results, all is well, but when there was discontent with what was rigged, we found that the results for the successor would be rigged for someone worse than the one complained about....this pattern is well known with the mafia. You are not happy, we'll show unhappy, be happy or else. Political psychological warfare. This continues on till everyone (the people) are forced into accepting the results provided them. This is communism, where the people do not have any say so, just fakes used to make you think so. The goal is a globally rigged elections.

Huntington joke: The House is full of termites, so be careful where you step else you could fall through the floor ending up in no mans land.

The Damage

Jake's Joke: The Democrat FBI Relationship

Dems: We're in big trouble we have to turn this around.

FBI: Just make up another lie like always and if they fall for it we all don't have to do anything.

Dems: Excellent, lie and do nothing. Get the press on the line.

The noise of a FBI heading for the swamp drain... flip, flop, flop, flop, flippity flop.


The Broken Record: Investigation swap...Fabricate lies, push it out to the media, then fabricate another investigation to match using the FBI as a boogie man. Over time this eventually will render the democrat party dysfunctional leading to war and the FBI as a Gestapo all of which has the very same impression of the Mussolini regime (keep in mind Benito started out as a political journalist and a socialist). Given the path the Democrats are on it should be clear that they will naturally be teaming up with socialist leaders and countries when ever possible (boiling the frogs).


Ted: MSC2 op yielded 5,982 assassins while Sara continues the legal side and an additional MSC op is in process MSC3.op that will punch back on the incoming. A quick note on the extreme dangers of the front line mafia, spies and assassins is a numbers game. If the enemy has 1,000 assassins shadowing their mafia and spies operatives...guess what that means in real time military power. They could take out at least that many targets and up tree times if the logistics and grouping were optimum. To simplify lets say it is possible for the communist to take out approximately 3,000 targets spies in one op (swoop, in one shot). That means unfounded spies and mafia counterparts can be moved up, delete jeopardizes, and or remove dead weight.

To counter these operations you have to tip top agents putting the thumb down them. ST and Huntington's capability to date is approximately 5,000 where MSC2 is the first time breaking 5,000. All of them are like ghosts, fake ID's, Passports and background etc. and are disastrously dangerous.

Savana: The point is not all genocides are real...many were acts of war, the beginnings of war and it is not always wise to wait for the enemy to make the first move. It is like hitting a curve ball...if you get ahead of can knock it out of the park.

Pot Holes

Fitz: We experimented with the pot work place first everyone was productive but as soon as the excitement was gone so did the productivity. No shows, sleeping in, unfinished work, lack of enthusiasm, out sick all the time, spending all their money on drugs, costly social service needs, their medical cost sky just keep going. What we came up with is not what any one would expect....the pot trend is part of the promotion of the robotic age. Drugs make the workers less capable giving way for automation, robots and cashier less society. What not a better way than to stupefy the workers in order bring in robots to take their place. No more toll booth operators, no more cashiers, cars drive themselves.....keep doing drugs and the only job you'll have is digging your own grave.

Fitz Joke: How do you tell the difference between a Republican and a Democrat? Democrats have brown noses...keep your nose clean or you will turn into one.

Car Manufacturing Update

Paula reported that her findings into the projection of US car makers disappearing could be from the result of the Union's high cost of labor and gas prices. She points out that both were directly related to a increase of corruption. She noted that Tesla weathered the storm by maneuvering better deals that modernized the US car industry some what like Ford did. It still is unclear exactly what happened but Paula suggests perhaps they were bought out or merged. One thing for sure something happened very bad for the US car industry and she thinks they most likely were targeted in a war putting them out of business.



Carl-Voting machines connected to the internet is election fraud plain and simple. Any fool knows that anything connected to the internet or network can be hacked to oblivion.

Common Knowledge

Democrat n rule decipher...Demo-n-crat, Demoncrat, Nomedcrat, where nome is q and d is the derivative...nomos, nomo, nome meaning divide, distribute. The Democrats path has come full circle; communism. <>

Republican p intercept decipher...Rep-public-an, Rep-represent public, anrepublic, add n rule a-n-rep-public p connects with q (x-intercepts, minding your p's and q's, mind your pieds and queues, mind your feet and wigs on the dance floor).

I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

Cut Bait

St and Huntington are in the process of setting up the MSC 3 Sting with fresh bait.

The mafia is pretty predicable, but what most people don't understand that in their own countries they kill their own people and when they go to another country they continue to do so. The cruelty is beyond thinking. Most did not get away with murder looking like one...a lot of them look innocent and ordinary....the obvious ones act more like a cover for the smart ones no one would suspect. If a spy network needed 1,000 assassins in a country they would send 1,100 where 100 of them would be a dead give always ending up caught. The agency looks as though they are doing a good job but actually are being played while the spy network just refurbished their hit team.


Huntington and ST are out on a agent rescue...there has been no activity on a second wave of assassins but noted dangerous intimidation's. ST tells in a report that they are just reorganizing.Huntington and ST are out on a agent rescue...there has been no activity on a second wave of assassins but noted dangerous intimidation's. ST tells in a report that they are just reorganizing.

Carl-Once you figure out that the Democrats are more corrupt than all their finger pointing... then connecting the dots is much easier. For each spy that enters the country at least 5 additional accomplices accompany them. Unlike msc2 op that took out murdering serial killers that advanced spies politically and monetarily msc3 is geared towards hidden black market groups that actually makes the threat much larger and is connected to internet warfare. Savana noted that there are indications of using genocide investigations as a way to cover up (in cases reversing the blame in order to make monetary gain). Hiring out specific ethnic groups as hit squads or mercenaries and even as a small army is a common warfare tactic. This does not exclude religious groups, as religious groups have been noted to take sides in war and known best as to partake in spy networks) The msc2 op was not ethnic or religious based but diverse to blend in. MSC3.op presently is surveilling the assassin ghost organization re grouping. Huntington states that it is not good when you see a rapid recovery like this. They just set up shop again like it was nothing. They don't retaliate they just rebuild and continue making their targets. Militant. St got what he needed in the op and that is intel to take down the organization, unfortunately the process unveiled a bigger problem that will have huge consequences if not dealt with. Putting a team together for MSC4.op is a very tricky task. Taking the ghost assassin network completely down is going to require several ops. One good thing St found is where the secret genocide sites they were building are...that's another op in process. It's like following the money except you follow the dead bodies. Huntington and ST are out on a agent rescue...there has been no activity on a second wave of assassins but noted dangerous intimidation's. ST tells in a report that they are just reorganizing.


Huntington-Special Operations Executive Officer, retired

Russ-Hacking Specialist, left and went to Cyber, transferred back to be with Shelby

Zhen- International Communications

Penelope, Penel- Special Operations, semi-retired, Jenifer_ St & Penel baby girl, Sven_baby boy, another baby on the way, retired


Swanson-Identity Theft

Carl-Government Fraud Head


Amul- Computers

Savana- Genocide decoding



ST-Operations Specialist OS, active-retired; logistics. retired

Ms P now Shelby-was a Field Agent, original Penel look alike, married to Spit, adopted by Penel and ST

Nancy-Report Manager

Phil-GAS General Ambassador of Security

Batez-Stock Market

Betty-under cover specialist, head of special ops, ST's top agent

Steveo,Steve,STP, Spit,-op equipment, specialist. Replaced ST, Ops Head, married to Shelby


Shelby-Ms P temp name Head of Counter Investigations, legal daughter of Penel and ST, Married to Spit

Brad-food analyst

Ted--Pilot, Next in charge, currently in charge, moved into the field under cover badapples.op, Runs ST business.

Shawn-Religion analyst

Peggy-criminal war specialist

Shell Shelly- HR





Zoe- Disease

Phil- General Ambassador of Security

Steve nick name Hollywood: Video Fraud Division Head

Sandra- Head of the Special Task Force specializing in Psychological Warfare

Angele a former DEA agent- border op

Miguel for Border Corruption

Jody and Kemp recruits


LSDB-Large Scale Dirty Bombs

MSM-Militant Socialist Movement


Mafia Cat Fight MCF.ops

Demafia-Democratic Mafia Party (DMP), Demob

CCP-Communist Catholic Party