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CoupᴥByte 4

Shelby Meeting with Huntington

Huntington, ST and Penelope gather at the vault. Shelby was unable to place the two agents and is ever trying....she did a all niter and frazzled.

Huntington: How is it going Shelby?

Shelby: It didn't go as planned, still working on it.

Huntington: That bad?

Shelby: That bad.

Huntington: Here take a break and head out to Japan make good and collect samples. When you get back try again.

Shelby: Sounds good.

She boards the helicopter and sees Huntington, ST, Penelope and Savana sitting there. Savana points to the jump seat. Shelby straps in and away they go. No body says a word the whole trip.They land at a air strip where Huntington and ST get off and board a lear. Then take off.

Penelope, Savana and Shelby are flown to a military base and land next a group of high tech jets that will put them several hours ahead of Huntington and ST. Each will have their own jet and are quickly suited up and escorted into the back seat of a F35 L-IIt. All three take off and experience in flight fueling with and air craft landing where they are attend a joint task force meeting as guests. They take off and land in Atsugi where they will be introduced to the authorities. Savana comments that was wild as they all are driven off.

Mean while Huntington and ST just landed in Hawaii.

Huntington: Wonder how the girls are on their first military flight?

ST: Probably freaking out a bit but enjoying the hell out it.

Hunington: Chuckles. Remember operation Hurricane?

ST: Oh yeah, a bit of rough time, but It worked.

Huntington: You don't suppose...

ST: The Cleaver Move. No. To cut into one of those would be like hell. You know the reason they went to the moon is to put a sign up warning the rest of the galaxies that earth is radio active and contaminated....the scouts even had evidence of them glowing in the dark.

Huntington: Laughed. That's right...that's why other worlds are keeping their distance Let's head out to the meeting.

St: Full circle ahead... lets do it.

The Meeting was brief as Huntington and ST spent most of their time on aerial surveillance photos and thermal readings. Then headed back to the vault. The girls did the same and headed back as well.

After examining the the data Huntington and ST headed out back to operation swap meet and Penelope put a crew together to fly out to several sites to gather more data and then heads to New Zealand to do some house shopping. There seems to be a bit of hanky panky involved so once all the data is examined another team will be deployed to do the close up work.

Both Huntington and ST in route to swap meet ops

Huntington: What do you think?

ST: Catch 22 with a rock in the hardest place!

Huntington: Real tough one to crack. Just the data alone is pretty hostile.

ST: Not for just any agent to take on for sure...a deadly hot seat. Sort of like taking off but can't know and understand the situation only to end up in a deadly predicament.

Huntington: Let's wiggle this one out

ST: Exactly

ST: Piece of cake

Huntington: Tell that to my wife at a party some time...I just jumped out of plane into a lake out in the middle of no where.

ST: She would freak

Huntington: Sure would. I think we might of broke a high dive record.

ST: Maybe I will look it up in the book of Guinness World Records when we get back.

<the both="" get="" to="" the="" holding="" house="" and="" st="" waves="" bundle="" of="" cash="" five="" times="" leaves="" payoff="" step="" out="" site.="" hostage="" is="" brought="" site="" picked="" up.="" huntington="" head="" lift="" off="" with="" hostage.=""

Huntington: There it is...the ride for the hostage out paper work and all.

<they all="" jump="" in="" and="" head="" for="" a="" grassy="" opening="" out="" the="" middle="" of="" no="" where="" adventure.="" sure="" enough="" small="" plane="" lands="" pick="" up="" removes="" them="" from="" wilderness="" to="" board="" jet="" on="" stand="" by.

Spit in charge for ST

Both Huntington and ST are in quarantine with 1 week bed rest...the prep and stress for the hostage op worn them down to a frazzle. Both on are tucked in bed on IV's for about a week and the pilot Ted and hostage are on observation. The doc said it was due to something related to the water and they should be alright. You see this op was a old boys op....the exchange had to be ST. It was a lot of money and Huntington was backup. They both beefed up at the pool doing laps and practiced free falls. The cash had a two fold the event everything went kitty whompus ST's old boy club had a back up plan in waiting. ST say's they just don't deal with people they don't know, period. So you have to work everyone new in slowly. This holding house will be a op site for several exchanges and communications to come. New op teams will learn and set up new op sites that will benefit investigations internationally. Win Win of international agents working against crime. They call themselves the "we" sort of like the opposite of they. Short slang for the special op group is WEE and yes it is french and makes a cool cover and only one way to say it right as it had an extended code. Huntington was amused that they were able to pull off a operation and enjoyed the success it will reap. He said it sounded really complicated and hard to do but it wasn't...went off like clock work and one of the best hostage swap programs ever....operation swap-meet. code name swap-meet.op. Shelby's plan goes into the history books. St & Huntington will remember no ice when making a victory toast with the scotch next time..It's the new James bond cocktail not shaken or stirred just neat. Both Huntington and ST know field work is tough, sometimes you have to be told...things can get rough and out of hand, people get killed and both have made the call both they say in the old days time to clean house are you up to it? Both ST and Huntington are tuned in to it but not up to speed to fully jump right in but at the same time aware of the existing situation. It kind of doesn't make any sense, but the first thought is what they were doing originally...going in slow and easy does it...just following instinct.

Spit takes command of ST position. I know you think spit is a closet case with weird friends in high places...everything but. He got the nickname because when he came back from a special op his team was due for a inspection, so he utilized the time while they were out spit shinning all their gear for the inspection. He has a lovely wife and three kids all in college.

Up and Adam

Both Huntington and ST are finally able to to get up and walk around for a short spell.

Shelby has been successful with two more exchanges using the plane without the lake. They all think it is contaminated. Spit's new name is STP now....the team gave him a new name along with a party.

Penelope finishes up house shopping and flys back to be with ST

ST and Huntington connected in the corridor both looked at each other and said "do over" and went about mending.

<st new="" he="" had="" to="" put="" on="" a="" impressive="" exchange="" in="" order="" get="" the="" approval="" and="" that's="" what="" did.="" that="" will="" both="" st="" huntington's="" event="" they="" were="" needed,="" less="" transportation="" plane="" out.="" so="" there="" is="" some="" home="" work="" asap.

Plan J

St: could not stop thinking. But he had it. Use the auto pilot for a night drop bring the high profile package to the end of the lake (float). A slider down cliff (small water fall) on the ridge side with no access. 31/2 day crawl to lift.

STP Baby needs new shoes.

ST: types a spec note to STP

STP: No problem self balancing shoes will need aprox. 100 yrds.

ST: I can make it work.

STP: Super, STP places an order for 30 custom surfboards for customer pick up and a courier drop off with the payment and specs.

Ted: Makes arrangement for the delivery and prepares storage. Then sets up a team to modify a runway.

ST: notes read memo on Casa de Cochinos and will respond soon....

No you shouldn't have to use info regards to such, it will expose ops and they know that. What you can do is expose them for using their position of such...that's what agents should be doing and if that is not the case, then you have a problem with the agency's ability to investigate. It's like a house with termites and sending in a painter to fix it filling in the bad areas and painting over it...looks good but the problem is still there. Definitely not fixed and will be hard to explain for more funding....We don't want people like that on our team and do the best to keep them out. That was Penelope's message.We don't want that kind around here no matter what the title, so she black balled them all.

To put a team together to bring down financial corruption of the house, we can do that. The short of it is you have a investigation that should of been in the back page of the political section for a week, instead the front page for years. You think we just bounced off the cabbage truck the other day and every things okay. Not. There's stack of corporate financial corruption on my desk that if put side by side makes your investigation look like a flea circus. The charging of tax payers for exaggerated investigations as propaganda for self or a political party is unlawful...this tells me that there is something very wrong or someone is just not wise to the world enough for the position. Huntington was pissed off...she figured it out in literally minutes and they been at for years, he blacked balled you to. His actual words where oh my god that is the last thing we need. The bottom line is we don't want to see the Justice System clogged with shit any more whether a blow job or a financial scam it does not matter we want productive candidates that get things done not just running around smelling the place up, its counter productive to our goals...and over here is a huge stack called my shit list, this ones for a pot seed found in the tread of the tire, 15 years for pulling a flag down, Rape because the bus braked and brushed a girl inappropriately. The stack next to yours any one of them are current and well known from here to Tokyo.So that makes it a international comparison, meaning setting a bad example for how justice is handled country to now we have the whole world spending all their resources on political gimmicks because someone forgot to put the seat down on the toilet and fell in. Let's make this clear the FBI does not have our support for investigating political matters. We're not going to continue being the plumbers further more. You asked for my opinion now you have it...I need to back to a team that really cares about their country, not sit around and listen to a bunch goof balls pulling underwear and screaming wedgies. I don't have the time to spare for it. We need to get people trained so there elder's can retire respectfully and so forth....we don't want to run into the same geriatric issue that we see as political hazard ahead. Don't get me wrong I can under stand having wise old men or women around but they don't give orders they just listen and get asked for advice. And just what kind of wise men are you going to have if you work people till they drop dead and shove them in a oven? You are falling apart and we are not following that path.

ST: Types a note to Shelby

Shelby: Got it. No more inquires from over the hill

ST: Good

Shelby: Uhmm over the hill requested 10 more and wants an answer asap? And a reporter wants to interview?

ST: Plot the 10 and they will be ready with in a week. Journalist, holy crap. Let me stew on that one.

Shelby: k

Huntington: Drops out into to retirement says too many idiots...rather be happy with my wife and family, not worth it.

ST is stuck to finish...typical. Penelope breaks the news she having a baby. Putting together the ops is a cake walk at this point. But ST knows if the money doesn't hit the barrel head and the fruit cakes get too nutty everything will be lost...and that could be a good thing. ST is thinking yeap they need to clean house in that case. Time passed and just bunch beard pulling shenanigans and all the contacts disappear leaving one op that could go hostile with only one person with the intel to pull off any kind of high profile exchange. That would mean more in likely they would have to shoot it ST made sure a plan was in place. He knew exactly where to place the fire power and make it work with out him. Plan J.

No body ever heard a peep from Huntington again. He found a home where he could get things and the fruit cakes just ruined every thing...he just left. ST and Penelope had a baby girl and moved out of the country with no address.He prefers chocolate and does not want any thing to with the nuts running into the ground.

Plan J: Has to be all as planned. After the slider down the ridge there will be a gorilla shoot out indicated in the plan...this is greased heavily so what is actually happening is an assassination of two moles. Your going to hear some shots and see people just spray it just above their heads, then they will be gone and you go make the lift, okay. Its all planed and sealed. Just get your package out. and don't look back. Everybody will be good.

Shelby's Plan J

Shelby reads Plan J and starts the swimming program and taking high diving lessons

It is a 4 hour swim in the dark. She has to signal the other two ahead while she finishes the job with the guerrilla fight.she fires more fire and lines the bodies and pours scent so the wild life mutilates the bodies. The actual moles are now dead and the agent and package head to the lift Shelby then catches up with the package who also is a witness of the moles being shot. She has to do this all in 3 1/2 days with hardly any sleep. After this Shelby will be pretty much in with boys and the toys.And she is loving it and starts making her own calls. She is living a life of her dreams and the ones before her.Something she always wanted to do since a child.taking down bad guys and making the world a better place. Some times Shelby will visit the lake of tears and cry because she misses her parents ST and Penelope who taught her every thing they knew.


After visiting the lake Shelby decided to go to the vault and sort things out. On her desk is letter addressed with her name and the Penel St Corporation. She opened and it was a failure to pick notice for 30 surf boards.

Shelby: STP you know what 30 surfboards are about.

STP: No I don't, May be it has to do with the Shoes for the plane that Ted has. You can ask him

Shelby: Okay,.

Shelby figured it was time to inspect the ops so she hops on jet to talk to Ted. 

Ted: shows her the Shoes for special landings and how they built a landing strip where the plane lands on the lake and up into the camo shed.

Shelby: ST built this?

Ted: No he imagined it and I had it constructed and STP designed the shoes.

Shelby: You know what the surf boards are for?

Ted: I don;t know but the Shoes came in with a invoice as surf boards.

Shelby: I get it...we need to pick up 30 surf boards and figure out what they are for.

Ted: Olay

Shelby and Ted drive to the surf shop where the owner says...about time we just don't have room. Hands them the invoice and shows them 30 surf boards under a tarp. Shelby reads the invoice and it says 30 high performance surf boards with auto speed leveling

Shelby: You have to be kidding...look at this

Ted: Nope, thats ST's jump boards I remember him mumbling about. This is going to be fun. He opened the manual and start to read.

Aerodynamic tested Self Correcting Landing Boards for Low Altitude use.

Shelby: I taking one for practice.

Ted: Okay

Shelby: Got to run see yah

Ted: Alright.

Vault Closes for renovation

Shelby gets to the vault and tells STP were shutting down.

STP: Okay where to?

Shelby: That is what I want you to figure. What makes for you to work optimum.

STP: Well I can do research on where corps are heading or even better we can research ops that are leaving.

Shelby: Let me know I don't want to get stuck in the mud here. 

STP: Got it. Every body is moving to mafia free zones Shelby. There is a no business clause with regards to mafia infected areas.

Shelby: Okay relocate to one.

STP: You got it. What about the vault?

Shelby: All offices that are in infected areas will be op sites, All headquarters will be in mafia free zones. That way we can align with the global Intel communities. I don't want to have shoot our teams out of every predicament to get things done. It's counter productive,

STP: It is catching on...the latest shows a big transition of businesses that want the same.

Shelby: It is a strategy that works... teaming up.


Shelby: Where's that howling sound coming from STP.

STP That's company's leaving for a political rest. I think they just cash in and go to the Bahama's or some place for vacation until the crisis is over.

Shelby: How is the pick for headquarters going?

STP: A lot of problems...the data is tainted. You remember we ran a op with the new patterns and it turned out for the worse. A lot of cherry picking. People are in charge that were main streamed by the mafia all the way back to grade school. Considering that the mafia is a haven for spies, moles and terrorist and who knows what else, I would say the corporate world is corrupt beyond imagination. If they are teaming and pooling Intel, that means they can switch bait throwing off legitimate investigation and easily diverting any thing that comes their way. Typically once they made a killing expanding the business is the priority, as we've seen in the past of setting up shop in the sticks for future moves in the big mafia game of chess. Small towns are easy pickings. With every shipment of drugs and contraband giving the mafia buying power to control more of the lands thus politics. The patterns for mafia infected area is clear if one has the knowledge to extrapolate right....but it is tricky because they are like cockroaches in hiding. It's not until you have a infestation until it is declared a infected area. I think we should break away from the norm making locations a monument tactic so we can stay several steps ahead of the game like Huntington and ST was. Let me work on it.

Shelby: That HR op is a mess. Okay sounds good.

New Office

STP Gave Shelby locations

Shelby: Nope I decided not to go with the old thinking...instinct. Lets turn the property at the lake into a fortress...for now. Make a bunker seal it up tight. Then put in ops command Center in the zone

STP: Alright, Ted said he will deliver a harness for the jump board this is suposed be used with it.

Shelby: Oh ok, can't wait to try it out.

STP: He also is asking for a newbie to manage construction ops because he is just too swamped.

Shelby: Okay lets find somebody of grid. And lets develop a under ground network of stations as well so we can keep a pulse on new rivals.

STP: That is going to take some doing.

Shelby: Find a newbie then.

STP: Okay, fresh out of collage.

Shelby: The ones that should of gotten a job but did not like me...

2 hr Swim

Shelby's 2 hr. swim check is today.

Both Huntington and ST were checked out but never found time to do the 4 hr check although both easily did 4 hrs in live situations with gear. They both did under water as well and admit that diving in the dark very tricky.

Penelope and ST name the baby Jenifer. Both decide on one more baby.

In the mean time ST and Huntington hook up from time to time to finish swapmeet.op

ST is still working on Shelby's 1st exchange at the lake. He purchased the over the hill land (over the hill is the code for the house above the lake where business takes place). St waters down Shelby's exchange check off, basically after shooting above the the guerillas head two will drop and play dead and after the the guerrillas retreat they will hustle to their lift. Shelby just needs to catch up and to the others and get her package to their lift. Another crew will be in charge of leaving dummy bodies.

Jump Boarding

Shelby finishes the swim check and head out to a small cliff area on the lake to pracice with the jump board. The harness straps you in tight in case the board tumbles (beginners) as long as you go nose down everything works much smoother. With the harness it wouldn't matter and the board would self correct. Without the harness you would have to hold on and would be a bit of a scare, but it would still correct itself allowing you to either get back on or fly with it dragging you. The board comes with a propulsion so the swim across the lake is a cake swim. Since Shelby is not jumping from a moving plane she will not need the harness. She takes the board and grips the handles and does a run and jump. She didn't goes nose down and the board starts to roll but instantly corrects the pitch as she scoots and tucks herself on the board. The board will automatically sense the distance to the water and will go into landing mode. Just before she hit the water the board pitched up and skimmed her along the propulsion turned on and she steered back to land. All of this can be programmed to automatically happen. They can be used as a rescue board as well sending a disable team member to a designated place to be picked up.

SHELBY meeting with sue regarding operation vacant

SHELBY meeting with sue regarding operation vacant.

Shelby: What is with the flash void of businesses?

Sue: Mafia!

Shelby- Oh shit, The Media Big Bang.

Sue Exactly, businesses see head liners like rights for prostitutes, legal drugs and a mafia tax free environment on top of a sue happy frenzy that only the rich can afford ...Everyone is, no way, relocate. As ST would of put it, we don't want to go down this shit hole again. 

Shelby- Well we have one more hard liner on the horizon that is going to take a stab into the economy.

Sue- I know it's going to be the finale.

Shelby- it's the make or breaker. after that it is all down hill.

Sue- pretty much. They are going to down grade countries financial ratings with excessive mafia and or drug cartel problems. Expect a pruning soon. Markets will get hammered.

Shelby- Ah finally.

Sue- State and county etc. remember the adage of a nuke in the wrongs hands wil destroy the whole world, well, democracy in the wrongs hands can do the same....the biggest bug a boo is regarding states, counties and cities are setting known aliens criminals free to roam the country committing more crimes. The rating firms consider this a serious stability issue...if a government is allowing this to happen it effects the financial security of the community; being robbed, murdered, scammed (financially taken advantage of via lack of policy to protect its people from harmful persons)

Shelby_ Local governments have lost it completely and have turned corporate criminals and we are already seeing that...okay lets make it a priority for the new headquarters. Looks like the puppet show is a diversion...makes sense to make it a priority putting local government grease balls away.

Sue_ you got it.

Penel's smacks St with a love bite

Penel and St get in a big fight before she goes back to the helm....

St hired a nanny and Penel smacked him one good for not consenting her. St kissed all her toes and hands twice and pleaded guilty and agreed to to devote his fatherly attention to Jennifer so help me god poop, crying and and what every comes. Don't worry both Penel and St are lethal weapons with their hands..."Penel smacked him one good as a jester "You protect the den while I am gone" and keep to the agreement to give her all your attention. you not some nanny. St tried to weasel out and that night Penel and St had the best make up sex ever in their little seaside house in New Zealand that Penel's family left her.

Penel: work on Shelby's inheritance sweetheart.

St: Got it love. estate transfer.

Both Penel and St took in Shelby like their own child and in appreciation of her work St deeded her a world of her own beyond imagination that etched decades to come.

Penel back from Office Duty.

St so damned embarrassed about his plans pretty much kept a low profile during Penel's Office Duty. In his mind that was his second time in the dog house and the last, his heart could not endure another episode. He wrote Shelby's Inheritance that included the lake estate (Penel hated because it was too dangerous) that included $150,000 untraceable US dollar and a undisclosed amount of foreign currency. The 150 was incentive for her college and the foreign funds were emergency funds (another 150 after completion).

STP walks into Shelby's Office

STP: Shelby the US Emergency Funds are awaiting your transfer order as called out by Penel. She wasn't sure how you would handle it, so she left it at the old vault.

Shelby: Two people dead and they are asking for billions, are you kidding me get it out of there before they chew it up and leave us with on life line. Huntington was right they are vultures. I still waiting for the other shoe to drop, whether we have them in check or they changed up the game. My bet is they were spooked they just dispersed...but there is no signs of a second version.or increased lethal version. There is still no signs of any plague version. Put a government fraud watch on the list I made and have Batez run an analysis on the stock market...he'll connect some dots.I am sure as the spots on a lying dog. I have a hang nail and I might bleed to death, I should put in a request for a million dollars for a manicure...

STP: You got it.

Shelby: Send a team in to investigate and lets pull in the new agent Carl who is heading the fraud division send his team as the shadow.

STP: Alright

Shelby: Don't tell me you going to be leaving too.

STP: No, I like you and want to know they have been through a lot and ST said he is getting too jaded...but he is still available for advice.

Shelby: I know he want fresh ideas.

STP: That's right Shelby...he likes you too. and believes in you. Actually everyone does.Its no big deal it is good to move the money around. I am going to use a different system for the old vault okay. Don't will be up soon..

Shelby: Okay, well anyways I am heading there tonight to be with them and the new baby Call me if any thing.

STP: Alright sounds good. So it is final your in charge Shelby and that is your international funding, I will update you on the new system when it is finished. Have a good flight

Shelby: Thank you

Shelby time with little Sister Jen

Shelby brings all the tracking gear for little Jen...Shelby's nickname for her sis. (The little General). Shelby spent most of her time with Penel and baby sat while ST and Penel went out dancing. Not the kind of dancing you are thinking. When they got back she asked Penel how do you want the transmitter. She look at her and siad P always did it. P is short for STP now. and is a common signature to note imPortant. No Jen is still a baby and family only. Oh I will. Good then when she is old enough she will be upgraded.

Shelby: Okay here is the list of assets and funds that will be directly tied into the old vaults emergency system that P is updating.

Penel: The G-Dunk

Shelby: Yeap.

Penel: Cracks up are you kidding they retro'd the old hover system.

Shelby: Yes I am turning into a combat station.

Penel Holy Shit. That's cool Shelby, really cool. Like old times.

Shelby: Even better.

Penel: I would like to be a part of that maybe later.

Shelby: Of coarse Penel we can figure something out for you to do.

Penel: Smiled ear to ear.

Shelby: P said the update would be ready pretty soon. In the mean time we have been keeping the serpents at bay and snake in their holes

Penel: Oh my the vipers.

Shelby: Rattlers

Penel: Here's the your cover paper work Shel, St put it together personally.

Shelby: Great nothing to worry, what a relief. I will thank him before I head out.

Penel: K, he loves you like a daughter.

Shelby :Blushes really, tears

Penel: really, tears

Shelby meets with ST and surprise visit Huntington

St is busy hammering out details for the old vault and Huntington is reading up on Shelby's Plans. Both sipping on a Jägermeister.

Shelby knocks on the door and enters

Hers pop out seeing Huntington.

Shelby: (Now head of the Department) Are the agents all out?

Huntington: Sorry Shelby, no they are not.

Shelby: Why?

Shelby: Why?

Huntington: We are going to need more man power. And time.

Shelby: Okay, can you give me stats on what is possible.

Huntington: No Shelby this op is too rough...if I did it could flip every which way.

Shelby: Damn it, alright keep trying.

Huntington: Both myself and St are jumping out for personal reasons, to be exact we want some family time.

Shelby: Okay, put together a plan.

St: Here you go.

Shelby: Always a step ahead...she briefly reads. That works. Are you mad about the vault?

St: The G-Dunk or D-Bunk emergency Actually everyone is stoked about it.

Huntington: P's been working on that for ever.

Shelby: Wow

St: A hang nail million for cleaning up a deep op? No problem.

Huntington: Billion for a FBI noname,op? no problem.

St: Every time the FBI gets their head stuck up the political asshole. no problem.

Shelby: You're not Jaded

St, Huntington: No, Happily married.

Huntington: P will give you the details on the G machine okay

Shelby: Yes sir. Good seeing you.

Huntington: It is good to see you Shelby Kind of in a pinch?

Shelby: No, routine clamp down.

Huntington: Stymie

Shelby: Yeap

Huntington: good work..St and Penel uncovered a operation

Shelby: Yes this is good.


Shelby: they will work. Toast to little jen.

Shelby, St and Huntington: bottoms up.

Meeting at the New Vault

Update Meeting

Shelby: Okay what do the agents have so far?

Zoe: Good news is that several agents have pick up a trial and are engaged. The preliminary reports states that there is so far three different delivery types for the diseases

1.) goo with a vomit taste (hardly no odor) 2.) slime like phlegm (no odor) 3.) light oily substance (detected)

that are being used to spread or increase the spread of diseases. The amount of time from contact or exposure to being infected is much longer than expected....which throws off the individuals that come in contact with it making very hard to track its source, but our agents have been able to get past the problem. So far it has been multi-national and it is suspected organized criminals could be behind the event. The biggest problem is the masks are making it hard for the agents to identify and follow suspects...well seasoned agents seem to be keeping up with no problem....instinct.

Nancy:Special note: the vomit version is the deadly version.

Shelby: Thanks..

Shelby's Retro Vault

STP finishes up on the old Hoover Emergency System. It is a electronic vending machine to support investigative ops. He resupplied the emergency cash as well. It is electronic money tracking system. So that is up and running. Next is the remodel. Upgrading the surveillance and detection systems. Agents will be able to continue to operate in any circumstances. He turns it on and it sends out notification to all the agents that op funding is in emergency mode.

ST Interview

Reporter addresses ST about his past in the drug and arms trade.

St states that yes that was a ops to get drugs and weapons off the streets and out of criminal hands...the thinking was it was quicker and more cost effective just to buy the drugs and weapons at wholesale...but they caught on us and we got blow back. To this date we teach agents that milking ops for too long can bite back. We got a lot of drugs and weapons off the streets and found that politicians had a hand in it. Which brings us to current events political corruption.and politicians with mafia ties.

Reporter: What about the little guys? What happens to them in all this?

ST: Yes, we realized innocent people are being used as a shield for criminals and enacted project hummingbird to help out the people that were effected. Got to run.

Reporter: Thanks

Shelby Knocks out her agent swap test

Dives out of the plane with the jump board. Picks up agent and package (high profile scientist) They all scoot across the lake to the far end with a small drop and waterfall.

The package is on the board with Shelby and the agent in the water.

The agent ropes down the, then the package. Shelby remove the spike and patches the hole then jumps down into the small water hole below.

They confront the gorillas with gun fire, Shelby tells the agent and package to move on and she will catch up. She shoots out over head and two gorillas drop and they retreat. The two fallen agent gorillas get up and head to their pick up coordinates that Shelby signals to them. Shelby catches up to agent and package and finishes her check off.

Street Bio Labs

Shelby Meeting with Zoe

Shelby: So what kind of threat do we have on the streets?

Zoe: It looks like Bio Labs are the new thing on the streets...they are taking off like crack and meth labs. They get a hold of a deadly disease and rock it up into goo that can be used as a weapon.

Shleby: It's going viral

Zoe: Exactly, it is going to be a nightmare.

Shelby: Streets gangs?

Zoe: All the above. Street Bio Warfare all the way from revenge to a mafia hit.

Shelby: Alright, thanks Zoe.

Zoe: Welcome

Shelby recruits Russo back

Russo's list

List of influences that were involved in increasing the age of retirement. including political figures and financial backers and make a a real time analysis to existing elderly vulnerabilities (Verify under cover data they are connected). The data shows billions towards bailouts while sticking it to the elders retirements Then coordinate with Peggy and Suzie regarding the criminal crime charges. (Shelby suspects the mafia is using the generation gap to speed up their power) Check with Shell for more details.

Set up a sting operation on the Hover System for mafia insiders and red flag the their means of finances and HR. (Coordinate with Ed)

Zoe Conflick

Zoe issued a warning that locals will target the petty innocent while organized criminals get away in the initial attempt to track down bio lab activity. (Part of a Mafia warfare plot used in order to secure government funds putting their various organizations and contractors in favorable positions) Basically, very much like releasing migrant criminals to commit further crimes but taking it up a notch by covering for the criminal bio labs with staged targets to make (fake news) the media look like they are doing something but they are not. (Typical government mafia strategy) Recommends not utilizing local agencies for operations because they are too corrupt and unreliable. It is part of the "Stooge Effect" they play up a 100,000 swindle on the media while swindling billions behind the a magic trick. Pull a lever and down goes the market and out comes the rabbit of riches.

Noted fake news and reporting has increased drastically to seek international emergency funding. Verification process is almost nil. Accountability is in jeopardy. Government looting is inevitable.


Shely orders Suzzie to recruit a experienced Hollywood Producer Type to help uncover acted out fruad. There got to be some one out there with both a film and criminal behavior background. Someone that has been behind the scenes of acting could spot a phony in no time.

Suzzie: I have the perfect person a criminal law student did not pass the bar gone Hollywood Steve. He is dying for a new career and can see great potential. He said he could have a crew canvasing videos inside a week.

Sheby: Alright send him my way for a talk then.

Suzzie: will do. let me know your decision so I can start hiring actors for training.

Shelby: k, go ahead with recruiting actors to detect stage events okay?

Suzzie: That will give us a head start.

Huntington and ST are out on a agent rescue...there has been no activity on a second wave of assassins but noted dangerous intimidation's. ST tells in a report that they are just reorganizing.Huntington and ST are out on a agent rescue...there has been no activity on a second wave of assassins but noted dangerous intimidation's. ST tells in a report that they are just reorganizing.

Carl-Once you figure out that the Democrats are more corrupt than all their finger pointing... then connecting the dots is much easier. For each spy that enters the country at least 5 additional accomplices accompany them. Unlike msc2 op that took out murdering serial killers that advanced spies politically and monetarily msc3 is geared towards hidden black market groups that actually makes the threat much larger and is connected to internet warfare. Savana noted that there are indications of using genocide investigations as a way to cover up (in cases reversing the blame in order to make monetary gain). Hiring out specific ethnic groups as hit squads or mercenaries and even as a small army is a common warfare tactic. This does not exclude religious groups, as religious groups have been noted to take sides in war and known best as to partake in spy networks) The msc2 op was not ethnic or religious based but diverse to blend in. MSC3.op presently is surveilling the assassin ghost organization re grouping. Huntington states that it is not good when you see a rapid recovery like this. They just set up shop again like it was nothing. They don't retaliate they just rebuild and continue making their targets. Militant. St got what he needed in the op and that is intel to take down the organization, unfortunately the process unveiled a bigger problem that will have huge consequences if not dealt with. Putting a team together for MSC4.op is a very tricky task. Taking the ghost assassin network completely down is going to require several ops. One good thing St found is where the secret genocide sites they were building are...that's another op in process. It's like following the money except you follow the dead bodies. Huntington and ST are out on a agent rescue...there has been no activity on a second wave of assassins but noted dangerous intimidation's. ST tells in a report that they are just reorganizing.


Huntington-Special Operations Executive Officer, retired

Russ-Hacking Specialist, left and went to Cyber, transferred back to be with Shelby

Zhen- International Communications

Penelope, Penel- Special Operations, semi-retired, Jenifer_ St & Penel baby girl, Sven_baby boy, another baby on the way, retired


Swanson-Identity Theft

Carl-Government Fraud Head


Amul- Computers

Savana- Genocide decoding



ST-Operations Specialist OS, active-retired; logistics. retired

Ms P now Shelby-was a Field Agent, original Penel look alike, married to Spit, adopted by Penel and ST

Nancy-Report Manager

Phil-GAS General Ambassador of Security

Batez-Stock Market

Betty-under cover specialist, head of special ops, ST's top agent

Steveo,Steve,STP, Spit,-op equipment, specialist. Replaced ST, Ops Head, married to Shelby


Shelby-Ms P temp name Head of Counter Investigations, legal daughter of Penel and ST, Married to Spit

Brad-food analyst

Ted--Pilot, Next in charge, currently in charge, moved into the field under cover badapples.op, Runs ST business.

Shawn-Religion analyst

Peggy-criminal war specialist

Shell Shelly- HR





Zoe- Disease

Phil- General Ambassador of Security

Steve nick name Hollywood: Video Fraud Division Head

Sandra- Head of the Special Task Force specializing in Psychological Warfare

Angele a former DEA agent- border op

Miguel for Border Corruption

Jody and Kemp recruits


LSDB-Large Scale Dirty Bombs

MSM-Militant Socialist Movement


Mafia Cat Fight MCF.ops

Demafia-Democratic Mafia Party (DMP), Demob

CCP-Communist Catholic Party

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